[Plotboard] The Low Road

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[Plotboard] The Low Road

Post by Sanjuro » Tue Jan 08, 2019 5:05 am

"Here we are!"

Gendo yawned and stretched, blearily blinking the sleep from his eyes. After the… incident, the gang had been fortunate enough to run into a trader, Eizo, that had just emptied his cargo and was heading back to Chuuishi. Gendo, frustrated at all the running they had been doing and the severe lack of wine or good food had immediately beggared the elderly man and his young nephew, Kaisei, into giving them a ride.

That had been two days ago. The trip had been largely dominated by small talk and discussing the festival period of Fur Country where Eizo had been selling what wheat he good to the festival food stalls.

"I must admit, I do not recall the journey being so long." Gendo was rubbing the top of his head, feeling the stubble that was growing back in. "This is Chuuishi then?"

"Nay, good monk. This is Kiso, my home. It's a farming village, see?" The aging man pointed out with a heavily wrinkled finger and Gendo followed it to the fields of what Gendo assumed were meant to be wheat. They looked sad and dilapidated. "Ah, yes, I suppose if you're not from around here it's a bit of a sight. I'm afraid it's been a harsher year than most. Not to worry, not to worry. We get bym, we always do." The older man laughed, though it sounded force, which quickly devolved into a heavily cough. The young boy sitting up with him was quick on the draw with their waterskin, which the man drank heavily from. "Anyway, he Onan river runs just down through the valley there. Chuuishi is maybe a half day on foot but please, come meet my family and have some tea. I insist, truly! It has been many years since the village has seen a monk. Perhaps you could pass on your blessings, yes?"

The large man chuckled awkwardly and scratched the back of his head a little harder, looking across to Fuhen and Sato in silent apology for what sounded like it was going to be yet another delay on their journey.
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[Plotboard] The Low Road

Post by Zao » Thu Jan 17, 2019 9:27 pm

As Sato set across from the round monk in the back of the trader’s wagon, the older man they had come to know as Eizo had been kind enough to allow for the trio to ride with him and his nephew, Kaisei. Though as the young man’s grey eyes looked out from just above the crimson scarf that still covered the majority of his face at the moment, he couldn’t help but shake his head as a faint smile could be found on the currently hidden lips. This was because he’d thought about how the monk had chased his master whom had whipped out some fine wine, but who would have thought that it would cause the heavy set monk to turn into a possessed demon for a short period of time. Yet, it had been for the best as it caused them to run into the old man and his nephew which in turn had gotten them a ride.

Something that Sato was rather thankful for, even with the monk’s warm clearing the way for them earlier his cold and tired body, especially his tired legs needed a well deserved rest. Two days seemed to pass rather quickly with discussions about the Fur country festival between the three and small talk made between the three men and the two civilians as they journeyed closer and closer to the first major destination on this trip. Finally on the second day they had finally arrived at a small farming village, as the thin man looked out hearing Gendo and the older man speaking he wondered if this was the Chuuishi the man had spoken about on their journey in the now. ‘A farming village?

Reaching up to uncover his face, the scarf was pulled down to reveal the thin and long face of the Dragon country native as he looked out over the crop field, having seen such a scene a lot while traveling through his homeland but none of them had looked this sad. He could only shake his head lightly as the man turned towards his master and then tilted his head a bit so that he could hear and understand the words being spoken to master’s monk friend now. "So we haven’t gotten there yet, at least we are much closer than before." It was not that the swordsman in training started to understand the situation, the man had brought them here to hopefully bless the farm land to produce more crops in the future, something he’d heard of but never seen himself. Did such a thing actually work?

Sato himself had never gotten into religion and thus didn’t fully understand it, but Gendo had enlightened him a bit on at least the path of a monk, even if it seemed that the man didn’t completely follow it to the letter. As the large man now looked across to his master and himself, the spikey haired teen let out a light laugh and shrugged his shoulder, not worried about a small stop. Part of coming along on this adventure to ‘save the world’ was to also experience the different places and cultures of the rest of the world and see how they differed from his own country. Every new place they went was very interesting to the young man and thus he glanced over to Fuhen now to see his reaction to the situation.
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