Furious Training

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Furious Training

Post by WrightJustice » Tue Dec 11, 2018 3:18 pm

Fuuton • Vortex Screw[/color]
D-Ranked Fuuton Jutsu
After doing the needed hand seals, the user creates a small vortex of Fuuton chakra around a projectile in their hand that spins with a strength of 5. This causes the projectile to corkscrew through the air, allowing it to travel an extra 10m and applying the Fuuton passive when thrown. This doesn't make the projectile any faster, only increases its range and ability to cut.

1200 words -600 words (stats) - 100 words (Dec 8) - 200 words ([url=viewtopic.php?f=107&t=8339664]) = 300 words = 400 total words (can't go below 400).
It was a typical sunny day in Sunagakure no Sato and not too long since Nori had came back from his strange, unwanted trip to the spirit world and he simply needed to clear his mind and so he found himself wandering over to a open area with a decently sized sand dune behind what must've been a warehouse or other similar building.

It didn't really matter that much to the oddly aged, giant of a man as the sun beat down on his head and his thoughts whirled in his mind, Nori simply had to do something and he was done walking aimlessly and so he faced the sand dune with great gusto as he recalled the steps to some kind of basic fuuton technique he had heard of before; wind spiralling around a projectile, spinning it around in a corkscrew to give it a bit more flight power.

The black clothed giant was pretty much a fuuton master though he didn't fully remember the handseals for such a technique, which made him wonder if he should just try and directly channel it like he had done for many of his techniques but he stopped himself as he gripped his head as if in pain.
"No" he quietly muttered as he then looked head on for he needed to clear his mind and so he had to try and recall the signs so that he can weave them.

Starting with the basic, typical sequence of signs the sorrowful male shinobi began weaving his hands together which then moved into a simple series based on what he knew of fuuton and the idea of forming a corkscrew of wind. With that he swiftly puled out a kunai and channelled his fuuton around it before throwing it with barely a oomph of strength; wind swirled around the kunai and pushed it forwards more than one would expect but just as he had imagined as it flew right towards the sand dune.

However it was slightly off path which did make Nori slightly glad as he slowly retrieved the weapon and stood back in spot to reformulate the handseals, changing them ever so slightly as he also re-imagined how to control his chakra with an ever so slight change in twist until he once again surrounded his kunai with fuuton and tossed it at the sand dune much more perfectly this time.

With a heavy sigh the tall man stepped back over to the dune and picked up his kunai and stared down at it for a moment as he pondered if what he was doing was even enough, to which he easily came to an answer; no it was not.
Thus, with another deep sigh, Nori pocketed his projectile and walked away in continued doubt and one new, measly and stupid basic jutsu in his repertoire.


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