Great War Chronology

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Great War Chronology

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The Great War The year 1227 is the year commonly accepted to be the initiative steps of what is now regarded as the Great War. The Great War, while possibly having less casualties than previous wars, had major effects on the map and world powers. Over the course of the war, many smaller nations were absorbed by their neighbors, and a number of new nations were formed in the destruction. The series of events that lead to this major reorganization of powers is outlined below. Various battles include links to the legends told about these battles.

Year 1227
  • Fire Country conquered Lava Island
  • The Land of Forests surrendered to the Holy City of Towers, resulting in the land being taken over by the Holy City of Towers.
  • Tea Country conquered Country 48, destroying its military and taking over it's land.
  • Silver Country surrenders to Wind Country, and gives up their land in exchange for their people's survival.
  • The Pirate Organization The Black Wake conquers Knowledge Country, taking power over its land and people. Knowledge Country now has 2 squadrons.
  • The Land of Plains and Seas rejects parlay by Kaguya, Aimi
  • Konoha retreats from The Country of Rivers and Streams after attempting a covert assault
  • Owl Country successfully holds off the onslaught by the organization Setzuzoku
  • Kumogakure moves on the Fishing Wastes, a desolate land with no occupants to defend it.
  • Fur Country conquered Country 28, destroying its military and taking over it's land.
  • The Land of Tides successfully holds of Dendō Mahōtsukai
Year 1228
  • Fire Country conquered Dune Country, destroying its military and taking over it's land.
  • Kaguya, Aimi conquered Dungeon Country, taking control of it's military and it's land.
  • Pebble Country, with the assistance of Wind Country, fended off Iwagakure and Earth Country, destroying the attacking squadrons, and holding on to their land.
  • Tea Country conquered Salt Country, destroying its military and taking over it's land.
  • Dragon Country Surrenders to Konoha, giving up their land in exchange for their people's survival.
  • Country 55 surrenders to the Land of Fountains, cementing Mistaki, Shio's status as Missing Ninja.
  • The Missing Ninja Organization Setzuzoku conquered Dwarf Country, gaining power over it's land and brining Dwarf Country's squadron total to 2.
  • The Holy City of Towers Conquers Frost Country, battling through the harsh environment and claiming it's borders.
  • Kirigakure Conquers Starfall Island, gaining control of the dangerous wetlands and the spirits that inhabit them.
  • The Land of Heavens was able to beat back the Land of Runes, forcing a retreat.
  • Country 24 rebuked an assault by Dendō Mahōtsukai, maintaining its independence.
  • Knowledge Country sent an envoy to Country 64, forcing a surrender.
  • Lightning Country would turn on the people it once guarded, obliterating the small army of Soul Country and taking over the land.
Year 1229
  • Country 23 surrenders to Dungeon Country, giving up their land and military to Dungeon Country. Additionally, with the help of The Land of Rivers and Streams, Dungeon Country fended of an attack by Sunagakure.
  • Earth Country conquers the Land of White Death, giving nationhood to its few citizens and taking the land as it's own.
  • Dungeon Country, headed by Kaguya, Aimi, attacked Gold Country with the support of Fur Country, resulting in a surrender by the people of Fur Country. In their absence, Dungeon Country was conquered by the Wind Country, forcing the forces of Dungeon Country to remain in Gold.
  • The Holy City of Towers, supported by Oasis Country, waged an assault on Earth Country. Earth Country called in the support of Iron Country, Fur, Grass Country, and Water Country. Unable to complete their attack, the people of Holy City of Towers and Oasis were decimated by the formed defense.
  • In the absence of their army, Holy City of Towers fell to Kirigakure,
  • In the absence of their army, Grass Country surrendered to Sunagakure.
  • The Land of Fountains moved in on Iron in their absence, and the returning samurai would kneel to their new Tansho, and quickly redirected the returning forces to Fur to conquer it as well.
  • Land of Fountains occupancy of Iron left their homeland unsecured which consequently surrendered to Whirlpool Country.
  • Dwarf Country, following orders of Setzuoku, would force a surrender from Miracle Country.
  • The Fishing Wastes would awaken, and Kumogakure stood with its full force on its land. They were able to beat back the monsters, forcing them away forever and opening the land for use by Kumogakure.
  • Fire Country would send an all out assault on Rice Country, invoking the powers within the country to surrender to their new ally.
  • Kirigakure would move to conquer Shark Country, who would surrender under it's might and bends it knee to Kirigakure.
  • Knowledge County, under the flag of the Black Wake, would call for a parlay, and demand the pirate king be elected. Their captain would be chosen, granting the lands of Jinjeku Island to the Black Wake.

Year 1230
  • Gold Country, under the guidance of Kaguya, Aimi, returned to the Land of Plains and Sea, forcing a surrender and finally placing the land under the control of the Kirigakure Missing Ninja.
  • Water Country would move against the defenseless Oasis Country, accompanied by Iwagakure. Wind Country would come to the defense of Oasis, but falter under the pressure of the assault, relinquishing the lands to Water Country.
  • Water Country, withdrawing from the Land of Holy Water would create a power vacuum, inviting Earth Country to fill in their stead. As Earth Country moved in, Wind and Whirlpool would stand to oppose them. Iwagakure, also being attacked from the East by Konoha, and attempting to build villages, would retreat from its Eastern Border and forgo the Land of Holy Water.
  • Whirlpool, focusing on supporting Wind, would lose its Southern Isle to Kirigakure. Kirigakure would take this victory as an opportunity to build military villages Nirai-Kanai and Joshryu on two of its conquered lands.
  • Earth Country would regroup building the Jousai Reserve 3 in their northern border.
  • Gold Country, Tea Country, the Land of Rivers and Streams, Knowledge Country, and Dwarf Country would all succeed in founding villages of their own. With Dwarf Country also managing to conquer Country 24 in this time frame.
  • Kumogakure would move to conquer its ally Tree Country, and the foreign lands of Shard Country, placing both of them under his thumb.
  • Iron Country would conquer Pebble Country
Year 1231
  • Dwarf Country would be forced back by the Land of Runes, destroying the bulk of their forces. This would fracture the lands, resulting in the creation of the Land of Mercy to it’s West along the coast and under Owl Country.
  • Earth and Wind would continue to fight over Heaven’s Doorstep, the countries pushing each other back and forth.
  • Fire Country Attacks the Land of Dragon’s Touch, taking over the land in a surrender.
  • Fire and Wind strike an accord, exchanging the lands once known as Grass Country, for the lands that were previously called Dune Country.
  • Konoha would move a number of forces in defense of its colonies, withdrawing from Lava Island as it was attacked by the Black Wake.
  • The Black Wake and Knowledge Country would conquer the Isle of Great Mountain.
  • Gold Country would move to conquer both Beast Country and Steppes Country.
  • Tea would move its entire army against land on the main continent controlled by Water Country, what was formerly Shark Country, conquering it with ease.
  • Kirigakure would attack Konoha and the Crescent Peninsula in the absence of their troops, taking over the sout-eastern portion of Fire Country and Tea.
  • Iron would begin pouring resources into Pebble Country, allowing Pebble Country to move conquer land between Earth and Fire, who had diverted troops to their respective battles
  • The Realm of Titans, once called the Land of Rivers and Streams, would move to conquer Waterfall Country.
  • The Lightning Empire would move to establish Nakajima Landing, the Akino Canal, and ???
  • Whirlpool would take over the abandoned Oasis Country.
Year 1232
  • Pebble Country and Iron Country would move West, separating Earth and Wind and returning the land between them to the few remaining refugees of the Holy City of Towers and Forest Country, who would split into 2 factions and form their own countries.
  • Whirlpool and Tea would work together to govern Oasis together, establishing the war-torn country as Aroma Country.
  • Tea and Wind would support Konoha in pushing back Water, where they would reach an impasse in control over the Crescent Peninsula.
  • Pebble would convene an armistice, rendering the creation of Steam Country in the space that Water and Fire reached gridlock. Its capital, Amegakure, would act as a place of refuge for those displaced by the War.
  • Pebble Country split its state into 3 Provinces, Ore, Mineral and Quartz, and was released from control under Iron.
With these events tied up, the world would enter an era of peace once more, if only for a moment.
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