Song of the Warriors: a Warriors AU roleplay

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Song of the Warriors: a Warriors AU roleplay

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Song of the Warriors
A Warriors AU Roleplay
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Song of the Warriors is a Discord & Proboards Based Warriors Roleplay set in an Alternate Warriors Universe. High ranks are currently open!!
When the Clans ruled the forest, cats from each Clan began to disappear without a trace. No cat had ever seen them after and they were known as “The Disappeared.” Moons after they vanished, they all returned wielding StarClan’s gift; The four Elements.
They mastered their new powers but were unable to teach their fellow Clanmates how to wield them since they were not blessed with the gift. StarClan blessed these cats once again. Their kits were gifted with the power of the Elements like their parents, and soon, every cat could wield an element. Cats of each Clan could wield one of the four Elements, though each Clan had their own dominant Element.
Moons after the Disappeared returned with their gifts, the Clans followed their blessed path to a new home; The Valley. This new home promised unlimited use of their new powers, strengthening the Elements.
Now, the Clans are fighting over the right to the Elements. Will there be peace? Or has StarClan’s gift gone to waste? Which side will you choose? Only you can decide your own fate.


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