[Event] The Beast of the Flesh

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[Event] The Beast of the Flesh

Post by Niro » Sun Sep 06, 2020 12:20 pm

The mountains surrounding Kumogakure no Sato soon became filled with the putrid scent of death and all of its disgusting nuances. The animals taking refugee within the higher region stood no chance as the smell overtook them, killing them outright where they stood and sending many to their deaths at the bottom of rocky crags. A massive titan, standing 200 meters tall, stalked throughout the mountains and moving through them with ease upon its four legs. Its body was a gross mass of dead matter with multiple gigantic skulls making up its face as it lumbered towards Kumogakure no Sato, intent on adding the village to its body.
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[Event] The Beast of the Flesh

Post by Das Kirb » Sun Sep 06, 2020 1:07 pm

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The amalgam steps over hills and streams, towering over trees ancient and strong. Each step of its four giant limbs leaves craters in its wake that quickly fill with a viscous black fluid that reeks of death and decay. The village in sight catches its attention as the monolith turns towards it, collapsing a small mountain's peak towering like a javelin's point as if to skewer the skies. From somewhere in its amorphous mass of flesh and rot a low and loud cacophony of voices calls out. A mixture of humans from all ages and walks, animals with their anguished calls, and pure unholy horror ringing out for miles.

The beast walks slowly as the flesh across its surface writhes and festers. Each step masses of rotting meat fall from its structure only to be reabsorbed. Standing not even half a kilometer away from the city gates the beast begins to form dozens of fleshy tendrils that spread from all over its surface, especially beneath it. The appendages whip around with extreme force and dexterity, ripping trees from the earth and bringing it up to one of hundreds of chaotically forming maws that consume them.

What will Kumogakure no Sato do against such a monstrous abomination?

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[Event] The Beast of the Flesh

Post by ShinobiTruth » Sun Sep 13, 2020 1:29 pm

Ookuri had returned from the Academy just a week prior on a rare but deserved reprieve. He had immersed himself into his studies with a religious zeal, empowered by the understanding of what rest inside of him. The creature had unleashed the potential of his training up to this point, an unintended consequence of Byokyaku's influence on his development as an embryo in his mother's womb. Now that this stored strength had been released back to him in full, he had rocketed up in strength to that of a chuunin practically overnight. It was a strange sensation, to struggle one day only to easily conquer challenges which had stymied him the next. He couldn't say that he hated it, though. Yasu seemed to like his improved physique. During this vacation, if you will, Ookuri was hoping to prepare the necessary arrangements for becoming a chuunin.

That was before a bone-shattering shrill of noise and rushing air broke the peace in Kumogakure.

Rushing outside, conveniently wearing his mission gear (he didn't report to the office out of uniform), Ookuri's nose was assaulted by the foul wafts of rotting flesh before his eyes even beheld their source. Villlage alarms rang out, and as he set his eyes on the threat before him, his blood nearly froze.

'Curious... A primal force of decay and entropy. Infintesimally insignificant in comparison to my own power, but an impressive sight from your planet nonetheless.'

Ookuri was too shocked by what he saw to comment on the spirit's lacksidaisical response. "By the stars... I've never seen anything so massive... What do we do?! I haven't learned to wield your power yet!"

Byokyaku scoffed. 'Boy, your current expression of my power would not likely be useful against this creature. Use that primitive energy of yours. Look! Your constitutents are rushing to battle. Join them. You will find safety in numbers, both in strength and in defense."

Ookuri's gut rebelled at the notion of having others help him protect himself. He knew that Byokyaku thought little of most humans, and Ookuri wanted to protect, not be protected. Yet there was still wisdom in the void god's words. He nodded and joined his clan members as they gathered together under the Kage's instructions.Before long, the blackened, rotting flesh of the creature soon met with the dazzling light of the Arashiyama clan's Storm jutsu, the initial impacts and ribbons of their techniques momentarily gouging into the titan's body before once again seeming to regenerate. Ookuri refrained from using jutsu himself, instead placing himself on defense. None of his jutsu were particularly long range, and there was no telling what might happen. He'd need to be conscious of his chakra reserves.

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[Event] The Beast of the Flesh

Post by Das Kirb » Tue Sep 15, 2020 3:28 pm

Lightning arced and splintered from every angle, piercing the amalgam in every conceivable surface. As the lightning arced through its mass it never even slowed down. Each lumbering step taken was enough to quake the earth beneath it. The incessant wail of a titan's myriad voices grew louder, as if triggered to become an attack unto itself. A cacophony of voices drowning out even the loudest of voices uttered hundreds of meters away.

As it grew closer the stench would become overwhelming, threatening to choke all but the most hardy of constitutions. It would seem to grow ever worse though as the beast grew to within a quarter of a kilometer of the walls proper. Here the beast stopped, its cries growing louder still. From beneath the mass of tentacles writhed and wiped aside anything beneath it, feeding anything living into the creature's many gullets. Once the area was cleared it seemed to melt, great clumps of diseased flesh falling to the ground beneath it, forming strange creatures that walked on two disfigured limbs. Where its head should me was instead two giant hands grasping and folding in on itself, at the center a brain. The horrid abominations stood as large as cattle and moved like a well formed pack of wolves. However, their attention was not focused on the village.

The beasts began to dig a large pit directly beneath the monolithic creature. They worked with extreme speed, the two dozen of them together digging rapid enough to make a lake in a day. As they dug the greater creature's many tendrils gripped at its own belly and began to pull the mass away, exposing its disgusting inner mass. Something within the exposed cavity burrowed back into the rest of the flesh before it began to produce a sack of fetid black oozing liquid. The sack was filling slowly, but was monstrously huge.

Upon a mountain's peak there was a lone creature watching, it'd take a keen eyed soul to even notice them.
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Wailing Damned
A - Tai (Maneuver)
The entity creates a droning wail that grows in intensity as it grows more agitated. This sound can grow to drown out all but the most explosively loud of sounds for everywhere in a [Endurance]x4 radius. This can be sustained for so long as the creature is able to make a sound for any of its myriad chaotic mouths.

Fetid Lake
S - Nin
The creature begins to fill a sack within its mass with a fetid black fluid that spreads its natural miasma. The creature produces enough liquid per post to fill a 1000 gallon tank. Once the creature is satisfied with how much fluid it has created it may drop the sack and allow it to crash onto any surface below it, causing the sack to rupture and create a tidal wave of putrid miasmic death to radiate out to [Control] meters times the number of posts it spent charging.

Spawn: Terraform
As the creature is damaged or at will fragments of itself can break off to create various monstrosities. These creatures vary in size, shape, and power based upon the needs of the amalgamate. As terraformers, they resemble a roughly 3 meter tall biped abomination with two large interlinking "hands" for a hand covering a central brain mass. They're remarkably quick and strong, allowing them to move debris and earth rapidly, or assail fortified positions.


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[Event] The Beast of the Flesh

Post by Kenobi » Sat Sep 19, 2020 8:32 am

Hayate was busy taking care of his prisoners when a courier pigeon arrived from one of the camps. It seemed that a large titan had been spotted making its way through Lightning Country... spotted being an understatement as it drudged its way through villages apparently adding to it's horrendous figure. Black Ops had ran reconnaissance and the village bannin were fortifying the village to prepare a defense but it seemed unlikely such a beast could be stopped without a full frontal assault. The whole ride home all he could thing about was the extreme convenience of the timing. Just as his forces had begun to lay waste to the enemy someone attacked the village.

Generally events like this often had something to do with Tada Banri a man who had a history of setting loose genma and even Raijin on his own village to gain political power. While Hayate wanted to blame him he knew even this was beyond Banri, especially since seemingly all five villages were under attack at once... still, someone was usually behind such creatures as spirits needed some sort of anchor into this world.

Two fuuton clones of his sat at the footing of the mountain, beneath the beast, charging up an attack. He had planned to simply attempt to cripple one of it's legs but something better happened. The moment it had opened up, the clones took advantage of the creatures who up until now had been ignoring them, and before it even revealed the sack, the clones took their opportunity to release a torrent of wind into the unguarded belly of the beast. If it could hit, they would be ready at a moment to spread their arms wide and use kinesis to rend whatever he could to pieces with the rest of his wind.

Hayate himself at one of the peaks just outside the village, Hayate sat perched still in meditation. His senses leaked out into the world around him. He felt around for anything beyond the monolithic titan and found something peculiar on a nearby peak. Something standing still, as if watching the terror unfold. Could it perhaps have been Banri or a Black Ops operative? Regardless, breaking his meditation and standing up his eyes looked to the peak as he leaped, full speed and headed for whatever was over there.

Hopefully the village bannin or something else would show up to the main fight, and whatever was on the peak was an ally as he guessed it might be.
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By channeling additional chakra and closing his eyes Hayate can momentarily greatly extend the range of Starforce's sensory- giving him up clarity up to 150m and a vague sense of "chakra sources" that exist for up to 1.5KM. Outside of his clarity zone though the range is greatly increased the downside is if a target does not have an Endurance or Chakra pool above 35 they will not register unless multiple weaker parties are nearby- in which case they will become one "clump". Beyond the existence of these sources and the rough direction they are in, he will get no further information or clarity on these powerful beings and if he opens his eyes at any time the technique will be cancelled.

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