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A whirlwind of storms. A desperate call. An evil misfortune. Maido's hands moved. In a torrential abyss, an illusion did come forth. Black waters and whites oozed from her eyes. A blight upon life, an evil hive darkness that knew no bounds. In destiny entwined, the howling wolf did call. To be fair, she was a witch of the fall. Autumn tuned leaves began to blow about, here in Jinjeku, the witch had no doubt. This was her home, she'd make herself queen. No, not a queen, she wasn't obscene. Chanting and darting, her hands moved most swiftly. She rhymed when she worked, she found it most thrifty. Efficienct and quick, yet magnificent too, the blood witch did beckon and siphon their goo. Blood and ichor tendrils ruptured through their skins. In the end, it didn't matter, Maido would win. Hideki had made a mistake when he unleashed her, a hell bent witch with no one to please her. To be fair, she supposed, anyone might know...To be locked up for two hundred years, was hell, when alone.

Recovered and brilliant, malevolent yet coherent. The oldest Muramasa rang a death knell, so hear it. She muttered the words, and it came to life. A delayed package of sorts, which filled the bar chief with strife. "I am ravenous, my dear, and I wish to defile you." Maido's eyes were black, inhumanly so. They covered her sclera, and the barkeep gulped with woe. She toiled and trubbled and he made her a brew. A red tiny vapor shot out like a stew. It moved so damn quickly, only one person noticed. She laughed and she grinned, but her eyes never waivered. She had made eye contact with him, but not with the stranger. She knew they were there, she turned and she winked. Her eyes were pitch black; yet she never blinked.

She turned and she looked, the red mist did stranger. It formed to a scarf, like yarn blood soaked paper. She winked at the watcher, in all of the chaos. How curious, she wondered, that someone should notice. A soul all alone, in the midst of this nice party. "What's your name, young one?" Maido asked, for the blood witch felt naughty. She gazed all upon them, her eyes glowing colors. One orange, one red, one purple, one black. The colors cycled constantly, back and forth like a strobe light. She sensed them most often, those of odd intentions. She gave a smile, her eyes still glowing. She offered a drink. "What's your potion?" A shadow flickered, and Kayoko pulled out a knife. She imbued it with stone, and it grew from her kunckle. It extended thus far about ten centimeters. From her ring finger knuckle, her blade did quite linger. She threw it out next, coming from the left. "What are you going to do, stab me?" Maido said quite softly. A grin spread across her face, her body contorting in place. Her chest ripped wide open, an octopus mouth in its place. It dripped inkmoth venom, black ichor sanguine. Before their audience, Maido unleashed the great queen. A vile kraken's mouth, with razor sharp teeth, the great beast of the depths, that dwelled low beneath. It mauled at the blade, shattered it right in pieces. "Another, please." It belched, giving onlookers sneezes. Suddenly it moved, and closed back its mouth. Her appearance turned normal, from north to the south. As though it never happened, her skin was so baren. Complexion so fair then, you'd swear it was air thin. Silk skin and spider samples, forged in the flames of fall fires, she called upon sanguine, and water, and liars. A wretched depth beast that howled from the abyss, come on now, Kayoko, did you think Maido could miss? The blade that had been eaten appeared in her hand.

"Get Down!" Kayoko set quite loudly, to everyone around. To those that would listen, and at least take some notice, a Kunai of chorus bloomed into a lotus. The blade that Kayoko had stabbed at her with, had been eaten, spat back out, and played with quite a bit. Maido turned it into a cobra viper with venom, it oozed and dripped acid and poisonous denim. Velveteen carcasses contorted it out, it forged into hellfire, and bent all about. A great swooping falcon of three knived blades, each one was on fire, each one was concave. In the same of a sickle, like a miniature scythe, throwing Karambits that absorbed all the light. The room grew most dark, suddenly quenched by purple flames. Maido had summoned it, a forbidden game. A purple red flame imbued the three weapons, an equally brilliant color enveloped the heavens. Clouds of purple darkness broke into the night, a shroud of dark mist with which caused Maido to take flight. She sprung upwards from her seat and recoiled backwards, she shot off her weapons, each one a death note chapter. Three carved blades would slice through the air. Kayoko, Yukari, and Kaori just stared. Had their teacher gone insane? They were in a bar?

"This is good training for combat, fight me where you are."

The Muramasa duo of Maido and Hisayo, had made their ways above and too down below. They leaped up suddenly, a blur in the midsts. The cobody moved so fast, they appeared as a ghast. A dark purple shroud had embedded them now, oozing dark purples and red flames alloud. These fires did not catch or burn things around in sight, yet only they smothered chakra and the light. The flames of the room were all each extinguished, in pitch black darkness, Maido was the only witness. Kaori responded, producing some lights. Her hands moved most swiftly, she turned them back on. Tiny balls of light shot out from her hands, each one of them going and doing their dance. They moved to the lanterns, the chandeliers, the candles. They moved to the stove, and the oven, missed the handles. Each one of them found a good place to make home, and Kaori added extra enchantments from her bone. She turned her bone into stone as she worked, and ground it into the spell and gave the fire rebirth. Imbuing it with fire and stone in a balance, the charcoal colored glass ember rocks, she called, "Shotglass" Were her dearest. Where was Maido, though? She wondered, noticing her Mentor transparent. Where had she gone? She couldn't see her? It wasn't apparent. A blade suddenly came from out of the wall, Maido's hand moved it, from across the hall. She sat in a perch, hidden behind rafters. She did not need to see a target, to feed them to her raptors. The blades carved around the civilians and columns, it danced between beer glasses and slid between waffles. One each she sent, one towards each of her students. One at Kayoko, One at Yukari, one at Kaori, the cutest. A blade soared through the air at each of them still, at a lightning blast speed, that would guarantee a kill.

Yukari Rei, brought up her left shield, Kaori too parried, with adamant steel. Kayoko yawned, and stuck her hand out. She turned into a claymore, and batted it out of the way through force. Her body had transformed as though she were bored. Black stone with red lines of lightning and forge. She ebbed and she flowed, an elemental force, She moved on to Kaori, before coming in double force. Her hands shot out from the handle, bare and humane. She formed some spell hand seals, and called Yukari's name. "Take me." She said, a clone coming out. Now two Kayoko's as swords, a good meter, no doubt. Kaori too changed, turning into a cloak. Her body exploded, bats burst into smoke. A volley of puppets resembling bats, about twenty in total, and it began the match. The bats suddenly flew towards Maido and covered her, Kaori's body lay limp, regurgitating blood.

"What the hell was that?" She asked, and fell to her knees. Oh...she'd breathed in the mist, Maido could make her sneeze. That was...unexpected, she supposed. Kaori composed herself, and flew to Yukari, turning her body into armor, she donned the young warrior. Yukari reached out, and grabbed both Kayoko's, running forth through the crowd, she darted for the door. Outside in the streets, away from civilians. She heard a bell chime.

"Take these from me, and I will make you immortal." Maido's voice was loud, for everyone to hear. "I am accepting students and followers, standing offer."
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A simple animal extermination on a nearby island. The job was simple, but she wouldn't return unscathed. The two had the hots for each other and Kanako was going to give him a certain job in an alley before their ship back home arrived. Tsubasa was a little too eager from his comics, grabbed her head and tried ramming all the way in one go. What the carelessness did though was cause penetration of Kanako's left eye and impacting her brain. Her scream of pain seemed to be the final straw for him as well.
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