A Visceral Swordsman

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A Visceral Swordsman

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It had only been a few months since Shinjiro had been made a Dagger of the Seven swordsmen of the Mist but in that time much had happened. He had travelled to the Land of Fountains and Fur Country and continued to hone his strength by sparring against high level shinobi. One such individual had been Kaguya Hitachi, a Jounin of the Hidden mist village whom had recently been selected as a full member of the Seven swordsmen. Shinji had been able to contend with him, in the end forcing his superior to utilize his full strength and proving to the man his worth as a shinobi. Upon returning to the village he had been promoted to Special Jounin at Hitachi’s recommendation. At 15 years of age this was a notable accomplishment but not unheard of by any means, still the rank suited him well, awarding him more influence and status within the village but still he craved more. He knew he was worthy of becoming a full member of the Seven and bringing respect to the organization that had been in shambles for many years now.

As a Karagata Shinji had thought it would be the HHD to recruit him first though his fate had instead been drawn to the swordsmen and he intended to serve them well. After all, despite his skills, being a Jinchurriki it suited him better to be a swordsman and be able to reap fame, protect the Mizukage and become a symbol of power. He would instill fear into all who would oppose Kirigakure rather than be relegated to a faceless assassin whose identity would remain concealed. And now he had earned the attention of the commander of the Seven, Jouchaku Chiane. She was a woman that he had never met though he had heard of her testing of two prospective Daggers. Yuuto whom had failed the exam was his cousin and a friend, someone he believed in to develop into a skilled shinobi over time. The other who had passed was from one of the lowest rungs of servitude towards his family, a shinobi he would ordinarily have very little regard for though out of curiosity Shinji had challenged the fellow Dagger to a spar, injuring him extensively in an instant and though it was undeniable that Shinji’s skills far eclipsed those of Mondai’s the Chunin certainly had fighting spirit. He had acknowledgment that much and piecing together these sources of information Shinjiro had a good idea of what to expect from Chiane.

He wondered however just how much she knew about him. Throughout the village Shinjiro was famous by name and rumored to be quite deadly though very few had ever seen him in action. The Karagata assassin spent the majority of his time training within his home with his siblings and household slaves, closed off to anyone else. Aside from the brief exchange with Mondai he only sparred with elite Jounin such as Kaguya Aimi and Hitachi. Anything less was hardly a challenge for him. If Chiane wasn’t careful she might just be killed by Shinjiro. It wasn’t as if he knew exactly when she would meet him though since he had returned to the village nearly a week ago Shinjiro had been expecting her to see for herself how capable he truly was. And so it was not a surprise when the household head servant opened the door the large dimly lit training room Shinji was in, declaring that Chiane was here to see him. Shinji would follow the man in the suit, muscular despite the white of his hair. Each one of the five household servants were of Special Jounin or higher calibre in taijutsu proficiency, aiding greatly in the training of Shinjiro and his siblings. Led back into the main foyer of the Mansion, Shinjiro would happily set eyes upon Chiane, eager to get this encounter under way and discover for himself just what kind of person she was.

Natsuki Takeo - 17th Hokage
Karagata Shinjiro - Kiri Jounin; Jinchuuriki, Seven Swordsmen of the Mist
Natsuki Yozei- Konoha Special Jounin; Vanguard
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