[Open to Leaf and Sand Nin] The Caravan Arrives!

This is an open thread for Konoha Ninja and Suna Ninja. Anyone can post at any time. Feel free to post your reaction to seeing konoha shinobi coming to the village (from a suna perspective) or your reaction to entering suna (from a konoha perspective). Be as detailed and/or creative as you want!

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[Open to Leaf and Sand Nin] The Caravan Arrives!

Post by Texas » Thu Nov 08, 2018 11:07 am

Each shinobi within the Hidden Leaf were informed on multiple rules for accepting the invitation, traveling, and then staying at Sunagakure. The simple rules were that the information about traveling to Sunagakure no Sato was considered S-ranked knowledge. Which meant that anyone that got an invitation was not allowed to tell anyone else about the event at all. The next thing was that each shinobi was responsible for their own food during the day. Meals would be provided at night, but if they were hungry or thirsty during the day they had to bring their own meals. They were also informed on what to bring for the village. Some storage space to put items they purchased in, money to buy items they wish to acquire, and of course some longer clothes that would cover them up from both the sun and warm them at nights. The shinobi were also informed that they had to be on their best behavior. This was an opportunity to form relationships and increase their engagement with Sunagakure so that the future leaders of the villagers can continue this partnership. The younger shinobi that were ranked Genin and Chuunin were permitted to always have a special Jounin or a Jounin chaperone. When arriving at Sunagakure it was imperative that the shinobi are polite and kind. They would be staying there for several nights so there will be roommates, nightly curfew, and a few Jounin switching shifts and monitoring the halls. All shinobi are allowed to participate in tours as well. There will be a lot of interactive activities and it would important for all shinobi to engage with each other as much as possible.

One month prior Tenzin relayed the information to the Kazekage on how many shinobi were coming, when they would be arriving, and how long they would be staying. A month was plenty of time for Sunagakure to prepare for this new adventure. After preparation and proper planning, the group of shinobi were ready to head out to Sunagakure no Sato. All of the Jounin stood in a line and did a role call to make sure all that signed up to attend were there and anyone who didn't sign up had a reason for being there. Once everything was in order, the Jounin helped assign caravan buggy's to each shinobi. This took a bit of time, but it allowed great organization even if there were some distractions or confusion. Once all of the Konoha shinobi were in their proper spots the caravan took off.

It took a few weeks. However, even those few weeks were filled with bonding between the konoha shinobi. Increased relationships with people they were already friends with, new friendships, new rivals, etc. After their travels the shinobi would start to feel a heavy change in the weather they were used to. Blistering hot days and dreadfully cold nights. Spending a few days in these conditions the shinobi from Konoha finally arrived in Sunagakure no Sato. Upon reaching the village the shinobi would be able to see a giant earthen wall with one notable entrance. They would also notice that the caravan would go through a single wide path carved with stone and descended down to the village. Once the caravan would arrive, Tenzin would exit the first cart in the front to give the papers required to the man at the gate. A few Sunagakure no sato guards would walk through the caravan and search through just to make sure it was really them. Once they finished, they gave the okay to come in. The entrance to the village resembled steps. All of the carriages would stop right outside of the entrance in the village. Upon stopping, all of the jounin and special jounin chaperones would go out first and role call to make sure everyone was with them. When everything came out fine, their first order was to all go to their assigned rooms and put their stuff down.

There was plenty of things to do in the village: Tours, Shopping, Drinking (for a few off duty Jounin that were of age), Interacting with shinobi of the same rank/age (it could be as simple as team building exercise, sparring, etc.) , and much more!

Welcome To Sunagakure!
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[Open to Leaf and Sand Nin] The Caravan Arrives!

Post by Strategist » Fri Nov 09, 2018 3:56 pm

After the events of Connections Squad 15's first official mission is one of many trials, lessons & adventure as they navigate the foreign atmosphere of Wind country & Sunagakure aiding Suna's Shinobi on their routine patrols, developing new tactics in training exercises and establishing a friendly presence among Sunagakure's population which means that the team will get to explore, allowing them to socialize with natives of the region.

"Alright everyone, we've finally made it to the Village hidden in the Sand. Gather your belongings quickly so you may drop them off at the hotel and explore." It may not have been protocol to allow three Genin to roam free in a foreign village but Gene felt confident in his students. After all, they had passed HIS test; those three can handle themselves...I wonder what the medical center of this village looks like. An opportunity to study new medical concepts and practices could potentially help with saving the life of someone else down the line and not to mention, in helping out the medical staff with their patients Gene could help Konoha demonstrate a willingness to share information for the benefit of both nations as well. So it wasn't like he was completely goofing off...right? At any rate, once all of his gear and belongings had been loaded into the room where he would be sleeping for the night Gene did one last check on the team before leaving them to their own adventures. Gene's only concern was that he wondered how well the group could adjust to this uh - mild environment. It wasn't a secret that Wind country was a lot hotter than Fire country even in the winter months and the nights here were said to be unforgiving.

A closed mouth smile fixed to Gene's lips and the young man ran the knuckles of his right hand through his hair, stepping outside into the humid air of the desert. "I'm sure they'll be fine. I ought to ask about the hot spring when I get the chance." Shaking his head, Gene dismissed the idea. He knew that it was crucial that he made it to the hospital as quickly as possible.
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[Open to Leaf and Sand Nin] The Caravan Arrives!

Post by Zao » Sun Nov 11, 2018 5:16 pm

"So they've finally arrived." From a view above street level through a large window the long white haired jounin sat at a study desk by himself currently, before him were a number of papers and unrolled scrolls with various things written on them. Having just recently returned to the ranks of shinobi the man needed to get caught back up on the happenings within and around the village that he had more or less pushed off to the side during his adventuring days. Using the slender fingers of the right hand to pull some of the mid back length hair out from before his bright blue eyes the man had placed a pen formerly in the grasp of the left hand down and simply gaze out the window towards the entrance of the village. There he could see the caravan of young Konoha shinobi with there escorts arriving now, it was a first for the village and in all honesty the man was surprised that it was his village who had offered to start off this partnership venture between the two villages, but the new Kage was a bit different than those who had come before him. "Hmm.."

The matured man couldn't help but hum lightly to himself in thought as he was able to notice one of the chaperons who were escorting some of the younger generation of Leaf shinobi on this day, it was precisely the man whom he'd encountered within the village who had such a strong desire to protect the village that it actually led to a bit of misunderstanding between the pair. Which was something the two of them had never really gotten a chance to work out between themselves due to Zao not having the time to make a return visit to the shinobi's home village since that incident due to being trapped in the spirit realms. Yet, there he was now. "I should probably go say hey to him at the least, it was Gene I think...yes it was." Tiding up the area a bit and storing away the scrolls he straighten out his robes and gathered up his two pets that had been playing around in the room with him as they slithered up either sleeve into a comfortable position upon his forearms now.

With everything in order there, the scholarly looking man exited the room and descended down a few flights of stairs before then leaving the building that he'd been working at and traveling down the familiar streets of his home village at a casual pace knowing where the Konoha nin were going as they still needed to be assigned lodging and other things. A short while later the man was approaching the building which the fellow white haired shinobi was stepping out of, quite a convenient thing for Zao now as he lifted his right hand in a casual manner to give a polite wave as he was still advancing across the street to the building. The Zao that Gene would see seemed to have aged at least four or five years from their previous encounter that was less than half a year ago probably, his short hair now reached his mid back and even his face seemed to have matured but his thin body remained the same as before. If one was looking closely they would have noticed when the slender fingers of the right hand emerged from the wide sleeve of the robe to wave that they were covered in what appeared to be fuuin marking. Another new addition was around his neck was a headband sporting his village symbol.

A soft spoken voice would drift from the man's thin lips, a polite smile formed on them before and after speaking his words to the fellow jounin now. "It has a been some time since we last met, I hadn't expected you to be escorting the young to the village. It was Gene, right?"
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[Open to Leaf and Sand Nin] The Caravan Arrives!

Post by Izanagi » Sun Nov 11, 2018 7:10 pm

When Yozei had heard of the venture to Sunagakure he had made certain that his name was among the first on the list. As the son of the Hokage it would be advantageous for him to learn to cooperate with Konoha’s allies moreover the young teenager simply loved to travel. The opportunities to go out and see the world, even as a genin had been increasing dramatically in recent years all due to the alliances the 17th Hokage was building. Takeo had even told him that there would likely be a chance to work alongside Kumo shinobi within the next year. It all inspired Yozei to continue his training so that one day he could take on more of a leadership role within the village. The thought had even crossed his mind of following in his father’s footsteps to become Hokage some day.

Before that however he would have to become a Chunin. It had been 2 years now since he had graduated the academy and the feeling that he had to progress had been building up over the last few months. The boy worked hard certainly, though often found himself distracted and conflicted in his goals. He still thought about Suzume frequently, even fantasized about one day abandoning the village to roam the world with her. There too were thoughts about returning to the Royal Family, acting as a bodyguard or perhaps pressing for his claim to succession as Daimyo at some point in the future. There was a world of possibilities and little to ground him in reality. Even his own household and living situation was chaotic, living between two homes, one with his birth mother and the other with his father, step-mother, two half siblings and one adopted sibling with yet another adopted Hyuuga living separately and occasionally visiting the home.

Often Yozei isolated himself in his room, finding a great deal of peace in reading and sleeping or otherwise training outdoors. He didn’t help out with the twins nearly as much as Hanako though he did get along with them well enough, bonding most strongly with Kaori, the only one of his siblings who like him did not have white eyes of the Hyuuga clan but rather blue like their father. She was only 3 but full of energy, ever playful and friendly. She seemed to love everyone in the family with all her heart even as she leapt off of furniture and tried to climb everything alongside her minutes older twin brother Takeshi, whom constantly charged forward, tackling siblings and enjoying leaping out at people.

He found that whenever he did travel, both on his previous journey to Fur Country and the caravan to Suna that he did in fact miss his siblings though there was always something else to enjoy to fill that void. In this instance, though he did not have his father travelling with him, the Hokage’s personal bodyguards had been sent as chaperones specifically to watch over him. While at first he was hesitant to socialize much with the men he had come to enjoy their company. Both Toshiaki and Masuru were very close friends of Takeo and had a plethora of stories to share. Moreover they were each genuinely kind people who despite their experience and skill as shinobi were happy to joke around and treat him like family. By the time Yozei had arrived in Suna he had come to think of the two men as akin to uncles and he trusted them both completely.

The last few days had been the roughest part of the journey by far, travelling through the desert was horrible, dry, hot and completely miserable the pace slow and tiresome. Yozei had done little more than lay under cover and read. Fortunately Toshiaki could utilize Suiton jutsu, keeping water filled and soaking him down on occasion. Though there had been enough water brought along for the journey the large barrels tended to warm up quite a bit during the day making the water enough to stay hydrated but not properly refreshing. “I sure hope the people here are more welcoming than the desert” Yozei muttered to himself as he looked around at the copious amount of sandstone and lightly colored buildings. ‘Such a contrast to Konoha’ he reflected. He couldn’t imagine living in a place such as this. He wondered what Suna shinobi were like and how intensely they trained. Masuru chuckled lightly, standing 6’ tall, muscular and in flowing red robes with deep red hair the 33-year-old Awai looked more like a Sunagakure native than from Konoha. “I don’t know what you’re complaining about. I kind of like it, always warm and sunny. I could get used to this” he grinned, looking around for anything of interest. He had heard that Sunagakure shinobi worshipped the sun and light being an extension of that he would be lying if he said he didn’t intend to show off a bit and maybe bed a few women. Toshiaki on the other hand simply chuckled. “This is a momentous step for our two villages, lets see if we can make a few friends” stated the handsome middle-aged Senju, calm as collected as ever he would lead the group outward.
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