[TP] Their Journey Will Continue in a Grand Center

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[TP] Their Journey Will Continue in a Grand Center

Post by Niv-Mizzet » Sun Dec 23, 2018 12:04 pm

It didn't take much discussion for the trio of strangers to go over the prophecy together one more time. It was the line "Their journey will continue in a grand center" that garnered attention, along with "They shall find their foe with the assistance of the weather." The only grand centers that really came to mind were the center of the known world, which to Fuhen's knowledge would likely be somewhere to the East in Wind Country, the center of the world, which even Fuhen had to agree seemed unlikely that they could reach, and lastly... The capital city of Miracle, Heaven City.

Fuhen had passed through Miracle Country before, but he'd never had cause to stay for long. In a country with relatively low crime, there wasn't much need for someone who earned their living mostly as a bounty hunter. That said, he'd never been to the city himself, and so he had to rely on the other two for some kind of direction. Luckily, the aforementioned low crime rate meant that the travel was quite easy, and Fuhen couldn't help but be impressed at how well done the roads of the country were, especially when compared to the dirt paths he was used to travelling.

The city itself was equally impressive, its large marble structures otherwise unheard of in many countries who relied on simple paper and wood housing. It held a very powerful feel to it, but at the same time there was something oppressive and dark to it. Nevertheless, the people seemed content, another strange sight for many. Perhaps that was the most disturbing thing, that everything seemed so... Normal, when the prophecy that had brought them all together told them that things were meant to be otherwise.

That is, until the clouds rolled in. It was disturbingly sudden, as what was a bright and sunny day turned into a dark overcast with thunder and lightning roiling in the sky, but not yet striking down. Then the rain came. Deep oppressive sheets of water fell from the sky, so heavy that they stung when they finally hit skin, and the backspray off of buildings made it almost impossible to see. And so, drenched, and having only been in town for a couple of hours, the three of them ran into what appeared to be the nearest inn to seek shelter. As most proper inns did, this on had a general bar area where people could spend their evenings until it was time to sleep, if they had nothing else to do.

As they entered, Fuhen took a moment to let himself drip dry and let out a shudder. The rain had been cold, and he had never been one to do well when the temperature dropped, chills ran up and down his spine in an uncontrollable fashion for several moments, and he made a long 'brrr' sound as he shook himself off. Taking stock of the area around them, the only people in the bar proper seemed to be men in brown cloaks, some whose hoods were down, and others whose hoods were up. Few had drinks in front of them, and fewer still had meals. The only other person was a short stocky man behind the bar, in the midst of tapping a new keg of some form of alcohol for the night.

"Dinnae suppose ye've got three beds open to weather the storm, eh?"

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[TP] Their Journey Will Continue in a Grand Center

Post by Yura » Sat Jan 05, 2019 7:21 pm

The journey to Heaven City had been fairly uneventful for the trio outside of their discussion of the supposed prophecy. Aya had remained fairly reserved for most of the journey, only occasionally tossing in her opinion when she felt that it was warranted. She noticed as they journeyed that Kosuke and Fuhen seemingly got along well together, the pair’s personalities meshing well together which left her as the odd man (or woman) out, though that was mostly of her own doing. She still couldn’t believe that she had been dragged into this and in the initial days of the journey she contemplated turning around before finally deciding to see it through. She had come this far after all.

As the group finally reached and then entered Heaven City, Aya realized that this was the first time that she had been to the city as a citizen and not a slave. Her master had enjoyed coming to this place, even forced her to perform at the occasional inn in return for a reduced price, but now she was back as a free woman. Deep down she hoped that nobody would recognize her. She hadn’t been here since she escaped though, and she had only been here two or three times as a slave, so she hoped that by now people wouldn’t know who she was. Still, she kept her head low and avoided eye contact with the people on the streets just in case.

When the clouds rolled in and the rain started falling, Aya quickly pulled up the hood of her cloak, surprised with just how quickly the storm had developed. She followed after Fuhen as he ran for the nearest tavern, shaking herself off a little once she was inside the doorway. Despite her cloak, a good amount of her clothing was soaked, the sheets of rain simply too much to be stopped by a simply piece of cloth. She she had finished shaking the excess water off of herself, she lowered her hood only notice the number of men sitting throughout the room in similar outfits. She didn’t know why, but their presence made her uncomfortable and she had this feeling that she should be wary of them. Something seemed off. Or, maybe, she was just crazy. Either way, she allowed her gaze to move away from them only to find the man behind the bar staring back at her. It seemed Fuhen’s question had gotten the man’s attention, but instead of answering right away he simply stood there studying the trio. His eyes moved from Fuhen, to her, to Kosuke, to the sheer number of swords that Fuhen carried, back to the man himself, and then around again.

Ya got the coin to pay for ‘em?” The man finally asked, “Only got two rooms left.”

Aya groaned internally at the man's statement. Someone was going to have to share…..
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[TP] Their Journey Will Continue in a Grand Center

Post by Niro » Thu Jan 10, 2019 12:31 am

Kosuke and Fuhen had meshed while during the journey from the Tea House to the capital of Miracle Country but once they had reached the city the boy had switched to something akin to a big brother in regards to Aya. He took up the rear guard of their group, behind her, having some inkling of an idea into her history and had kept an eye out for anyone who dared to spare the girl a second glance. Kosuke's hand rested lightly on his blade, ready at a moment's notice to draw the weapon to defend his family if needed.

The weather began to come down in a way that made him believe even the gods were angry and soon the small group of three found shelter in an inn. Fuhen had attracted the attention of the owner about rooms and the mention of only two made wasn't something he was dissuaded by. His clothing was soaked by the rain and it had seemed into his bones but the young man wasn't nearly as affected by it as Fuhen was. Kosuke looked to Fuhen for a moment before pulling his knapsack off and digging through it for the required payment as he moved towards the bar and placed the required coin down. Ignoring what the bar keep said after, he moved back to his group with a frown.

"Well, Fuhen can have one room to himself. Aya and I can share. You can have the bed, I'll sleep on the floor. It's not a problem." Kosuke directed at Aya, a frown marring his face because of the men at the bar rather than the fact he'd have to share a room. Something about them gave him the heebie-jeebies. Turning around Kosuke called to the bar keep.

"Which rooms?"
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