[Mostly Lonelies, Some Socials] The Puppets dance under the Desert Sun

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[Mostly Lonelies, Some Socials] The Puppets dance under the Desert Sun

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Seikatsu walked out of his home into the blaring desert sun. He looked up at the sky and sighed a little, pulling his hood over his head. He began his walk towards the hospital, more specifically the morgue. His mother had arranged a body to be prepared for him to practice a jutsu she thought would be very useful to him. He looked to his right and glanced at the entrance to the Hizashi compound. Whenever he walked by it he was amazed by the sheer size of the place. It was the biggest of all the clan compounds in Suna and it was pretty obvious. The compound dwarfed his house, which was large in its own respect, without a problem. He kept walking, stopping at a few fruit stands in a small market along the way, anything to avoid the training to come. This is going to strengthen my skills as a medical nin, I shouldn't avoid it... He thought to himself. But still....he didn't think this training would agree with him very well. He shook the thought out of his head and pushed forward towards the hospital.

He walked through the doors of the hospital and removed his hood, shaking out his long hair. He saw his mother waiting for him at the front desk and waved at her. She smiled brightly and walked over to him, her long red hair swaying behind her "I see you're ready to go. But you don't look very excited...Are you nervous, love?" He gave her a small smile and nodded "Just a little. But everyone gets nervous sometime right?" She chuckled, draping her arm over his shoulders and walking towards a swinging door "True, true. But you have very little to be nervous about. You are a natural with Iiijutsu, this will come easy." He sighed slightly as he was lead down a slopping hallway, door after door passing by. He did his best not to think about what could be going on in those room, he just focused on the walls. Nice and blank, a very good distraction "What if it doesn't come easy? What if I can't do it?" He heard himself say this without even realizing, but he just didn't know if he could do it. Yūgana looked down at her son with a sorrowful expression on her fair features, stopping before a door and turning to face him "You can do it, I believe in you. Why? Because you have a talent for this kind of ninjutsu. And if you can't do it, then you can try harder. Or you can just find some other skill for you to practice in the meantime." Sei looked off down the hall, contemplating the possibility of abandoning this training. But how would he learn, how would he become as great as his parents, if he just gave up at every hurdle he needed to surpass? He turned his face back to his mother , a small smile and look of determination set in his expression "You're right, I can do it. Or at least I'll try." She smiled once more, pride shining in her deep blue eyes before pulling him into a bear hug "That's the spirit, darling! Let's get in there!"

They walked into the morgue of the hospital quietly, Yūgana flicking on the large overhead lights. The room became brightly lit in a matter of seconds, illuminating the far wall that seemed to be filled floor to ceiling with small metal compartments. Sei noticed that the room wasn't at all what he expected. For starters it was brighter and cleaner. He expected a dark shack filled with corpses, he felt better knowing that it was nothing like he imagined. He looked over to the wall by the door to see cabinets filled with surgical tools like scalpels and stitching thread. Down the middle of the long room, Sei saw a row of operating tables and on one of them, a body. His mother walked over to the that held the body, removing the sheet covering it as Sei joined her.

It was a man, seemingly in his mid to late twenties, with pale blonde hair. Sei found himself wondering about the male's history. Did he have family? Did he die with regrets? Something left unsaid or undone? He shook himself out of his thoughts when he realized his mother was talking. "...He was a medical-nin, we actually worked very closely together. He died while out on a mission, he was sustained a fatal injury as he was trying to protect a teammate of his. He was a brave man and a hero in my eyes. Anyway, it was his dying wish to donate his body to the progression of the art he dedicated his life to. Therefore he will be your test subject today." She walked over to a cabinet and pulled out two pairs of surgical gloves, placing two on her hands and tossing the others to Sei. Afterwards she moved to another cabinet and pulled out a medium sized metal tray "Today I will be teaching you how to preform the Skin Separation technique." He nodded and watched as she walked to another cabinet and pulled out an array of scalpels "I know, mother. You told me this yesterday." He commented as he pulled on the gloves. She rolled her eyes and walked back over to the table, setting the scalpels and the tray neatly on an equipment table next to the body "I remember, Sei. I just wanted to make sure I was thorough and that you wouldn't get lost as I explained." He gave her a questioning look and she chuckled, shaking her head "I guess it was a silly assumption to make. It is very hard to confuse you after all. Now where was I? Ah yes, the Skin Separation technique."

Yūgana pulled the covering down to the corpses waist before she began talking again "This technique, like all Iiijutsu techniques, requires precise chakra control. With this one you steadily push your chakra into the subject. As the chakra is channeled through the flesh, it will slowly sink to the final layer of the skin and begin to form a new layer between the skin and the muscle beneath. After this layer has fully formed, this allows you to easily separate the flesh and muscle. This is useful for autopsies and such. I will demonstrate the technique then I will let you do it yourself. She looked up at him in time to see him give a small nod. She moved her hands over the corpse's forearm, her hands glowing blue with her chakra. After a few moments of doing this she moved her hands away and picked up a scalpel, cutting cleanly into the corpse's flesh and removing a square of skin rather easily. She placed the square on the tray and looked up at Sei "Think you can do it?" He didn't look up or say anything to her, just gave a small nod. She nodded herself and set the scalpel down, removing her gloves and tossing them in a medical waste bin. She gave him a kiss to his temple before walking to the door. She looked back at him and smiled before leaving the room with complete confidence in her son.

Sei examined the male's corpse once more before moving his hands over the dead man's chest. He paused for a moment to close his eyes and take a few deep breathes and center himself. This entire scenario gave him chills. He was used to working on living subjects, this seemed....wrong. He slowly opened his eyes, focusing on his hands. On the act of making chakra flow into them so he could learn this jutsu and get this whole wretched process over with. After channeling enough chakra into his hands he moved them over the man's chest for a few moments. After he picked up his scalpel and pressed it to the males skin.

Before he could even make the cut his stomach started to churn violently. He dropped the scalpel and began to move slowly away from the table with a horror stricken look on his face. He sank to the floor as he felt his back hit the wall, beginning to hyper ventilate. He placed his head in between his knees and tried his best to regulate his breathing. Why can't I do this? He thought to himself This isn't very different from what I usually do. The only real change is that this person is...."Dead. Its because he's dead." He shook his head lightly. He didn't like death, the prospect or idea of it. The eternal loss that came with it. He hadn't known much death himself but he had heard stories, seen the effects it had on others and it just seemed like a terrible thing...But then something came to mind when he thought about it. Words his mother had spoken to him...Death is an essential part of life. Without death then life would just continue on and on with less meaning and value. When there is death it gives someone a reason to do as much as they can before their time comes. We all must come to terms with death. Try not think of it as an inevitable fate, but as a great adventure. After all, only the dead knows what comes after we stop living. For all we know it could just be a bigger, better life... He smiled to himself and nodded slightly "Thanks, mom."

He stood and walked over to the table picking up a new scalpel and moving it over the patch of skin he had selected before. He closed his eyes and reminded himself one last time that death was nothing to be feared, neither are the dead. He opened his eyes and lowered the scalpel, making a few quick incisions before reaching his hand out and removing the skin. He smiled as he set the piece of flesh down next to his mother's. He did it and he was proud of myself. He decided to practice a few more times before he left for good. He whispered an apology to the dead man before setting to work.

After about a half an hour or so Sei straightened up from the body and sighed. He was able to do it with very little problems now. And he knew he would improve more with continuous practice. He removed his gloves and cleaned up the scalpels, placing the flesh in containers. He looked at the body with patches missing from his arms legs and torso, apologizing once again before fully covering him with a blanket. He walked to the door and turned off the light before leaving. Now all he needed was to find his mother who would no doubt want to praise him. After he would get some ramen as well, he definitely deserved it.

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