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[Plotboard] The Beast's Grasp

Post by Kabu » Sun Jan 06, 2019 12:22 pm

The Light of Justice It was about midday, the sun shining and the water beneath sparkling bright as the ship Yuuko had found herself on left Kiri behind and headed towards a nearby island, the young woman herself seeming to be in deep thought as she leaned against the ship's railings, staring out at the bright blue expanse. Now, normally she may have been actively enjoying the boat ride as she had always loved the sea, but about two hours beforehand she had received the details for a very concerning mission. Recently young girls of all ages had been disappearing from the local towns, seemingly dragged off by someone or something in the dead of night, and she had been given the task of finding where they had gone and returning them to their homes.

And so as quickly as she could she had grabbed her gear, prepared a ship and set out, her first stop being a location that had not yet been hit but she suspected would be next on the list, the people surely living in fear of such a fate happening to them as well. She was determined to solve this mystery and yet, determined as she was, she found herself a bit nervous, a little on edge even, a feeling that didn't go away even as she made land. Almost as if she was being watched...

Still though, she couldn't let herself be distracted and so she did her best to shake it off and moved onwards towards the nearby village to search for clues, having already decided her first stop would be the local inn, both as she would need a place to stay and innkeepers always held a wealth of information to be shared.


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