[Legends] Fur Coats

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[Legends] Fur Coats

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The samurai stood like a statue in front of the large gate that lead to the large building at the center of Nukumi. His hand sitting carefully on the sword in its sheath, he was adorned in leather armor, a chest piece and greaves, with fur visible from its interior. The warm clothing was fitting for a climate that often turned harsh with a moments notice this time of year. He'd been serving faithful as a guard to the board for some years now, perhaps a decade, or just short of it. The frown lines from his cheeks and his creased forehead betrayed how much time he spent attempting to be stoic and emotionless as he stood guard. Like many people of Fur, he was quite ambivalent about the board and its composite members, they were members of the country just like anyone else, and they served to do their job. They were good at it, rarely did a scandal stretch across Nukumi -- at least from the Board. The campus he stood in front of was really just one large building with greenery surrounding it, a well taken care of area. The board and their families lived in this building, it made it easy for them to convene. When their term was up, they moved out. This lone samurai had seen this happen many times, constantly changing faces. Some he grew partial to, others not so much. But he had a role to fulfill and he did so as he should.

He was one of the few samurai remaining in Nukumi. Word had come for their allies to the east, Earth Country, were under attack by Fire Country and Konoha. The bulk of their forces had been sent out to give support to their ally, Fur having been largely uninvolved in the happenings of the world around them, the board had decided there would be little risk in sending support. He personally disagreed, having been listening to the rumors of what was happening around the world he was concerned that the moment word dropped that they were defenseless, another interlocutor would join in the fray. But it was not for him to question the board, he had only heard this decision second hand after all, he was not stationed within the room when they came to the decision.

A chilly wind moved through the area, though he did not reveal any sort of discomfort to it. Years of standing guard had taught him to release his mind from his body when on duty. As he stood there guarding, his mind wandered through the list of chore he would need to do when he got home. His wife had been asking for branches to be cleared from the roof of their small home, something he'd been putting off. In a world full of so much fanciful things, he truly experienced only the mundane. He was a samurai, he'd seen a few shinobi in his time, especially from Iwagakure, and the feats they could complete. He was largely disinterested in them, though. He had his own things to handle.

However, his drifting mind was pulled back to reality as a number of people rushed by in front of him, heading from the residential areas of Nukumi into the market district. There must have been some sort of commotion, because everyone who ran by had a look that seemed like a strange mix of concern and excitement on their face. He was duty bound to remain where he stood, however, and lifted his hand from his sword and grabbing the collar of a teen boy who was running by, "What's going on?", he demanded.

The boy looked at him, confused as to why he'd been grabbed, and shook it off struggling to be let go before speaking, "There's a big group of samurai going through the markets.... Not ours.", he said, not giving the samurai a chance to respond before he rushed off again.

Not ours? Who were they then. His hand dropped back to his sword, and his mind sharpened, no longer drifting to chores but instead refining his senses trying to pick up some information. He didn't hear any sounds, or notice anything. If what the boy said was true, they hadn't gotten close to the compound yet. He remained on guard, slowly the number of people rushing by would dwindle down to no one. Either everyone had gotten to the markets, or they were no longer interested. He remained on guard,

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