This Has Been Too Long of a Mission

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This Has Been Too Long of a Mission

Post by Director » Mon Jun 17, 2019 8:20 pm

Fanho had let the dust clear as he hiked his poncho over his mouth. His target was a crafty genjutsu expert, but a wounded one. It wouldn't be a long fight, not with Fanho's skills against a roughly skilled Missing-Nin who was partnered with pirates. As Fanho peered through the dust the absence of his piercing sight was greatly missed, but he had made counter measures to ensure it was like it had never left. The Jounin pumped the area full of chakra as a light blue bubble enveloped the area it filled a large area before expanding in size immediately after as it flourished with chakra. With this large of a swath of area Fanho could feel the presence of everything near him, its exact location, movement, size, and the area it took up. It was sort of like a trump card allowing him to feel where everything is. It was sort of an enveloping sensory technique that let him fight with near predictive measures as he could feel the exact place everything was. It was slightly overwhelming with this sensory information, however Fanho was able to manage this big of an area.

With his eyes peeled and his body taking in the information he'd deal quickly with this genjutsu 'master' before rejoining Hayashi. Hayashi had departed leaving Fanho to deal with big bad as Hayashi took care of the smaller bandits fleeing and attempted to rendezvous with Tea Country samurai to ensure they could establish a solid foot hold. "Alright, lets make this quick. I've got tea time at six, and you're intruding very rudely at that." He gave a slight giggle at his own joke, get it? Tea time, in tea country?
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Ninjutsu • Intermediate En
A-Rank Ninjutsu
Prerequisite: 25 Control, Ninjutsu • Basic En
After focusing a lot of chakra throughout his body, Fanho will release it into the area around him maintaining a bubble. This bubble glows a constant blue hue of chakra for its duration and cannot be hidden. This bubble measures approximately 30m in radius. In this bubble Fanho will know everything that enters, and everything that is inside of the bubble at all times and its pinpoint location. This bubble follows Fanho wherever he goes. The bubble will last for 6 posts before dissipating.

Ninjutsu • En Extended
B-Rank Ninjutsu
Prerequisite: 35 Control, Ninjutsu • Basic En
By focusing more chakra into his any of his Ninjutsu • En jutsu, Fanho can increase their range by his [Control] in meters. He can perform this jutsu up to 3 times to increase the size for the rest of the duration of the jutsu.
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