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Solace Living

Post by Hokami » Wed Dec 05, 2018 1:33 pm

Another very average sunny day in Konoha

It was early afternoon, Lunch time in the Hyuga Compound for those not on missions or business.

Yama was up for once, Different from usual days. Yama was an unusual Hyuga in that he tended to sleep and live in a small spare room which doubled as a workshop for ninja tool construction and janitor supplies. He had a note board where members of the clan could place orders for something to be worked on by the adult Genin. For a Genin and unmarried Hyuga he was quite old, when he was young he suffered much grief that stunted his growth as a ninja. That however did not in fact make him lose hope though as he would usually spend most of his time when he was not doing handicrafts, attempting to brute force techniques far beyond his capability. This had great tolls on his body and really didn't do much for his training in fact but it was something he'd force himself to do daily as it was the only thing that gave him solace nowadays. This repeated use of the jutsu was not in fact very healthy for the young ninja but it had become a sort of masochistic coping method for helping to cope with their passing. Seeing his puppet's move made life worth living and if he couldn't do it with grace he would be truly dishonoring them by even attempted to use them as ninja tools, he lived a very lonely life after the loss of his immediate family. It had taken tolls on his psyche and his moral compass making him feel very numb to most people joy's and virtues. The only real virtue for him was accomplishing his goals and trying to find someone who understood and respected his art. The small dimly lit workshop had many candles lit up around the room to maintain light as there was only a very small window in the small room. The young Genin was practicing his Ninjutsu to try and increase his capacity to use it. He lifted out both of his hands, long hairs grew out each of his fingers and wrapped around his puppet Tama. Based on Hyuga Tama his sister, it had quite a resemblance too them, giving some Hyuga much concern in him however it made him feel happy. Focusing the Hiden Jyuken, sprouting from his fingers and extending across the string was a small wave of chakra that awakened the puppet.

"Wake up sister...It's time for lunch..."

He would state with an exhausted yelp as he would begin to lift his hands like a conductor causing the puppet to begin to come to life and begin to float up into the air, waving his hands across the air in front of him. He usually would speak to his puppets, it had saved him one or more times in social situations, Yama tried to remember and visualize how beautiful she was back when she was alive. How much he missed her, something called too him inside as he closed his eyes and got lost in the loss of the energy in his fingers and began moving them instinctively. The short Hyuga female Marionette would begin to dance in front of him posing and pirouetting as it seemed to glide around his room navigating through the messy tool room. The level of chakra the Kugetsu used was causing him to sweat, it made him feel ill. Like there was a churning deep down in his gut but he didn't care anymore. Perhaps one day making these dance alone could eventually be the end of him. He would open his eyes and watch upon their grace as a smile extended from ear to ear as he made an exhausted yelp.

"Look at you sister!...Yo...You're beautiful...Oh if you could see this...!"

He would continue to conduct the puppet as his arms began to shake, He began sweating and he felt like he was going to vomit any second. Suddenly his right arm dropped as Yama began to giggle manically as he struggled to keep his eyes open..he conducted her with one hand in front of him before his left hand would drop and he would fall onto his knees. He was lost int he beauty of their movement and the experience of seeing them was worth the added discomfort. As he fell down upon his knees on the concrete floor of his room. The pain was incredible, It rushed up his entire body and he tried his hardest not to yelp and alarm the rest of his family. In all honesty he did not enjoy concerning them in the slightest and always attempted to get around that, even if they had their problems he still had fair feelings for them for giving him a home and board for years. He would grit his teeth as he would contain himself from the pain and exhaustion and slowly stand up slowly and would pick up his sister slowly and place them inside the blanket of his bed. He couldn't sleep yet, He had to do something... he had to do something more to make sure they were back sooner. He had to become a better ninja. Regardless though he was quite beat, He would find his way to his work bench and would sit down and take a deep breath.

"Sleep well Sis... Your brother... has more he must do."

The lack of sleep and the stess of his training and life made him... loopy sometimes. He enjoyed the rush in all honesty, he loved pushing himself till he couldn't go any further. One point he was training outside in the fields on a summer day and he practiced ninjutsu to the point he thought it was a good idea just to lie down face first on the summer grass. Soon chunin and concerned mothers kept disturbing him from his sleep. It got him in a lot of trouble with the Hyuga compound as in fact another member of the clan had reported it too his uncle who was his current guardian at that point and that got him a big lecture. Regardless he was now relaxing, taking a deep breath, whittling some wood and taking a sip of some purified water that he had got from the kitchen earlier that day... he would skip lunch and maybe get some cheap ramen later from the money from chores. He didn't like taking handouts from his family.

1088/1000 Stamina training
Ninjutsu: 1 Taijutsu: 10 Genjutsu: 1 Stamina: 5 Control: 1 Strength: 6 Speed: 6 Instinct: 10 Minor Samurai

Ninjutsu: 10 Taijutsu: 8 Genjutsu: 1 Stamina: 5 Control: 10 Strength: 2 Speed: 2 Instinct: 2


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