Training in the Dark

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Training in the Dark

Post by Sia » Wed Jul 27, 2022 8:32 am

The dark prince stepped off from the boat and waded into the water. Maido's message had been clear in his mind and he had decided that taking a visit to Kirigakure would, at the end of it all, be quite beneficial to everyone. He enjoyed the coolness of the water as Maido whispered into his ear and he inhaled the mist. "The mist here will be extra thick to you for a while until you grow adjusted to it." He nodded. "That's clever." "Yes...We can tell who is an outsider even by just how quickly they spot us versus ourselves. There is a range to it, but I am not going to tell you, you have to find it out for yourself." She said within his ear. "What good comes from not telling me?"

"Why would I do all the work for you?"

Her voice hanged heavy in his head and his right eye turned red with her presence, his iris changing through a cycle of green opal into orange tiger into garnet. "Gee you'd think you were an idiot." Shuichi stepped through the catacombs now, having made his way back into the dark after some idle chat with Maido. "Yes this way." She said. "I see it, grab these eggs for poison please." Maido whispered into his ear. "Seriously? Eww." His hand transformed into a large polearm and he swung it into the hanging web of a large cocoon with a human in it. "Poor bastards." He said as he cut down another, then another, then one that looked as though the work hadn't been quite completed on the human yet. "Damn I hope they didn't starve to death. That sounds even worse." He shrugged and moved on, carrying his torch the other way and lighting the cocoons on fire and then spreading it to more of the web in precise locations. "This will help."

He did walk about in his dark black boots and moved silently to collect the eggs for research and study and...poison. "Look alive, you're not alone."
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