[Grass 3] The Grand Scheme of Things

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[Grass 3] The Grand Scheme of Things

Post by ShinobiTruth » Mon Dec 02, 2019 12:31 am

The day wasn't even over, and he had two more kills to his name.

In his haste rushing back to the bandit camp that he and Kozaki had disassembled, Iwamaru was kicking up quite a bit of dust on the main road as he was rushing back to his partner. This caught the attention of some overzealous scouts from what he could only assume were riding ahead of the main war band, who in their ignorance thought Maru to be an oblivious traveler. Seeming an easy target, they diverged and attacked him, suspecting he might be a messenger trying to warn other villages of their eventual assault. Maru didn't have the opportunity to give them a chance to surrender peacefully, instead riding upon their horses and charging him. They were smart to try that approach, at least. The horses were fast enough to keep up with him, generally speaking.

Now, their horses belonged to him. Maru rode one, and the other he led with its reins in its other hand.

Realizing that the possibility of an attack while in transit was now possible, Maru opted to let the horses take him to the camp. It would have been a little faster for him to arrive on foot himself, but he needed to conserve energy as much as he could. In a freak happenstance, the Elder's visions had granted him a premonition of the future. It was one of grim, ill tidings. The village they had just worked to protect now had an even greater danger coming upon it. A large band of warriors and bandits was going to attack the valley... and though he had no confirmation of this, Maru suspected that their attack of the bandit camp hadn't gone as cleanly as he had hoped.

Had someone slipped away? Had the enemy managed to get a messenger hawk away?

Riding into the camp, Iwamaru quickly called out to his partner. "Kozaki! Whatever business you have with him, finish it! We must return to the village, right now!" he called out. The camp had been left in the same state of disarray as when he'd left. The same corpses littered the ground as before. He was confident that there was no ambush he had to worry about.


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