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[Suna Konoha Event Thread] Round Two!

Posted: Sun Dec 16, 2018 10:20 am
by Zao
A flash of white came to a stop near one of the more deserted looking training grounds, it was just a sand covered area like most of the outer village area with a number of training logs and projectile targets. Also included was a number of large boulders that one could tell were used for forms of taijutsu conditioning a pieces of the boulder were missing and a number of fist and foot sized indents in the stone structure were easily noticeable. The man's white hair surged forward from the sudden stop covering his lightly tanned face before whipping back to reveal the white robed shinobi, it was the newly reinstated jounin Saisuko Zao. A gentle smile could be found on his face as he scanned across the old training area as it was actually one of the main area's in which the jounin's former sensei had trained their team.

He felt that it was truly a fitting place to bring his new companion for a few reasons, firstly it was a bit out of the way so they wouldn't have to worry about to many others accidently getting in the way and secondly it was rather large being nearly a hundred meters by a hundred meters in dimensions. It would allow for the pair to truly express themselves against one another without the feeling of holding back due to accidently damaging the surrounding area. Zao had never gotten to experience the Konoha nin's strength back in the village and so he hoped to be able to see just how strong the specialist was. Plus it would be a good test for himself to hone his former skills and brush up on his fighting experience against a polished fighter. "What do you think my friend, will this do?" Turning his head to the left he spoke out to what seemed like the air itself as his friend should have been arriving momenterily...

[Suna Konoha Event Thread] Round Two!

Posted: Wed Jan 09, 2019 6:07 pm
by Strategist
"A bit...sandy," came the bass filled tone of Gene in response as he too, descended upon the vast and considerably hot training area. "But it will serve the purpose we intend to use it for." By then Gene was already taking the liberty to stretch and limber up his muscles in preparation for the match to come. Despite his experience Gene still found himself overwhelmed with the idea of facing off against a formidable opponent in battle for even though time had aged them, Gene did not forget what it were like seeing a tear in reality for the first time. If his intuition were anything to go by--and in Gene's case was, then Zao would likely be on an entirely different level from the man he'd faced so many months ago.

Without needing an open invitation Gene began walking away from Zao and stopped only when he were seven paces away from the man and then turned to face him with his right hand raised in the half ram hand sign; index and middle fingers pointed skyward, with the remaining fingers and thumb curled toward his palm. This act though simple and considerably old-fashioned, displayed Gene's readiness for battle with an opponent of equal standing henceforth the gestures meaning as a sign of confrontation. Furthermore, in holding the seal of confrontation Gene had also begun to build up his chakra in preparation for the use of future techniques. Meanwhile, Gene's left hand ascended above and behind his left shoulder finding the handle of Oath breaker as though the weapon had spoke to him.

"Let's dance."

[Suna Konoha Event Thread] Round Two!

Posted: Sat Jan 12, 2019 10:42 pm
by Zao
"Aye, the Naegi focus mainly on the interior of the village for growing various plants and maintaining the herbal greenhouses. Out here it would be a waste for them to try alter the environment." Zao replied in kind to his friend’s comment about it being a bit sandy, though no one could deny that the sand was rather a pain at times, it truly did get everywhere and it made keeping things clean rather difficult, as well. The left hand would casually slip by his back pouch as it would remove a small scroll, as his friend began to walk forward without a word, the long white haired man was able to easily understand his intentions as the pair had ventured out to the training field for a sole reason. Each wondering just how much the other had grown since the last time they crossed blades in the Leaf village . It was now that the slender fingers of the left hand unrolled the scroll about a foot revealing a sealing diagram written inside on that snow white parchment contained within the scroll.

With but a hint of chakra the seal seemed to glow, just briefly, before the right hand passed by the seal formation and following in the feminine like right hand a poof of chakra smoke soon gave way to reveal a pair of straight blade ninjatō swords that were completely black from hilt to tip. Dropping the partially open scroll now the man then flipped the left palm upwards causing for a small distortion in space to appear in the shape of a baseball sized orb. Seeming to be a casual movement on the man's part, he tossed it forward allow for it to float to an area directly between the two shinobi as it expanded to a diameter of almost three meters across. The space was distorted slightly but each would still be able to see the other and their actions now as the man’s right hand came together with the other passing the second ninjatō into the left hand now.

Let’s begin then.” Taijutsu or genjutsu had never truly been the man's forte but he’d remembered the outcome of their last encounter and couldn’t help but want to fight at least a bit in close range to the man, even if it put him at a disadvantage. There would be time later to display such things as ninjutsu or his Tenku art or even the strength of his companions but for the movement the blade in the left hand was twirled slightly changing the grip into a reverse grip and then the man formed a single handed seal while holding the weapon. A faint blue outline of chakra seemed to appear instantly out of nowhere, the shinobi began to warm up his chakra circulatory system for the confrontation with Gene.

With a gentle bend of his knees the man pushed forwards, moving forwards and to his right the man’s path would allow for him to skirt around the distorted orb of space-time that he’d manifested a few moments earlier. It had more so been for distraction at the moment but it’s unique effect could also be used tactically later on depending on the situation. Sweeping around orb and advancing towards his comrade’s left side now, the man would deliver a dual horizontal strike of the two straight bladed weapons, one after the other as the left hand with its reverse grip would move cross body in order to then strike from right to left just before the right hand which would be slashed in the same manner and direction. His eyes trained on the unique sword across the man's back from earlier, it was something he didn't remember Gene having during their last encounter, where and when did he acquire such a thing?

Ninjatō x2 – Two solid black, straight blade ninjatō that sport a cutting edge on both sides of the blade. Both ninjatō are identical to one another having a blade length of two feet and a six inch hilt. When worn they are placed in an x-shape across his back or can be stored away in a scroll when not needed. Each have a [Fuuinjutsu • Flash Step Tag] engraved on the hilt.

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C-Rank Jikukan Ninjutsu
After channelling chakra and forming an orb of Jikukan chakra within one of the user’s hands the size of a baseball, they can launch it up to fifteen meters away at a Speed of ten. This orb will then expand into a five meter wide sphere that gives the air within a wavy, almost warped look. If someone or something enters the warped space it will turn on an axis and perform a complete 180° rotation, returning along the path it came and consuming the distorted Space orb.

[Suna Konoha Event Thread] Round Two!

Posted: Mon Mar 04, 2019 8:30 pm
by Strategist
Gene observed the strange orb with childlike wonder and amusement even though he knew that it was more likely to harm him than to entertain. No matter how many times he had seen the application of distortions and rifts along his quests Gene never did lose his appreciation for Zao's mythical art form. Perhaps had he known the truth behind space time and it's origins his Fascination may have waned in favor of acquired knowledge but Gene, headstrong and youthful as he was, held no intention of breaking down yet another door before walking through the first. For now, Gene wished only to see how far his own skills would take him against this new threat.

With the orb expanding rapidly Gene had no choice but to stage a swift retreat exercising all of the grace of a practiced acrobat to leap and tumble, flip and spring himself just out of the imposed pull off the distortion in space time (a problem he noted, that would need to be dealt with at some point). His striking hand remained firmly wrapped around Oath breaker but Zao's aggressive pursuit did not yield Gene enough time to hoist the massive blade up and over his head for a block. Instead, Gene relied upon his own speed and a little foot work to slip back and away from the first swing aimed at him. As the weapon tore wind in front of him Gene noticed that both of the swords were connected by some sort of wire. I see... I'd been so focused on the jutsu he'd used before that I never saw him connect the two swords together. If I had never noticed that before now I could have been in a world of trouble. Gene furrowed his brow when he'd realized that his concentration had slipped and the second blade knicked him just over the bridge of his nose forming a thin red line where small traces of blood began trying to force it's way out.

Still, He withdrew further away from the large orb though not once after his realization did Gene remove his eyes from Zao. "Not a bad One, Two. Not bad at all."

[Suna Konoha Event Thread] Round Two!

Posted: Wed Mar 06, 2019 9:18 pm
by Zao
So agile!’ The man seemed even faster and more nimble than he remembered him being during their last encounter in the Leaf village, it would appear that he wasn’t the only one who’d been working diligently to increase his own strength. The second blade seemed to be just fast enough to leave the faintest hint of a line as it every so gracefully brushed within a millimeters distance to Gene. With the end result being that a thin red line of blood slowly became visible with one small droplet of the man’s life essence at a time, a bit to the man’s surprise that he’d been able to achieve such a thing. Perhaps it was because the man had spilt his focus upon the distorted space that had been expanding and himself causing the brief moment of hesitation or loss of focus.

Though the man more so chalked it up to a bit of lucky honestly, he didn’t feel that such a thing would happen to the rather experienced jounin standing before him now, this man most likely far outclassed him when it came to close range engagements. As Gene withdraw further Zao pushed off to his right and didn’t pursue the retreating figure of the shinobi after the first two horizontal slashes of the pair of ninjato. “You inspired me to train my taijutsu and kenjutsu some, though I’m still a ways behind you, my friend.” Zao replied in kind now, a gentle smile gracing the thin lips of the blue eyed scholar as his long hair swayed from one side to the other as he came to a sudden stop after moving to his right three or four meters. “I can’t help but ask, when did you acquire that massive sword? I doubt I’d be able to withstand even a single blow from such a heavy weapon.

Even though the bout had begun, the spirit enthusiast wasn’t ready to dive straight into combat, at least not full fledged combat anyways and instead voiced the thoughts on his mind about Gene’s Oath Breaker. It didn’t seem like the style of weapon the shinobi he’d met in Fur country and then lastly in Konoha would be carrying. Seeming to Zao to be a more traditional style shinobi and thus he couldn’t help but be interested in what the backstory behind the monstrous weapon was...