[Open] Growing Will

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[Open] Growing Will

Post by Strategist » Mon Nov 26, 2018 12:43 pm

The sound of heavy, rapid thudding could be heard from somewhere deep within Shinku woods juxtaposed with the sound of heavy breathing, grunts of effort and an occasional cry of determination. Separated from his Elder brother Eiyasu, Kyogi found himself training in earnest ever so intently and alone away from the prying eyes of Nukumi's tourist population. Apparently the young Senju lad had been inspired by the days events and sought only to improve himself for the sake of both standing a chance against stronger, more experienced Shinobi and also to achieve his dream of relative peace among Shinobi. For in watching each individual put their skills on display Kyogi realized something - despite his youth, despite his lack of real world understanding; there was but one thing that could ultimately change the fate ordained for himself and others, strength. Kyogi knew that in order to sway the hearts and minds of people with his words that he would first have to prove to them and to himself that he were strong enough to shoulder the responsibility.

Like his great, great, great ancestor and progenitor to the Senju clan; Senju, Hidaki. Kyogi would have to shoulder the burden of hardship and endure this temporary pain in training for the sake of achieving a greater goal. Of course, that didn't mean the task would be anything close to easy. Beginning a combination with a series of quick paced straight jabs aimed for the red wood tree in front of him, Kyogi would attempt to round off the combination with a powerful roundhouse kick only to have his footing give way in the snow which resulted in him coming crashing down hard to the cold, wet soggy ground full force. Immediately, the cold bit at his back and his skin began to turn. "Ahhhhh! Cold cold cold cold cold!" Nevermind the pain, he was more worried about getting sick than any small injury. Well...that wasn't entirely true. As he found the composure to stand again Kyogi held a knot that had formed on the top of his head and seethed, then sighed.

"Jeez...so not cool." He groaned, "alright! Let's try it again! Before I can move on to practicing my Ninjutsu I must first master my body!" Training back at the Senju compound where the temperatures were always so warm and welcoming had definitely been a big contrast to this cold and snowy place. So drastic was the change that Kyogi had been forced to spend time just trying to adapt to the conditions before he could actually embark on a real training regimen. Thus far, getting acclimated had been proving to be an even bigger challenge than he would have imagined. Due to the blanket of snow covering almost the entire region maintaining his footing to put power and speed behind his strikes had been more than difficult, forcing him to adapt to the terrain and settle for less powerful blows. However, the unwelcomed change wasn't entirely negative. Without even realizing it Kyogi was already starting down the path of excelling in his Taijutsu arts by learning to fight on uneven, unsteady or just plain unforgiving terrain.

Taking a shallow breath to draw in only the necessary amount of air to keep himself from getting winded during his next sequence, Kyogi prepared to start on the next combination. A jab - hook - jab - double roundhouse sequence that he'd been trying to perfect since leaving the village; thus far, he hadn't managed the task but there were a few times where he'd almost come close. "Alright...this time for sure!" Things started out well enough at first, Kyogi had managed to pull off the jab and hook in rapid succession then even followed through with the final jab leading into the first roundhouse. And that was about where his luck ran out; as his left leg left the ground his right foot slid on the snowy surface and filled his body with an unfamiliar sensation, it had been as though he were about to fall (and truthfully he wasn't) which sent the rest of his being into a panicked state. Before Kyogi could stop himself and regain his balance the tension he created had caused him to topple over like a chopped tree to the ground hard.

"A-ahhhh!" For the second time today he'd taste snow and feel the unforgiving bite of cold surging throughout each of his limbs. At this rate, he would end up getting frost bitten for sure. Still...Kyogi was determined not to be left behind by his brothers or his peers and perhaps most importantly of all, he was determined to uphold the memory of his Father. Slowly but surely he'd rise again headless to the snow and cold clinging to him like the very skin on his bones; none of that mattered now, nothing could get in his way of becoming the strongest Shinobi that he could possibly be. That was young Kyogi Senju's resolve, that was his current short term goal.

Some time later Kyogi could still be found training in earnest but the tree he'd been using had its bark stripped away by several inches thanks to the young boy's relentless practicing. His hands were bruised and he certainly felt the pain but chose to ignore it. "I must endure," he would remind himself each time he began feeling as though he could go no further and each time, he rallied. Kyogi had not actually noticed a change himself but his form over time began improving and his strikes - instead of glancing or out right missing the wooded base of the tree, began landing true to his eyesight. Slowly but surely he had actually started to improve upon one of his shortcomings. Slow for his rank and yet quicker than what he could normally put out, Kyogi began his combination with a well placed elbow to the side of the tree wherein he then immediately rotated his torso in the opposite direction for another elbow to the opposite side; from there he struck with his left wrist instead of his fist, aiming for what would have been the neck of a human target before taking a moment to create distance. Once he'd reset the vigor filled Senju charged forward letting out a high and mighty yell, striking the damaged tree with as much strength as he could muster dead center causing a basketball sized glob of snow to collapse right on top of his head.

"OOYAAAAA it went down my back!" One thing was for sure...Kyogi certainly still had a long ways to go.

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