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Posted: Thu Jun 13, 2019 10:38 pm
by Kao
The wall of Iwagakure was truly a sight to behold. In its own way it rivaled even the nearby mountains in its apparent strength, rising proudly toward the sky as if it had existed since the beginning of time. It casted its heavy shadow over the many factories and warehouses that cluttered Iwagakure’s southern district, shrouding the area in frigid darkness. In the early hours of a windy spring morning, the factories were already bustling with activity, with metallic clanging and the near deafening sounds of buzzsaws filling the air. Early birds dotted the streets as they carried out their errands, moving quickly as they raced the rising sun and shuffled out of the cool air.

Not many of the villagers noticed when the wall began to open and the Southern Gate suddenly emerged from the rock, its usual camouflage peeling away as the jutsu took effect. A single person, utterly dwarfed by the shifting stone, made his way through the gate and toward the village proper. Most paid him no mind and kept their focus on their tasks, but on occasion a jaw dropped or brows raised in recognition as the person sauntered past. It wasn’t every day that Iwagakure’s youngest bannin in history made an appearance in the village.

The normally reclusive bannin walked languidly toward the center of the village, and once he neared the markets he took to the rooftops, quickening his pace until he was little more than a blur. It took little time to cross the village and travel to the surrounding mountains that were even more imposing than the wall of Iwagakure. The young shinobi looked up to the snow capped peaks and a small sigh escaped his lips as he adjusted the heavy bag on his shoulder and lowered his hood.

The Jousai headquarters quickly came into view and without a word he passed the guard and headed to his isolated apartments. He passed a few recruits along the way but acknowledged none of them; it was far too early and he was far too tired to feign politeness, and greetings of “Welcome back, Lord Akari” were simply met with a frown.

Akari Kotaru closed the heavy doors to his apartment and shimmied out of his clothes. He let out a long, weary groan as he made his way to his bed, his eyes already heavily lidded with exhaustion. As soon as his head hit the pillow he drifted to sleep, temporarily dead to the world.


“He’s back, isn’t he? Good, cause a lot of paperwork came for him. I’ll send it up to him.”

A hand stopped the young chuunin from cheerfully heading toward Kotaru’s apartment. “It’s not even eight a.m. Do you want him to drop you into a genjutsu for a few hours? He’s the epitome of ‘not a morning person,’ especially after he’s just come back from Rock. Remember Jintaro?”

The chuunin frowned as he remembered the last time someone roused Kotaru from sleep before he was ready to face the day. ‘Genjutsu training,’ the Akari claimed. Light, recreational torture was more like it.

“At least we know Jintaro has plenty of mental strength.”

The two young recruits shuddered. They would let the morning pass quietly to ensure the boy got plenty of uninterrupted sleep and wasn’t disturbed until well after the sun reached its peak in the sky.


Posted: Fri Jun 14, 2019 12:08 am
by Varian
Yuji had been out training up until this very day, he did not know what Kotaru had in store for him but he had done all he could be expected to and more in such a short space of time. Making his way through the marketplace at noon he examined the latest imports from the few allowed to trade with Iwagakure, there was some exotic fish supposedly caught within water country. Yuji had heard that water country was home to Kirigakure a village entirely shrouded in mist as it's name would suggest, the Uchiha could not begin to imagine what that would look like. He imagined there wasn't much to look at if you were surrounded by mist, the Shinobi made his way over to the Jousai Headquarters.

He had arrived a little early and remembered the Bannin's caution not to arrive before one o'clock, Yuji decided to wait outside the headquarters for time to pass. Sure Kotaru was concerned that Yuji would be a waste of his time, clearly he never considered that he would be wasting the Uchiha's own time right at this very moment. Yuji had been training day and night, he had felt the benefits already from not training with his siblings.

It was finally time for Yuji to enter after what seemed an eternity, heading for the entrance of the castle he was halted by a fresh face guard wearing the Iwagakure flak jacket. "Hold, who goes there?!" Yuji almost walked away from the cliche call out, fortunately he had a purpose in being here. The chuunin standing guard of the Jousai HQ clearly was eager in his duties, it was these kind of go-getters Yuji really couldn't stand.

"Kotaru is expecting me." Yuji said in an indifferent manner, his hands in his pockets he stood clearly with little patience for the chuunin on duty.

"Oh right the Uchiha, he mentioned something about you. No need for the attitude, go on in."

"I was planning on doing that anyways." Yuji walked past the guard as the doors opened up for him, he was left to wait in the main hall of the castle. On the far wall was the insignia of Iwagakure carved deep into the stonework, there seemed to be a number of tables around the edges of the room. It was possible that this could easily have been turned into a banquet hall at a moment's notice, Yuji couldn't imagine Kotaru entertained guests all that often to use it for such. The middle of the room was devoid of any furniture leaving the genin stood awkwardly in the wide open space, he waited for the Akari to arrive. "The room is certainly functional I will give it that."


Posted: Sat Jun 15, 2019 2:46 am
by Kao
Kotaru woke up at exactly one p.m. His alarm chimed noisily, tiny bells dinging in quick succession to create a pretty - if not near frantic - wake up call. The boy pressed the button to silence it and his arm immediately collapsed onto the bed. His eyes stayed firmly closed, and eventually he pulled the blankets from over his head. He needed ten more minutes at the very least, but ten minutes would turn into an hour or more. If he didn't get up on time his entire day would be ruined, and in turn, so would a few other unwitting people who crossed his path at the wrong moment. The bannin reluctantly slid out of bed and into the bathroom to prepare a quick, warm shower.

At the same time his alarm had been singing to him, the two chuunin watched the clock, letting fifteen minutes pass before moving in earnest. The eldest - the one who stopped his companion from walking to his potential mental doom - headed to the Grand Hall with the bannin's paperwork in tow. He saw Kotaru's guest waiting there already and greeted him curtly after lowering his gaze to the Uchiha crest on the boy's clothing. "This way," he ordered with a bit more bite than was necessary. He led the Uchiha through the maze-like castle, climbing steep stairs and traversing narrow hallways that opened into large, open rooms. The chuunin turned to look Yuji up and down and a skeptical frown formed. "You must be pretty important for Lord Akari to have you meet him here near his apartments. Normally only people with official business - chuunin, like me - are allowed in this part of headquarters."

As he finished speaking he stopped in front of a pair of large double doors. The chuunin rapped his knuckles on the heavy wood, then turned to face Yuji. "Not to mention the fact that you're a genin by the looks of you. Genin don't usually see much of this place at all unless they're making deliveries on the ground level. You have to be pretty important to be invited up here, Uchiha-boy."

"Then I guess that means you shouldn't be here."

The chuunin sputtered, nearly dropping the papers as he turned toward the Akari's voice. Kotaru stood behind the two, partially in the shadows. "K-K-Kota-Lord-Ak-I didn't see you come through the doors!"

"Of course you didn't." He walked toward them with his hand outstretched, and the chuunin nervously passed the stack of papers to his superior while avoiding the Akari's chilly gaze. The chuunin was quite a bit older than Kotaru and he was certainly taller, but in front of the bannin he curled in on himself and appeared quite small, a timid display after speaking to Yuji so pompously. After a brief pause during which Kotaru flipped through the papers he muttered darkly, "You're still here?" and with that the chuunin scurried away.

Once the older shinobi was out of sight, Kotaru turned to Yuji with an eye roll. "One little promotion and a station at Jousai headquarters and these guys think they're hot shit." He tucked the papers under his arm and perked his brow. "Well? Did you do what I asked or what?"


Posted: Sat Jun 15, 2019 10:38 am
by Varian
Yuji turned to face the chuunin, he saw immediately the skepticism forming on the Chuunin's face, he didn't really return the greeting mostly because of how curt it was. Yuji didn't enjoy interacting with people outside his clan at the best of times, if this guy wasn't going to afford some degree of politeness why should Yuji? The pair moved through the entangling corridors that made the castle seem almost like a maze, Yuji being a member of the Uchiha took great pride in his perceptive abilities even without his Sharingan and began to notice differences in their surroundings. The occasional decoration or light slightly out of place, a small crack in the floor, ceiling or walls and even at one point he noticed a section of masonry that was different from the rest.

The chuunin began to boast about how often he got access to this area. "Oh! You are a Chuunin? I mistook you for a talkative secretary with all that paperwork." Yuji didn't apologise for the supposed mistake of identity either, further rubbing in the dig at this over proud Chuunin. Nor did Yuji give him the satisfaction of explaining why the Genin of all people had been summoned here, he was sure that would eat away at the smug bastard all day. The Chuunin had brought them in front of a large wooden door, the wood seemed older than the stonework around it and was reinforced with iron banding to keep the heavy wood from buckling under it's own weight. Yuji took a brief second to admire the woodwork before the chuunin hammered it with his Knuckles, Yuji frowned a little bit at the treatment of the building. The frown was lost the instant Kotaru announced his presence, instead his facial expression returning to the neutral state it had been in prior.

He watched with a degree of amusement at the Chuunin's embarrassment, he watched as the prideful attitude drained away just like the colour in his face. Yuji had not seen which direction the Bannin had come from either though he was not all surprised to see him, this was where he resided after all it made sense that they could have bumped into him at any moment. The rude shinobi was soon rushing off down the corridor to avoid a further tongue lashing or worse, Yuji watched him fleeing before turning to Kotaru who had proceeded to speak to him. "A title doesn't mean anything if you can't back it up." Yuji shrugged in response to his comment on the Chuunin. "Are all your subordinates as much of a kiss ass as him? That could get really tiresome quick." Yuji really didn't know if being tutored by Kotaru would be worth the constant harassment if everyone was like that, he had only considered it at first because of how Kotaru had stood up to Yuji's father.

"I trained day and night since you left, I guess whether I did what you asked is up to you though." Yuji was not wrong, the signs of hard training were evident on the boy still. His hands were calloused from the physical training he had endured, his posture seemed more refined also through building up his body. The signs of effort were certainly there if you knew what to look for, evidently the Chuunin from earlier did not. "Nice castle." Yuji said, giving an admiring glance to the masonry and woodwork once again before returning his focus entirely on Kotaru. The Bannin clearly had something in mind inviting Yuji here; for the Uchiha to ask if this was the case would be stupid. Yuji didn't want to waste time on stupid questions, much of the day had already gone and Yuji had been training right to the last minute.


Posted: Sat Jun 15, 2019 2:45 pm
by Kao
"Not at all. The newer and younger guys, sure. But once everyone gets past the ooh-ing and aah-ing stage they're far less annoying." Kotaru continued to observe Yuji as they spoke. The genin did appear different in some ways, but it wasn't immediately clear if the straighter back and overall confidence was a result of training or the fact that he was not currently under the judgmental gaze of his father. Whatever the case, Kotaru would find out soon enough.

The Akari looked up and around after Yuji's compliment, eventually giving a small shrug. "I thought Tats was joking at first when he settled on this place, but I've gotten used to it. It took me days to figure out the layout after I moved in." Kotaru stuffed the stack of papers into a bag he was holding and then slung it over his shoulders. He muttered a low, "Follow me," and headed in the opposite direction that the chuunin disappeared. The Akari wasn't much for small talk, especially not with someone he barely knew, so the walk to the enormous staircase that led below ground was quiet unless Yuji decided to break the silence.

The staircase led, among other places, to a level that contained the Jousai training grounds. Several people were already there, grunting or even screaming from the effort of their regimens. The largest area was lined with stands that was dotted with a few onlookers, some cheering and others shouting instructions or jeers in jest. Kotaru led Yuji to a smaller area, sectioned off from the rest by thick stone walls. The noises outside would barely reach them there, and it would afford the pair a bit of privacy.

"So, tell me," Kotaru began as he sat on a raised row of benches, "everything you've done in the past few days. Your sparring partner will be here soon so you can demonstrate."


Posted: Sat Jun 15, 2019 5:59 pm
by Varian
Yuji followed Kotaru along the corridors and down a large staircase. The Uchiha remained in silence for the entirety of this journey, fortunately it seemed Kotaru was of similar mind. Yuji was really bad at small talk, it always came across as extremely awkward whenever he tried. They at last arrived at a training area where many were already going through their routine training. Yuji couldn't help but wonder if he would be performing in front of all these people, however as if answering his question Kotaru moved them on. The pair arrived in a training area secluded from the rest, the sounds of sparring drowned out by the thick walls.

The Akari asked Yuji exactly what he had achieved over the time Kotaru had been away. "I thought about exactly what wasn't working with my current method of training. My siblings excel in Taijutsu above everything else and I was trying to combat them on that playing field, that was a mistake." The Uchiha moved to the center of the training area as he spoke. "While you were away I expanded upon my knowledge of Ninjutsu along side strengthening my physique."

The young Uchiha continued describing the events that had unfolded over the past few days. He left out the part of discovering a giant serpent deep under the village, Yuji intended to return there one day and best the creature on his own. Besides the snake said it himself there was no escape from that cavern, the reptile had grown too large. He had read up on snakes after that encounter and apparently they could go a long time without food. Yuji described the gruelling training he went through giving only facts leaving no room for embellishment in the tale. Once he finished Yuji seemed to ponder on something for a moment. "Who exactly am I supposed to be sparring with today?"


Posted: Mon Jun 17, 2019 3:47 pm
by Kao
Kotaru leaned on the bench arm rest with his elbow and rested his chin in his palm. As usual he managed to look a bit bored as Yuji explained, but he never took his eyes off the genin. The Akari hummed when Yuji discussed how he trained over the past five days. It seemed the young Uchiha was slowly realizing his strength did not lie in taijutsu. It was a good start, Kotaru thought. Yuji would have a difficult time if he tried to live by his family's expectations alone without considering his actual talents. That was something Kotaru himself had realized early on in his training.

"Sounds like you can follow directions, which is good. It means this process will go a lot more smoothly. But it's good of you to notice that taijutsu isn't your strong suit, though eventually that won't be the case. Hopefully, anyway. At the very least you'll be more competent. As far as your sparring partner," Kotaru stretched his arms above his head, grunting slightly as he turned in his seat, "it's someone who helped train me when I was a genin and chuunin. For the most part she's a professional punching bag, and she's even let me practice genjutsu on her. But when she hits, she hits hard. Her name's Aiko. She's pretty good at what she does and can hold back a lot so I think she'll be a good partner for now."

As the bannin talked, a ghost of a smile touched his lips. Talking about his old training partner had lightened his mood. "Of course I eventually outclassed her so I don't see her much anymore, but-"

"Outclassed? You're still as rude as ever." In walked a very pretty girl a few years Kotaru's senior, her long black hair pulled back into a high ponytail. She and Kotaru locked eyes, both of them smirking before she turned her attention to the young genin. "Is this the Uchiha? Man, you're pretty. We gotta be careful not to scar that face of yours." She tapped one of the two katana strapped to her waist in jest before saying, "I'm Iwasa Aiko. Pleasure to meet you, Yuji-kun."


Posted: Tue Jun 18, 2019 7:11 pm
by Varian
Yuji took in every word the bannin said, not that there wasn't much in the way of advice given. Nevertheless Yuji paid close attention to each acknowledgement, as Kotaru spoke of his sparring partner. "A professional punching bag..." Yuji would have swelled on this concept longer but Kotaru had continued to speak so he shrugged and continued listening, this was perhaps the most the Bannin had ever said after all.

A rare sight graced the Akari's face, a small hint of a smile formed and was his mood actually improving?! Yuji wondered if perhaps all his training had given him some kind of brain trauma, surely he was hallucinating right now. The Uchiha was about to ask Kotaru how he managed to outclass someone who was ahead of him prior however the pair were interrupted. A girl with a dark high ponytail had entered the training area, the colour of her hair such you could mistake her for an Uchiha. This was impossible of course as usually the eyes gave it away, even without the Sharingan all Uchiha had rather perceptive vision and it showed.

Not quite used to banter Yuji took the jest as a threat, he scowled a little. "My face doesn't scar easily." He looked at Kotaru his scowl fading to a neutral expression once again. "Your friend has bad manners." As if Yuji was one to talk, often prone to being rude to outsiders. He was clearly out of his comfort zone when someone he did not know complimented his appearance, even if there was a jab added in with it. As if suddenly remembering his own manners, Yuji turned and gave a very slight bow to Aiko. "Pleasure to meet you."


Posted: Wed Jun 19, 2019 2:49 am
by Kao
For a moment, there was silence. Both Aiko and Kotaru stared at the genin, their expressions relatively blank. But then, the young woman began to laugh, briefly turning her head away from Yuji. When her dark blue eyes met Kotaru's, the bannin swallowed thickly. "Where did you find this guy? He's almost as bad as you were. Are. Almost. It's the bow that saved him. I don't think I've ever seen you bow, Kota - or, show manners in general." Kotaru gave a noncommittal grunt and a shrug. "It's called a joke, Yuji-kun. Perhaps you've heard of those, hm?"

"She's not entirely joking. She could cut you up if she really wanted to."

"But I won't," Aiko added, still smiling slightly at Yuji. "So, what exactly are we working on today?" Kotaru gave her the short version of everything Yuji had told him about the five day training, and Aiko thoughtfully tapped her chin. The kunoichi removed her two katana from her hip and placed them next to Kotaru. "Ninjutsu, hm? My pleasure. Any rules, Kota?"

The bannin hummed and leaned back onto the bench. This was an important moment, and he was sure Yuji realized it. The Akari still wasn't completely committed to taking on Yuji as a student, so this moment would determine how - and if - they would move forward. After a moment of contemplation he waved his hand and replied, "Just follow his lead and don't make it too easy."

With that, Aiko raised the bandana that hung around her neck onto her face, the signal that she was ready to begin. She gestured toward the Uchiha and with her voice slightly muffled she said, "After you."


Posted: Wed Jun 19, 2019 6:12 pm
by Varian
"How generous." Yuji said drily as Aiko insisted he began this bout, moving away from the stand Kotaru had taken up to spectate.

Yuji looked down to the ground, attempting to find a loose stone. Seeing one rather quickly he liked the look of the Uchiha bent down to lift it up, gripping it firmly as he straightened himself up. The genin channelled some chakra into the stone and proceeded to throw it at Aiko. Sliding a kunai into one of his hands, an explosive tag tied to the loop at the base of the handle. The seemingly ordinary stone hurtled toward Aiko at a reasonable speed. Yuji waited till it came close to her before he raised a hand to perform a chakra Kai.

The stone erupted into a fiery explosion in an eight meter area, the flames burning bright in the explosion. From the explosion flames scattered about the training area, Yuji doubted those secondary flames would last long however without the necessary fuel to burn through. Nor did the Uchiha expect that this had taken out his opponent, instead the moment he had Kai'd the explosion he threw the kunai preemptively between the most direct route between himself and Aiko.

Throwing out yet another Chakra Kai to detonate the explosive tag. Yuji began to spring back several meters, he had seen the Katana's she wielded and expected her to try to close the distance. Yuji began flowing through some handseals, he was not sure where she would spring from in the aftermath of the explosion but he was not going to be caught unprepared.
Jutsu usedShow
*Katon • Bomb Creation
C-Rank Ninjutsu
By channeling katon chakra into any item, the user will turn it into a ticking time bomb. Either when 3 posts are up or when activated through the use of Chakra Kai, the object will explode, releasing all the katon chakra in it in a C-Rank explosion and scattering flames in the immediate area.

*[Basic Jutsu • Chakra Kai] = Used Twice
E-Ranked Ninjutsu
A jutsu used with the purpose of activating seals and a range of devices and weapons, this technique begins with a single handseal. Once this has been performed, the user will focus a dollop of their chakra into what they are looking to activate in order to complete the task. Seals activated with this technique must be within 20 + (Control/2) meters of the user's position.


Posted: Fri Jun 21, 2019 2:54 am
by Kao
A slight smile spread across Aiko's lips as Yuji bent over to pick up a rock. As soon as his fingers curled around the stone the young woman flew into hand seals. The boy threw the rock after she completed her seals, and as it flew toward her she erected her barrier. It protected her from the first blast, but it shattered as a result. The girl wasn't deterred in the slightest; she expected a follow up, and when it came in the form of a tagged kunai she immediately dashed to her left several meters, simultaneously avoiding the residual flames from the first explosion.

'Exploding tags?' Kotaru thought, unimpressed. This was supposed to be a display of his ninjutsu he had trained, not of exploding tags and a simple chakra kai. At least Yuji had improvised a bomb, and a not-too-shabby one at that. Still, the bannin hoped there was more to be seen.

Meanwhile, Aiko formed more hand seals, and her hand began to glow as the chakra molded. A silvery disc formed in her hand as she followed the boy with her eyes, her expression unchanging. She reeled back her hand and threw it, aiming for Yuji's legs. It moved at considerable speed - arguably much too fast for an average genin - but she meant to establish his limits and then push him further.
Jutsu UsedShow
Small Barrier
C-Ranked Ninjutsu
After performing the needed hand seals, the user will cause a barrier to erect around them. With the user as the center, the barrier has a dome shape and has a diameter of 7 meters and is 7 meters tall at its highest point. It forms at speed of 10 and can withstand hits up to 10 strength. It lasts up to 4 posts.

The Disc of the Just
D-Ranked Ninjutsu
After forming the needed hand seals, the user creates a disc of chakra thirty centimeters in diameter and seven centimeters thick; its edges are sharpened like a blade. The user can throw the disc at a speed equal to their strength, though it can only endure a hit of 5 before shattering. Once broken, its shards explode outward in a 3 meter radius at a speed equal to the speed it was thrown. It lasts up to 5 posts or until destroyed.


Posted: Fri Jun 21, 2019 1:05 pm
by Varian
Yuji had expected a counter attack, as the last handseal went into place Aiko had launched a disk at him. The Genin's forethought was not the only thing backing him up, he seemed to flow through hand seals faster than your average Chuunin. He couldn't afford to draw out this fight for long, she likely had far more Chakra to pull from than he did. Yuji's chest seemed to push outwards as if they were stocked full of air. The Uchiha pushed out from his mouth fifteen fireballs in rapid machine gun like succession, firing them into the path of the incoming disc. Five of the fireballs collided with the disc both shattering in the air in a bright spectacle of flame and chakra, the remaining ten continued on towards Aiko.

Yuji intended to keep his relentless attack up, it was unlikely he would win this fight if she got truly serious. The Uchiha's main goal at this point was to try to force her to take it seriously, hopefully that would be enough to satisfy the Bannin. The exploding tag may have been a bit cheap however his Shinobi training had taught him to use every resource available in combat. Even if this was just a demonstration he couldn't hold back, he wasn't even sure he knew how to hold back. Too long fighting against his siblings who were far more talented had made Yuji approach all fights with his all.

In keeping with that sentiment Yuji had flowed through a set of handseals he had been familiar with since his academy days. A flicker of flames formed into an exact visual replica of Yuji, the clone being summoned to the right of Yuji while the Uchiha passed a pair of Kunai to it. The Uchiha began running to the left circling around Aiko as the clone mirrored Yuji's movements by circling to the right instead, before coming in towards Aiko. Both Yuji and the clone made a break towards Aiko from opposing directions, Yuji began to set up another set of handseals while he was only halfway to her. The clone threw one of it's Kunai's towards Aiko's upper right thigh as it ran towards her angling it so as to strike the floor if it missed her instead of sailing towards Yuji. If it did strike the blow would not be lethal likely only being a mild annoyance. Meanwhile the Genin had finished his handseals, a blue glowing line cast forth towards Aiko hoping to hook on to her shoulder.

Jutsu UsedShow
Handseals prepared from previous post completed start of this post -

*Katon • Scattering Flames
C-Rank Ninjutsu
After performing the correct hand seals, the user will puff their chest before spitting out a torrent of 15 individual fireballs, each 2 centimeter diameter. The fireballs are shot for up to 10 meters away at a speed of 9 and a strength of 1.
*Katon • Flame's Shadow
D-Rank Ninjutsu
After performing the correct hand seals, the user will create a copy of themselves out of katon chakra. The clone will be able to move with the stats labelled below, while also exploding with the force of a single exploding tag upon death into a burst of flames. The clone will only last for 3 posts.
Taijutsu: 2
Stamina: 1
Strength: 1
Speed: 2

[Ninjutsu • Hooked]
C-Ranked Ninjutsu
After forming hand seals the user casts out a 20 meter long line of Chakra only 15cm in width on the end of the Jutsu is a 30cm hook. The line fires are a speed of 8 and hooks in with a strength of 12, the hook itself does no damage but if the target has strength lower than the hook the target is pulled towards user at a speed equal to strength of the hook. If the target has equal to or greater strength the hook instead pulls User towards the target instead at a speed equal to target's strength in speed capped at 20.


Posted: Mon Jul 01, 2019 5:52 pm
by Kao
Even as her disk was destroyed by the onslaught of katon, Aiko’s small smile remained. She seemed to be enjoying herself as the session went on. This was where she was most comfortable: training younger shinobi so they could learn more about themselves and about their techniques. It was never fun for her to watch her training partners surpass her, of course, but tossing around punches and jutsu with genin and chuunin was something the kunoichi enjoyed.

The remaining ten bullet-like katon didn’t faze her. Aiko took two quick steps forward before crouching momentarily, and then she lept into the air above the flames. Her body twisted in midair while the katon barreled on, missing her completely. When she landed again in a slight crouch Yuji’s clone had already manifested, and both boy and clone were circling her.

When the kunai flew toward her leg, Aiko waited until it nearly pierced her before gracefully moving to the side and snatching the weapon from the air as it had begun to pass her. She twirled it in her hand, her smile faltering when the hook flew toward her. Silently, she allowed it to latch onto her shoulder.

Aiko looked at the hook then at the Uchiha quizzically, expecting something to happen soon after. All the while she twirled the kunai in her hand.


Posted: Tue Jul 02, 2019 3:56 pm
by Varian
The chakra line went taut the moment it connected to Aiko's shoulder. The line began to reel in accelerating Yuji at speeds that were normally beyond him for a moment. He came flying towards his opponent fist seemingly ready to punch Aiko on impact. He channelled chakra to the tips of his fingers as he began flying towards her. Yuji intended to bait her into thinking he was going to throw a punch.

It was as Yuji drew closer that the clone from before threw it's other kunai at the back of Aiko's knee. The clone engaged into melee range with a wide right hook just as Yuji came flying into touch range. He threw his fist at her flexing the fist outwards, this left his fingers outstretched towards Aiko. The channelled Chakra burst into a explosion of Katon blasting outwards as the force moved Yuji back from his target ever so slightly. Yuji rolled out from the crash landing and gained his footing very quickly, only four meters from where Aiko had stood. The Uchiha readied a Kunai and looked to see if his attack had done anything.

Yuji was breathing heavily from the toll the battle had taken on him, the young genin had used a lot of Chakra. He wondered if his clone had done anything even if only distract her long enough to land a hit with Yuji's own attack. He had timed the attack so that the clone would have arrived just as Yuji closed the gap between himself and Aiko. It was the best plan he could have come up with his current skill against her own, Yuji didn't expect to win but maybe for moment she might have taken him seriously enough in terms of her defence.
Jutsu UsedShow
*Katon • Erupting Burning Finger
C-Rank Ninjutsu
By channeling chakra into their fingers, the user then attempts to make contact with the opponent. In the event that the strike is successful, the fingers release a C-Rank Explosion of Katon outward towards the targets body. If unused, lasts 3 posts.


Posted: Fri Jul 12, 2019 3:27 pm
by Kao
Aiko was well aware of the clone, keeping it in her peripheral so that she would be aware of its movements. Both Yuji and the clone began to attack at the same time, one flying toward her by using a line, the other rushing forward and throwing a kunai. Without turning away from Yuji she lifted her own kunai and met the other with a precise parry, sending the clone's kunai away at a sharp angle. Immediately after she sidestepped the clone's right hook and threw a punch of her own to knock it back, if not destroy it outright. Then, her smile faltered when at the same time Yuji's fingers exploded in a near point-blank attack. It sent her barreling back, but the girl was able to tank the attack by bracing herself. She raised both arms, and her muscles and even her skin tensed.

The kunoichi was thrown back, her feet sliding in the dirt as she focused to maintain her balance. The skin of her outer forearms were covered in angry red burns, and the girl slowly lowered her arms to stare at the boy. Her gaze was only slightly less fiery than Yuji's attack. All hint her smile was gone, replaced by a frown that bordered irritation. Aiko reached for her weapons pouch on her left leg, but instead found a hand stopping her from popping open the latch. She looked over to see Kotaru suddenly next to her, amused. She hadn't even seen him stand up, let alone make his way to her side.

Smirking, he said, "I know that look. Don't knock him out, I need to talk to him." With the way Yuji was breathing, it was clear to the bannin that pushing him further would result in the Uchiha being pushed a bit further than what was needed on the first day. The girl let out a small hmph and folded her arms across her chest, giving away no hint whether or not the burns were painful. "So you like explosions," Kotaru began as he approached Yuji. "Relatable. The execution wasn't bad but it obviously took a lot out of you on top of the other jutsu. We need to work on your chakra conservation."

Kotaru paused to watch as Aiko walked toward the sidelines, momentarily becoming lost in thought. Yuji had more promise than he originally thought. He wasn't nearly as hopeless and helpless as he had appeared when sparring his sibling, but there was still a long way to go. "So. What did you learn?"
Jutsu UsedShow
Arms Crossed
C-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver
Prerequisite: [Rigid Structure], 15 Strength, 15 Stamina
The user has trained their body to be able to tank through blows. The user crossed their arms in front of their body in an 'X' shape and braces themselves. They are able to withstand blows of up to 15 strength and take minimal damage.


Posted: Sun Jul 21, 2019 6:41 pm
by Varian
Yuji took a small degree of delight in her reaction to being pushed back like that. Although it did not show through the exhaustion that was plain on his face, heavy breathing aplenty. It seemed like he achieved his goal of making her take him much more seriously. Fortunately for the Uchiha it was then that Kotaru intervened before it progressed any further.

"They are destructive and cover an acceptable area. They serve a purpose." Yuji responded to the remark about explosives. It wasn't his only means of attack but against Aiko it was his better option. His breathing began to slow down but the exhaustion was still present. Yuji sat down as the bannin remarked on the excessive chakra used in that fight. "I need more options to draw from in a fight, especially when facing someone who seems robust." Yuji seemed to pause in thought as he reflected on the match between the two of them.

"Ninjutsu is pretty fascinating. If the Uchiha had access to these techniques before our confrontation with Iwagakure things could have ended very differently." He thought back to the chaos of that night. Even something as simple as Suiton could have helped to douse the flames. Ninjutsu would have at the very least made the battle a lot less one sided. He looked back at Kotaru after this brief moment of reflection. "What is it like travelling to places beyond Rock country?" Having roamed the wastes during his early childhood he knew the world to be a varied place. Yet he had never visited any of the strange places that Yuji had heard many tales of. The question wasn't posed as any boyish fantasy instead coming across as casual social curiosity.


Posted: Mon Aug 26, 2019 11:00 pm
by Kao
Although there was talk that the Uchiha were collectively rather bitter about their defeat just before being brought into Iwagakure, this was the first time Kotaru had witnessed it directly. He gave a short, incredulous huff in addition to an eye roll, but made no further acknowledgment of the comment. The history of the Uchiha didn't interest him in that regard; as far as he was concerned, they had lost that battle and were now in the care of Iwagakure. Hypothetical outcomes were irrelevant.

Other than that, Yuji seemed pretty self-aware. He was wasteful with chakra - as were most genin - and understood that it was an area that needed work. Kotaru easily could have pointed out more of Yuji's faults and mistakes, but the genin's question distracted him. "What's it like?" he echoed, blinking slowly as if he had never considered traveling far beyond Iwagakure's walls a big deal. "It's...fine, I guess. Rock Country is vast and cold, yeah? Fur Country is basically the same, but with more samurai lurking around. Iron Country is the same. But go east enough and it's completely different. There's less pines and more uh...deciduous trees. Big leaves, huge canopies. It's a lot warmer and the people are a lot different. Weirdly friendly in a lot of places."

Kotaru turned to Aiko, giving her a small wave as she took her leave. He stared at her retreating back for a moment, only turning his attention back to Yuji when she was out of sight. "I've been to some of the islands around Water Country. The beaches are pretty, I guess, but it's hot as fuck. The girls walk around half naked though, so that's nice." The bannin stretched his arms behind his head, looking marginally less bored than before. "You'll see it one day, unless you just stay a genin for the rest of your life."


Posted: Wed Aug 28, 2019 7:41 am
by Varian
Yuji noticed Kota's eye roll, a slight irritation forming and squashed as a result. The Uchiha gave Aiko a wave as she announced her departure. Yuji rose an eyebrow a little as he watched the way Kotaru looked at Aiko walk away. So that was his type? Yuji was surprised that the bannin even had a type. The genin listened to Kotaru's description of the lands beyond rock country. Fur Country and Iron Country didn't sound so great, it was the other countries that interested him.
"I have never seen the ocean, all my life my clan has stayed in land locked regions."

It seemed the bannin had relaxed a little, the look of boredom had softened. "I don't plan on being stuck a genin all my life." It was the first time Yuji had expressed any desire to raise in the ranks of Iwagakure's Shinobi. He took a moment to reflect on if he truly meant that. After a brief moment a small grin appeared on Yuji's face. "Chakra is pretty fascinating stuff, I imagine you have met all kinds of people with strange abilities." Yuji had become particularly fascinated with Ninjutsu as of late. The bannin's encouragement to look into alternative training methods had paid off in a much bigger way than perhaps even Kotaru suspected.

As the pair were talking from their seat another group rolled up to use the training area. They paid no heed to the Bannin and his would be student. The group was here for a purpose after all and anything else was simply a distraction. A fine example of Iwagakure discipline if there ever was one. Their sparring matches began very tame, simple Taijutsu manoeuvres being used against one another. The matches became more intense as time went on. Neither of them putting the other in too much danger but still creating a challenge. Vibrant colours began to show as Ninjutsu was woven in with Taijutsu. The group were definitely of a Jounin level although it likely seemed like child's play in the face of the Bannin.

"Did you know there is supposedly a process to transform your body into one of the elements? Not something I would be keen on doing but I have so many questions about just that topic alone." It had become almost a scientific curiosity for Yuji. It was perhaps the most talkative he had been in the presence of the Bannin. Yuji himself felt slightly more relaxed around Kotaru than he had prior. Enough to at least hold a civil conversation with the young Bannin.


Posted: Mon Sep 02, 2019 11:57 pm
by Kao
Truth be told, Kotaru had already been certain that the other boy didn't intend to stay a genin for very long. No one with the kind of determination Yuji showed ever resigned themselves to be a mere genin. Yuji wanted power, specifically the power to prove his father wrong, and he already proved he had the mental fortitude to strive toward it. The bannin hummed, offering a shrug when the other boy suggested he had seen all kinds of people with impressive power. "I have, yeah. There's some weird shit out there. But a lot of my experience has been in dealing with spirits and giant spirit-mutated creatures. It'd be useful if I knew tenkujutsu but I can't get the hang of it at all."

Kotaru paid no attention to the newcomers as they trained. It was something he saw every day he was at the Jousai headquarters; it would be more noticeable if trainees and recruits weren't training nearby. "Yeah, I knew that," Kotaru replied, frowning briefly as if that were obvious. Then he paused, remembering that not only was Yuji a genin but he also came from a family that was rather new to the village, and his features became slightly more neutral again. "There's a whole world of people like that. I know a girl who I think is some kind of blood monster. It's disgusting and pretty terrifying." Despite his words Kotaru took on an expression that could only be described as that of fondness and, to a lesser extent, yearning.

"Anyway," the Akari went on, remembering where he was, "there might be books on elemental abilities like those in one of the libraries, but it's not something a genin would have access to. So don't slack with that rank up, Yuji." His last comment was punctuated with a smirk, and the bannin ran his fingers through his messy hair. "Guess you have to start calling me 'sensei.' Your katon needs a lot of work if we plan on getting you to chuunin."


Posted: Tue Sep 03, 2019 10:36 pm
by Varian
Yuji looked puzzled at the expression on Kotaru's face when he talked about this bloody mess of a girl. "It sounds like you admire her almost; despite your description of her." The genin smirked a little with his remark. Although he had not known Kota long he could tell that the facial expression the bannin was making was at least not one of distaste.

"Sensei huh? I guess so." The Uchiha didn't seem to care too much for titles. It was a rebellious trait towards them gifted by his father's cruelty. "Well what do you think my Katon lacks specifically? Yuji hoped for a more solid direction to work towards. It would be much easier than stumbling around hoping to improve to a satisfactory level.

The sparring group came to a conclusion of their bout, a clear victor decided. Yuji's interest long since drawn away from the match, instead being grabbed by something else. The mention of a blood monster had piqued his curiosity. It was like an itch that just had to be scratched, Yuji could not contain it. He turned his attention to his sensei completely with questions in mind.

"How does one meet a blood monster girl then? What was terrifying about her?" The image of this creature Yuji had in his mind was very far from the truth. A strange amalgamation of girl and blood golem was all that sprung to the Uchiha's mind. He was intrigued by Kota at the very least, rather than this blood monster. To Yuji the bannin was still a mystery. Someone of a similar age had achieved such strength already and it fascinated the genin.


Posted: Thu Sep 12, 2019 2:55 am
by Kao
Despite his attempt to quickly change the subject, it seemed Yuji caught on. Kotaru avoided eye contact for a moment after letting the genin finish speaking, mumbling something akin to, "I wouldn't say I admire her." Both the Fur Country and Land of Fountains festivities were months in the past, but Kotaru still had trouble understanding how he felt about the silver-haired blood witch. Thankfully Kotaru was given a small window to briefly change the subject provide a demonstration. The bannin formed several seals and then extended his left hand toward Yuji's forehead, pointing with his second and middle fingers. At the tips of his fingers a ball of katon rapidly formed, small in diameter but swirling and churning like a miniature inferno. "Your katon lacks a lot of things. Finesse. Control. But most of all-"

With that, he turned his fingers away suddenly to his right to instead point toward the stone wall of the training area. At that moment the katon launched forward at a high speed, losing height the further it travelled. It soon hit the ground fifteen meters away from the pair and then erupted into a column of flames. The fire roared powerfully at they twisted and rotated into a pillar several meters tall and wide. Even at that distance the two boys would faintly feel its heat. "-it lacks power."

The Akari lowered his hand, still leveling a heavy stare at Yuji. He frowned slightly as he considered the genin, blinking slowly and deliberately. He had no idea if Yuji would prove to be worth the effort of training him. "As for her," he responded with a gruffness that suggested defensiveness, "I met her outside of the country, and everything about her was terrifying. Except...her, I guess. Beautiful and shit-your-pants-scary at the same time. I can't explain it. Here." At that moment Kotaru fell silent and began to glow as he channeled his chakra for a moment and he then reached forward to tap Yuji on the chest.

Flowing white hair. Plump lips and porcelain skin. The slightest flash of crimson irises. A background of dark tree limbs blanketed by soft snow. The image would briefly fill Yuji's mind like a fleeting memory. In the next instant it would change. The serene smile would transform into a baleful sneer before collapsing, lips peeling back and spewing a river of blood. Though it lasted for only a second or two, it was vivid. The bannin stood there and stared in an attempt to gauge the genin's reaction. "Any other questions? If so, save them for your first lesson in two days."
Hell’s Geysers
B-Ranked Ninjutsu
After performing the needed seals, Kotaru floods the ground beneath his feet with katon chakra and it will spread around him in a 20 meter radius. If anyone but the user enters the area, up to 10 columns of flames with a 3 meter diameter and a height of 5 meters will shoot from the ground from beneath the target at 25 speed and hitting with a strength of 15. Kotaru is unable to control when the flaming columns erupt once the jutsu is in place. The jutsu lasts 5 posts.

Quick Vision
D-Ranked Illusion Genjutsu
After channeling his chakra, Kotaru makes physical contact with a target to initiate the genjutsu. The target will briefly see a simple vision of Kotaru's choosing. The vision is always simple, vivid, and is only sometimes non-traumatic, such as a face of someone he knows, a room, or a small object. It can be used as a brief distraction or as a way to present a description of something visually instead of verbally.


Posted: Thu Sep 12, 2019 2:39 pm
by Varian
His clan were a highly perceptive bunch by nature even without their Shōgō-zumi and as such Yuji's eyes followed the ball of Katon. Despite this it moved a such a speed his brain was behind on processing what his eyes saw. Not only would his body not be able to keep up with moving at such a speed. The delay between his eyes seeing and his brain processing the information there would have been no time to react anyways. The pillar was devastating compared to his own Katon techniques, it was almost laughable how weak his were in the face of this.

The heat was certainly one thing but the sound alone was astonishing. A large roar of destruction and flame spiralling upwards in a great torrent. Although Yuji was surprised his face did not give it away. If anything there was an expression of admiration resting on the genin's face, not the adoring fan kind but more an appreciation of skill far above his own. There was something else there though an intensity within the eyes, a spark of ambition. Yuji had only one thing to thank his father for and it was how not to give away your surprise so easily.

Yuji turned back to Kotaru staring at him, he seemed to be in thought about something. Then he spoke, bringing the topic back to the woman he had mentioned before. Yuji had not expected the Bannin to continue the discussion a look of surprise crept in. It seemed like the young genin had not been as studious of diplomatic techniques as he had thought. Then came the vision and she was indeed beautiful. Yuji was speechless in front of such a beauty he simply sat staring at her feeling a little awkward.

Then the vision warped and twisted revealing her true nature, the sneer immediately had a kunai drawn from Yuji's pouch. This was Genjutsu and his logical side was telling him as such but every fibre in his body screamed this was a very real threat. Knuckles whitened around the Kunai as the vision faded and Yuji frowned at his own reaction disappointed at how easily he had succumbed to the images of the technique. It just all felt so real. Kotaru snapped him out his thoughts before he could dwell any further by speaking. The kunai was slid back into it's pouch with a bit of frustration as the young genin stood. "My Katon is lacking. Well then I just need to surpass your own Katon demonstration today." The genin stretched as he spoke dryly, turning around to face the Bannin.

"Then I will see you in two days Kotaru-Sensei." He turned to leave before pausing and facing the Bannin once again. "I will be worth the investment of your time." A very slight bow from Yuji was more than the bannin had received in the way of respect towards his title before. Yuji was still not sure how big of a deal a Bannin was but he was starting to get a sense. Leaving the training area, Yuji made his way home. A temporary stop however as the Genin made plans to train over the next few days.