Flames of Retribution

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Flames of Retribution

Post by Taiga » Wed Feb 23, 2022 8:19 am

[color=orangered][b]Katon • Ember Feathers[/b][/color]
D-Rank Ninjutsu
Either by hand seals or channeling, Hayate will cause a "tuft" of feathers made of fire (each feather 6x2 inches) to form at his back, 32 in total. The feathers can be moved safely with his hands or via separate jutsu, but otherwise fall off naturally whenever Hayate makes strong movements. The feathers themselves are like burning embers and spawn fires that quickly grow to a 3-meter diameter. The feathers last for 6 posts or until consumed.
It was time to learn the final element to ascend to being a true god of all the elements. Fire. Hayate never personally had liked Fire- it was too destructive, too... wide. It lacked the finesse and flair of Raiton, the utility of Suiton, the surprise of Doton. All in all it just wasn't his style... but the fact of the matter was he had to learn Fire if he wanted to truly master all the elements and be able to counter any shinobi. Hmph. Hayate pulled out a scroll to learn about how fire worked.

It also was a real offensive style. Thagt was offensive to Hayate. Anyhow, he understood he had to knead his chakra into flames; usually released from the mouth, but by skilled ninja releasable from channeling. The good news was he was a legendary shinobi with control beyond belief- so this would be easy. It didn't take long until the kage was producing flames in his hand and working on the manipulation of size among other things. The hard part would be coming up with a design for his jutsu and how to use it. He pondered what would be good. With Doton he focused on manipulating the ground and controlling everything. With Suiton he focused on defending people. With Raiton he focused on paralyzation and becoming a spear. When it came to fire... he would focus on mobility- becoming a rocket, explosive force and movement.

And that was it. What was the fastest damn animal you could ever think of? A bird. A fucking bird with wings. And that's what Hayate would become. a Giant flaming bird with wings- a phoenix some called it. To do it he would need feathers. And what if those feathers fell off him and started fires everywhere- or he could like shoot them and stuff?

Heh, it seemed he had a jutsu.

Hayate worked on making feathers of flame in his hand first. Easy. He then worked on making them on his back. Even easier. Before long he had a whole bunch of feathers on his back. Now, he just needed to make sure if he moved powerfully they would fall- and fall they did. They also lit some ground on fire and forced him to have to toss water everywhere which kind of sucked but hey, least he now had fire feathers he could use. This, this was what being a damn elemental master was.
[color=orangered][b]Katon • Bursting Feather Arrow[/b][/color]
D-Rank Ninjutsu
Either by hand seals or channeling, Hayate will cause up to five feathers on his back to rocket forward at [Control] strength and speed for up to [Control x 2] meters away, becoming flaming arrows. They fly in a "shotgun" spread. On impact, the feathers explodes into a volatile but short-lived 3-meter diameter fireball.
So there Hayate was, sitting there and covered in feathers made of fire. It was cool and all that when he ran they fell off and started fires, but that alone was not enough. Fires had to actually go places he needed them too to cause damage and that kind of stuff. The concept was simple enough- he needed a jutsu that would launch the flamey feathers at his unsuspecting targets allowing them to burst into flame cloud fireballs and have an oomph. Hmph. Heck yeah that's what they needed.

Hayate started by just throwing them to learn their dynamics. Being feathers and all they didn't fly exactly how you'd expect, so getting them to move was different. He'd have to use chakra to add some weight and change them a bit to let them really sail through the air, so he made that adjustment. With that done and the projectile itself protected the rest was easy as it was just a simple act of throwing stuff with chakra- something he was really really good at. Having yanno, done it. A thousand times with 4 different elements. Heh. Hayate squared his feet as he looked at a target, lots of little feathers on his back.

His hand whirled with chakra as the first feather whirled, going straight into the air randomly. Heh. Okay, practice shot. The next shot however was perfect. Damn perfect. Hit a bullseye and slammed the sign exactly how you would expect. A few more shots to confirm and he was sure that was how it was done.

To be honest though it was lame. Okay so he hit the little bullseye and left a burn- but couldn't he do more? Some more oomph? Thats where he began to experiment with a little more chakra. Eventually he got it to the point where impact caused the arrows to explode into small fireballs. This was pretty good- he was pretty sure that was all he needed to make sure he really cooked any chicken that tried to roost with him.

To be safe he would do it a bit more until the whole earth was scorched and there was no bullseye left to hit. Sure of his new jutsu, he would spend the time needed to go and douse water everywhere and make sure all the fires had been put out, because after all, only you can prevent forest fires and don't you forget it.

[color=orangered][b]Katon • Thrust Feather[/b][/color]
D-Rank Ninjutsu
Either by hand seals or channeling, Hayate will project chakra into up to 5 feathers causing them to burst outward in the desired direction at [Control] strength. This causes whatever the feather is attached to be thrown in the opposite direction at [Control] strength. Even at lower strengths, this can give a slight edge in situations where speed checks are evenly matched. At higher strengths, this can technique can be used offensively for things like launching opponents into a wall or off a cliff.
So this whole fire thing was really cool. Hayate was beginning to enjoy the more destructive side of it that it brought out in him, but it wasn't just the destructiveness, but the flare and coolness he had been figuring out. As he thought about things a little bit more he realized that perhaps his fire feathers could be a basis for a real extendable, expendable, magical style. Whether chucking feathers or using them. THere was something that really interested him in fire- something he had seen in a comic book once. This one character had feathers that he could use to speed him up. This other character had fire that also sped him up and made him powerful. They ccombined the too and the fire dude became like a human commet and it was really cool.

So basically Hayate had a desire to do that. His idea was the fires would explode outward in a certain direction. This basically would create thrust or burst that allowed him or whatever the feather was attached to too slightly move. Pretty cool. While it had no real offensive benefit, it'd maybe help him roll out of way of injury, or change directions mid air, or even like, attach to a kunai and move it unexpectedly and that kind of stuff. Cool stuff.

And that's exactly what he would work on doing. It didn't take too long to get the feathers to burst and explode. It caused a ton of burns at first but gradually he learned how to appropriately use it and control it- mainly making sure the flames went the way not of him. And eventually, he got it to tug him slightly in directions. It was pretty cool actually. He started to play with this more, attaching a feather to the bottom of a tree, then to the top, then launching the feathers at 50 strength. This caused the tree to rip in half as the feathers rocketed in different directions.

He even put a feather on a kunai then threw it, only for the feather to cause sudden rapid acceleration, something that could confuse or trick opponents. This feather was really a versatile, useful thing.

The final thing Hayate wanted to do for fun was put a bunch on his feet and launch himself far into the air. Was actually not half hard and he flew really, really high. It was super fun.

[color=orangered][b]Katon • Cauterization[/b][/color]
D-Rank Ninjutsu
Either by hand seals or channeling, Hayate will create a small, but hot flame at his fingertip. While painful, this can be used to cauterize wounds shut enough that regeneration can take care of the rest. Lasts as long as Hayate channels.
Getting hit by arrows always hurt something fierce. Hayate groaned as he inspected the wound in his side. Shit hurt bad. Worse, if he pulled it out, he would bleed out like a stuck pig as his regeneration took time to kick in. Even worse was, whatever they had slipped him in the drink at the bar was clearly causing him to have trouble even seeing straight. His regeneration was definitely stunted fighting of the poison. He would need to get the air out and close the wound through traditional means, at least until he could recieve better medical attention.

He pulled a kunai out and put the handle into his mouth, biting down on it hard- nearly hard enough to bite through he damn thing, and proceeded to pull the arrow head and broken shaft out of his thigh as blood splurtted everywhere. Acting quickly he raised his opposite hand, a flame at the fingertip. He was unsure if this would work but he'd seen others do this before and had also seen it in a few moving pictures. Taking one deep breath before biting down on the kunai handle again he pressed the flame to his skin, howling in pain as tears welled up in his eyes.

The flame was too hot at first causing extreme pain, but with a little bit of adjustment he dropped it to the correct intensity needed to melt the skin shut at the wound, sterilizing and closing the two flaps in the process. Groaning, he kept the fire to it, moving slowly across the wound, bit by bit as the agony continued. At last he closed it, and letting the flame go leaned back. There was never a time to learn a move like time spent in the field. He switched the flame between his finger tips giving him some busy work and something to occupy his hands as he tried to take his mind off the pain before standing up. In an hour or so his regeneration would probably heal both the wound and the burn- and in a few more hours the poison would probably clear his system. Least, that's what happened that one time he fought lord Murakami.

Fire really is a bitch of a way to go out isn't it. he thought to himself as he stood on his leg, stumbling forward from the hut he was in as feather formed around him.

It was time to make the wanna be bount hunters turned assassins feel flame.
[color=orangered][b]Katon • Shadow of Kajin[/b][/color]
C-Rank Ninjutsu
By channeling chakra into his hands, Hayate will cause flames to jump off of his hands that will form into a pair of red-orange flaming hands. From the wrists, the rest of the body will form in a raw humanoid aura of volatile fire. The clone looks more like a fire elemental rather than a clone of Hayate. The clone has stats equal to Hayate and is capable of using Katon jutsu. If they are not destroyed after [Control/4] posts they will disappear.
Clones were really an important part of being a shinobi- but also with Kioku clones became a powerful weapon on the battlefield for Hayate. He was able to drop permanent clones to aid his allies and move on to the next battlefield. This was why he had created his "hands" series of clones. Outside of battle fields it also gave him new ways to utilize his kinesis as his clones would become cannons for him, launching jutsu and attacks that he could simply sit back and guide. This was the way. Hayate channeled chakra into his hands and began to work on creating a fire clone. As he remembered, making a clone was never a simple task, but elemental clones tended to be easier than shadow clones.

The first thing every good clone took was the ability to amass that amount of chakra, in the human body quantity. So he'd work on that. For someone of his skill it was quite easy and before long he had massive chunks of flame sitting next to him looking all stupid. Next like a sculptor he would need to knead the chakra, sculpt it, and work on it until it looked like a work of art and like himself. In his case however he preferred his clones to look like whispy creatures rather than spitting images of himself, so that made things a little easier.

He channeled chakra into his hands as the flames jumped off of them and formed a red-orange pair of his own hands, flaming. The body was like a whispy human aura of fire. That was the intended aesthetic, so he would stop there. Next he had to make sure they were fit for combat. little by little he made modifications as the clones became capable of using Katon chakra- all the moves he could. He'd continue to play with them and tweak them, fighting the clones.

Explosion of fire after explosion of fire as him and his clones fought, and finally one of the clones was able to use an A-rank technique. This had proven to him that his clones were ready for the limelight and that he had done it. These would be the shadows of kajin- the hands of flame that would help him reign destruction down upon his enemies.

That, or you know, help be a real good grill master at the family barbeques. That was never bad.

[color=orangered][b]Katon • Turn Up The Heat[/b][/color]
C-Rank Ninjutsu
Either by hand seals or channeling, Hayate will focus on an existing source of fire within [Control x 2] meters, adding additional Katon chakra to it. He will increase the strength of the fire to [Control] speed/strength.

To make a fire strong was something man had mastered since their days spent in caves. It was also something so seemingly simple and yet so extraordinary. Man had found many ways. Using dry materials to build the blaze. Adding air to the fire- the oxygen allowing it to burn more. Adding oil or other additives to bolster it. Hayate however was no mere man, he was a shinobi. Surely adding chakra to it could achieve a similar if not greater effect, after all just add chakra was the shinobi golden rule. His sights focused on a fire Hayate would get to work on testing his theory.

He'd start by creating a small fire with some of his feathers, and after the fires were roaring, he would focus on each of them. The very first of it would be a failure. His chakra rate was too much- his chakra actually managed to drown the fire preventing it from burning and causing it to die off. That was unfortunate. He'd try again. Tuning the amount of chakra he managed to not cause an adverse effect to the katon but it was not enough. It did not grow nearly to the rate he had wanted nor expected. The Raikage bit his lip as he thought more about how he should do it. Continuing on, he groaned a little, but prepared his next fire. This time, the chakra he added to it made it burn faster and brighter, but when he touched it with his hand, the burns were still minimal. Hmph. He'd need a little more power here. With the next fire, he focuses intently as he did his hand seals. HIs eyes were fixed on the existing source of fire, roughly 10 meters before him, and he poured all his chakra, control and might into it. This time the fire exploded into a massive spiral of flames with a power he did not even want to stick his hand in to touch. It was clear that this was a tremendous fire and that he had managed to increase the power of a flame after the fact. Taking that for what it is, he nodded and looked at the mess he made. A few suiton clones and his own hydro pumpin later the fires were all gone and his tests were complete.

He'd need to make a better test environment for learning katon at some point.
[color=orangered][b]Katon • Blast[/b][/color]
C-Rank Ninjutsu
Either by hand seals or channeling, Hayate will exert a massive burst of flame outward from his entire body. The flame pushes outwards at [Control] strength/speed up to [Control/2] meters away, melting everything in its path.
Sometimes you got into a sticky situation. Sometimes it involved a giant cave. Sometimes it even involved a giant fucking spider that wasp probably going to come back and lay its eggs in you or eat you or both. Man, spelunking suck and fucked the white people who invented it. Anyhow, that sometimes was the situation Hayate was in now. The poison was beginning to wear off and the misty eyes, dazed and confused Raikage foundhimself surrounded in webs within the cave. Wrapped up all nice and tight in a little cacoon. The spider was feasting on some deer to the side, 5 meters north of him.

Bastard was lucky to find him by surprise and get a bite on him, but he would not be lucky as soon as Hayate got free. While his usual choice here would be to release an insane amount of voltage into the webs, he wanted the spiders to pay. He really hated spiders- nay he wanted them, their eggs, their spiders, their damn ancestors to burn. He grit his teeth. It wasn ow or never and time to invent another Katon technique.

He pushed his chakra too his body and began to nead it. He had no choice but to channel given he couldn't move, but it was no issue. This move wasn't going to use finnese- it was not even going to use shape manipulation. He was just going to release a 365 degree blast of flames from his body that would incinerate the spider, it's spawn and the cave. Chakra welled up with immense force around him before finally a massive burst of flame exploded off of his body.

His Water aura popped up around him in the same instant to guard form the kickback fire that would rebound off the cave walls, as the bindings and webs around him incincerated to dust. He'd watch as he dropped towards the ground as the fire spread up all of the webs, through everything.

If I could store time in a bottle....

His feet hit the ground and he darted through the cave, the fire following through its caverns as the shrieks of burning spiders let out and the sound of sizzles filled the cavenrous voids with delightful echos. Like slow motion around him basked in the glory of the move he had just done, and chuckled to himself.

"Those spiders definitely went out with a blast."
[color=orangered][b]Katon • Ninigi Kusanagi[/b][/color]
B-Rank Ninjutsu
Either by hand seals or channeling, Hayate will exert a massive sword of fire from his hand, 1 meter wide and 9 meters long. It burns at [Control] strength and melts/cuts its way through everything it meets. Things it doesn't instantly destroy are set ablaze. When moved at a speed of over [Control]/2 it leaves trails of flames in the air that linger for 1 post. The blade lasts for 6 posts.
Many fire users made references to the shinto god of Fire- it was a pretty cool concept, all in all. Hayate couldn't let them be the only ones referencing Amaterasu though, and while he didn't need to become a giant fire god like most of them with their homages to Susano'o, he did need to speak softly and carry a big stick. That big stick would be a massive sword of flame, least in his head. He would take his imagery one step further in naming it Ninigi Kusanagi- the legendary sword weilded by both Susano and Amaterasu. Imagery was always fun.

He started small. Channeling chakra and kneading it around his hand he created a blade of fire. It's heat was tremendous and it was able to cut right through things- not exactly surprising to him. As things continued he realized his fire wasn't catching other things on fire so much so he would have to work on upping the potential of it. Before long however he would succeed and find himself easily lighting things on fire. With that all he had to do was up the size.

Channeling again he added more chakra too it till the blade was 1 meter wide and 9 meters long. Being made of fire it had the advantage of having pretty much no weight to it, meaning he could swing it with ease and as fast as he could move his hand with no detriments- and as he did so the flames kind of left trails in the air. This- this was going to be a great jutsu. The final thing left was to extensively test it. His hands let the jutsu go as he sealed, creating numerous clones of different elements. Two water clones would stand to the side prepared to douse any flames he created. With that, he'd get swinging as he constructed the blade of flame once more in his hand.

The flames roared as he swung it side to side- it cleaved straight through the fuuton clone setting it ablaze. The Raiton clone tried to leap over it, only to come back down in the wake of the flame trails it left, bursting. Lastly, the water clone charged ahead aiming to grapple the blade- steam exploded into the air as the clone tried to counter with a suiton jutsu, but the heat was too powerful. The clone would explode into steam.

Now that's a giant fire sword.


[color=orangered][b]Katon • Mantle of Flames[/b][/color]
B-Rank Ninjutsu
Prerequisite: [color=orangered][b]Katon • Ember Feathers[/b][/color]
By channeling throughout his body, Hayate will mix katon into the Starforce chakra that surrounds him adding an additional layer of protection to it. This causes a mantle of golden Ember Feathers to form around him with [Control] strength. The feathers will constantly fall and reform, making sure that he is always covered but also that wherever he goes the golden flames of his cloak will spread, setting the world around him ablaze. In addition to the typical burn of Katon, the feathers are supercharged and extremely volatile, so much so that burns left by the feathers are able to cancel out regenerative abilities as the fire destroys cells at a rate equal to or higher than they can be repaired. This effect spreads through the body at a micro-level and lasts for 15 posts unless healed by a specialized anti-burn Iijutsu technique or something equivalent.
Hayate had another idea for using fire. Regeneration was annoying- he would know being one of the many shinobi that seemed to have it. Fire though had this great ability to burn and create scar tissue. It also had a habit of burning- and spreading. What if he could use this stop cancel out cell regeneration. What if the burn was as fast as the regeneration. This, this was actually a potentially useful thing. He would need to work on it quite a bit in order to make things happen, once more though, he was certain he wanted to start with using feathers for this.

So, as always, its tarted with channeling and hand seals. He did this creating a tuft of feathers, much like he usually did but with even more. He figured the feathers acted like an armor that would cover his back and give some protection. Anyhow, with the feathers created he would need to modify them enough and create them to hot enough to have this ultra burn effect, but not enough to deal serious, permanent damage or like... just melt the arm right off. While that would be effective his goal was to stop regeneration, not kill people. After a while he was pretty sure he had gotten things right- the only question was how he would test it. The only clear answer was to press one to his own arm. And so he did.

Fuck, did it hurt. It felt like he was reaching into the sun as his cells in his arm were being stretched apart, burning with intense pain but never truly being damaged as they healed themselves. This was ridiculous. He tried to deal with it- how long could it go on. It felt like an eternity passed. And then, he tested it. He sliced his arm open with a kunai. The burn was bad, but the wound was worse and it did not heal. It seemed his jutsu was successful but wow was it ever a bitch in a half of pain.

Eventually if things took long enough he'd probably heal, but since that shit really hurt he'd leave the training grounds and check into a hospital. The hospital would eventually check his wound and heal it with iijutsu. Said something that generally this couldn't be healed without iijutsu or some special jutsu. THat meant that this had been a huge success.

Everyone would burn. Or feel it. Except the democratic convention comittee- they'd probably pick that other guy.
[color=orangered][b]Katon • Flight of the Phoenix, Full Burst, Burning Comet of Passion[/b][/color]
A-Rank Ninjutsu
Prerequisite: [color=orangered][b]Katon • Ember Feathers[/b][/color]
Either by hand seals or channeling, Hayate will cause a massive amount of Ember Feathers to form around his body, the feathers even forming into wings. The wings will give one mighty beat before feathers explode spitting fire everywhere, the thrust rocketing him forward and allowing him to instantly travel up to 65 meters in a straight direction. As this happens the ember feathers also fall off and light the entire trajectory of his path on fire and end in an outward explosion from the user at [Control] strength and speed. This uses up one of 2 teleportations a character can use in a single thread.
SO, as Hayate had previously read that one cool comic with the feathers and flames guy, which ultimately led him to make his flame feathers, he wanted to be more like the endeavoring hero and be able to launch himself in a flaming glory across the sky. Clearly, ember feathers were the best way to do this; but also maybe something like the S/T ninjutsu of the others or the really cool shadow step thing a lot of shinobis did would work. Either way he would study quite a few scrolls to work on a combination that would ultimately give him the effect he was looking for.

TO start with he would give this a really epic name.

"Katon • Flight of the Phoenix" sounded pretty cool, but not enough. It needed more oomph. He'd continue on. "Katon - Flight of the Phoenix, Full Burst". Still, that wasn't enough a name for what he wanted... Finally he settled on what it should be. "Katon - Flight of the Phoenix, Full Burst, Burning Comet of Passion." now that, was a fucking name.

Hayate started the seals. Dragon. Eagle. Boar. Dragon. Dragon. He was pretty sure this was perfect. More Ember Feathers formed around his body as he almost began to look like a bird, two mighty wings. The wings then flapped. And oh my fucking God. That shit rocked. Hayate lurched forward at explosive speed, the next thing he knew he consumed 1.21 giggawats and slammed into the side of the cliff, knocking himself out and making a huge create and burn into the side of it. When he woke up he looked behind him and found a giant flaming path, everything a blaze. It was pretty glorious and it was exactly how he saw this cool hero in his favourite picture book.

Signing for suiton he put out the fire then answered one more question.

Could he do it going up, or in the air? Once more feathers forme dup around him as he rocketed into the air with an explosion of fire- fire hanging in the air momentarily in a trail. It definitely worked. As he fell back to earth he thought he would maybe try to execute the jutsu one more time, but for some reason it was like a magic barrier stopped him making it impossible to use the jutsu more than twice in one go.

He looked to the sky and sook his fists, a defeated man.


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