[Legends] Once in a Generation

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[Legends] Once in a Generation

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It was uncommon for the heads of the noble families in Kirigakure to end up in the same room, often each sent an emissary in their stead, apologizing for "important matters" coming up and trusting that their representative would be a fine advocate for their thoughts on whatever matter was at hand for the day. Getting even two to show up on a day was difficult, and even more uncommon was for them to convene outside the safe walls of Kirigakure. And yet, here they stood in the Daimyo's castle, legs crossed and sitting in front of a man they respected only out of tradition and nothing more. Everyone in the room, even the daimyo himself, knew that the true seat of power was the one the Mizukage sat in. But there were matters he still had influence on, perhaps due to Kasai's indifference, and he was happy to pull the weight when he could.

The bells of War had been ringing. Squadrons of shinobi and samurai a-like had been sent out to wage war, conduct battle, shed blood and take lands. The daimyo enjoyed this time, the only time it had happened in his life and it felt quite empowering. He sat at the head of the table, kneeling. Draped in traditional garb, today seemed to be one of important. The sheer cloth that hung from his deep blue cloak had whispy hues of royalty and power to it. The daimyo, a freshfaced man in his 30s, with short, thick curly hair and olive skin unlike the people of Kirigakure took a deep breath, letting the regality of the moment pour over him even further.

"As I'm sure you're all aware, the Holy City of Towers assault on our earthen business partners has failed, and we were able to move in on their country, taking the famed towers under our control. Murmurs, a tinge of annoyance among them, came from the nobility in the room as they spoke quietly to the attendants with them. This was -- of course -- information they already had, but confirmation from the Daimyo, and his choice to open the conversation with it was slightly alarming. "The land is far off, it is no value to us here. Even as a point of entry. I've already tendered an agreement with Earth Country to withdraw from it within the year in exchange for a hefty number of stock.", that was the casual term for slaves, some had less comfort than others in granting them humanity when talking of them as objects.

Muramasa, Chiyo spoke first at this, "I supplied you equipment to take that country only for you to abandon it immediately?", she broke into abruptly, clearly even further annoyed. "Your youth is getting the better of you.", she chastized. Chiyo was thin, short in stature, but spoke with an authority that betrayed what as likely a great amount of power, even if it was purely economic. She was likely even older than she looked, her skin still bright and clean, her long white hair tucked into a bun.

"The decision has been made.", the daimyo would respond curtly.

Chiyo would let out an offended huff, her eyes thinning as she made eye contact with the 'father' of the Shiimu family as he so quaintly referred to himself as. He'd given a slight shrug, they were friendly enough that he would be more likely to sympathize with her than the Daimyo, how little that meant. Shiimu, Rasta was likely in his 50s, and looked well kept, fit broad shoulders, a peppered beard and bald head covered in ceremonial tattoos. "So we're clearly not here as advisors.", he would add in, his annoyance being put out rather plainly.

"The Eternal Mother has been evacuated, alongside the vast majority of the people of the Holy City of Towers, and consequently, the Land of Forests. Many of them are on their way now, on ships and ferries being moved along the ocean.", he quipped. "But the Eternal Mother is here today."

The noble heads of each family would begin murmuring to their assistants again, this time getting information from them. When Water moved against the Holy City, they had gotten a general understanding of the country, but this news was surprising at the least. This time, the head of the Kawazaiwa family spoke, thin and frail, he was clearly the oldest of the group, which perhaps said a lot in and of itself. "Why.", he said flatly, Kawazaiwa, Ichase voice deep but clearly shaking it seemed he was starting to feel the effects of his age.

"The Holy Towers is a powerful country with a rich history, countless resources, and skilled warriors. Many of whom have just died in this war. Their secrets, which are numerous, are ripe for the picking and the Eternal Mother is the gate for them. None of their people will speak without her guidance. None will do anything that could potentially harm her.", the Daimyo was cut off this time, by the 4th noble to speak. Hirohito, Hikari, which they all knew was not her real name, not that anyone would ever learn what it was, had long raven black hair. Her pale skin contrasted against it made her appear almost Aisu like, thought she was surely not a shinobi. The long colorful dress she wore moved against her skin like water.

"I have no issue interrogating her, especially given her status. Have her brought to my chambers and I will handle it. Then we can end this nonsense. There was no need to invite us all.", she moved to stand, moving from a seated position to a standing position in a moments notice, inhuman like.

"Surely if that was all that was needed we would not all be called here.", Karagata, Brut offered. His voice even deeper than Ichase's, his flat top and broad shoulders, may have made him looked strong, but he was the only man among them that had once held the title shinobi, and his appearance of physical strength was a facade of a man who's body had been beaten beyond repair by hostile combat. "Surely there is more.", he said gesturing for Hikari to stop (only to be ignored.)

"She's to be granted nobility, and given a seat amongst you as the head of the 6th Family to join Kirigakure.", the daimyo stated rather flatly. Hikari stopped midstep, stunned. Unlike before, no murmurs were made, instead silence as the wheels in each of the nobles heads processed the news they had just been given.

Hikari turned on her heels, as she began to spoke, the others would too, their voices creating a cacophony in the room. "Nobility? What gives you the right?"

"You can't hand nobility to an outsider."

"The people of Kirigakure would never accept it."

"We provided ships to these people for this

"You're asking for rebellion."

They would continue, clearly infuriated by what the Daimyo had to say all 5 nobles who had previously been on the ground now stood, practically shouting at the Daimyo.

"One does not just become nob--", Brut would be cut off mid-sentence by the sound of the door behind them opening, it seemed the Eternal Mother had arrived.
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