Training field: It ain't over till it's over!

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Training field: It ain't over till it's over!

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As yet another Jounin Stumbled backward, his ears ringing from the force of a hard right hook connecting flush with it's target, the rest of the men and women turned their faces in disbelief of such harsh treatment during what was supposed to be a training session. Gene scowled, many of them seemed to believe that an enemy would give a damn about their aching bodies or hurt feelings. He couldn't blame his time spent in ANBU anymore – after seeing it with his own eyes, hearing it from the horses mouth, the Dragon of the East had confirmed that it wasn't just a difference in experience. The continued peace had made them soft, complacent. As Gene shuffled back and forth stirring the dirt of an older training ground, he couldn't help but feel the heat radiating from the many offended minds gathered around him. "If you can give me dirty looks then you can fight! Come at me and do something about it!" They were angry but for all the wrong reasons; if it meant that he could mold them into fierce fighting machines then Gene gladly would be the ire of their anger, but sentiments of kindness and nurturing we're but foreign concepts to the silver haired Jounin. Despite wearing the headband none of them seemed to understand exactly what its significance really was or why the hell they needed to do this in the first place. Grunting with rehearsed effort Gene side stepped as a female came at him throwing a punch toward his jaw. Her form was good...for a dojo. She had not been ready for the hip toss that would land her staring face up at a razor sharp Kunai knife. Everyone came to a halt and as the two locked eyes only the reflection of a reaper could be seen and felt.

One, two, three four. Four seconds had gone by and yet he was still standing, still locked in a invasive gaze with the woman frozen stiff. "Oh for crying out loud! What the hell are you all doing?!" Only when the knife had been moved from her throat did the woman breath again. "Seven of you and only one of me yet I was able to take a hostage, remain standing and even give this lecture. Are you all sure you're Shinobi?" "Of course we are! How stupid are you to even say something like that?!" Responded one of the men, clearly fed up with Gene and the punishment that had been going on. "YEAH! YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE SUCK A DICK!" Chimed in another. Before long, the crowd was in an uproar all shouting things that they felt were morally wrong with the dragon and his style.

His response?

First to drop was the Jounin furthest to the rear, then the one next to him and the Kunoichi next to her. One by one they fell like dominoes but – they hadn't been knocked unconsciousness, no. They'd be paralyzed! "Now it's starting to make sense why more and more supposed ninja keep going missing.
You all haven't the slightest idea of what it means to be Shinobi. You think the world gives a fuck about how you personally feel? You think it matters how you think things are unfair? It's time to wake up!
There was a certain edge in Gene's to that ordinarily would not have existed, he was tired. Tired of how entitled everyone seemed to think they were – each and every last one of them thought they were too important forpain, too important period."Shinobi, whether you like it or not are expendable. We do what others can't or better put - won't do. If you're killed sure, you may get a grave but fail an important mission because of incompetence and you sacrifice more than just your own life! You put everyone art risk and for what? You couldn't make the cut." There were no words now, only a cold wind cutting through the area like a knife."Now, on your feet all of you. That is, if you can even get up."

There had been Genin and Chunin in attendance as the grounds we're public for use. However, Gene's words and display had scared quite a few of them off. He didn't care. The training grounds we're a warrior's playground and those without the will didn't deserve to lick the grass that others gave their lives to protect. Somewhere along the line there'd been a miscommunication – people seemed to believe that the peace that had now been granted, was born because of friendship. Many had lost their lives in the line of duty including Gene's own mother; he knew more than anyone that this peace, this stagnant era, was born due to one thing and one thing only...


Later on that day Kunai, shuriken and various other ninja tools littered all across the once green grass now turned up as new soil took the surface. Marks from where explosives had gone off were clear as day and even the three log posts suffered some kind of scarring. Although the number of remaining Shinobi in the area had been few, no greater than a small platoon, the faces of each one seemed more content than before. Everyone, even Gene huffed in a battle to catch their breath but none showed signs of wavering. In their eyes existed a new found sharpness, sharper than any blade could be. "There...there it is." Said Gene through breaths,"That terrible smell of fear has been stripped away and your resolves are true. In order to protect this village, that is the kind of resolve you will need." At this, the Kunoichi whom he had tossed earlier furrowed a brow."Did you hear that guys? The great Gene Mitsurugi is praising us," there was sarcasm in her tone but everyone including Gene shared the laugh. After what they'd show him after being provoked he figured a little banter could be afforded."Careful now, I wouldn't let my guard down so easily if I were you."

Just then, a barrier sprang up around the group. At full strength, it wouldn't have been able to hold them but Gene had made sure to deplete their chakra reserves enough to where such tactics were feasible. "Wha–" it was too late, the barrier began closing in on the group quickly only to suddenly break at the last second. They'd been 'killed' unofficially.The lesson here? It ain't over till it's over. Don't get carried away." The group sighed defeatedly in unison . With still more hours left in the day, Gene decided now was a good point to rest. "Alright, that's enough for now. You all did well. Send in the next group.."

Except...the next group never came. Gene waited and waited and waited some more but no one ever showed up. Apparently, there were few people in the village who were as readily able to train as the young Mitsurugi had been. He'd worked up the gall to put his stamina to the test and managed to only get a tease of what he really wanted out of the about a let down.

[1000/900 Stamina training]

Because he was not able to find a suitable training partner, Gene set his attention to developing a jutsu that would be able to serve as a powerful offensive and a reasonable defense if necessary. This would need to be a jutsu that could do a substantial amount of damage in a short amount of time and there was just one element that Gene had in mind - an element that he'd known intimately like the backs of his hands. Clasping both hands together and spreading his legs shoulder width apart, he began to build up his chakra. Gene knew that his efforts were beginning to pay off because the air around him grew dense as though there were a weight being pressed down upon him; leaves danced and grass leaned this way and that way due to a surging wind that only seemed to grow in intensity with the young man's increase in focus. Moreover, the temperature in the immediate area had begun to rise steadily.

Unclasping his hands after building enough Chakra for the technique he were about to cast, Gene held his right hand out in front of him with his palm facing toward the sky. At first there had been nothing there but after a few seconds what appeared to be a small sphere of highly condensed flame could be seen growing rapidly to the size of a basketball just above his hand. These flames while compressed, were incredibly hot and the heat from the sphere would have been felt for several meters away had there been anyone present at that moment in time. Without a doubt this was a flame that had been hot enough to crack stone and completely incinerate tall trees and perhaps...a person. Still, Gene continued to let his chakra flow and feel the sensations of power as it came to him; for he would need to learn quickly how to perform this technique on the field of battle which meant that there'd been very little room for error and second guessing himself.

Rationing out his chakra accordingly, Gene noted that the strain that he'd been feeling was only slightly a hindrance to him and soon that little bit of weakness would be overcome. All he needed to do was remain focused on controlling the ever growing hell fire that continued to dance in his palm - playing a ballot all too familiar against the backdrop of his quiet ambition. His finger tips were warmed beneath the fiery haze the intensity of the jutsu having illuminated the area extremely well making others seem dark in contrast. Still, Gene held on. He'd continue amassing chakra into the blazing sphere until he felt that no more chakra could be added to it - this was an attack that if performed correctly, would be incredibly vital in dealing with other powerful foes. Gotta...keep building chakra! Acting as though his very life depended on it Gene fought valiantly to forge anew chapter to the pages of his story book, showing absolutely no signs of relenting when it came down to pouring chakra into the flaming sphere which had caused it to grow to the size of a basketball at this point.

Only when he'd felt in his heart that he'd finally amassed enough chakra within the ferociously burning sphere of flames did Gene hold his palm forward and project the orb as far as he possibly could with his mind launching the sphere like a canon away from him. The heat of the flames were so intense that even in passing, glancing impacts with varying trees and other such structures had resulted in a near immediate combustion producing flame while those organic and inorganic objects unlucky enough to have been in the direct path of the jutsu were completely incinerated; practically leaving nothing left of what would have been foxes, deer, horses rabbits and many, many more creatures. Trees were all but reduced to ashes and the ground blazed to no end. Then came the moment that Gene had been waiting for.

All of the stored energy within the flames had been released causing it to grow like a mountain upwards and outward from the place where it'd struck home all but obliterating a stone boulder twice the size of Gene himself. For thirty-six meters in just about every direction flames burned and spread without recourse for what was burned and in this moment Gene had been pleased briefly with himself. However, he knew that this was just a stepping stone to greater, better things. He'd learned a thing or two from Yozei and would not be deterred from improving his own capabilities.

Trained: 776/600Show
[Dragon's Wrath ]

A - rank Katon Ninjutsu

Prerequisites: 34 Ninjutsu

Description: After clasping his hands together Gene will begin gathering a large amount of Chakra before holding one or both of his hands out in front of him with the palms facing upward, towards the sky. Three inches above one or both of his hands, a sphere of flames in the likeness of the sun will manifest at 24 speed growing to the size of a basketball. The sheer heat produced by this jutsu may cause someone with less than Gene's Taijutsu + Stamina/2 without the [Rigid Structure] concentration to collapse from heat stroke due to the sudden spike in temperature up to a radius equal to his Control stat/2 While causing mild discomfort to those who's Taijutsu + Stamina/2 are equal to Gene's at his Control stat/3 meters away. The flames themselves are hot enough to crack stone and completely incinerate tall trees should the sphere(s) be thrown, impacting with 40 Strength before expanding outwards and upwards for a number of meters equal to Gene's control stat spreading secondary flames at a rate of 1/3rd the forming speed of the jutsu (8) per the Katon passive effect.


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