Broken Honor...

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Broken Honor...

Post by Mre-face » Sun Mar 24, 2019 6:54 am

After weeks of recovery from his battle with Chiane and later his sparring session with Shinjiro. Mondai had fully recovered and was ready to get back into the world, He had learned a lot from those two battles, he learned that he was too reliant on his shield in the first fight and in the second he learned how to use his longsword and that he needed to be stronger and more skilled. But that won't happen unless he pushes his body and trains more. Mondai returned home early in the morning sword strapped to his left side since they recovered his blade from the battle and let him have it on his way home. Once he returned he opened the door to see his mother Makoto having readied breakfast for him and his sister Naomi. Naomi looked towards Mondai and rushed with joy-filled in her eyes. Mondai crouched down an embraced his 10-year-old sister with a great smile on his face. "BROTHER! You are back! Are you doing okay?" Mondia looked down with a confident smile knowing that despite the beating he has taken he has improved in skill by quite a bit. "Yes, of course, I'm better than before even! " His mother looked at Mondai with great pride, seeing him recover so quickly while still keeping his head up and improving at his abilities. Her boy soon turning in to a man was the one that took them out of those slums she couldn't be prouder. But despite missing him at home Makoto needed help at her flower store from her daughter and they needed to go. "My boy! I'm so glad you are back home! But I and Naomi have to go and take care of the store. Come, Naomi!" She said with a commanding yet soft tone to not sound over barring. His mother and sister left while his father Seigmaru walked down the stair with a serious expression, at first he spoke about how Mondai was doing as of late before quickly going to the matter at hand

"You have recovered while you have kept up your training. Good!. Now come we must discuss something." Siegmaru nodded upwards before climbing up the stairs again. Mondai noticed how his father had gone into his room, his weapons cabinet was opened while his father was staring at it with a serious expression of anger. "This shield!" He spoke as he stroked one piece of the shield. "Our history! Our HONOR!" He roared as he smashed his fist against the wall with such force he almost put a hole in the cabinet. "Our family fought hundreds of years for not only Kirigakure but for us! We wouldn't stand her if our ancestors hadn't fought! They fought so they could bring us into Kirigakure and secure a contract so that WE could have a future. While our house was at the brink of destruction, We survived! Our ancestors saved our house from destruction. And then we endured until I trained you and protected this family with everything I had. And eventually, that training got us out of the hellhole that was the slums of Kirigakure!" Mondai walked closer and looked at the shield. "And that shield! That shield is a symbol of not only our family but also our endurance. Now that symbol is broken our honor is shattered. But one thing that will never break is our endurance!" The patriarch took a deep breath so that he calmed himself. "You must regain our honor, the reason I am not doing this is that I see this as a test but not only that it was broken in your hands. You will regain our honor by not only repairing it but also restoring it to its original form. Painted and reinforced with the strongest metal! Then we infuse it with our chakra. " Mondai felt guilty for causing such a dishonor but also determined to not only gain it back but also restoring the shield to its full power. "I know a way you could do this, an ancient family that was named Tetsu-Kokoro that we had an alliance with who used to create our weapons and armor had a powerful forge and metals that might help us. I meet one of the descendants Masamune I think his name was, anyways Masamune was of this family and I meet him when we recently moved out of the slums however I haven't heard from him in a long time. Seek out the Establishment close by you will find him there. However, I must inform you that he might not be able to help because they have merged with the Muramasa family. Probably demanding you do some horseshit for them." Mondai knew that there was no more to say other than that he was on his way and he made his way with haste to regain their honor "I will regain our honor!"

And with that, he made haste grabbed a pendulum that had the Karagata sigil and started walking towards the Muramasa establishment near his home. As usual, they wouldn't let him in all willy nilly. "Before you say anything, I'm Mondai a dagger of the seven swordsmen with business to attend to, check the files yourself! Also, I'm with the Karagata here's a badge that I got." Mondai showed a badge that he carried around with that he walked in with a serious look on his face he walked in. He saw one of the nobles evident by his nice jewelry and there is no way he didn't know where Masamune was. "Hello! Sorry to interrupt, but I'm looking for a smith named Masamune? " the tall noble turned with a condescending look on his face "Finally! Have you come to rescue him from those wretched scoundrels?" A curious look grew on Mondai's face wondering what the hell he meant by that. "Rescue him? What do you mean? I haven't heard anything about scoundrels?" "You and the rest of Kirigakure, Masamune has been kidnapped by a gang of thugs, in fact, he was working for me and was by far the best at least in my eyes and I want to see to it that he becomes known through Kirigakure. However, I can't do that when he is either dead, tortured, mutilated or brainwashed into joining them. While I don't like being this direct, could you help me? I will see that you get a reward for your efforts." Mondai smiled yet rewards was too vague so he instead decided to push his luck a bit and tell him about what he had planned and wanted to see if they could strike a deal. Determination grew in Mondai's eyes wanting to show how serious he was about this. "I was actually planning a deal with Masamune but since this situation could get quite dangerous I think that the shield that I was going to restore to its full power, should have its price cut down in half." The noble smiled liking the boldness "Straight to it, I like it! While that sounds good I find that the pricing for this shield could be quite high depending on the material and what additional modifications could be put on so I say 20% is appropriate." Thinking that 20% is to low Mondai wanted that to bump up just a little bit helping his family financially. "I find that just a bit low considering I will help you find a powerful mine and forge as a bonus 30% " "25%" "Deal!"
"Deal! Now go on fetch me that smith!" Mondai smiled since he knew exactly where to get his help. He had just joined the daggers of the swordsman and he had just met a powerful dagger who defeated him like it was nothing. So he made his way to the swordsman headquarters and there he saw Shinjiro doing something but he wasn't quite sure. "Oi Shinji! I don't like to bother but I need your help, as a fellow dagger could you help me out?" Mondai asked hoping to himself that Shinjiro would agree to help him on this Mission that he has given himself.
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Broken Honor...

Post by Izanagi » Sun May 26, 2019 7:22 pm

Over the course of the last month Shinjiro had begun to spend far more time at the headquarters of the Seven Swordsmen, even opting to train in the swordsmen training arena about equally as often as the various training rooms of his large household. He was beginning to realize that even his powerful family had limits and that he had to branch out on his own and discover his true talents for himself. His potential was immense though he knew he had to work harder than all those around him if he were to reach the peak of what he could achieve. Age meant nothing to him and so despite how powerful he had already become at only 15 he was not satisfied. There were still many in this world that greatly surpassed him in ability and all of his training would mean nothing if he were to face someone of that calibre in battle, as had nearly occurred in his brief skirmish with the S-rank MN Katsu. She had survived his most deadly attack combination, forcing him to retreat, a feat only possible due to the powers imbued upon him by the Genma. His own natural talents had been meaningless. This had given him drive to rise ever higher.

The young Special Jounin had spent the morning reading through files of previous members of the Seven swordsmen and looking through the armory at the vast collection of weapons. He had decided that his swords were not quite up to par. He needed another layer to his tactics, a weapon that could compliment his fighting style and help him truly make a name for himself as a legendary swordsman. However even after mulling it over for several hours he couldn’t quite pin down exactly what he was looking for, though he did have a handful of ideas that might be beneficially to him. As he was leaving the armory, considering getting outside for a bit to clear his head he heard a somewhat familiar voice call his name. His head tilted towards the direction of the young had been a little while since he had seen Mondai, not since their spar several weeks back. “Oh, Mondai. Looks like you’ve recovered well.” he observed casually, before taking on a mischievous expression as he realized Mondai’s mistake. “You haven’t heard? I’ve been promoted. You’re addressing a Special Jounin now and more importantly a full-fledged member of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist.” he informed smugly. “I’ll forgive your ignorance on account of being on medical leave until now” he decided, looking back at the young Dagger with his powerful green eyes, cold yet containing all the ferocity and predation of the animal kingdom.

Mondai might also note that Shinjiro’s outfit had changed since the last time they had met. Rather than a camouflaged body suit Shinjiro now wore a long dark-grey coat with lime green trim that extended to his knees, underneath he wore black pants and black combat boots. His dual Katana’s were still strapped to his back in black scabbards but his signature lime green scarf had been replaced by a thicker brown one. He also still sported a hood and a mask, the latter having the symbol of the seven swordsmen sewed onto it, the same symbol also being present sowed on to the chest of his coat whereas his forehead protector was tied to his left shoulder with the karagata symbol on his right shoulder. In a casual setting such as this the young Karagata had his hood down on his mask off revealing his messy brown hair and relatively youthful appearance though there was no doubt that he maintained a powerful and commanding presence. “What is this favor you’d ask of me?” he wondered cautiously. He had never been asked to help someone with a personal task before, only been given missions by superiors. Thus far he had only ever considered two people as friends, one of whom was a relative, the other was now dead.
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