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Dawn of the Blood Mist

Posted: Tue Jan 21, 2020 1:59 am
by Izanagi
The announcement brought a mixture of feelings. Kirigakure had always been a brutal unforgiving place, nearly all shinobi raised on the secluded island shrouded in mist were accustomed to death. Shinjiro’s own brother had been killed during a Chunin exam, not a particularly uncommon development but one that was typically discouraged and reserved for accidents. Now the village was to invite aspiring young shinobi to death's door even earlier than that, in their graduation test from the academy. Children often between the ages of 6-10 years old would be forced to kill hardened adult criminals or die by their own hand. Even their own classmates, their friends would be potential threats that would be permitted to betray and kill them should they decide to single out weaker classmates. While Shinji had celebrated his graduation with his first kill it was an off the books event, accompanied by older siblings with much more experience. He knew he wasn’t in much danger; he had been well-trained, and his victim was not. It was more a test of resolve than a proper brush with death.

‘Is this really for the best?’ the teenager wondered, at sixteen years old he was a hardened killer. Both one of the villages top assassins and a member of the prestigious seven swordsmen of the mist. He was a Jounin and a Jinchurriki, famous, respected and feared. Certainly, his own upbringing had been perilous, breaking him down and piecing him back together again. Forging him through relentless tempering and mending. But there had always been a sense of security, knowing that his instructors, his family were among the best the village had to offer and that he would only ever be placed in a situation he was well equipped to handle. Despite the mistakes his family made in running some of his siblings into the ground they had improved in their methods somewhat as the years progressed. ‘Runts are meant to perish young, only the most capable survive’ the voice within his head chimed in, less seething and hostile than usual. Both Jinchuuriki and Genma had learned to find some common ground, to be civil for the most part though neither were particularly trusting of one another, a situation forced upon them and one they could both benefit from if tempers could settle. ‘Don’t we die young enough as it is?’ he wondered, how could anyone claim Kirigakure shinobi weren’t already the most hardened and battle-tested shinobi in the world.

The cloaked and hooded figure stood on the rocky beach, watching the gentle flow of the surface of the lake. Soon on the other side of these waters the festival would begin, at least fifty criminals and slaves released, likely more as well as a free invitation for all Kirigakure shinobi to participate with even the opportunity to kill one another, though surely higher level shinobi wouldn’t stoop so low as to kill rookies. There would be no honor or reputation to gain from that. It was a celebration of the changes to the academy to be soon implemented. Of course, Shinji intended on participating, if for no other reason than to assess some of his underlings in action, to discern how much the Kirigakure forces really needed to weed out the weak. The words of Aimi-Sama clung to his mind as well, he had to remind himself not to judge others solely on their current strength but to also consider their potential. It seemed like he may have been wrong about Mondai’s potential, the dagger of the seven seemed to be showing improvement, he could be a valuable asset after all and yet Shinji had disregarded him in their first encounter simply because he was tremendously inferior to himself despite sharing the same rank at the time. ‘Not everyone progresses at the same rate, some might not find their strength until adulthood’ he considered.

Still, he was convinced there were some flaws one simply could not recover from. Without a doubt there were individuals that should never become shinobi. Such people likely would better serve their lives in other trades though if their destiny had led them to the shinobi academy then death was their fate regardless. Might as well snuff them out early before their blunders cost lives of more talented and devoted soldiers. “Life is meaningless. Life is empty. When we take a life, we take nothing of value” he whispered his family mantra, the fabric of his mask muffling his voice. Shinji exhaled slowly; his light green eyes appeared distant, empty. He wasn’t sure he quite believed himself but it did help. He had been raised with the purpose of serving the Mizukage and the Karagata family. That was all that mattered and even then he wasn’t that special really. He had talent but so did others. He was a Jinchurriki but there would be others. There were some pleasures in life he could indulge himself in, a few people he enjoyed being around but all things faded in time.

Dawn of the Blood Mist

Posted: Tue Jan 21, 2020 11:51 am
by Ace Trainer
Kozaki walked on the beach quietly. The men that the shinobi would be hunting were leftovers from his massacre with Iwamaru. They had cleared....a lot of bodies and bandits in that fight to gain an alliance with Grass Country, and not everyone had been killed. From what Kozaki understood, the survivors had been captured and tended to...only to be immediately released to be killed. It seemed somewhat sadistic. Appropriate for the Hirohito family. There were people in various spots on the beach, some shinobi preparing to rush the lake the moment festivities started up, some families preparing to watch, some workers setting up various things they needed. But one stood out to Kozaki, a man simply standing. It took a moment bu Kozaki realized immediately it was Shinji, the famed host of the body genma. Kozaki recognized the irony in someone so famous within the walls of the village was a man who preferred stealth and being low key. But then again, transforming into a giant turtle wasn't really stealthy but from what he heard that was within the skillset of the man.

Walking up, the black bands on Kozakis arms would extend down, flattening to Kozaki's arms and wrapping around his individual fingers. A habit he had built, despite having armor under his skin, having his weapon on ready was....helpful in preparing for contact with people. Especially helpful at the dawn of a tournament where shinobi might be trying to kill each other.

Kozaki reached up to his ear, running his finger along the large ornate earring gauged into his lobe. Good luck for new encounters. "Oi.", he started, [color=FFFF01]"Getting ready to rush across the lake and prove your worth?"[/color], he said with a smirk. His bright yellow eyes peered at Shinji's , both of them unnatural, both of them showing the inhuman aspects of the duo. "Good to see you again, Shinji.", he offered friendily. If memory served, Kozaki and Shinji had met before, and it had been a less-than-amicable encounter. He frowned, flashes of the chains around his wrist after being captured coming to mind.

Dawn of the Blood Mist

Posted: Tue Jan 21, 2020 3:32 pm
by Golnax
It had only been a few days since Aimi had left the village to go and explore the world. Not very long at all, all things considered, and he was already en route back to the village shrouded in mist that he had left with no real intention of coming back for quite some time. He flew through the cool air over the ocean fast but not too fast, his feathered wings of bone flapping rhythmically. He'd been found along the borders of the Land of Fire by a shinobi who had been sent to fetch him... well, not really fetch him. The Mizukage had sent the ninja to find and request Aimi's presence back in the village for an event that was being hosted. Something about a change in the academy graduation process, he wasn't entirely sure. The bannin hadn't asked for in depth details at the time. All he knew was that there was to be a change to the way the academy graduated young ninja, and that both the Mizukage and the Kawazaiwa family urgently requested his being there as a form of status more than anything.

Aimi didn't like that. Being used as a status symbol by the family that 'owned' him made his stomach turn in disgust! To think that the Kawazaiwa wanted of him, first and foremost, to be some sort of poster boy for their prestige - as if the strength he had created for himself and the ranked he earned was somehow their doing! The thought made his skin crawl in anger and initially he'd been reluctant to go. What made him decide otherwise was the request of the Mizukage for his attendance. The bannin feared that a denial of this request might be seen as an act of rebellion, and he could not afford to lose his newfound freedom so suddenly by a childish rejection of obligation. Thus he had left the Land of Fire and made his way back to the village, intent on standing back, watching, saying a few words, maybe shaking a few hands or something like that, and leaving.

As the ring of mountains that surrounded the island came into view at last the Kaguya sighed and picked up his speed, his wings beating against the salty air as fast as he could manage so that he could close the distance in no time. It took him perhaps a minute to get above the island and the walled village of Kirigakure. From there he dropped from the sky and fell willingly, his wings receding back into his body and his arms falling up above his head as his body went limp in anticipation of the impact from the ground below. As his feet made contact with the cobblestone roads of the mist shrouded village, his entire body pulled into a crouched position upon landing, a shock ran up his whole body. He let out a deep sigh of pain and waited for the tingling in his feet to pass before standing up slowly and looking around to where he had landed. He could see the Mizukage tower not far away, perhaps a hundred meters or so, and knew he was more or less in the dead center of the village.

The perfect place to get intercepted. In no time at all, or so it seemed, Aimi was approached by a black haired ninja who stepped out from the shadow of a nearby building. "Aimi Kaguya, welcome back to Kirigakure," she said, bowing her head. Aimi looked over towards her and curled his toes, trying to will the pain in his lower legs to go away faster. "Good to be back," he lied. "So, what's up with this festival or whatever? Something about a change to the academy?"

The kunoichi looked up at Aimi with a confused look on her face. "Were you not briefed as to why the festival is being held?" she inquired.

"I skipped most of the details at the time because I was in a hurry to get back. Fill me in now," he ordered, turning full on towards the young woman and running his hand over his chest - a new habit he'd formed since reuniting with Worldslayer. The invisible seal that kept the weapon dormant was still active on his chest, the brush of his hand was a reminder of that.

"As you wish, Lord Bannin," she said, addressing him in such a way that he hadn't expected. No one had yet called him 'Lord Bannin'! "This festival is one of reigniting old traditions. The noble families to which we are bled and the Mizukage have agreed that the time is now for the village to return to it's roots and to let the world know who we are again - the Bloody Mist village. As such there will be three days of festivities for the whole village, but for ninja especially. The return of the Bloody Mist will be brought in by a change at the academy. Where before we were required only to prove our worth, now a young ninja must make a kill in order to graduate," she explained, her hands moving a bit as she spoke.

"Is that right?" Aimi asked, bringing his right hand up and stroking his chin as he mulled over this news. [color=CC0C00]"The return of the Bloody Mist, huh...?"[/color] he mused, trying the phrase out and seeing how it felt on his tongue. He had heard the stories of the times before his at the academy - they had all heard the stories - but he had been lead to believe that that time was past them now. The decision had helped to shape his view on the value of other shinobi, and now that it was back... the Kaguya didn't truly know how to feel. On a personal level he thought that the gesture was grand and foolish, for what ninja in the world doubted the brutal effectiveness of Kiri ninja? Throwing a bloody festival, changing how the academy functioned seemed like pointless gestures to him. Yet the decision was entirely out of his hands. He had no say in it and thus, no real worry one way or the other. Except...

"Who exactly are the genin to be supposed to kill in order to graduate?" he asked, bringing his hand down from his chin to his hip. A feeling of dread settled over him like a sheet as he waited for his answer, worried as to what it would be.

"I believe that the exact specifications for how the killings will go in the future is, as of yet, uncertain. But for this festival, the academy graduates are to kill criminals or even each other in order to earn the rank of genin. Bandits captured from the Iwamaru incident are to be released on the island for ninja to hunt and kill. Though this event is primarily for academy students, all shinobi are encouraged to participate," she explained. "Even the released criminals are allowed to participate. If they manage to kill a young ninja, or even another criminal, and bring their head in as proof, they earn the right to join the academy rather than be executed! Thus we will bolster our ranks with new, stronger ninja either way!" she said excitedly.

Aimi let out a small sigh of relief. It was good to hear that the young children were not being forced to kill one another in order to advance, though the option was available. This set up, in his eyes, were in favor of the young genin to be. Even if the criminals involved were adults, hardened men and women, murderers even, by the end of their education at the academy most should have the tools at their disposal in order to handle such threats from seemingly ordinary people. Training in ninjutsu, genjutsu and taijutsu truly could go a long way, even the basic stuff, if he simply knew how to apply it properly in any given situation. In a way he almost felt sorry for the criminals! Most of them were going to die as a rite of passage for young ninja or worse yet older, experienced ninja who were just killing them for fun. The only challenge for the academy students should be resolve, more or less. He thought to himself that, as long as he was there and could actively participate in this festival if he so desired, he could force his way in and intervene whenever he found ninja trying to kill each other rather than the criminals they were supposed to kill so as to preserve their numbers.

"I understand. Wundabar! It's a great way to make sure that our young are prepared for the life ahead of them and to fill up seats at the academy," he said with a smile. "So ninja and criminals are taking active roles in this. I suppose I'll just have to sit back and watch, mostly... is there anything else taking place that I need to know about?" he asked, wondering if perhaps there was somewhere he was supposed to be specifically. Beside the Mizukage perhaps or, worse, by the head of the Kawazaiwa family.

"No, I don't think so. That should be the extent of the - oh! I almost forgot," she said, holding her hands up and extending her fingers one by one as she counted. "The participants in the Bloody Mist festival are criminals, ninja, and slaves, who need only to kill someone and present their head to earn their freedom and join the academy if they wish, same as the criminals."

Aimi's heart sank and his face fell. He stood still as the weight of what she'd just said washed over him. Slaves were participating, or more likely being forced to participate, in this festival as well. Slaves like his father. His father, who despite being a large man, had no training whatsoever in a country where any sign of a slave showing resistance was more often than not met with death on the spot. The thought of his father participating in this event made his stomach fall and his body feel heavy. The sense of dread returned no more so than ever.

"Lord Banin? Is there something wrong?" the young kunoichi asked, her brow furrowing slightly at the expression on Aimi's face. Aimi didn't bother to answer her, instead flitting off down the streets in a blink of an eye as fast as he could. He ran, he vaulted over buildings, he scaled the wall of the inner part of the village and leaped from the top of it over the other rings. He moved as fast as he possibly could ignoring all else except for the way to the slums outside of the village proper where his family lived. As he landed on the outskirts of the last wall an explosion of dirt, sand and mud was left in his wake as he rushed as fast as his legs could possibly carry him. Each step he made would leave a small crater that connected with the previous one, leaving behind him a clear and visible trail of where he was going with such reckless abandon. He ignored any and everything in his way - including anyone that might be standing on the lake beach - as he passed. Hoping beyond hope. Needing to be sure...

As he came at last to the slums he slowed down, just enough that the force of his body wouldn't force the collapse of the shoddily built shacks as he passed them by. He made his way to his mother and father's shack and finally came to a stop, his legs and leg wrappings along with the lower parts of his bundled white cloak covered in dirt and mud. His heart froze in his chest as the Kaguya spotted the remains of the skeletal clone he'd left to stand guard outside of the hut before he'd left the village. The pile of bones had only ever meant to deter wandering thugs and lesser ninja who might think to come to this hut for a bit of stress relieving murder. His bone clones were so distinct throughout the village that he assumed all would know who had created it, that this hut was protected. But to those who didn't care? Who had come for their property; what did that matter?

Stepping forward over the fallen bones of his clone Aimi walked to the front door of the shack and pushed it open, letting in the dim light from the world outside and his shadow. On the floor was his mother, holding herself up by her arms and sobbing. The table had been over turned, what little possessions they had were strewn about and a mess. The bedroom door was open. Aimi's mother raised her wet face up and looked at her son and upon seeing him began to sob anew. "Aimi..." she cried miserably, his shoulders shaking her entire body as she wept.

There was no denying it now. Aimi's father had been taken. He was to be a victim of the Bloody Mist.

Dawn of the Blood Mist

Posted: Tue Jan 21, 2020 4:01 pm
by Izanagi
Despite staring ahead across the lake Shinji was of course aware of the others that had gathered. There was a certain heaviness in the air, the malice of so many trained killers gathered in one place. At least in the academy exams to come the criminals and slaves would have a fair chance of earning their freedom. On this day it would simply be a massacre. A few shinobi were sure to be killed in the bloodlust, likely Genin killed by the bandits or a few Chunin killed by fellow shinobi. Shinji didn’t expect anyone of true repute to attempt to eliminate any other valuable tool of Kirigakure but regardless he would keep his guard up at all times. It would be foolish not to.

A figure approached him, his scent was vaguely familiar though the weight of his steps and his height seemed a little more substantial than he recalled. The voice however he recognized distinctly, turning slightly he looked over the young man. He seemed to have grown a bit in the last few months. The two now stood at nearly equal height. “Oh, you’re that Shiimu kid, from Star country. Chunin right? Or have you been promoted recently like so many others?” he wondered. It seemed most who had participated in the tournament and even many others that had traveled there had received promotions upon their return. Kirigakure shinobi had performed well after all, still it seemed the Mizukage was eager to bolster the upper ranks and now take measures to thin out the weak early on. “I’m mostly interested in seeing some of the lower ranks in action.” He admitted. Sure, he might have a little fun himself, probably gather a few bandit heads. Ultimately though he wanted to honor the spirit of the event and allow the most ill-prepared of their ranks to die. “Did you escape from those guards or were you rescued?” he wondered, assessing the young man before him. He did seem capable and that black substance on his hands was intriguing. He wouldn’t hold it against him if he had a little help, those men were quite formidable after all.

Whatever tensions that had existed previously between the two of them didn’t matter now. Shinji wasn’t one to hold grudges, especially over a mundane thing like arm-wrestling competitions. The two of them were both Kirigakure shinobi, of a similar age and both born into one of the noble families of the village. They were each valuable soldiers who could easily find themselves finding alongside one another. Admittedly, Shinji was curious and hopeful about just how strong Kozaki currently was and far he would progress in time. It seemed likely that the two had much in common.

Dawn of the Blood Mist

Posted: Tue Jan 21, 2020 5:35 pm
by Ace Trainer
He smirked, crossing his arms confidently once Shinji addressed him, [color=FFFF80]"Tokubetsu now."[/color], Kozaki had graduated through the ranks quickly. Letting out a wide open mouthed yawn, he shrugged, "Gearing up for war, need lots of strong shinobi it seems like. Everyone is putting in extra time to be their best.", he gestured his heads towards the water, indicating this event as an example of the gearing up and extra time. Shinji mentioned being interested in the lower ranks in action and Kozaki nodded thoughtfully, "There will be good sparring opportunities with them. Plenty of the small ones will want the opportunity for a big shinobi's head, theres fame on the line after-all, hehe.", he grinned at the thought actually. Kozaki had intended on participating, but even more now he considered the possibility of baiting some of the junior shinobi into fighting him, he wouldn't kill them, but it might be fun to test their gusto.

Kozaki frowned almost immediately after, though. His pupils dilating quickly, the hair on the back of his neck standing up. He knew he wasn't in any danger, but Shinji's question triggered something in him. He wondered if Shinji would have noticed as he quickly caught his bearing, realizing his hand had formed a fist tucked into his arm pits, his arms still crossed. Relaxing, he shook his head, "It....was procedural. They ended up letting me go, eventually. I guess it wasn't worth an international event over some gambling.", he gulped, trying to regain his appearance of confidence. "I'm strong, but dunno about all of them.", he said with a laugh.

"What you think of these graduation changing? We didn't have to do anything like this, I mean the culminating experience was just survival out there....this...this is different. Slaves might be slaves, but plenty of them should command some level of respect. You think an academy student will have the guts for it?", Kozaki's academy experience had been bookended with experimentation on his body, had was hardly afforded a normal childhood. This was just a step closer to that for everyone else.

Dawn of the Blood Mist

Posted: Tue Jan 21, 2020 10:56 pm
by Izanagi
The young member of the seven made a content grunt and a slight nod at the clarification of Kozaki’s rank. That was good. Their generation certainly was a promising one, Nishiki was excelling as well and he had a good feeling about Chisaki’s progression. “Yeah, I’ve been keeping an eye on a few with unique abilities. They’d better not die before they reach their potential” he commented, especially if it meant wasting his time. He wondered how the Kazuki twins were doing, he hadn’t seen them since returning from Iwagakure. Hopefully they would be taking advantage of this opportunity to hone their killing intent and work through any nerves that those first few kills tended to bring. If he did run into anyone he had taken an interest in he would be sure to watch over them. Shinji grinned at the thought of messing with some of the Genin and academy students. If he caught them lowering their guard or acting foolishly he would be sure to punish them, though not fatally. “That will be fun” he admitted. While he was at it he might just toy with Kozaki a little too. He wondered if there would be any Bannin participating. He was familiar with all of them except Hideki. Would any wish to challenge him? It was something to keep in mind and even Jounin or Special Jounin could be formidable under the right circumstances. Hopefully he wouldn’t end up getting bored.

The Shiimu boy seemed on edge when Star Country was mentioned. Shinji wondered why that might be, his answer didn’t quite seem satisfactory given his adverse reaction but there was no reason to be paranoid or press him on the matter. It was obvious he would have been properly cleared and questioned about the alleged short time he spent in custody. Still, it was something to keep in mind. “Hmm” he considered, seeming to accept the reasoning. He had figured it would be worked out one way or the other, he certainly hadn’t been willing to escalate the situation and spill blood over it or risk himself at the time. For such a minor offence most would simply have to pay a fine, or at least he surmised. Gambling wasn’t exactly a top target for cracking down on around Kirigakure. “The right people will survive and become stronger for it. If you get bored and want a proper challenge come find me” he offered. Of course, it was more likely to be the other way around but he didn’t need to know that.

With all this talk Shinji was actually beginning to eagerly anticipate the start of this festival. He looked around casually, his predatory eyes assessing the competition. Dozens of shinobi had already gathered and there would only be more. There was less than an hour until the event began and it would be wise to assess one’s competition, the strongest had no reason to hide though anyone afraid or feeble looking would risk making themselves a target if they were to show their nerves. The Shiimu kid whose first name Shinji couldn’t quite recall asked about his thoughts. “It’s a great opportunity. For slaves especially, criminals could be problematic, need to keep a close eye on potential spies especially as word gets out. Don’t expect any to survive today at least. As for the kids, I believe the strongest of us have all had extensive training and hardships beyond the scope of the academy. They’ll train harder with their lives on the line right out of the gate, do whatever it takes to become stronger.” He assessed. That’s what it was like in his household. “Preparation is key. This batch might have a hard time of it but some will find it within themselves. Decapitation might be a bit much depending on how they’re equipped, not an easy thing to do with just a kunai. I made my first kill at 9 but I was 11 or 12 I think before I took a head clean off. Took a bit of practice.” He assessed calmly. Sure, one could sit there and saw away but kunai were meant more for piercing and didn’t handle bone well. Sword wielders would be at an advantage, a few good chops and they’d get by.

Dawn of the Blood Mist

Posted: Wed Jan 22, 2020 12:44 am
by Golnax
phpBB [video]

All of a sudden, a storm was upon the beach.

It came in the form of a man - a man that many of them knew, who many of them even revered at this point. Several shinobi had begun to gather near and around Shinji and Kozaki, talking among themselves about one thing or another, excitement or expectations. None of the academy students were present. They were elsewhere being briefed about the festival that was about to take place and what they were expected to do in order to move up in the world of Kirigakure. Those who had gathered here were of genin rank or higher, eager to test their skills or to keep others from joining the academy. Many motives were present and accounted for, but none could match the resolve of the storm.

It came suddenly and without warning of any sort. From the beach came first the man, Aimi Kaguya, who came to a sudden and screeching halt as he dug his feet into the rocky shore in order to avoid a collision with anyone. Next came the sound of his approach - a loud boom accompanied by a baritone of sonic pulses that the even tempered among them might later identify as footsteps. Lastly came the debris and dust which came rushing forward a moment after Aimi had come to a stop. Nothing so substantial as to hinder vision or cause any harm, but the sheer volume of the dirt and sand kicked up by his approach was impressive to say the least: such was the physical might of a man hellbent to move as quickly as he possibly could that could outrun the sound of his approach!

Aimi stood and took in heavy breaths through his nose. His muscles were strained, tense and ready to react. His eyes were wild and searching, his frown intense. The bannin turned his head back and forth and took in the scene before him - a group of confused ninja who, mostly, had turned to his direction. He had their attention and for the time being that was all he needed.

"The slaves who are being made to participate in this festival," he demanded, stepping forward with slow, deliberate steps towards the closest ninja to him - a young man who couldn't have been any older than thirteen. The Kaguya reached out and grabbed a hold of the collar of his shirt, pulling upwards on it without lifting him up off of the ground. "Where are they?"

The young brown haired boy hadn't even yet begun to form a reply before other ninja began to approach. Some were asking if this was indeed Aimi Kaguya, others were asking what was going on. None of what was being said was what Aimi wanted to hear. He looked up from the young boy after a pair of seconds passed without an answer and let go of his collar. The white haired bannin walked past him and pushed him aside in order to move on to the next person who might have the answers he sought. All that was going through his head was how he had to find out where the slaves were being kept. Time was short. He needed to figure out where his father was before it was too late.

"Are you Aimi Kaguya?!" a kunoichi asked, pushing her way to get in front of the shirtless shinobi, an eager smile upon her face. Aimi had never seen her before and did not have time for any sort of fawning.

"The slaves who are going to be hunted - where are they being kept?" he demanded, letting his focused gaze fall upon her excited face and watching it turn to a look of concern as she heard the tone on his voice. His mind flashed to the sight of his mother on the floor. Powerless to stop the men who had taken her husband, his father. In no position to try and keep him out of harms way. No hope of any sort of rescue because she had still believed her son, Aimi, was outside of the village... until Aimi had walked through the door.

"Uhm... I don't know..." she answered, taking a cautious step backwards. The opening she made gave way for three more to step up and take her place. All chattering. All excited. Asking if he was going to participate. Asking if he was there to watch. How long he was back for. Each and every question was an unwanted conversation that he didn't want to even begin. He ground his teeth together. He balled his hands into fists.

He began to channel his chakra.

"Enough! Enough of these questions, enough of this trivial TRIPE!" he cried out, his voice gradually gaining volume as his chakra built up more and more. "Someone, anyone who knows, tell me where the slaves are! Tell me! Tell me NOW!" he screamed impatiently, and as he screamed his chakra exploded!

It was nothing so substantial as a real explosion; none of the fire and fanfare. Instead his chakra burst out from his person in a 15 meter radius in a visible wave that was gone just as quickly as it had appeared. It was raw, unadulterated, unrefined chakra that forced upon all those within 15 meters of him to feel the sheer difference in weight between his titanic chakra and theirs. Knees buckled and people went limp as the strength to stand up straight suddenly left them for reasons that little to none around could have known. Some fell to their knees, a couple passed out entirely. Most were simply left jarred and stunned for a moment as their bodies struggled to adjust to the shock of such an intense and potent bout of chakra.

As they slumped over and bowed their heads, Aimi was left standing and still breathing heavily. He waited for someone to recover or someone who had been outside of the field of influence to respond to him. He looked around and through the crowd he saw him, a face that he recognized and a high ranking shinobi.

Shinji stood not too terribly far away.

Jutsu TrainedShow
[Ninjutsu • Pressure]
B-Ranked Ninjutsu
The user channels their chakra and exudes it from their being, pushing it out from themselves to exert their presence within a 15 meter radius. Those within this area of effect will suffer a 6 Strength Debuff for 1 post.


Dawn of the Blood Mist

Posted: Thu Jan 23, 2020 11:16 am
by WrightJustice
As everyone as beginning to gather, a group of elegantly dressed Tsukino with their long flowing kimono began to almost march onto the beach like a proud, mysterious, sly foxes clearly in some kind of formation with obviously important people in the centre.
The house wasn't truly known for showing off and where usually ones for the shadows, in fact the whole event felt a little abhorrent to them, however they had a visit from some members of the Muramasa who talked to them about the upcoming changes that would revert the village back to its bloody past and as such the house was pressured to participate in the event and in fact it appeared those such Muramasa had came along personally to oversee them.

On the outer skirts of of the formation where the clear guards which mostly looked like burly but highly skilful worker shinobi mixed in with a few of the Tsukino's own, then further in where the more regal fox-kin of which one man clearly helped lead the group; Akifumi a seven tailed jounin and the father of Nishiki, whom the Muramasa that travelled at the very centre had very particular interest in hence why it was his father that insisted on leading the squad even if he wasn't necessarily at the very top of the house.

Whether or not they where the top or not they all still looked very regal and rather important as the father's silvery white fur glistened against the specks of sunlight and any mist that made it out this far, similarly his wife Katsumi's pink fur was dazzling as her three tails flowed out behind her following her graceful steps and then there was Nishiki and his more faded pink fur with his own five tails flowing with near equal grace with his gold and red kimono.

At the very centre was an older Muramasa gentlemen who looked more casually business-like, appearing like a true tradesman and yet still very regal and noble as he accompanied the Tsukino house having the most ties with said house and then there was his young great-grandson who had came along on his visit and was very excited to get his hands personally dirty and join in with the festivities himself.

Once the group arrived the stopped in formation and the elder gentlemen turned to Akifumi with a grand smile and a light bow, of which the Tsukino returned tenfold before they spoke.
"Thank you for bringing us along Akifumi, I am glad it is you that got approved as part of my service for today as you know all too well how fascinated I am to see OUR genma hos in action" he spoke with a odd mix of a tradesman and a true noble, his voice regal yet like that of a worker "also I truly wish to see your kind at work as well, it is imperative that the houses and clans we hold under our belt to maintain great status and capability" he went on, clearly having great expectations as probably one of the few nobles that dared venture directly to the front lines of such an event.
"Yes Muramasa-sama, it is always a true honour to work for you in this way and I am sure the few selected of the Tsukino house to participate in the grand event will do you proud, no less my young Nishiki who I am sure will prove his worth as a Jinchuuriki" the regal fox spoke, giving another bow.

With the the elder looked down at the young boy with great delight, eyeing him for his strengths before glancing around and giving the leading fox a small gesture from which he then gave his own gesture causing the guard in front to do his own gesture and shout a command out to the others.
Once the command was given an opening formed and the Tsukino house members not just sticking on guard detail stepped out along with the young, almost giddy great-grandson Muaramasa but before they did the elder turned to Akifumi one last time.
"Make sure he comes back alive" the words sounded like a plea for them to help the boy as much as they could but deep within they held much darker meanings.

Once the family members dispersed the guards reformed around the elder Muramasa and Akifumi stuck to the younger's side like glue as Nishiki simply wondered away in a pensive like state, still trying to grip the words they where told before coming and trying to bare the pressure put upon him by the noble family.
"Is it truly right to slip back into old ways? Culling so many young children for an exam?" talked to himself as he knelt down at the edge of the lake, placing his hands into the water and pulling it out as if he was trying to dig up the liquid.
He was definitely taught to be tough and was pretty sure he was ready to kill, especially in his own way and felt he could have fun with the festival chasing down all the escapees but he thought they had passed the old times of the bloody mist where children had to kill to prove their worth or be killed themselves and yet perhaps it did make some sense to cull the weak right from the beginning.
"Only you humans would be so pathetic as to contemplate the efficiency of killing-" Yoshimitsu began to speak up within the boy's mind but both their thoughts where quickly shattered as loud boom rung out around them and a very familiar and burly man crashed down from the skies bellowing about slaves upon doing so.
"Aimi-sama?" Nshiki sounded shocked as he held up his hands to block the dust and tried to get a proper glimpse of what was going on, confused about his old sensei's return to the village.

Dawn of the Blood Mist

Posted: Fri Jan 24, 2020 12:14 pm
by Ace Trainer
Kozaki's ears perked up, "Unique abilities you saw? Anything you want to share? I'm something of a....curator of unique skillsets.", Kozaki's concerned demeanor had completely vanished to a devilish smirk that seemed to reveal.....less than pure intentions. He seemed to realize this because he quickly added "I've got something of a unique ability myself, always interested in those I", host was a strange word to use here, but a word to use none-the-less. Shinji then offered off Kozaki to 'find him' if he got bored during the event. Kozaki found it unlikely he would get bored, but the idea...interested him. He was practically salivating at the thought of tasting genma chakra. His fingers wiggled in excitement. Oh, just maybe he would. Shinji would be a hard fight, even with Kozaki's weapon that he'd become very dependent on, he recognized that Shinji was in a class of his own, both as a taijutsu user and as a genma host, Kozaki doubted at his current level he'd be able to hold his own. After all his skilset was still quite limited.

As Shinji responded, Kozaki listened intently, nodding in agreement. Survival of the fittest was truly the ideology of Kirigakure, so the 'return to the old ways' as many of the shiimu elder had referred to it certainly seemed appropriate. The Shiimu family had been quite split on this, and Kozaki had found himself on the side that seemed a little more...brutal. To Kozaki -- perhaps a product of his own youth -- he saw this as an opportunity. Many Shiimu had said it was wrong, that forcing slaves into this was foul. But others, Kozaki included, felt that this was an opportunity for a slave to prove its worth and join the ranks of shinobi. What better pride would you have as a master for your slave to defeat a shinobi and become one in his own right? To represent you as the strongest of slaves? This was an opportunity for freedom, an opportunity seldom offered to slaves. It was one worth having.

As he thought to respond to Shinji, he was interrupted by an enormous sound, and some commotion going on not too far from them. He turned to look at it, taking a few steps, his left arm formed a short spear in his hand, the coating around the arm disappearing in favor of the weaponry. It quickly became apparent, however, that the commotion was being caused by a Kirigakure ninja, and a bannin no less.

"Confident enough to fight a bannin on an rampage?", Kozaki said with a smirk, relaxing a little as he watched the situation. They weren't really going to intervene....right?

Dawn of the Blood Mist

Posted: Sun Feb 09, 2020 9:05 pm
by Izanagi
Shinji considered how much to reveal about Chisaki and Ryu, both of them were bled to the Muramasa family, aside from himself and a handful of others there likely wasn’t much knowledge of them among the other noble families. “They each have abilities relating to transforming their bodies, close quarters types that would be rather difficult to kill especially as they progress. Not too unlike myself” he simplified. They had gained his interest for good reason, if he worked closely with them there was a great deal of potential to unlock. Chisaki in particular could pair extremely well with his tactics. Not to mention the fact that she was practically his girlfriend at this point. All the more reason to be protective of her. He groaned and furrowed his brow at the mention of hosting. “Not another Maido. Can you use that black stuff in a similar way to her blood then?” he speculated. He had thought that was a unique ability to Maido, merging with another’s body like she had done with him on multiple occasions. Certainly the black material Kozaki used wasn’t Chiton, he would have been able to smell it if it was. But it also wasn’t ink, something unique to him likely, perhaps even a form of pure chakra. He was sure he must have different applications and limitations to Maido’s blood techniques though likely there were some similarities. Thinking back, Maido had seemed to take an interest in Kozaki and had been familiar with him at the time of the arm-wrestling event. She had even asked Shinji to help her rescue Kozaki. Clearly she had taken an interest in him in a similar way to how Shinji had been drawn to his own underlings that shared similar abilities to his.

He considered the potential for teamwork. Having teamed up with Maido before to massacre others he knew the power of combining mid-long range kinesis skills with a close quarters specialist that can transform. When one applied hosting in the form of full body integration especially boosting healing or other such supporting effects the combat power was staggering. “I look forward to seeing your full potential realized. I’m sure with Maido mentoring you we’ll be able to make some deadly combinations in the near future.” He considered. As he spoke with Kozaki he noticed the group of Tsukino arrive, making out his friend and fellow Jinchurriki; Nishiki looking regal as ever within the center of the entourage. It seemed each of the noble families was intent on having representation for this event. Surely the Hirohito would have high ranking members of the Aisu family in attendance and the Kaguya would as usual be the face of power for the Kawazaiwa. Shinji of course was one of the most famous members of the Karagata family, competed only by Shiv. The Jinchurriki representing the Karagata family watched Nishiki as he kneeled by the water, considering going over to talk to him when suddenly the hairs on the back of his neck stood up as he felt a great pressure approaching.

With such speed and power, it had to either be Shiv or Aimi, two of the villages Bannin and both men to which Shinji greatly respected. Though he had reservations about some of their differing ideals he aspired to reach their level of skill, power and prestige. The impact sounded and Shinji held fast as wind and sand blew his way, spattering his clothing before quickly subsiding. Only then did he turn to look toward the man who was causing such a raucous. It had become immediately apparent that it was in fact Aimi-sama that had arrived as he heard him shouting angrily and questioning a handful of people. Naturally Shinjiro simply observed the situation. He wasn’t one to get involved in matters that didn’t concern him though he was mildly curious about why Aimi was so concerned about discovering the location of the slaves. Was this a moral objection? The man had displayed controversial thoughts a number of times, it certainly seemed possible that this was among the things he would consider unethical. Though at the same time Shinji wasn’t convinced that there wasn’t more to it than that. The teenage assassin smirked at Kozaki’s comment. “I admit I’ve been curious to test myself against him again, but when he’s like this, no, it’s not worth the risk” he assessed calmly. Shinjiro was a naturally cautious individual and though Vorashu had pushed him to become more reckless over the years there came a limit. Recently he had nearly been killed due to his own arrogance and so he had taken measures to reign himself in. Even still, he could feel the Genma’s influence within, surging within him. The need to dominate and test oneself against all challengers. But as a host he had to be stronger than that, strong enough to resist those urges when the situation called for it. Now was such a time.

When the wave of chakra caused many to collapse Shinji chuckled lightly to himself. It was entertaining watching others succumb to the mere presence of a man such as Aimi. He had felt such a wave of force before and though he was strong enough to resist it himself he knew that this was just the smallest tip of the Bannin’s power. If one couldn’t even remain unflinching in the face of it they had no hope of even laying a hand on the man let alone stopping him. Shinji took a step forward. The hairs across his skin were still on end and he could feel the blood rushing in his veins, though his breathing remained ghost-like, faint and even. In the face of such a presence his own posture was naturally predatory, primed and ready to act in an instant. He knew it was pointless to speak to the man unless it was with the answer he sought. Unfortunately, Shinjiro hadn’t been involved at all in the orchestration of this event. If any family knew where the slaves were it would likely be the Shiimu. But did he really want to drag Kozaki into this and face Aimi’s wrath. Despite the man's preaching of the value of human life and the importance of not wasting potential when he became enraged like this he was prone to lashing out and killing whoever stood in his way, a mindset Shinji could certainly relate to. “You wouldn’t happen to know where they are would you? If you do, I suggest you tell him quickly.” He whispered to his companion, still keeping his eyes forward and on Aimi. Honestly he didn’t expect Kozaki to know any better than him, if not him though then surely the Muramasa noble that accompanied the group of Tsukino would be a good candidate to ask. ‘I wonder what would happen if Aimi killed him’ he considered, referring to the Murumasa noble. In such a case sides would have to be chosen quickly. He speculated that Nishiki might even be prone to defending his Sensei in such an event and Shinji would also be inclined to fight alongside Aimi. With a Bannin and two Jinchuuriki banding together surely others would fall in line. It was the most efficient solution, though he certainly hoped it wouldn’t come down to that.

Dawn of the Blood Mist

Posted: Mon Feb 10, 2020 9:00 pm
by Mre-face
Mondai had heard of the festival and he was not about to participate out of fear some of his friends or people he had known in the slums would be part of the carnage. Not only that he also needed some peace since he had done a lot as of recently. From his initiation to the daggers by fighting Chiane to training non-stop, sparring with Shinjiro that left him injured, recovering from that to immediately go back into training. So he had only planned to simply observe the start of the festival and then immediately go home and relax with his family. As Mondai observed around the area he could see multiple different faces he had seen before from renowned shinobi and nobles to a few faces he had seen and interacted with before. I wonder who is going to participate? he thought to himself wonder which people he knew were ruthless enough to kill Criminals, Slaves, and even Shinobi...

Mondai was looking and waiting for the event to start he noticed quite a ruckus was being caused around and from a distance, it moved like the wind and the ground shook from whatever was moving. When it finally stopped for a second he took a long look and realized it was Aimi. What was causing this carefree spirit to be so serious? Mondai could tell that he was angry or concerned over something just from the sheer force this man was sending through the ground and the way he was blitzing around. However, Mondai would not get involved not only because it was none of his business but also because he felt like his input wouldn't really matter that much especially against a raging bannin. Mondai's thoughts towards this festival were mixed while he understood that Krigakure is a cold and unforgiving place but murdering one's own comrades for ranks and prestige seemed a bit too far however nothing that bothered him seeing that he wouldn't even participate nor be in the presence of the festival.

A festival dedicated to murder... Nothing could describe the bloody mist any better...

Dawn of the Blood Mist

Posted: Tue Apr 14, 2020 9:16 pm
by Golnax
Perception and skill are funny bedfellows. The moment that Aimi set eyes upon the jinchuriki that he recognized right off the bat his body began to turn towards him. Thoughts flooded through his head like a crashing wave of words. 'Slaves. Where. Shinji. Jinchuriki. Knows. Him. Slaves. Father.' It was primal focus, pure and simple, more concept than articulation that ran through his mind. These words, nothing more, flashed in his mind one by one in quick succession as he turned his body full on towards the young talent and made his way over towards him. His steps were graceful, purposeful and fluid. He weaved in and out between the next generation of shinobi who were shaking, stunned or passed out before him with little effort. He was a white streak that was zigzagging through the crowd as he sought out the path of least resistance between him and Shinji.

To Aimi all of this took place in what most would consider a reasonable amount of time. He saw Shinji, he came to the quick conclusion that he might be able to help, he turned towards him and moved over in his direction. Such is the nature of perception, though, that those gathered there who were not as sharp of eye as he was quick would have at best seem his form flicker, let alone be able to follow his path through the crowd! In an instant he was standing before Shinji as if there had been no space between them at all. He stood before the Genma host in much the same way as he had done on the day that he had assaulted Mondai - only this was different. There was no air of menacing threat, no self righteous surety in his body language. Only a desperate need.

"The slaves," he repeated for Shinji. "Shinji the slaves; where are they? Do you know? Do either of you know? he asked, snapping his face over to look at the visage of Kozaki. The pair had never met before and thus the bannin did not know who he looked at but his tone was that of an order - a demand for information that either of them had. His eyes were wild and frantic.

They didn't stop on Kozaki. He waited perhaps a second before he lifted his head and spotted another familiar face int he crowd. He was dressed far more elegantly than he had ever seen the pink-haired fox before and had the circumstances been different he might have taken note of that. Being that they were not though he took no note of them and instead a similar flurry of thought fragments rushed through his mind as they had done upon sighting Shinji. He turned and walked over towards Nishiki - slowly, this time, relatively speaking so as to not miss out on any information that Shinji might give him.

"Nishiki, do you know?" he asked, he pleaded. "Do you know where they are? The slaves? Nishiki I have to find them, I need -" but he was cut off from going any further, interrupted by an equally elegantly dressed Tsukino, Nishiki's father, Akifumi.

"Kaguya Aimi! What are you doing here? I thought you had left the village - moreover, this behavior is unbecoming of a Bannin!" Akifumi said sternly, drawing the blue gaze of the Kaguya on him. The last time the two had met Nishiki's Genma, Yoshimitsu, was out of control and it had fallen onto Aimi to restrain the beast. He had said some unkind words to the boy's father and sense then the house leader had seemed to grow a bit more protective of his progeny. His tone was stern and perhaps a bit overly formal, a display for his Muramasa masters perhaps. Aimi showed little regard for the Tsukino's status.

"I need to know where they are," Aimi insisted. "I don't care who tells me," he tried to say, but he was once again interrupted, this time by the elderly Muramasa gentleman who had accompanied the escort band.

"What is the meaning of all of this ruckus!? Is that a Kaguya standing before me and my House and not giving due respect!?" the old man wanted to know. He had just finished expressing the importance of a clan or houses' status to their owner. A clansman from a different family not showing respect was an especial affront to the eldermans' traditionalist sentiments!

Things were beginning to escalate on the beach...

Dawn of the Blood Mist

Posted: Wed Apr 22, 2020 10:22 am
by WrightJustice
Nishiki stood up in uncertainty and confusion as he witnessed Aimi's grand entrance, glancing back for a mere second before turning to realise the enraged beast of a man was suddenly before his jinchuuriki brethren demanding to know about slaves by the sounds of things. Then, before he knew it, the shirtless bannin turned to his direction began to menacingly storm.

Aimi's movements instantly tensed everyone up as people swiftly moved in a defensive fashion, with Akifumi in particular moving to intercept with questioning words as the bannin approached, hands moved to grip their weapons as a defensive formation rallied around the Muramasa noble despite the capabilities of someone such as the one they now faced.

Then the intensity of the situation spiked dramatically as the Noble interjected, in turn causing a procession of gulps and a round of dismay from everyone around as they knew they truly could not handle such a wild beast not one of such significant level and yet every last guard stood their ground as swords slowly began to unsheath and eyes pierced the man's bare chest like bullets.

Amongst the strain an elegant fox woman stepped forward with an outstretched hand, her weary eyes glancing at Nishiki before she spoke in a hushed tone.
"Nishiki, come" her words called, grabbing the attention of the boy who glanced back once more but turned to face his old sensei once more with slight uncertainty.
"Your... Father..." Nishiki then muttered as he thought on what all this was about, at least before the noble called out the man's disrespect.
"Aimi-sama, I dunno where they... he is... please calm down" Nishiki then called out, cutting through the older man's words and stepped before his old sensei despite his mother's call, pleading for Aimi to end his wrath but the air was filled with such great intensity he was not certain it would be enough.
"Well?!" the old man then peeped up again, totally sinking everyone's stomachs "I don't know what you're playing at but even a bannin such as yourself must bow to one such as I with respect" the noble began to demanded once more, cracking and breaking the intensity in the air beyond repair.
"Shit" was all that came to mind from everyone around the noble, especially from that of Akifumi who almost said the word out loud but held it back as all his muscles tensed and a glint shone from his sword as it slowly pulled from its sheath ready for whatever Aimi did next.

Dawn of the Blood Mist

Posted: Wed Apr 22, 2020 3:00 pm
by Ace Trainer
Kozaki frowned at the notion of transforming their bodies. Not something he could borrow, he didn't think, but it was something that would benefit from his own power, he supposed. In an ideal world the bulk of Kirigakure would have Kozaki's samsara through their chest and a network of chakra at his disposal. Shinji's concern was humorous though, in regards to Maido. Shaking his head, he laughed lightly, "Maybe the opposite of Maido.", he said in an attempt to offer relief. Kozaki thought back to his first interaction with Shinji, in simple words Kozaki likely would describe the interaction as 'dude was kind of a dick', Kozaki had a preference for playing fast and loose with the rules, as he had been trained, and Shinji struck Kozaki as something of an authoritarian. Maybe it was just that interaction, it was hard to tell.

The situation with Aimi took control of the conversation, though not enough to stop Kozaki from internally opining about what Shinjiro had said. again That was an interesting thing to say. Had he fought Aimi in the past? Looking at the rampaging Bannin he couldn't help but be a little jealous of the apparent power Shinji had if he could go toe to toe with Aimi at any point, even if he didn't think he could contend now. He shook his head slowly watching Aimi rage about various parties, "Not a clue.", he shrugged. Perhaps this was bad timing though because Aimi's gaze shifted to them and he was before them before he even realized.

The raw power radiating off of Aimi was....terrifying to keep it short. Kozaki had faed off against some strong shinobi in his training but this...? This was something else entirely. And to think these nobles were willing to talk so....confidently, not just to a bannin, but an angry bannin. So much for not having to involve themselves. "What's the-", he was cut off by Nishiki's introduction and the mentioning of his dad. Wow, Kozaki was in revered presence today, both Genma hosts and a bannin? Was this who he ran with now? Were these the names he was among? He couldn't help but smirk a little at a notion. What a great feeling it was to be.

He grounded his thoughts however, "Dad huh?", without much more information Kozaki had to assume maybe Aimi's dad was one of the slaves or individuals being used for the hunt? Seemed weird, why not just buy his dads freedom now that he was a bannin? Purchase him or something. Hell, even this wasn't terrible, supposedly any targets that survived would be granted freedom and an opportunity to become a shinobi. Even outside the age restrictions. That was a hell of an offer. Kozaki never had parents so it was hard to really relate with what Aimi was feeling. He just didn't get it. His bright yellow eyes seemed to just watch the situation apathetically, interested to see what would happen.

Dawn of the Blood Mist

Posted: Sun May 10, 2020 5:12 pm
by Izanagi
What Kozaki had said lingered in Shinji’s mind for a few moments, even as Aimi arrived. The opposite of Maido, just what had he meant by that? What was opposite of someone who possessed the bodies of others and commanded devastating control of blood? Whatever it was Shinji doubted it was anything he would be fond of, though certainly the Shiimu kid was someone to keep an eye on. Each of the 5 families had their own prodigies; Shinji of course represented the Karagata, Nishiki was bled to the Muramasa and there was that other kid Shio that he fought in Star Country who bled for the Kawazaiwa, the same family the Kaguya were contracted to. That only left the Hirohito who had an array of talented young Aisu clan members at any given time. Of course, Shinji desired to remain the strongest of this upcoming generation of shinobi, certainly, he was currently regarded as such and the most famous though if he wasn’t diligent in his training, he knew he could be overtaken.

The teenage assassin frowned as Kozaki came short of knowing much about the slaves for the event. Great, now it would be up to him to calm Aimi, and surely enough before the words could even fully leave the Shiimu’s mouth the muscular, bare-chested Kaguya appeared in a flash. Even Shinji could barely track the motion, seeing it more as a blur, just barely able to make out the vague shape of the man’s limbs, enough to react to an attack though Shinji wasn’t fast enough to actually keep up with the man, not without tapping into the powers of the Genma at least. Shinji hesitated, though he looked Aimi straight in the eye. He didn’t want to give the man a guess for an answer, though he had to provide something. “The main island, that’s where they will be hunted” he stated. He knew it wasn’t much to go on, the island Kirigakure resided on was on a large lake, small in comparison to the large main island in the middle of the Ocean, one of dozens of other islands that made up Water Country. Standing at the beach of the lake one could presume that the main fighting would take place on the other side of the waters, somewhat close to the lake, the Kiri shinobi would be starting on the island of Kirigakure and rushing across to search for targets once the exam began so presumably the slaves would be released somewhat close by, likely they would be within a 10 kilometers radius of the lake.

Tensions began to arise as Aimi pressed the entourage of Muramasa and Tsukino noblemen for more specifics. Shinji was surprised to hear Nishiki’s assumption that Aimi was looking for his father, how was that even possible? The father of a Bannin a slave? The notion seemed absurd to him. No wonder he wouldn’t have heard of such a shameful secret but that certainly begged the question of why Aimi hadn’t freed his father before now, perhaps whoever owned him was equally as powerful. Was there some kind of grudge or power play brewing? If it was Shiv then Shinji would be bound by family loyalty to take the side of the Karagata, but would he use such methods? What kind of personal grudges might there be or was it simple a matter of asserting dominance and control over a newly promoted and now rival Bannin. Of course, there was no evidence to suggest it was him, there was also the possibility of Hideki being involved or one of many noblemen from rival families. Perhaps there was even the slim chance that Aimi’s father had been enslaved due to some kind of debt or offence, by someone foolish enough to not realize whose son it was they had taken. It wouldn’t have surprised him if many of the slaves had been procured through simply rounding up people from the slums of the outer ring or taking various criminals that may have only had minor offenses if they had enemies in high places.

Whatever the true circumstances were Shinji wouldn’t down unless he had more information. For now, he was willing to back Aimi, at the least to ease tensions. Shinji had a mostly favorable relationship with the Muramasa family, more so than any of the other noble families at least, he had agreed to track down one of their esteemed missing blacksmiths and he hoped to further win their favor to better the odds that one of Ryoga and Rin’s children would pledge themselves over to the Karagata like their mother while the other remained a Muramasa. As descendants of a former overseer of the Seven Swordsmen the twins were each of great interest to Shinji. He wanted to procure Amaya at least into his family and train Ryu to become a swordsman like his father, he would make a fine dagger. Therefore he would have to navigate carefully and help save the pride of the Muramasa family leader without getting him killed by Aimi.

Flickering out of sight from his current position, Shinji moved nearly as fast as Aimi or at least it would seem comparable to any who wasn’t in a similar enough tier to realize how much of a difference there still was. Appearing about 2 meters to Aimi’s left and a similar distance from the entourage, Shinji bowed lowly. “Lord Muramasa, Lord Tsukino” he bowed to each of them, notably deeper to the head of the Muramasa family though still a respectful amount to the esteemed Tsukino leader. “Pardon the interruption, blood runs hot during festivities such as these” he stated, likely drawing some ire from the prideful Bannin who surely wouldn’t like Shinji speaking on his behalf. Though if the Kaguya turned his frustrations towards Shinji then at least he was more likely to be able to defend himself. The young Jinchuuriki despised politics though he was accustomed to respect and service, honoring his superiors was natural to him. “Aimi-Sama, the graduation exam will begin soon. If there’s someone in particular you’re looking for we can find them together, surely nobody will be able to compare to your speed and might. And any participant that makes a kill will be accepted as a shinobi, a Genin, even the slaves could be awarded freedom.” He stated dryly, speaking lowly behind the dark cloth mask that obscured the lower portion of his face. Surely any issue the man had could be easily resolved through the course of the event. If it really was his father then he now had an opportunity to become a shinobi, a better standing than even someone from the merchant class, awarding new rights and the pathway to a good standard of living. Though if Nishiki was mistaken and perhaps Aimi wanted to kill someone in particular that had been taken for use in the event then that too would be easily accomplished. Shinji didn’t particularly care which it was.

Dawn of the Blood Mist

Posted: Tue May 26, 2020 10:28 am
by Mre-face
Mondai quietly observed and waited which was starting to get boring so instead, he had decided to start walking towards the familiar faces one was the fox that he enjoyed teasing so to quell his boredom ha had decided to come and annoy the foxy jinchuuriki. As he kept walking towards he noticed that Aimi was there and seemed quite hysterical over something as he approached he thought of a witty line to announce his presence. "Well if it isn't the lively raccoon and the rest of the danger squad! How are we all doing?" It took Mondai a few seconds until he realized that this wasn't the time for jokes as Aimi didn't look intimidating, condescending, or carefree. He looked desperate. Which was a shock to Mondai since Aimi always seemed like one of those laid back people that barely flinched when anything that came their way.

Mondai looked for an answer but couldn't find one on his own so he resorted to asking them directly. "Is this a bad time? What's going on?" Mondai was deeply curious and concerned for Aimi since he had grown fond of him in their brief encounters together he even indirectly pushed Mondai so why would he not at least care the bare minimum. Plus it was never good when a Bannin was concerned this much over something.

Dawn of the Blood Mist

Posted: Tue May 26, 2020 4:23 pm
by Golnax
Much like Shinji, politics had never sat well with Aimi Kaguya. Unlike Shinji, however, the bannin found the entirty of Kirigakure politics to be anathema to him. He loathed the formalities. He hated the presumption of those who deemed themselves better than he. He despised the fluffy words and hidden agendas in every action, the constant play for power over one another, the tight rope that kept the tension of the village as a water droplet resting on the tip of a knife. Anyone who knew Aimi at all knew this about him - it was practically his defining character trait within Kirigakure. So it came to him as no surprise that everyone was suddenly so tense around him as he came with his questions, wild and desperate, and had received in response condescension and expectation from one who couldn't hope to match the strength in even his little finger. It was no surprise that the Tsukino took up defensive positions and Akifumi held his hand on his blade at the ready.

Despite this, Aimi couldn't help but be a bit insulted. Had he truly given anyone there cause to be cautious around him in that very moment? Aside from a few aspiring genin that he had caused to pass out before and who were already getting back up on their feet, he had done nothing to anyone except ask the question that he desperately needed an answer for. Indeed, his personal confusion on the matter showed only his ignorance of the reputation that he obviously had - of someone quick to violence and brutality. The slight insult he felt was as nothing compared to Nishiki's words that struck a little too close to home than what the Kaguya would have liked.

Aimi's blue eyes flashed over to the pink-haired fox who was being urged away by his mother and there was a look of understanding on his face, an admission to the statement. Yes, this was about his father. The bare-chested Kaguya had almost forgotten that he had once taken Nishiki to his parents' home in the slums and thus only he knew out of everyone else of his parents' status - that was, until now apparently. With the cat now out of the bag others began to pick up on the Kaguya's true intentions. Kozaki was especially quick on the draw as the word 'dad' practically made the bannin flinch on the spot. Despite his hatred of the political air in Kirigakure, he knew exactly what it would mean if the status of his parents were to become common knowledge. That wasn't to say that he believed he'd kept the worlds' best secret or anything - he knew for a fact that the Mizukage knew, it had said as much in the file about him that had burned shortly after his promotion - but he believed he'd kept it well enough that the noble families were ignorant of the fact. No longer.

It was then that Shinji came over, bowed, and tried his best to placate the Kaguya. His reminder that the event would start soon also made him remember something that he had nearly forgotten in the blustering of the noble - the main island. That's where Shinji said that the slaves and criminals would be hunted. His father was there, somewhere, and while that wasn't much to go on... it was something at least. This reminder and news served to help relieve the stressed bannin, but it was Mondai who came over towards the group suddenly and broke the ice by refering to them all as 'raccoon and the danger crew' that completely defused the situation.

Relaxing, Aimi straightened up and took in a deep breath through his nose, puffing his chest out momentarily before letting out the breath and turning towards Shinji. "Thank you," he said quietly before turning his back on Akifumi, the Tsukino, the noble that owned them and all the rest and taking a few steps forward before stopping, his head bowed and his eyes closed in thought. When next they opened there was determination in his eyes and focus. He looked up and over towards Kozaki before raising his arm and pointing at him.

"You, Shinji, Nishiki," Aimi said, turning to each in turn and pointing at them. "Come with me, we need to scour the island and find our target. Consider this a mission!" he said. His tone had shifted, the desperation was gone; replaced by an air of authority that he seemed to slide into naturally. As he spoke he turned and walked towards Mondai. "We're looking for a man, a little over six feet tall, blond hair, gaunt, blue eyes, likely wearing tattered clothing. Nishiki you know exactly what he looks like. We don't know his exact location but he's somewhere on the island. We'll have to split up to cover the most ground. Mondai, you're with me," he declared, pointing to the newly arrived young man before looking back to Shinji.

"Shinji, take him and cover the west side of the island. Nishiki," he said, turning to the fox. "You take the north. Mondai and I will cover the east and south. If anyone finds him, give me a signal of some kind. Fire off ninjutsu straight into the air, set the trees on fire, turn into a bat and find me - I don't care. Just make sure we can all see it so that we can converge on each others' location once the target has been found. There's going to be criminals and other slaves as well as genin who are all going to be fighting and killing each other to earn rank and freedom. If you encounter any resistance, cut them down. Whatever you do, don't slow down. Once the target is found we will escort him off of the island and back here, understood?"

The orders were clear and efficient, but be that as it may the Kaguya gave the group a few seconds to take it all in and ask whatever questions they might have before they began. There was precious little time to spare, however. Aimi wouldn't sit still for long and, with or without them, he would be departing shortly.

Dawn of the Blood Mist

Posted: Thu May 28, 2020 10:05 am
by WrightJustice
Nishiki didn't properly think about mentioning Aimi's father but things started to calm down as Shinji approached along with Mondai and his sort of bad-good timing, as such everyone began to lower their guard with small glints of blade disappearing and the tense atmosphere dispersing.
Though the noble still didn't like that he was being ignored, it seemed he also calmed down and was convinced when his young son came over confused about the commotion as such the old man decided to back off with a grumble since he was at least still more of a man of the people type person than most other nobles hence why he dared to even come and watch.

With that out of the way Akifumi turned to his son with an approving nod as he then turned to the desperate bannin.
"Very well, perhaps we can also get some word out ourselves" older fox stated, still somewhat concerned as he then nodded towards his wife who nodded in returned before disappearing in a burst of petals that flowed out into the wind.
"Nishiki, do as Aimi requests it will help greatly but remember you must be ready for the events, we cannot disappoint the Muramasa" the man strongly instructed.
"As you wish" the younger fox then replied to both his father and Aimi, his face looking a little more annoyed as he glanced at Akifumi compared to Aimi as it kind of put him off that it was suddenly an order when he could've just gone to help regardless.
"Since you where away I have actually upped my skills quite a bit so you can count on me" Nishiki then spoke more properly to his desperate sensei, grin forming on his face as he spoke with pride.

With words said the young jinchuurki then began to focus, reaching deep within the well of power that resided inside him by extension of his caged companion but the power did not wash over him and instead he simply pulled out a piece as he connected with the elements; a new trick he had birthed given Aimi's distain over genma transformation but also simply as he pushed himself to go beyond.

As the power surged, no alterations required, magenta chakra flowed along Nishiki's body in a pure channelled state as it flickered with the ingredients that made up that of the fuuton affinity in a previously unseen fashion; suiton was all he could call on in his base form for a long time but now it was clear just how far beyond he pushed himself in just a brief time as the channelled chakra finally burst out and formed a burst of wind around the boy.

After a short moment the wind coiled around and spread out from the Tsukino's back like intricate trailing wings at a full thirty speed, pushing him off the ground as he turned with a large grin once more and give a double thumbs up before soaring through the as fast as he could towards the north.
Fuuton • Up Up and Away
A-Ranked Fuuton Jutsu
Nishiki will channel fuuton charka all around his body causing a small whirl of wind to surround him at [control] speed. This wind will spread out behind him like an intricate dance of streams that appear almost like wings that flow off into the distance and in turn will begin to lift the user up into the air.
Once the wind trails are formed and Nishiki has been lifted he can then freely move about with perfect flight following the flight rules for 10 posts.