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[PB] Not an Ordinary Mission? Wrong!

Posted: Wed Oct 24, 2018 6:53 am
by Principal

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Hotaru had been panicking frantically, she hadn't seen Sou, who she desperately needed. She was hot on their trail, which was leading straight towards the village they had been assigned to assist. Something was fishy, yet she couldn't stop focusing on chasing after any signs left by Tobikiri. Yoho wasn't just all pretend, it was a way for her to interact with others, a fake persona that tried to befriend anyone who wanted to hang out with the goofball. It wasn't all just fun and games though, this situation called for action. The dizzying forest was easy to get lost in, especially at night and without any guide from her comrade then she was sure that he was a goner, but she wasn't about to give up on anyone.

She traced them to a village just as the darkness was at most prominent. She spectated a small village that appeared like a makeshift shantytown, as if it had recently been rapidly expanded and fortified. At the center of the village rose a prominent tree that lit up the center of the village, displaying a beauty to behold, a village somewhat hidden within the surrounding forest. It was sunken between a large waterfall that dampened the lights and noise. A perfect stronghold... Shit, right! Got to focus on Tobikiri! Hotaru stopped by a branch overlooking the branches reaching the side and began to inspect the establishment from her advantage point.

She brought up her binoculars, she took note of the activities that transpired at night and checked to see if she spotted any guards. The night seemed to be a quiet one, save for the activities around the bar and darker regions. She spotted what appeared like ten makeshift soldiers and a lot of brutes. One of those missions huh? Hotaru sighed and reached for her coat and tossed it over herself, she then reached for her fox mask before stopping right before touching it. She thought about her new mask that she had barely used and reached for it. This could come in handy and covers more of the head anyway. Hotaru chuckled and slipped on her Night Hood.

Tobikiri had been carried over the shoulder by a ninja that had abandoned Kumogakure and chose the life of a mercenary of sorts, as of now there was no telling what their true intentions were but the ninja made sure that he was secured, not that many words were extended between his comrades and nor did they take many breaks, though there still were chances for Tobiki to leave clues if he played it smart.

They carried him over the giant branch like bridges that overlooked the majestic waterfall, if he looked down then he would be able to spot the endless void that stared back at him, a fall from this height would be game over. Zei tossed Tobkiri over to his other massive shoulder and brought him further into the dark slums, along the way he would be able to count the 25 guards that were way to drunk to function as a proper army and the many dark spots that could suit for hiding.

"Don't worry kid, I know this place might freak you out but you won't be troubled by much longer." Zei's voice was ominous, his dark voice was followed by a grim chuckle.

As of now they seemed to be carrying him deeper into the village, and there was no telling how much time he would have before they would reveal their ominous plans.

[PB] Not an Ordinary Mission? Wrong!

Posted: Thu Oct 25, 2018 11:10 am
by WrightJustice
After a short moment Tobikiri came back to his senses but by this time it seemed the small group that kidnapped him had met up with a strong and powerful looking man, perhaps even stronger than the woman who had previously been carrying him or perhaps it was just the refined and skilful look about him which the others seemed to lack which would prove to be the reason why he was in charge as he then took the boy in his own hands whereupon doing so scolded the others for being sloppy with their tracks up until now.

With the boy handed over to the man to grim sounding man the others picked up their slack and followed on but somewhat dispersed as they where taught, though, maybe because the man had some focus on the more shabby bandits and not fully on the kid, there was a bit of an opening to struggle as he wriggled around and dropped some shuriken from his right leg and also made it a bit difficult for said man to carry him.

However such a pathetic kid was of little concern for such a powerful easily wrangled them moved him deeper into the forest where he told the lad not to worry in an obviously mocking but ominous tone, though creating more opportunities to drop more shuriken as he made quite the scene of surprising panic as he was dragged along and carried into their special treehouse hideout all whilst remaining actually quite calm on the inside as he believed even someone like Yoho could eventually find him thanks to his ninja training.

[PB] Not an Ordinary Mission? Wrong!

Posted: Mon Oct 29, 2018 6:08 am
by Principal
Hotaru was on the prowl, the shuriken dropped by Tobikiri was all the confirmation she needed that she was on the right path. She dipped down the cliff side and ran towards the center before she leaped again, missing the waterfall and landing on top of a roof, appearing nothing more than a shadow. She was on the hunt and wouldn't stop until she reached her goal, she dropped down to a lower roof located nearby an ally. She crouched next to the dark corner and listened in on three hoodlums conversation.

"Hey man, I'm getting sick and tired of fighting ninjas." The tall one grunted.

"Yep, I thought we were supposed to be hidden and all that." The short one sighed.

"No point in nagging, plus, if the boss heard that then he would'v-"

Hotaru landed upon the man leaning against the wall, kicked off his body and flipped over the tall one, before spinning around and sweeping his feet. She tossed two senbons at the short ones legs, she pounced him right before he had the time to scream, she punched him hard in the face, knocking him out cold. She turned around and spotted the large one rise as the first target began to wake up. She kicked the dazed thug in the gut before leaping off his bend over back, she did this in order to gain height and roundhouse kick the taller one in the face. As the large men flew backwards, she would quickly grab her first target then slam him into the wall. She could see the fear in his eyes as they reflected her dark mask, the cloaked ninja had come out of nowhere and dealt with them before they had the time to respond.

"Where are you taking the captured ninjas and what do you do to them?" Hotaru growled as she pressed him against the wall, blood strikes ran from his head wound, contrasting against the dark wooden structure.

"We take them to the giant tree house, the rest I don''t know I swear." The bleeding man cried out but was shushed by Hotaru black glove.

"How many guards are stationed around the tree house."

"10.. 12! ... I think.."

"Well, is it 10 or is it 12. Don't lie to me."

"It's 12, I'm definitely sure." The bloodied man grinned as he nodded.

"Good night." Hotaru nodded back and before he had time to respond, she would headbutt him, knocking him out. All right, they are heading towards the center, shit. Hang on Tobikiri. She didn't underestimate his ability as she had no clue how strong will the boy was, but what she was certain about was that they had clearly underestimated theirs. Vengence was coming, Kumogakure had arrived.

Tobkikri would be taken inside a gargantuan tree that housed over dozens of buildings, both within and on the outside, it was fortified by a large metallic grid that supported all the extra weight. Zei would shuffle Tobikiri from time to time to stop him from moving about so much, his men were busy eyeing forwards as Rin lead the team towards the underground. The further he got on this journey the more daunting the escape would appear as more and more would pile on, the horrors of leaving ones village was something every ninja would have to experience, but being kidnapped? Could Tobikiri handle the task at hand.

Five guards were stationed by the front opening each standing on different platforms on various levels. Along the way he would spot the large open field that was the first floor, the hollow tree house was stacked with steps, stairs, ladders and vines to get around with. The hanging bridge they were located on would lead them to an elevator that dangled by massive ropes, it would lead them down towards the darkness that enveloped the lower levels.

[PB] Not an Ordinary Mission? Wrong!

Posted: Fri Nov 02, 2018 7:56 pm
by WrightJustice
Tobikiri continued to struggle against the ruthless man who carried him, forcing him to need to constantly re-position the boy to keep a proper grip on him as they made their way into what seemed to be their secret base of sorts; lots of guards and a very peculiar design being that of what was reminiscent of a tree house which the poor kid tried to calmly keep all in mind as he passed through the field and was dragged into an underground area.

Though it was a very dangerous and alarming situation especially for a young child with a rare and biological ability, the Arashiyama continued to remain calm and focused with only small pangs of tension deep within him for that was just the kind of person he was; calm and easy going in any situation.
However it wasn't like he was confident he could get himself out of the situation for he was just a small genin and even all the goons would be too much in a confrontation and then this man that carried him, he felt like there was more too him with a powerful aura that was certainly much different than everyone else working with him, as such even the seemingly calm state of mind he was in felt particularly strained in thoughts.
"Maaaayybbee........ Iiifff...... Shock? Paralysis? Possible?" his thoughts slowly came to him rather uncooly, straining past his will to remain calm, though even if such a thing was possible he was not sure he could get past so many guards and he also had to remember the way back.

[PB] Not an Ordinary Mission? Wrong!

Posted: Sat Nov 03, 2018 5:05 pm
by Principal
Hotaru slowly prowled towards the target location, she could that the operation they were running was indeed something to behold and this was only from the outside, which offset her mind as she had to focus on saving her comrade. She knew that she had stumbled upon a goldmine but couldn't keep her attention on it, no, the 12 guards was preoccupying most of her thoughts.

She grit her teeth as she crouched down, from the roof she was standing on, she would be able to see into the tree and to hanging bridges, she couldn't spot the elevator or any signs of Tobikiri for now. Which meant that either she had to pick up the pace or it might have been too late. No! I can't give up on my fellow village members, why else do these missions with them if I'm to just abandon them... Though the mission was something that was always suppose to go first, she knew that this finding was ten times better than their original one, lucky for them it was the same village that had set them up.

Tobikiri would be taken down to the bottom, he would feel the cold environment surround him before being lead through a dark tunnel that was connected to hollow roots that would lead him out to different locations, both within the village and outside, though the giant maze like structures was sure going to twist those who had never set foot in here before.

The low light wasn't helping neither, though it would provide great coverage and hideouts. But if he would attempt to escape now then his captures would overpower him easily, he had to be smart about the timing of his escape and his keen senses on picking up clues and hints. Zei chuckled as he looked over at his female companion. "At least the dark isn't scaring this kid, what the hell is wrong with him?" Zei thought that the kid was unnaturally calm in such a tense situation, if not for the fact that they were on different sides then he was certain that he would gladly teach him the ways of "survival"

[PB] Not an Ordinary Mission? Wrong!

Posted: Tue Nov 06, 2018 7:29 pm
by WrightJustice
Tobikiri tried to pay attention to all the twists and turns and the actions of the people around him as he was taken into the depths of their base, though it was a lot to take in and even his mind wavered despite his rather calm demeanour as such he was not very certain of which way was which at this point.
Once the group settled the boy wasn't sure he would even know how to begin escaping even if an opportunity presented itself, which did worry himself some despite how he looked and behaved and he also couldn't pay full attention to what the scary man was even saying about him.

The genin simply hoped and believed someone would arrive to rescue him soon but if the opportunity was right he certainly couldn't just sit idly by, he had to act as a shinobi of the cloud and find his own way out to the best of his abilities.

[PB] Not an Ordinary Mission? Wrong!

Posted: Sat Nov 10, 2018 11:32 pm
by Principal
Hotaru was fast to take out the two guards standing by one of the balconies, she entered and made her way inside the giant tree. She crept to the back and slowly peered through the door, she saw the elevator, which only revealed ropes dangling down towards the bottomless pit, though the shaking had caught her attention. They must have headed down, as up lacks a platform. Hotaru grit her teeth before she rushed the nearby guard and knocked him out.

The shadow moved between the blind spots before leaping off a roof to clasp onto the rope and slide down towards the darkness, Hotaru was on the move and no one was going to slow her hunt for her comrade. As she spiraled down towards the darkness, she wondered what she could've done to prevent this from happening in the first place and could only figure out one solution, prevention.

Once she landed on the bottom, she would look around for clues and try her best to make it through the dark maze. She would use both her ears and what little sight she was provided down here. All she knew was that Tobokiri was going to get home, one way or another.

Zei chuckled as he finally reached the silver door located on top of a watery root shrine, small trees hid the laboratory that Tobikiri soon found himself in. The clean room was connected to four other rooms, one study room, two large cell rooms that could fit 12 subjects and were currently stored with ten inmates, and one office, which happened to be the room they were standing on.

Tobikiri would have a brief second to look around the office and attempt to grab any item that they passed-clippers, pens and various office supplies-as Zei wasn't all too careful as he walked through the office, bumping into desks and things that he hated. "I don't really like this job." Zei complained to Tobikiri as he continued to walk towards one of the doctors. A sharp metallic nail file, that was no bigger than 2,5 inches within reach.

"Oooh, that one seems like a nice specimen." An old doctor pushed his thin framed round glass up his pointy nose. He leaned forwards as he stared into Tobikiri's eyes and grinned. "A fine one indeed." The silver goatee'd man had a sinister aura about him that would send a shiver down the hardiest of the lightning ninjas.

"Where do you want to put him?"

"Place him in the cells for now, I want him to think through his demise before I play with him."

Zei shook his head in disgust as he listened to his boss and continued to the back of the office. His female companion Sonya stood and guarded the outside, after all they had no idea if anyone was following them. Tobikiri would be lead inside a cold cell that was connected to six other smaller ones, here he would be able to spot 4 other Genin's that were deprived of lights, food, dignity or mercy. Boys and girls that where shivering on their filthy beds that reeked. He was place in the last cell, next to a blind Ishiguro, he would be able to see the bloodied rag that was tied around her eyes, indicating that it must have happened recently. Zei would drop him off by his bed and then gently pat him on his head as he sighed, indicating that this was the end for Tobikiri, for this had happened far too many times for him to believe that he would have a chance of surviving.

[PB] Not an Ordinary Mission? Wrong!

Posted: Tue Nov 13, 2018 6:51 pm
by WrightJustice
Tobikiri wasn't paying full attention to what his crazy captor was saying since it seemed like he was complaining like some kind of weirdo, as such he tried to pay attention to his very confusing and somewhat frightening surroundings from which the boy simply began to pilfer seemingly random pieces of equipment lying around out of sight.

It was not clear to the genin what he would do with these office supplies but the man guiding him was becoming more and more careless and so he could easily slip away the items, hiding them on his person of which some clippers seemed the best until he came across a sharp looking nail file. With a hint of caution the young prisoner also reached for an took the file, hiding it away with everything else as he noticed they now approached some doctor-like person and quickly became aware what the situation was; the evil group for sure wanted his abilities just as he thought.

The Arashiyama stood seemingly unwavering as the creepy doctor came in close and talked about how good a specimen he was before having him thrown into a cell with a bunch of other young shinobi, which he had glanced earlier with worry deep within. Once thrown in Tobikiri finally broke, if only a little, his fear quivering to the surface as his captors finally looked away and with a hint of turmoil beginning to swirl into his head as gripped it with his hands and looked around at all the others and most in particular a kid with missing eyes.
"This is bad, what do I even do?" the genin thought to himself in worry before sighing and sucking in a deep breath.
"No! I can't lose it now!" he then bolstered himself with some courage and confidence, holding back tears and filling up with some of his usual calm as he tried to figure out his next move.

[PB] Not an Ordinary Mission? Wrong!

Posted: Wed Nov 21, 2018 10:08 pm
by Principal
Hotaru slid down the bottom and began tracing for any clues left behind by Tobikiri, from what she gathered, the area she found herself in was incredibly confusing and maze like, which meant that if she didn't find any valuable clues then she would've easily gotten lost, though fortunately Tobikiri was a good boy. Hotaru grinned as she found bits and clues that would slowly edge her towards the building he was located in, though what she didn't know was that the alarm had been triggered by the ones upstairs finding the knocked out crew, meaning that she would soon have to fight her way towards the genin.

Zei was shocked to sense the cryptic message sent through his neck tattoo, which most of his men were sporting, meaning that they were able to send short messages and this one was that someone had followed them. "We have an intruder, men, get ready to kill whoever is out there!" Zei slammed his hand on the table, he was loud enough for the kidnapped children to hear if they listened in closely and would soon evacuate the building in search for the incoming spy.

Tobikiri was now free to interact with the lost children and work up some sort of plan, with the tools at hand and a mind of a ninja, he would be able to find a way to escape, though most of his equipment had been removed-Pouch-yet they missed the other items he had stuffed. What would the ninja do? Especially now that his resolve had strengthened.

[PB] Not an Ordinary Mission? Wrong!

Posted: Mon Dec 31, 2018 4:33 pm
by WrightJustice
It seemed there was a commotion about an intruder which just had to be the big derp and so Tobikiri regained some resolve and hurried to use the tools he picked up to break out of his cell and then also help the other kids, reassuring them as got them out with a couple still feeling strong enough to fight and help out which was great.
With the captured freed and reinvigorated they began to move as sneakily as they could, the blinded boy being guided by one of the more quieter kids who didn't feel up for fighting but wanted to help and just get out and with the guards rushing off in alert they easily slipped by the freaked out doctor and actually even found a map of sorts that they salvaged.

Deep down the Arashiyama was still frightened and so too where the other kidnapped children but he put on his usual calm demeanour and did his best to look out for everyone else, leading the way as he glanced around corners and commanded the steps of everyone with newfound map in hand which even lead them to a hidden stash where their weapons and other such things where lazily dropped off.

A couple guards remained whilst everyone else rushed for the intruder but there was a young girl with enough resolve to fight through her shakiness enough to cast them asleep in a quick genjutsu, at least long enough for them all to arm themselves properly and escape which boosted moral even further and even made the blinded boy feel like maybe even he could do something as he managed to snatch up the guard's lunches for everyone to share a bit to eat and regain some energy.

Whilst the escapees tried to find their way back up and out the goons rushed to try and find Yoho or rather Hotaru with the man that had previously been leading Tobikiri being particularly irate about the situation, having also been careless enough to leave the opening for the kids to get out of their cells, storming around and barking orders as he pulled out a fancy looking stolen sword he had claimed for himself.

[PB] Not an Ordinary Mission? Wrong!

Posted: Fri Jan 04, 2019 4:05 pm
by Principal
Hotaru rushed through the mazelike underground and did her best to not lose track of her Tobikiri's trace, though after a while she was forced to slide behind cover as soldiers made their way towards the lowered elevator. With quick thinking, she chose to let the first set of guards move past her before she would grab the last one from behind and drag him into the shadows, one hand was on his mouth to keep it shut and the other on his throat with her signature hidden blade branded on to it.

"Scream and I'll slit your throat, lie to me and I will make sure that none of your family members see the light of day ever again." Harsh but desperate times called for desperate measures. She watched the scared guard nod in fear to indicate that he understood and gently moved her hand off his mouth, and pulled the knife closer to his neck. "Where have you taken the kidnapped kid-"

"Kids, not kid, plural." He whispered.

Hotaru was visibly shocked by the fact that more children had been taken, she knew that something was up with this mission but not to this extent, was this the reason why the village they were assigned to assist was in such a discord, because this hidden village had stolen their children. "Where is the location?"

"Just follow the protruding root, it will lead you to the camp."

Hotaru looked around and spotted the root and turned her head back to the guard.

"Final question, what are you doing with the children."

"We are..."

"Well?" Hotaru slid the knife slowly to cut his neck but stopped once she heard a small branch crack ahead of her, she pulled the guard closer and held her hand over his mouth. She felt the presence of someone big, but before she could turn around to spot the target, everything in her vision turned black. Zei had managed to not only sneak up to their camp, but now even managed to sneak up on an alert Hotaru, which told a great deal about his stealth capabilities. If only she had stayed more vigilant.

Tobikiri would notice that the lack of guards made it easier for him to sneak out with the children as the mad doctor was panicking, though after a couple of seconds he would push his long hair back and regain his composure, so he could proceed with his operation. Once outside of the building, Tobikiri, if he remembered the way would be able to lead them back towards the elevator, though with most of the guards on alert, he would have to chose his path back carefully and make sure that he and the other kids were not alerted.

[PB] Not an Ordinary Mission? Wrong!

Posted: Fri Jan 25, 2019 8:39 am
by WrightJustice
The group of kids slowly made their way through the winding hallways after being reinvigorated with a bit of energy, Tobikiri trying his best to lead them as he pushed his calm demeanour out to the front as much as possible.
After awhile they finally eyed the lift that would let them out though there was a bit of a close call along the way, seemingly almost being spotted as they rounded a corner but luckily the guard they saw was so focused and perhaps panicked on the situation that he was pacing up and down without looking properly so it actually turned into an opportunity to dodge past him instead as his head was not in the game and so they did finally make it to the lift.

Tobi peered around as usual and tried to spot any danger and happenings before leading the kids to what appeared to be safety; his hand held up behind him and his other against his lips as he scanned the area surrounding the lift to make sure it was clear.

[PB] Not an Ordinary Mission? Wrong!

Posted: Wed Feb 06, 2019 3:05 pm
by Principal
Tobikiri would notice that there were two guards stationed by the lift, one facing the lift and looking up towards the light while his buddy was further down the line and appeared to be taking a wiz. The duo seemed rather ill prepared to handle anyone as they were rather basic scum bags, each carrying a rusted sword that would do moderate damage if they managed to catch contact with skin. The dark dressed duo seemed to be deep within a conversation allowing Tobikiri to come up with different approaches, ranging from action gung-ho to observation, these parts of the mission required intellect and mental fortitude, did the boy have what it took to take his rag tag team further?

"Say, if a snake bit you on your junk-"

"-Are you fucking kidding me? You got to say that while I'm pissing?"

"No wait, listen, if you get bit by a snake right? You have to suck out the poison, yeah? But if it bit your junk then they'd have to suck you right off!"

"You could still die though!"

"Yeah but you get a free head!"

"But it will still hurt."

"True, but the fact that..." Their conversation would continue on for quiet a while and reinforcement wouldn't arrive for a while as they were busy focusing on Hotaru.

[PB] Not an Ordinary Mission? Wrong!

Posted: Tue Mar 05, 2019 5:50 pm
by WrightJustice
Tobikiri and the kids creeped around the corner and spotted the lift which was guarded by a pair of fools with one seemingly being gross and peeing out in the open, in fact they seemed rather lax and a bit dopey which could make things easy and maybe he could get his own back in a way for being attacked when he himself was having a piss.

The group watched and quietly talked a couple things through before Tobi moved forward as quietly as he could as he performed a set of handseals followed by the brave genjutsu girl who seemed to be the most capable of the kids at the time. The duo then made for an attack as liquid lightning shot out towards the pissing guy, then the Arashiyama would move in for an attack once it spewed out of his mouth as the girl would then back up with a basic genjutsu assuming the other guy would be surprised and look their way.
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After performing a string of handseals, the user focuses storm chakra into their mouth and pools liquid in it. The user is able to shoot the liquid in a straight line with a speed of 8, a strength of 12, and a range of 10 meters. The liquid bursts into 6 ribbons on impact, with 6 strength and 8 speed that lunge for the target up to 2 meters. This technique will deeply pierce skin, causing substantial bleeding, and inflicts loss of sensation to the impacted areas.

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The user will do a series of hand seals, then point indiscriminately. Should the target see the pointing motion, they'll be captured in this genjutsu. For the following 4 posts, the target will see a shadow in the corner of their eyes, constantly shifting out of view when they attempt to look at it.

[PB] Not an Ordinary Mission? Wrong!

Posted: Mon Mar 18, 2019 2:39 pm
by Principal
The one taking a leak felt a shocking burst on his back that sent a paralyzing shock through his spine, causing him to release his junk and piss himself. The shock was so powerful that he couldn't shout, with his back shut down the man fell face first onto his own urine. His comrade turned around to see where the shadowy figure kept running, his eyes weren't fully adjusted to the different levels of darkness which gave the kids a good chance to hide from his view.

"What the fuck was that?"

He kept switching position as the shadowy figure kept running out of his view, knowing that there was a ninja around already made him paranoid, but to "see" the ninja made him furious. He pulled out his sword before he turned to his passed out comrade, his eyes widened as a chuckle escaped his breath, which was quickly retracted once he realized that his partner had passed out. He turned his head towards the top and was about to shout for back up and if they didn't stop him soon then it would all be over for Tobikiri.

Hotaru was still out cold as they put her on the operating table. The doctor inspected her diligently, from what he could tell, her veins were bigger than any regular human being, which indicated that she had a better circular than the average person and he took as someone had altered with her body somehow. He scratched his chin before he began taking her blood. Zei wanted to leave but the doctor stopped him for now as he feared that if the spy woke up then there was no way he could stop her, Zei would be his last defense.

[PB] Not an Ordinary Mission? Wrong!

Posted: Sat Apr 27, 2019 10:02 am
by WrightJustice
The shock worked great, maybe better than expected in fact which began to really instil some courage into all the kids especially when it seemed the other guy was also trapped in the genjutsu which created the opening they needed as Tobi made a move forward with a quick motion towards the girl that had done it.
Though the girl wasn't the best physically and was still a bit scared to get up close an personal she took the opportunity to move in whilst the man was distracted by the shadow and got low, then the Arashiyama charged in in attempt to slam the remaining guy into the wall as he became tripped up by the girl from below which would hopefully be powerful enough to knock him unconscious as his head bashed against the wall and floor.

With their attack complete Tobikiri would quickly glance to make sure both men where down and no-one else was coming, ready to do some kind of finisher if they where not even if he didn't quite wish to kill still despite being a shinobi. Though if they where out he would help the girl up and motion to everyone to come over to the lift so they could make their way up.

[PB] Not an Ordinary Mission? Wrong!

Posted: Thu May 16, 2019 5:28 pm
by Principal
Tobikiri and the trio managed to knock out the guards, allowing them to feel a sense of victory for they had now cleared the second checkpoint. The lift was ready to take them up and would on the leaders command, the kids had now mustered up their courage and was ready to follow his lead. Once they reached the top, they would find themselves next to a guard that was leaning on a branch facing against the opening.

He was back at the hollowed nightmare, but now he was allowed to see light. The various connected stairs, guard towers and vines would allow him to play around in the area until he found the way out. Luckily, there were only two guards left as Hotaru had left three of them knocked out; they had been piled by the entrance on the right corner. Victory was within his grip, question was, how was he going to achieve it?

The doctor continued to inspect the blod, he began to experimenting and spotted a abnormal growth was caused by the stress of being destroyed. Giving him the realization that the knocked out spy had a special ability stored within her and was fortunate enough to extract it. He cheerfully smiled and gleed, but stopped once he noticed that it over expanded, meaning that he wouldn't just be able to draw it all in one go, for it would surely kick in while she was asleep.

Zei on the other hand was starting to become a bit anxious, they did have a third man out and since she was able to take out a bunch of soldiers, he knew that whatever they brought with could be a potential danger. Zei wasn't sure whether he should check if the prisoners were back or not, but the bursting glass got him capture on the scene for now.

[PB] Not an Ordinary Mission? Wrong!

Posted: Fri May 24, 2019 9:26 am
by WrightJustice
With great relief the kids all made it up safely but they could not stop just yet as Tobikiri ushered for them to stand back as they quickly noticed the guard as the came up and off the lift, to which the boy swiftly moved to attack as he performed a set of handseals and shot a stream of ranton at the guard's back hoping to shock him down just like the pissing man from before.

Once that was done he would then move in for any finishing blows that needed to be done to completely knock the guard out cold before taking in the surroundings and looking for the way out, remaining cautious throughout in case of any other guards though for the most part it seemed true that someone had attacked and caused such an opportunity to escape as many lay on the floor already though it was strange that whoever had was not around to great them.
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After performing a string of handseals, the user focuses storm chakra into their mouth and pools liquid in it. The user is able to shoot the liquid in a straight line with a speed of 8, a strength of 12, and a range of 10 meters. The liquid bursts into 6 ribbons on impact, with 6 strength and 8 speed that lunge for the target up to 2 meters. This technique will deeply pierce skin, causing substantial bleeding, and inflicts loss of sensation to the impacted areas.