The Massacre at Yuunomori

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The Massacre at Yuunomori

Post by Hayate » Mon Jul 08, 2019 8:58 am

Three figures made their way through the trees, the full harvest moon bright enough in the night sky to illuminate the way. The figures, upon closer inspection wore steel grey flak jackets and black- each wearing an animal mask. An eagle, a wolf, and a fish. The men were, to those who knew intricately of the Konohagakure shinobi, Anbu. The fish had another figure strung over his shoulder, the man's body slightly limp and fresh in blood. The eagle's arm was severed. The wolf however... the wolf was coated in blood, but not his own, for not a single mark was on his body. Stopping on a branch his hand waved and the other two figures stopped, the shade of the leaves above obscuring them. The wolf looked down.

Beneath the squadron was a small legion- a private army of sorts.

Hajime had been given one goal, to protect the Premiere. Though he had been injured, he was alive, and he would see to it it kept that way. Hajime shifted his weight in the tree, doing so without making a single sound. His eyes narrowed as he looked down through the canopy once more at the men beneath them. The wolf placed his hand on the tree next to him, his chakra pulsing into it and down towards the earth below. Slowly, the tree began to shake before rapidly exploding, the splinters of the tree flying out and ripping into the nearby men below. The roots of the tree shot up like spears, instantly skewering five of the soldiers and ripping them in two as the roots continued to curl outward. No sooner than the impact had the wolf sprung from the tree- his hands drawing his gladius swords as he dug it into a man on his landing. Instantly the soldiers rushed forward to swarm him. His hand sealing a massive pillar of wood shot up from the ground, smashing one man in the jaw as blood went flying and his body knocked back into the other men forcing them to the ground. Drawing two kunai, the wolf lunged forward with the pillar, using the opportunity of the men falling to rip their throats out with his kunai before rolling forth onto his knee and releasing the kunai into the ankle of a nearby spearmen.

From the trees, the premiere gasped. The man was no saint, but his protection was paramount to making an important deal occur. The fish lept to another tree and took off running with the premier. Eagle, followed suit, making sure to keep a defensive perimeter behind the fish.


Hajime had well discussed the protocol with the others of what to do should their mission go awry. The fish was to head upstream, the Eagle watching from the skies. The wolf was take the ground. Moving back to a standing position, Hajime looked at the now odd-twenty men who encircled him. Spears, swords, daggers. They were soldiers, but he was a Shinobi.

He grit his teeth and howled like a beast as all the men closed in. He drew a kunai in his right hand, and each foot a shoulder length apart, Hajime moved with explosive force. The first man who dove for Hajime did not expect for the wolf to parry his spear tip with a kunai. Pushing up he broke the spear then drove the kunai into the mans chest before grabbing him with his left hand- swinging the mans body with excessive force into two oncoming attackers from his flank. As they tumbled, he spun round back with his right hand slicing one of the men across the eyes. The remaining attackers stepped back in fear at the ferocious move, to which Hajime only roared louder. He plunged downwards digging his kunai into the third man's skull, then took his spear.

The remaining men continued to circle him, hesitant to charge. They feared Hajime.

"The Wolf..." one of them said. "The Big Bad" Hajime replied as he stepped forth, chucking the spear right into the chest of one of the men as his hands sealed and two bulwarks- almost stone like but with the texture of wood formed on his arms. Dropping to his knee he raised one arm up, just in time to absorb the strike of a spear- the spear crumbling a small part of the shield but missing Hajime in the process. The man then lunged forward, tackling the spear man to the ground. No sooner than he did that did another spear come for his back. His left arm flung up to deflect it, the force he held alone snapping the spear and causing it to splinter into the wielders face. Returning to the man on the ground he unleashed a heavy blow of the shield to the mans forehead, blood trickling everywhere with a sickening crunch. He had not however noticed that in his fury, something had changed. Looking at the body count something did not add up. He had spotted at least twenty men earlier, and now, he saw the bodies of some odd 9 men.


In his fury he had failed to notice the other men continuing pursuit. Walking towards the first man he had slewn, he retrieved his gladiuses before hopping back up into the trees, to take off at full speed. He could not let his mission fail: for he was to protect the village at all and any costs; to fulfil his duty to his village and be a good shinobi. This was what it meant to be a good shinobi. From the trees he could see broken branches, and barren ones with their leaves left dry. He could even see some smoldering leaves, branches, and twigs- knowing his men had gone this way.

He continued full speed on the path. When he found the soldiers- he would make sure none of them would be returning home. That was the punishment for defying the village hidden in the leaves.
The signs of battle scaled across the country side. Hajime's arms were crossed over, each hand gently sat placed on the hilts of his blades. His form was hunched as he lept tree to tree, his eyes becoming mere slits as he searched the horizon for his own troop, and perhaps that of the mercenary forces. From what he could tell, he was at least ten minutes out from the soldiers, and hopefully further than the operatives and the premiere. Leaping into the next tree and through it's leaves he saw something out of the corner of his eye, he swung round on his foot. His grip tightening around the hilt as both arms rotated outwards, drawing the blades and swinging them forth. Just as soon as the spin had begun, Hajime halted his blade pointed to the face of someone slumped over on a branch, leaning against the trunk. There was quite a bit of blood in the surrounding area. It was Eagle. Hajime leaned forward. Eagle had been dispatched- which meant that there was more than just untrained soldiers. There was likely a ninja in the midsts.

Eagle stirred slightly, trying to speak but he had already lost much blood. Hajime knew what had to be done... to protect the village. For the sake of Konoha, the secrets of the country, and everything. He drove his blade into eagles head, the crunch and splatter of blood providing audible and visible proof to the world of his act.

To leave Eagle was a security risk. Had it been Hajime, he'd have done the same. That was the way they operated. Drawing his blade back Hajime took the mask and leaf identifies of the man. With no time to waste, he took off. His legs were beginning to tire from the combat and fatigue, but he needed to move quick. If Eagle had been dispatched, there was a high chance Owl would be too, along with the premiere. He had made the wrong decision to not stay with the premiere... He would not make the same mistake a second time.

He pushed hard and harder, the branches snapping between the force of each leap as he propelled himself through the forest. His speed had topped out. Sweat rolled down his face, his mask began to make breathing difficult. To breathe harder would take more energy- so he would need to fight his desire to gasp for air and keep his body moving. His vision started to go white, but Hajime pushed himself further and further, flinging himself from the tree and into the air, at the edge of conciousness he caught something from the corner of his eye.

There was a large explosion and the yells and clattering of armor.


Hajime threw himself to the ground rolling to his feet, pausing only a moment to regain his breathe. He removed his mask. No one was going to survive this anyways. Anger for his own missjudgement flowing through his body, he took off. From the outskirt of the clearing he burst out of the brush, drawing his blade and immediately beheading one of the soldiers. He reached for the mans blade as his corpse hit the ground before flinging it into the next man. Owl meanwhile was in a defensive dome of doton- trying to protect the premiere. The men were beating on it, and behind them all in the trees was a man in a white robe.

For now he needed to do something about the Owl's predicamanet.

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