[Event] The Beast of the Wastes

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[Event] The Beast of the Wastes

Post by Niro » Sun Sep 06, 2020 12:45 pm

The cold, dead wastes of Rock Country's far north region rumbled with such an intensity even those in the south could feel it as if they were there themselves. Everyone was sent to the ground by the tremors and everything stopped until they did. It seemed as it all had frozen in time once it had ended, people terrified of what ever it was and if it was going to occur again. From below the ice of the wastes emerged a gigantic titan, an easy 200 meters, which seemed to be carved from ice and given life broke free. Its blue skin blended in easily with the blue-white of the tundra, only its pitch black armor giving some form of recognition to it in this environment. A gigantic axe, even larger than itself, was being dragged behind it as it advanced towards the mountain ranges defending Iwagakure no Sato.
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[Event] The Beast of the Wastes

Post by Zao » Sun Sep 06, 2020 2:11 pm

The young jounin had just managed to navigate through the terrain of Soul country, arriving close enough to see the rising temple (trmple three) and his assigned target. He had come to scout out the area and report backnthe feasibility of capturing the landmark and its owner. However, just as he was about to acticate his soul orbs a strange and unfamiliar sensation washed over his body. Through the fuuin comms he was able to make something out that sounded like his village had activated the talked about emergency return procedures. But why would they need to do that? Yes, a decent amount of the villages man power had been mobilized but those still at the village and the village's natural and man made defenses could hold back an army of shinobi for sometime.

And yet he felt his body being pulled through space and time, a nauseating feeling swept over the jounin as this was a first for him forcing him to close his eyes. Reopening them he found himself back in Earth country, more specifically on the northern defensive perimeter of the actual village. Still very confused the man stood up slowly regaining his composure before he felt it...slow, methodically thuds that shook the ground as though something massive was walking. "What the hell..." Looking around he controlled a single orb as it disconnected from the sash and then expanded from only a few inches to a little over a foot across.

With a causal jump the slender jounin landed stop the floating orb as it began to quickly gain dome altitude in order to allow Xi to trace the sound of the commtion. However what he found in the distance caused him to momentarily free, his arm fell lifelessly to either side while his eyes widened in disbelief. "This...!" The man could hard mutter a single world as he locked onto the blue skinned behemoth in dark armor...like a towering mountain itswlf the beast drug a gigantic axe like weapons behind it carving out a path as wide as a small river through the unforgiving rocky terrain as though it was soft sand.

He was truly at a loss and could turn hisngaze away from the walking disaster that was approaching the outer village defenses...just how were they suppose to fight against such a thing. Though the catacombs had given him some experience fighting against various types of spirits, the thing before him seemed to radiate power exceeding even the high level spirit that the village used to create their "super weapons"...the genma. Xi would need someone yo come along and help snap him out of his current dazed state of shock and confusion...
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