The Light That Burns [Izanagi, Open]

Michio's being a child again

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The Light That Burns [Izanagi, Open]

Post by Belac » Fri Nov 09, 2018 12:21 am

Michio smirked to himself, his body currently transformed into a small lizard, clawing its way up the side of the Hokage's building. The transformation and tree climbing techniques, both used in tandem made him, at least in his mind, undetectable. The 'lizard' made a slow climb up the Hokage's building. After a few minutes of taking his time, the lizard climbed onto the balcony, a much harder endeavor than it looked. Undoing the jutsu, Michio kept his body low as he grinned wildly. He had been planning this for the past month. It was finally the day, Michio's chance to claim the shawl of the Hokage.

Quickly weaving a few hand signs, Michio smirked as two other versions of him appeared next to him, each weaving a set of hand seals that created purple and emerald shields on each hand. All of them crouching down, Michio created one barrier in front of himself, keeping one hand free to grab the shawl. Meanwhile each clone created two shields, the back most one covering the back and left side, while the frontmost one dual-layered the top of their box of light, and covered the right side. Entering as fast as they could while crouched, the genin and his clones emerged into the office with a blinding box of Royal Purple and Emerald Green, dashing towards the shawl that hung on the wall. Just barely moving the front panel, Michio's free hand reached for the symbol of the Hokage, a wide smirk on his face.
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The Light That Burns [Izanagi, Open]

Post by Izanagi » Wed Jan 02, 2019 7:16 pm

Takeo was at his desk, working through a stack of paperwork that required his review and stamp of approval. It wasn’t the entirety of his job by any means though it did consume at least a few hours of every day, much of the rest being occupied by meetings and visits to various locations of interest, stopping in at the academy on occasion or watching a Chunin exam. He also made sure to spend at least an hour training every morning and on numerous occasions he had even left the village to oversee the progress of the various operations that were being run, even fighting on the front lines in the restoration of Whirlpool country as well as fighting off S-rank missing nin personally in the event they were ever spotted within Fire Countries borders as well as containing spirit outbreaks or any other large scale threat to the village including fighting off a gargantuan 1000 meter Spirit alongside the Raikage. The man was a warrior through and through, former commander of ANBU and one of the higher ups in ROOT before that. Many would consider his approach to the role of Hokage as unconventional though the man simply couldn’t separate himself from combat. In his mind a true leader was the one who led with action, rallying others around him and taking on the most dangerous tasks himself rather than commanding others to do so from the safety of the village.

Nonetheless he had become surprisingly fond of the political aspect of his role. Having been Hokage for roughly 3 years now the man had met with both the Kazekage and Raikage on several occasions, strengthening trade between the villages and even creating a strong rapport between himself and these other Kage to the point where several joint projects were in the works and he was confident he could rely on both villages to support Fire Country in the event of a threat to the nation. Day to day operations and paperwork were less fulfilling however the Council handled the majority of such things leaving him mostly to review and authorize documents that required his approval. And of course being formerly in charge of recruiting for ROOT the man had for quite some time been familiar with sorting through personnel folders, becoming familiar with every shinobi of Special Jounin rank or higher as well as keeping an eye on select talents at the Chunin level and even knowing a variety of Genin and academy students from his visits and due to the fact that two of his children were Genin. Still, with thousands of shinobi throughout the village it would be impossible to know every single one.

Truthfully, while he was focused on his paperwork Takeo hadn’t been aware of the Genin as he scaled the side of the building though as he formed his clones the seasoned warrior sensed that something was off. The scents coming from the boy didn’t stand out particularly much from the ones that typically found throughout the village though the faint scent of sweat mixed with ink and the subtle touches of smoke was enough to indicate that there was a person out on the balcony, honing in on the area he could now hear the slight rustling of clothes and hands forming seals as well as the boy’s breathing and even the beat of his heart, seeming to thud with anticipation. These cues were enough to tell him that this was likely a younger shinobi from his own village, most likely harmless though as always the man was cautious enough to keep himself alert and vigilant now, even as the intercom on his desk lit up, one reserved for communication with his bodyguards. As always one was watching from the rooftop while the other remained in a hidden room attached to his office. “There’s someone on the balcony, Lord Hokage” the voice came through. Evidently by the tone of the Shujaku’s voice it was not something he deemed an immediate threat or else he would have acted of his own accord. “Yeah, leave them” he replied, curious to see what this individual was planning.

No sooner than had he ordered his guard to stand down had the individual in question emerged from the balcony. Takeo looked up from his papers, glancing over curiously as he noted the blonde hair and vibrant purple eyes. The jutsu he used was quite interesting as well. He recognized it instantly as Hiton chakra by the way it matched the color of the boy’s eyes and let off an unmistakable brightness even if it was negligible at this level. What was more odd was the secondary color within the light, a jade green that was most unusual. He had never seen an Awai possess two personal light colorations like that. The Hokage squinted slightly as the boy approached, raising one hand to his face to help shield against the light. ‘Good formation’ the man mused, admiring the approach, though he couldn’t quite discern what his target was. This was made apparent however within a matter of moments as Michio made a direct dash to the Hokage’s formal hat that hung on the wall behind him and to his right. Takeo chuckled at the antics as the Genin darted off back onto the balcony. “He’s certainly a lively one” the man considered. That was one way to pique the Hokage’s interest. Touching the intercom again, Takeo would speak into it, “Shujaku, come here” he would command and in a matter of moments the ANBU operative, dressed in white with a red phoenix depiction on his mask, would appear before the Hokage. “Sir” he reported in. “That boy, he used purple Hiton with touches of green in the center. Who is he?” he wondered. Behind the mask Masuru sighed, he should have known, of course it would be him. “That must be Awai Michio” he replied. Being a member of the Awai clan himself it was only natural that he would be better informed on whom among his family possessed which colors of personal light. Gold and Red were the most common and so anyone who possessed an anomaly outside of that range were quite well known among the clan.

Takeo pondered this for a moment, ‘Michio’ he was sure he had heard that name before. “Hmm, sounds familiar. Isn’t he one of the Genin Fanho took under his wing?” he wondered aloud. The young Jounin had taught a wide variety of students over the last year or two, including the Hokage’s daughter Hyuuga Hanako as well as a girl, Inken Nikuya, whom his son Yozei was paired with in their upcoming Chunin exam. The masked man nodded, “Yes, that’s right” despite not knowing either clansmen on a personal level it was part of Masuru’s duties to keep tabs on every Awai much like Toshiaki was expected to be familiar with the files of every Senju. “I’ll take care of him right away Lord Hokage” the operative assured though Takeo held up his hand, “No, don’t worry about him. Return to your post, I’ll have Kurou track him down” he decided. Masuru nodded, “Very well” he said before seeming to vanish with a flicker of movement. ‘Poor kid’ he thought to himself. Performing handseals, a puff of smoke would appear in front of Takeo’s desk and from within it a large wolf wearing samurai style armor would emerge. “Takeo. What is it that you require of me?” he asked, looking about and finding it rather odd that he had been summoned within his office. “A Genin seems to have run off with my Hokage hat. Awai Michio, blonde hair, purple eyes, seems to be a bit of a troublemaker. He’s had a few minutes of a head start but I trust you can handle it…oh and try not to put this one in the hospital. I know you can get a little rough with the younger generation." The wolf’s maw opened in something resembling in a grin. “Yeah, you got it” he growled lowly. He was well accustomed to testing prospective Genin and Chunin and it was true his patience for incompetence was low, though he wasn’t completely heartless, though his softer side was typically reserved for the Hokage’s young twins whom the wolf protected devoutly seeing the Hokage’s children as akin to his own family, such was the strength of the bond he had with his contract of loyalty.

Leaping onto the balcony Kurou would scent at the air, picking up the trace of Takeo’s scent from the hat and promptly descending the building to follow the trail. He would stop on occasion, sifting through the myriad of scents from the busy streets and ensuring he was heading in the right way, moving swiftly at a speed of about 15 as he navigated through the crowds. When necessary he was easily capable of running along walls and avoiding groups of people as he continued closer to his target.
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The Light That Burns [Izanagi, Open]

Post by Strategist » Sun Feb 10, 2019 1:47 am

Sparrow's call
The sound of melodic bells coming from inside a tavern had been like honey to Gene's perceptive ears. With a thick black book in one hand and a thin stack of finished paperwork in the other he made good time in securing a place inside to sit comfortably, a nice booth with a window enabling to look out at the passerbys with little effort. All in all, Gene looked as he felt and the boredom in his eyes could not be hidden even on his best of days. An absence of a task left him restless, eager and above all else...curious. What was the next move for Konoha going to be? He wondered.

Averting his gaze from the worn wooden table and setting on a space somewhere on the other side of the window Gene was both surprised and amused to see what he thought was boy parading the streets with the hat of the Hokage. Though he hasn't done so purposely, Gene couldn't help but crack a smile underneath the gun metal grey cloth mask covering his face. "Its been so peaceful around here that the kids just can't help but to get into trouble." Pausing, Gene released a satisfied sigh. "I wonder how far he'll get before he's caught."

In silence Gene made a bet with himself, sighed and then tended to the black book in front of him diving into its creative lore with a light determination.

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