[Open]Edge of Lightning Country

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[Open]Edge of Lightning Country

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Maido approached the edge. Each and every one of her followers. Her friends across the nations. Across the borders. She summoned them all. Within four hundred meters, all of her friends and followers and disciples. She would conquer Kumo first, noone could stop her. She knew it was true, it wasn't an offer. She came in peace, but it was an appropriation. There was a war? Step back. Maido had launched her own nation. She would give Kumo the bodies first, give them a week to retort. "Send a message, in the name of peace, I wish to consort." She instructed a disciple. She sent it to Cros, an Ishiguro in exile.

"As you wish, my Master." Cros said so willingly. Maido's ideals had at first been quite chilling. Now that she'd seen it? Oh, she didn't quite mean it. She loved Maido dearly, and idolized her so; In Ishiguro's eyes, Maido was evil, terrible, yet great. She pledged loyalty to none, though recognizing a god. A moon goddess mate mortal, and avatar of Fall. Leaves and snow stirred into the night, the Canceling Witch brought her blade to the light. A reverse sickle with a shorter handle, a gift from dear Maido which glinted with antlers. Black and red blade with blood and obsidian, Ishiguro, Cros, added her own just to fit in. Denjiton now ran the length of the blade. Ishuguro safe zone technique, a World Wrecker, bitches get slayed. Null grey sheens suddenly danced along her shell, her body, her torso, her blade, straight from hell.

Gauntled adorned her, her clones did it too, she summoned and chanted, and boiled a brew. Clones sprung from out her, and one stayed with Maido. They walked over the border, and began to take notes. The Kumogakure invasion had begun, was Cros'' firt thought. But no, not quite. Cros would make the first stand. Was Maido friend? Was she foe? It was hard to say. Cros withdrew her blade and pointed it towards her. Here on the outskirts, it was most unquestionable and bizarre. For someone from Kiri to have made it this far? Cros would defend her country with honor. For her family, her village, for all of those in the Armour. She swung with left, then again with a right. Her blade cut through air, a knife in the night.

Maido cared not, and summoned some clones of her own. They shot office like rockets, and made themselves at home. One she sent off in each cardinal direction, Maido at the back, and she began the infection. She watched as her clones performed various tasks, while she herself stayed in the back and just laughed. A large sanguine mist enveloped her person, four hundred meters, it encroached and it worsened. Within this red mist, not a soul stood a chance. Against the blood witch, it was a life and deaths dance. She toiled and chanted and performed all the seal'; To Ishiguro, Cros, it appeared most unreal.

Cros entered the mist with most hesitation. What should she do? She was filled with frustration. Her clones went in first, acting as scout and commando. A scream and a shout, then silenced in Shambles. Cros drew her breathe. And began to form seals. A red mist before her, the legendary were real. Even in exile, in Kumo no doubt, the appearance was legend, Maido was en route. A large red menace, at four hundred meters. To Ishiguro Cros, it appeared sanguine demons. Cros began to do seals, calling forth upon lightning, and wind, and spite, and a power most frightening. From within her hands, she brought forth a boom. A wild blast of chakra, a shinobi's doom. Denjiton aura blasted out from her heart. A good long wide radius, it broke through the dark. Maido's mist disappeared, but only up to a range. From forty five meters, the world around Cros was changed. Maido gave her a note, she sent it by hand.

Cros read it over, taking in the message. Committing it to heart, a goddesses visage. She read it over twice, no, make it thrice. This dark santa's claws could be naughty or nice.

"I have recovered the dead bodies of some of your defectors and bring them to you in an offering of peace. - Muramasa, Maido - Former/Current/That's a real gray area Kirigakure Bannin

Take this to your Raikage. It was a pleasure to meet you."


The letter was nice, the red ink was fresh. Calligraphic, even, from Maido's hand. Cros looked up from her post, and gazed at the goddess. A beautiful red wolf, emblazing and honest. It was direct, and straight forward, yet courteous too. To beat around the bush when primal, it just would not do. She took the note in hand and summoned familiars. "Take this to Hayate, he'll find this peculiar." Her little white dove did grab the note yet, and back towards the village that little bird set. It soared and it glided and it got a nice view, her carrier dove flew right out of her view. It tore through the mists and it tore through the clouds, it shot off like a rocket and it moved as though proud. Embellished in down feathers and white as the snow, the dove flew swiftly towards the great stormy beyond. Towards the village it went, a note in its beak. Through the tunnels and trees and all through the rafters, through windows and libraries it raced through the chapters. It made it way straight to the Raikage's office. It stopped just before him, and chimed a light note. A delivery for him from Ishiguro, Cros, at the edge of lightning country. Respond immediately. Attached to it, was Maido's own note.
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