Advertising/Affiliating Rules

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Advertising/Affiliating Rules

Post by NSRP » Wed Feb 22, 2017 1:15 pm

Read these before you post/etc.
  • If you want to advertise here, there must be a place that we (as guests) are able to advertise there without being sorted into some giant list by first letter, since our advertisement will just get lost. That means that you can't have rules such as "You must have 100 posts before you can advertise" or something like that.
  • No Forummotion/FreeForums advertisers. This is because Forummotion/FreeForums doesn't allow guests to link, which goes against the first rule.
  • If your forum doesn't allow something, such as an image, we will disallow your image as well. It's only fair.
  • If your forum becomes inactive or has not been active within the last 3 months, your ad will be deleted.

If you're seeking to affiliate, please make sure the topic of your thread includes [Affiliate] so we'll be sure to check it. Also, our button will need to be on your board first, along with where its located so we can find it.

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If you need help, private message Niro, Valkier, or the nearest online Moderator.


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