[Legends] The Price of Gold

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[Legends] The Price of Gold

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The decision to push further north was multifaceted. For one, Aimi Kaguya needed to keep his troops busy. For another he needed a way to pay these soldiers for their efforts. Though he had gathered a small band of warriors from two separate countries, he knew that without some sort of incentive they would not follow him for long. Last, and certainly not the least, was the inevitable return of the forces of Wind. The bannin had little doubt that retribution would follow for what had happened only a few months before, and to that end he made the decision to lead his army north into the war-torn Gold Country.

Traversing the desert environment proved to be more difficult than expected. Quick thinking and advice from the soldiers he had just conscripted lead them carefully through the quicksand traps and beating the heat of the desert sun, the giant scorpions and spiders and many venomous creatures that called the Glittering Sands their home. The march of the army was slow, but steady, dealing with the hazards one at a time as they came to them and overcoming. Despite the occasional loss of a few soldiers, the army carried on, for they had a new goal.

The reason that Aimi had lead these soldiers into Gold country was for just that - gold. The bannin turned rogue ninja had heard tales of just how much gold this country had, how rich it actually could have been were it not for its' constant squabbling with Silver, and he saw an opportunity. If he could take this country for his own he could pay his army in gold and give them incentive to keep fighting for him.

Thus his armies were lead through the south and to the oasis city of Ōnamazu, where the denizens were forced to welcome them. The oasis proved to be a welcome respite from the rigors of the desert and they managed to find rest, as the samurai armies of the Morimoto did not come south into the desert. While his soldiers rested, Aimi spoke to the treasure hunters and diggers who called this peaceful oasis their home, not only explaining the purpose of their coming but also gathering information from them. He learned of the countries inherent instability because of the Morimotos' constant warring with Silver country and how the ancient treasures of Rysambo lay beneath their feet, waiting to be reclaimed. He learned of the closed gold mines and the expansion of the southern desert.

Aimi Kaguya struck a deal with these treasure hunters. He would make every effort to help them uncover their lost city, to reverse the encroaching desert, and to remove the Morimoto from power and install himself as ruler in exchange for their help through the desert, an immediate upfront portion in treasure to give to his soldiers, and those able bodied enough to join in the fight. Negotiations went on for days, hammering out details on both sides, but eventually an agreement was reached and the growing conqueror was able to present his army with a sample of the riches they would receive as they continued to follow him. Well rested, reinvigorated and reinforced, the army gathered what supplies they could and prepared to head north to the city of Ohkazaki and confront the Morimoto.

From the desert of the south to the grassland of the north they marched and eventually reached the castle walls of Ohkazaki where huddled away were the ignorant people of the land who knew not of the suffering beyond the walls - or at least ignored it, as Aimi had been told. The siege began as Aimi broke down a wall and lead his army to fight the inexperienced and young "soldiers" that the old samurai generals commanded. The fighting was intense, but ultimately short lived, as not long after Aimis' army made their move, a second, smaller force joined them from the north.

The forces of Fur country arrived on the scene and proceeded to add their might to Aimis'. Confused and worried about the sudden appearance of the Fur country samurai, who he knew were allied with the forces of Earth Country, host to Iwagakure, ally to Kirigakure, Aimi temporarily broke off his assault on Ohkazaki and requested parlay with the leading samurai of the Fur country forces who were as equally surprised to see him and his army as he was of theirs. The fighting ended for the day, and talks began under the cover of night.

Much to Aimis' relief, the samurai of Fur had been sent independently of any action that Aimi himself had taken. Their meeting was a coincidence and, most importantly, they did not know that he was there of his own accord, not at the behest of Kirigakure. The rogue shinobi knew that this lie could not be kept up for long but was confident that he could make it last long enough to survive this encounter. He acted as though he still bowed to the will of the Mizukage and the samurai of Fur, believing him to be an ally, worked together to draw up a plan to take out the Morimoto forces with as little effort as possible.

The next day at dawn, with two armies surrounding their walls, the Morimoto samurai were made to heel as Aimi Kaguya flew in, located the ineffectual Daimyo, and took his head. Parading the ghoulish trophy to the samurai generals, Aimi demanded to know. "Will you continue to follow a dead man who gave you nothing but debt and war, or will you bow to me and achieve greatness!?"

The generals bowed and the battle was over. The country was his.

The forces of Fur soon after departed after resupplying to head back north and Aimi Kaguya began making changes to the structure of government and economy as best he could, gaining help from advisors in the form of not only the samurai generals but also those who had lived there and served the previous daimyo. Plans were put into motion that would see the country open up their gold mines, begin to fight back the desert, and find the treasures lost in the ancient capital of Rysambo.

Despite this great victory, it came at a cost. While the armies of Aimi Kaguya and Fur worked together to topple the ineffective government of Gold and subjugate its' people, the forces of Wind came. As predicted, they swept through Dungeon Country in the north and south and established their own rule there. Without the soldiers present to fight for it, their victory came easily. Word of this loss came to Aimi who was not surprised, but knew he could not keep the loss of many of his soldiers' homes a secret. He resolved to instead address his soldiers and rally them for greater conquest and greater purpose.


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