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[Graded] Finding the Sensei

Posted: Thu Mar 15, 2018 6:10 am
by Servant
After her spar with Yūku and Yozei, Niku had grown impressed with the abilities of ninjutsu. While she had used a doton technique in the spar, it was the only one she knew. After seeing how effective and powerful ninjutsu could be (even at such a low level), Niku wanted to implement that capability into her combat. While she never intended to give up the sword her grandfather had taught her, adding more tricks to her repertoire would allow her to compete with her fellow shinobi on more equal footing. And while Fanho would have been a logical person to ask for assistance in learning more ninjutsu techniques (especially given his propensity for ninjutsu, in general), Niku wanted to impress him with new techniques during the next Bell test. Afterall, he may not fall in love with me if he sees me too much as a student, she mused as she headed along the path.

The path led towards the training ground that Tenzin Sensei, a fellow shinobi who was renowned for his ability to teach, often visited. If you want to run into the Sensei, this is where its done. Niku just hoped he'd help her; she was, by no means, an adept ninjutsu user. In fact, she had learned only 2 ninjutsu outside of the Basics that they teach in the Academy. And, if she were being honest with herself, she still had a pretty low success rate with the Tree Walking one. To say that she was behind in ninjutsu compared to her fellow genin was likely a gross understatement.

As she arrived at the training ground, she noticed a kid, probably a couple years younger than Niku, being taught by a taller and likely older person, though his back was to her. She now realized that she hadn't bothered to get a physical description of this Tenzin Sensei, so she couldn't be sure if the person teaching was him or someone else. The man was taller than her (not that this was a terribly difficult task) and had white hair. As he turned so she could see his face, she realized that he was actually pretty young: No older than Fanho, she guessed. Isn't this Tenzin guy supposed to be old?! she mused as she watched for a moment.

Niku didn't want to interrupt, but she also didn't want to waste time watching if this was the wrong guy. She took a few steps forward, "Excuse me, are you Tenzin Sensei?" she asked in a polite tone. If this was the Sensei, she didn't want to insult him as a first impression, that would surely be a bad omen.

Finding the Sensei

Posted: Thu Mar 15, 2018 9:34 am
by Texas
Today was a beautiful day for training. It was perfect temperature and the sun was out with very little clouds. Tenzin loved to teach Genin and Chuunin. Often times, he found himself training multiple people on the same day or the same people on multiple days. He has established his role in shaping the younger generations to come. Tenzin had his arms folded and watched as the young student was striking the wooden log. "Very good" he said in encouragement to the young ninja. The young ninja had attempted to learn a few Taijutsu moves in order to improve his skills. Tenzin had been at the training grounds for most of the day. He calls it his "office hours". As he was watching the student practicing, he could barely hear footsteps behind him. Before he could even turn around he heard a polite young woman's voice. Tenzin got mistaken for a chuunin often, and most people don't believe he is a teacher... let alone a special jounin. Hopefully within time people will understand the path he had chosen.

With a plain look on his face, he turned around slightly so he could see the young girl. He noticed her black and red clothing along with her blade by her side. 'She must specialize in Taijutsu... eh but she seems young so you never know' he thought as he looked at her. He was actually surprised by her politeness, it wasn't too often that academy students and genin knew the best when it came to manners. He changed his body language to fully turn towards her, with his hands still in his pockets. "Yes I am, what can I help you with?"

By her headband and her appearance, Tenzin assumed she was a Genin. Which could only mean she sought him out for training. This excites Tenzin, especially since she seamed like a taijutsu specialist... which could only mean she wanted to learn something different!

Finding the Sensei

Posted: Fri Mar 16, 2018 7:33 am
by Servant
A smile crossed her face as Tenzin revealed that he was who she sought. I figured he'd be old cause of the old, wise teacher stereotype, but this guy definitely isn't old and now that I've found him, I just have to get him to fall in love with me! No, get him to teach me doton techniques... and fall in love with me? Maybe having Tenzin Sensei on my arm will make Fanho jealous, she mused before realizing that she'd been standing there speechless for a little too long. She stepped forward, taking his full turn towards her as permission to continue to interrupt his instruction. "I heard that you're very good at teaching and was wondering if you'd be willing to teach me?" she asked, trying to uphold her politeness from earlier. She realized that she hadn't been very specific, so she tried to clarify "Doton techniques," but it came out a little more like she was blurting an answer out in class.

Now that she was looking at him, she was sure that he couldn't be that much older than she was. I can't help but wonder if this guy can really teach me anything though; he's probably a genin, or chuunin at best. But he's got the reputation, he must be pretty knowledgeable. Even if he's just a genin, he can surely help me get better.

"I can come back another time, if you're too busy now."

Finding the Sensei

Posted: Fri Mar 16, 2018 9:23 am
by Texas
Tenzin was taken back by firstly how she stood there in silence for an awkward moment... but then how she all of a sudden stepped closer. Tenzin kept his arms crossed as the young student behind him kept jumping and kicking at the log. He turned his head to speak with the child he was already training. "Please do the set again, you skipped a whole series". Tenzin didn't like teaching Taijutsu, simply because he wasn't all too good at it. He turned his head towards the young girl completely. He couldn't help but notice her sword, and was intrigued by her combat style. Maybe he could teach her a few techniques that could compliment her Kenjutsu battle style. He didn't want to jump to conclusions though, he did wield a blade as well but was not nearly as talented as the other ninja.

Tenzin leaned forward to speak with her fully, but first he wished to know about her a little bit more. "I would love to help you. There are a few things I need to know first. First I would like to know your name. Then I would like to know your combat style so I can teach you techniques that would better assist you in combat." Tenzin was sure he had a couple that would be beneficial for her, but he wanted to hear what she had to say first. He figured that he could cross train once she has started to learn her new techniques. It would be a good way for both students to spar and grow.

Finding the Sensei

Posted: Fri Mar 23, 2018 8:10 am
by Servant
Niku's face lit up with joy as Tenzin agreed to help her. She was quite pleased to have acquired a sensei. I was worried there'd be a catch, she thought as he suggested there were some things he needed to know. Like how awful I am at ninjutsu. She finally let her insecurities go as she listened to his 'requests'. She was surprised at how basic they were. He didn't want to know how awful she was at anything or how difficult it would be to teach her anything; instead, he wanted to know how she fought so that he could complement the skills she already had, rather than attempt to change her style altogether. True sign of a wise sensei, she acknowledged, thinking about her own grandfather.

"Of course. I am Inken Nikuya, genin of the Leaf," she answered confidently. "I rely heavily on my grandfather's teachings, centered on the Iaido sword style," her response remained confident, but her hand indicated the two, identical swords on her left hip. She wasn't sure how much Tenzin Sensei knew about Iaido, but she felt like most people were aware of its reliance on the user's speed and lightning quick draws. Niku was now really curious about what kind of doton techniques Tenzin Sensei would teach her; she definitely wanted something that exploded like Yūku's doton wall that she'd encountered during her spar with him and Yozei.

Finding the Sensei

Posted: Fri Mar 23, 2018 9:15 am
by Texas
Tenzin watched her motion to her dual blades on her left hip. As he listened to her, he knew that his assumptions were correct. He was familiar with a decent amount of Kenjutsu techniques thanks to his father. He had heard of Iado and what the basis of it is, but never fully got to learn or understand it. He moved his position from having his arms folded to both his hands on his hips, leaving his elbows out. He looked at her before speaking and broke down what he would be teaching her. "Well I think every shinobi should learn a few of the basics of elemental ninjutsu. I actually think that if you could utilize ninjutsu to aid your main points of attack, you would be more deadly than someone who could perform high ranking ninjutsu. Strategy beats brute force... usually."

He then moved his hands to his back to take out his mini staff. He liked to use it for training and often works to surprise people in combat when he detaches it and it ends up being dual blades. All the while there was a young shinobi training in the background. "Let us waste no time. It is a beautiful day out anyways. This technique doesn't require hand signs." Tenzin turns his head to the young one training and yells "Shin, get over here I want to show a ninjutsu technique". He ran fast and got into a taijutsu stance. Tenzin focused his chakra to his foot and stomped it to the ground. Since Shin was 3 meters near him (and he aimed it at him) he got caught in the jutsu and couldn't move his foot.

Tenzin looked at her softly and explained the jutsu. "This Justsu is called Binding Formation. By focusing chakra to your foot and then expelling it as you stomp on the ground, you can send Doton to form around your opponents foot. This technique will be very helpful when striking your opponent, it will compliment your Iaido technique significantly." He looked at her and realized she might need more of an idea for chakra control. "As far as chakra control goes, try to focus your chakra as if you were going to perform the water walking technique."

Jutsu UsedShow
*Doton • Binding Formation
D-Rank Ninjutsu
After channeling doton chakra into their foot the user will slam the ground within 3 meters of a target's feet with their heel, causing a formation of rock to shoot upwards at a speed of 6 binding the target's feet at a strength of 4.

Finding the Sensei

Posted: Tue Apr 17, 2018 7:11 am
by Servant
Niku listened as Tenzin Sensei spoke about his own beliefs regarding ninjutsu. He then said something that seemed different to her own grandfather's teachings. 'Strategy beats brute force...' hmm, never really thought of it that way before. Usually I just aim to be the fastest one on the battlefield, but that's really just another form of brute force, however, she didn't have too long to dwell on the thought as Tenzin Sensei removed the short staff on his back. In comparison to Jin's staff, it was a good bit shorter and she wondered what type of bo-jutsu Tenzin Sensei utilized with such a short weapon.

She hadn't quite realized that they were going to begin right away, until Tenzin Sensei mentioned wasting no time. It was then that it dawned on her that he was, in fact, going to help teach her and, not only that but, was going to begin right away. She was overcome with excitement, but she tried to ignore it and focus on what Tenzin Sensei was saying about the technique he was trying to teach her. A ninjutsu technique without handseals? That definitely doesn't bode well, she worried as she watched him perform the technique.

At first, it was hard for Niku to determine what had actually happened. It wasn't a giant wall or a clone or even something big and fancy. It was actually rather small and Niku only noticed it when Tenzin Sensei explained what had happened. It was then that Niku's perceptive abilities kicked in and she realized that Shin's feet had been entrapped in some sort of earthen shackles. While Niku wasn't the smartest person in the world, she quickly grasped that the technique could be used to stall, if not fully trap, an opponent. With Niku's speed, a stalled opponent could be all Niku needed to ensure her own survival. Instantly, Niku's mind went back to what Tenzin Sensei had said earlier, Strategy over force, cool!

He then mentioned the water walking technique which caused Niku's face to noticeably grimace. It was one of the two basics (tree walking being the other) that she had gotten used to, but never really mastered due to her lack of chakra control. There were more than a few times that she arrived home a little soggy from poor execution of the water walking technique. Even with her recent addition of control to her training regimen, she already had a mental stigmata when it came to techniques that heavily relied on it. Niku tried to ignore her own feelings towards chakra control as she focused on the words Tenzin Sensei had spoken.

Jutsu - 349/900Show
*Doton • Binding Formation
D-Rank Ninjutsu
After channeling doton chakra into their foot the user will slam the ground within 3 meters of a target's feet with their heel, causing a formation of rock to shoot upwards at a speed of 6 binding the target's feet at a strength of 4.
She closed her eyes, feeling the chakra as it flowed within her. Luckily, her chakra had a natural affinity with the earth so she didn't have to alter it in any way to make this technique work. She really had no idea how others managed that special trick, but that was something to dwell on another time. She focused the Doton chakra to her right foot: the same one she used for her doton clone - the only doton technique she knew so far. She found it significantly easier to control chakra with hand seals, though she didn't realize how her poor control caused her to waste a lot of chakra regardless of which method she used to initiate the technique. She focused the chakra, slowly pushing it towards her right foot, rather than where its natural flow would lead it. Controlling the chakra was, of course, hard for Niku, but she didn't want to give up.

This was a really tricky technique, because, even if Niku could control her chakra, telling it what to do was another matter altogether. Niku had managed to get enough chakra for the technique to her foot, but now she had to figure out how to make it delve into the earth, where to reemerge, and to bind to whatever it finds. That was a lot to ask of someone with poor control. She was sure she could do it, but she also knew it would take a fair amount of practice to perfect. With the chakra in her foot, she slammed her foot to the ground, sending the chakra out into the earth. She hoped to bind Tenzin Sensei's feet to the ground. She opened her eyes to see how well she'd done. About two feet in front of her, the earth erupted from the ground a few inches, maybe six, before laying flat again.

Niku's face showed how dejected she was; her first attempt was a failure. I'll just do better next time, she told herself. Her demeanor changed from dejected to determined and she looked to Tenzin Sensei. "Got any pointers?"

Finding the Sensei

Posted: Fri Apr 20, 2018 7:12 am
by Texas
Tenzin looked at her as she formed chakra. 'Yikes, I didn't realize she had poor chakra control' Tenzin thought as he kept his arms folded with his smaller staff in his right hand. He watched and as she tried her hardest and failed, He took a couple steps closer to her. He noticed that she wasn't the best at chakra control and figured he would give a lesson from one of his classes. "Now, just because it is similar to the Walking on Water technique doesn't mean its the same. Now spend extra time focusing your chakra. If you take it slower and focus more you will be able to do it. Once you are able to do it, you can practice a bunch so its like second nature to you! Try focusing the chakra to flow instead of just start at your foot. Have all your chakra flow through your body, through your leg, and then through your foot. Once you do that try stomping your foot on the ground and try expelling some of your chakra through the ground for it to form. You would be surprised how easy it is once you do it the first time, I promise!"

Tenzin made his speech, then he took a step back. If Niku took her time she could learn it a lot faster. It is perception over reality; people think that by moving faster and training faster, they will learn it faster. It is actually quite the opposite. Tenzin was interested to see how she would move on from this speed bump.

Finding the Sensei

Posted: Fri May 04, 2018 5:27 am
by Servant
After asking for pointers from her new sensei, Niku realized something inherently different about taijutsu and ninjutsu. With her grandfather, he could see when she messed up. He could tell her to 'raise your elbow slightly', 'loosen your grip', or 'spread your feet apart' if that was what the technique she was training called for. Everything she did was perceivable by her grandfather which allowed him to give proper instructions with each practice draw until her body knew it was supposed to do. Ninjutsu, however, was mostly completed within where no teacher could see what was going on. Especially with this technique she realized, there was nothing for Tenzin Sensei to see or observe so she feared he'd have little to no advice.

Niku shouldn't have been surprised, given his reputation as an excellent ninjutsu teacher, that Tenzin Sensei had some words of wisdom for her. And, she was pleased, that it wasn't in the form of a riddle as some people (Like Fanho) seemed to teach with. She nodded to her teacher before closing her eyes.

Training - 424

With her mind closed off to the outside world, Niku focused on the chakra flowing through her body. As Tenzin had suggested, she tried focusing on its natural flow, rather than using willpower to move the chakra against its natural flow. She felt the chakra as it moved through her mind, down into her shoulders and through organs. Before, Niku had forced chakra to flow to her foot. But now, she was simply feeling the chakra as it flowed of its accord. She didn't have to will the chakra to flow to her foot, it did that of its own accord. The young kunoichi remained still as she focused on the chakra as it flowed down her body to her foot. While it was in her foot, she focused on stopping the chakra there, letting some flow by, but pooling some there for the technique.

Niku released the dam that she'd placed, allowing the chakra to continue its flow through her body. She realized that Tenzin Sensei had been right about slowing down and focusing on the chakra's flow. It was much easier to dam the chakra's natural flow than to forcefully control the flow's direction. She wasn't sure why, but she felt like she'd just discovered the secret to chakra and it showed on her face as, unbeknownst to her, a slight grin crept across her face.

Once again, Niku focused as the chakra flowed through her body, seemingly with its own will and drive to get to its final destination. Of course, she realized that it had no destination as the chakra simply flowed in a continuous loop. She turned her attention to her foot as she once again dammed some chakra there. Once she felt confident that there was enough chakra there, she lifted and then stomped the foot to the ground. For her second attempt, Niku had decided to keep the same target as Tenzin Sensei, plus she didn't want to disturb the kid as he was training.

The chakra rushed into the earth and steered its way towards Tenzin, Niku's eyes popping open to see how her efforts fared. The earth next to Tenzin's feet erupted, sending dirt all over the man's shoes. Niku was proud with the progress, but having seen the technique just moments ago, she was sure something was wrong. Looking at Tenzin's feet, she realized that it hadn't solidified the earth, just splattered dirt on his boots. As long as my opponent isn't a super neat freak, this technique wouldn't be too useful, she mused.

Total words - 349+424= 773/900
"Well, that was better, right?! You want me to clean those?" she said, moving towards Tenzin a few steps. "I don't mind, its my fault after all," she said as she kept approaching.

Finding the Sensei

Posted: Wed May 16, 2018 7:06 am
by Texas
Tenzin watched as she focused her chakra and really spent her time flowing what little control she had. Maybe he could teach her to have better control and ninjutsu capabilities in the future. Tenzin got slightly distracted by the nice day, but before he could snap himself back he felt something hit his foot. He looked down to see mud all over his shoe. What Niku didn't know, is that this was incredible progress from the last time she tried. 'This girl might not be learning quickly, but when she does learn this... she will be able to utilize it perfectly!' Tenzin looked her in the eyes after she offered to clean his shoes. "If they didn't get dirty, I wouldn't be doing my job correctly" he muttered as he folded his arms.

He kept eye contact with Niku as he told her: "Niku, you are very close. I think you will be successful next time. However... maybe what you need is to get the blood pumping. Lets see if you can catch me." Within a second after he jumped backwards and weaved a couple hand seals at a very fast pace. As he slammed his hands to the ground, he turned his body away from her. He started off with a light jog in hopes that she would stop him with the jutsu she is on the verge of learning. Often times ninja find it more useful to feel desperate like there is no other option to really tap into their true potential. The only way to stop him would be to use the jutsu, lets see if she is truly capable of exceeding her potential. She was incredibly talented and skilled as a ninja, so Tenzin had no worries that she would be capable of stopping him.

Jutsu UsedShow
*Doton • Wall
D-Rank Ninjutsu
After performing the correct hand seals the user will form a solid stone wall up to 5 meters away from them at a speed of 6. The wall has a strength of 4 and is 3x3x1 meters large.

Finding the Sensei

Posted: Thu Jun 07, 2018 7:19 am
by Servant
Tenzin's words caused a confused look to cross Niku's face, halting her approach. Was that a 'yes, clean my shoes' or a 'no, I chose to teach people doton cause I like my shoes dirty'? she mused for a moment, before her own sense of humor replaced her confused look with one of amusement. Tenzin Sensei then continued on, pushing Niku to focus on his words and not her own inner witticism.

Her first instinct was to physically give chase. Before Niku entered the Academy, her grandfather would often 'play tag' with Niku. At the time, Niku just thought they were playing together; of course, Niku now realizes that he had actually been training her physical speed, helping her to attain the speed necessary for Iaido's impressively quick techniques. Needless to say, physically chasing someone was a form of training Niku had grown accustomed to and that was why she took three steps forward before Tenzin Sensei's doton wall erupted from the earth, separating the two shinobi. This was not something she'd encountered with her grandfather, as he didn't know ninjutsu. The abnormality in a game that seemed completely normal to Niku broke her out of the tunnel vision that she normally utilized when playing it.

Training - 192

Idiot, she berated herself. He's not trying to train my speed, he's teaching me doton. With that realization, Niku closed her eyes and began feeling the chakra flow through her body. She wasn't terribly confident with the technique in general or utilizing it on a moving target, but the adrenaline of trying to catch Tenzin Sensei before he got too far away pushed that negative voice aside. Rather than dwelling on the likelihood of failure, she focused on amassing chakra in her foot. Like before, Niku didn't try to bend the chakra to her will, instead, she allowed the chakra to flow as it normally did, putting up a dam near her right foot. This allowed some chakra through to continue on its journey but also allowed Niku to gather enough chakra to complete the jutsu.

Once she was content with the amount of chakra, Niku slammed her heel to the ground. Her chakra flowed into the earth, going beneath Tenzin Sensei's wall, straight for the moving feet of her new teacher. The chakra caused the dirt to erupt near the feet in an attempt to grasp and hold them in place.

Unfortunately, Niku's vision was blocked by the large wall, so she had no idea if the technique had worked or not. Though, she felt like it had been perfect! "Well?! Did it work?!"

Finding the Sensei

Posted: Fri Jun 08, 2018 6:18 am
by Texas
"I hope the wall throws her off" he thought once the wall went up. He could tell she had little experience with ninjutsu and maybe training against it, would give her an understanding that just because she is skilled something doesn't mean that others with different skills could combat her. This is part of the reason why, Tenzin agreed to help train her. If she was to become better, she would have to learn more about other aspects of chakra. He feared for he in a battle with a genjutsu user, but that was a lesson for another time. While lost in thoughts, Tenzin attempted to run away. With only a step or two after the wall went up, he noticed that his left foot wouldn't lift up easily. When he turned to look, he could see that she was able to just get the jutsu's range to Tenzin's foot. He turned and smiled, she learned a very useful jutsu that would aid in her combat especially if she uses it in a smart manor. He stops moving, capable of breaking out, to show her she did very well and is a great learner. "Come here and look!" he shouted in hopes she would come to see how far she progressed.

After hopes of her looking, he would commend her on her progress. "You are doing very good! This is excellent. I can easily say you have this jutsu down. Hopefully you will find lots of use for a jutsu like this in the specific combat you have trained to perform." He would look at her with a smile, which he didn't do all too often.

Upon hearing her response, he would break his foot out of the hold. He looked at her and simply said, "I'll teach you another standard Doton Jutsu, and then maybe we can learn a few together that would help aid you in combat!"

Finding the Sensei

Posted: Fri Jun 08, 2018 7:36 am
by Servant
Niku rushed around the wall after Tenzin told her to come look at her handiwork. She looked down at his feet, a little surprised that she'd managed to successfully pull off the technique. That surprised and lack of confidence in her ninjutsu abilities came from her time in the Academy when she struggled to perform even the basic techniques. Even to graduate, she'd had a particularly lucky day when performing the basics. Heck, up until a couple weeks ago, as a genin, she couldn't do the water walking or tree walking consistently because of her poor chakra control. Needless to say, a lack of confidence had been well earned which had only led to Niku's further neglect of ninjutsu.

Her face still had a smile spread across it as she listened to her new sensei's complimentary words. Well, yeah, I did it right once, she mused before continuing her thought. But a little more practice couldn't hurt... maybe I'll try it on Akisu later. Her smile got a tad bigger at that thought. "Thank you for your help, I couldn't have done it without you." While that was probably not true, she was supremely confident that Tenzin had definitely increased the speed of learning process. She was also sure that his teachings about chakra control would probably help her with most other ninjutsu techniques.

It was at this point that Tenzin broke his foot out of Niku's doton technique. Niku suddenly realized that a measly D rank doton technique wasn't suitable to contain a special jounin, but it's still a useful skill to have and I can probably develop the technique further. He then offered to teach her another technique and Niku was excited to learn more, her lack of confidence had been pushed aside for the time being.

"What about him?" she asked, pointing to the young man that had been there before her.

Finding the Sensei

Posted: Fri Jun 08, 2018 8:39 am
by Texas
Tenzin turned to look at the student he was helping out earlier. He was still hitting the log, attempting to increase his strength. The child was so focused he didn't really look over to see what was happening. Tenzin took the moment and looked back at Niku. "He is training to increase his strength, I doubt I can help him right now. This time alone will help him focus." Tenzin thought that it was a quick save, but also somewhat true.

He moved around the wall back to where they started from the beginning. As he moved he gave her advice about the jutsu technique she just learned. "Not to tell you how to use that jutsu, but for most ninja it won't completely stop them. However, it will throw them off for a second; and someone with the quickness and tenacity you have with that blade will have just the right amount of time to strike down an foe." After finishing he sentence, he put his last foot to where they began. He turned to her and motioned for her to follow as they began the next technique.

He put his right arm behind his back while putting his left arm in a 90 degree angle pointing up with his fist closed and one finger pointing up in the sky. It is the classic position that a generic teacher would do when teaching a lesson. "This next jutsu will give you another form of surprise. With your capabilities, learning jutsu's that give you an element of surprise will complement what I am assuming your superior Kenjutsu Style." Tenzin walked in a pacing way while he talked about the jutsu. "This jutsu is called Dirt Cloud and it is exactly what it sounds like. You will learn to essentially blind your opponent with dirt."

Tenzin makes his way close to her and squats so they are eye level. He moved his right hand from behind his back forward and looked at her. "Pay close attention, we will first go over the right hand signs so that you won't even have to think of them in battle. Ready?"

If she agreed right away Tenzin would begin doing the hand signs. He did all of them in a slow manner so that she could see what all of them are. "Keep practicing them till you can do it at least half the speed that you could draw your sword." He said to her in a calm tone.

Finding the Sensei

Posted: Wed Jun 13, 2018 5:17 am
by Servant
Niku nodded with Tenzin's words regarding his other pupil. She agreed that sometimes training needed solitude to be effective; at least, she felt it worked well for her. She then followed Tenzin around the wall as he spoke about the technique she'd just learned. He mentioned something that she'd already sort of noticed, the technique's inability to completely stop a foe. It was, at best, a hindrance to other shinobi, but Niku could take advantage of a hindrance with her speed and Iaido, just as Tenzin suggested.

As the two arrived back to where they began, Tenzin took on a pose that Niku'd seen more than a few times in the Academy. While it wasn't quite enough to make her smile, it did seem a little comical to her. As if this pose is in the lessons to becoming a teacher, she mused, as Tenzin started pacing. That's when Niku realized she should be paying attention to what Tenzin was saying, rather than how he was acting.

Jutsu to be TrainedShow
*Doton • Dirt Cloud
D-Rank Ninjutsu
After performing the correct hand seals the user will form a 1 meter diameter ball of loose dirt in front of them, launching it off up to 10 meters away at a strength of 4 and speed of 6. Upon impact the ball of loose dirt breaks apart forming a vision-impairing cloud of dirt with a 3 meter radius.
278/900 words

Alright Niku, pay attention! This jutsu will blind the opponent with dirt; that's cool, I guess, she mused as Tenzin spoke. When he came and crouched in front of her, Niku's eyes got a little big as if surprised. Her lips pursed as her head tilted back a bit to allow for easier access. He then repeated her her own thoughts back to her before also mentioning the hand signs. A slight blush crept up on her face as she realized Tenzin's true intent. "Yes sir, I will pay attention, sir!"

Niku's eyes perceptively took in each hand sign, mentally repeating the order after each one was showed to her. Despite her relatively low ninjutsu capabilities, hand signs were that weird intersection between ninjutsu and taijutsu where Niku's physical movements had allowed her to learn the hand signs relatively quickly and effortlessly. She was a kinesthetic learner, through and through.

After memorizing the order of the hand signs, Niku took a step back from Tenzin, though she didn't realize she did it. She ran through the order one more time in her mind before moving her hands from her side. She did as Tenzin had done, slowly going through the hand signs the first time. She did so partially to be sure that she had the order correct, as Tenzin could correct her if she had something wrong. The other reason was because she wanted to give her hands a little time to warm up.

If her first run through of the order wasn't corrected, Niku would do it a second time at a more normal speed. It was still subpar, but she wanted to do it right.

Finding the Sensei

Posted: Wed Jun 13, 2018 9:39 am
by Texas
The effort given by Niku made it easy for Tenzin to teach. He watched as she tried multiple times to do the jutsu. Her handsigns were right, she was just a tad bit slow since it was new to her. He looked at her after she did it a second time. "Perfect, you should practice these and signs 50 times before you brush your teeth in the morning and 50 times before you go to bed. It should get to the point when you actually dream of it. Once you get to that point, it will be second nature" He pointed to her sword, "Like drawing a weapon."

Tenzin made sure to be upright and folded his arms like he normally does. He has 1 of 4 stances he is normally in and this was a classic. He looked at her and made sure the hand signs were correct. When he was 100% positive she got it down he looked down at her and prepared to give her the chakra details. "Okay, now lets focus on some chakra control. Start like you started the last jutsu, but try to focus it to your hands. Your hands will be very important in this jutsu. Try flowing your chakra and once you feel like you have a steady flow of chakra through your body, be sure to move it through your hands. After you do that practice holding it and weaving the hand signs you just learned."

Tenzin took this time to take a step back. He wanted to see what she could do, it was too bad he didn't have the capabilities of they Hyuuga. He could really utilize teaching with their specialty technique.

Finding the Sensei

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Niku listened intently as Tenzin advised her on learning the technique at hand. "Yes sir." She closed her eyes and focused on the chakra flowing through her body. Like before, she allowed the chakra to flow of its own accord, rather than attempting to overpower it. As it flowed through her hands, she reserved a bit of it for use in the jutsu. Once she felt like there was enough built up, she began doing the handseals as quickly as she felt comfortable. Despite her relative inexperience with ninjutsu, the Academy had gone over this type of technique and she felt a bit more comfortable performing it. That was not to say that she could master it on the first try...

With the handseals completed, Niku's eyes opened as she felt the chakra from her hands leave her body as the jutsu was initiated. In front of her, a ball of dirt began to form. It was easily over a foot wide once it stopped growing, but then fell to the ground. As it landed, the loose dirt clouded out a little bit, but not nearly as impressive as Niku imagined when Tenzin had described the technique.

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"So I'm guessing there's a little more to it than that, right?" Niku asked, her tone definitely a bit sarcastic.

Finding the Sensei

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Tenzin watched as Niku was performing the Jutsu. He knew she wouldn't be able to get it on the first try. He was more interested on how far she would be able to go on the first try. He was actually very impressed when she was capable of even forming something. Quite frankly, he expected her to not make anything on the first try. He kept his arms folded and stood tall as he looked at her focusing her chakra. It was clear to him that, due to her inexperience with ninjutsu, that this one in particular would be a little bit difficult. He took noticed of her flow of chakra and her control. It was nothing special, but she had the right idea.

Tenzin looked at her and simply spoke to her with some encouragement combined with some simple advice. "That was impressive for performing the jutsu for the very first time. You are flowing your chakra but I think you aren't flowing it fluently. I think you are having some fluctuations and inconsistency when it comes to chakra control. Slow to Fast, Fast to Perfect. Take more time and let your chakra flow more. If you feel as though it is not flowing fluently, then keep trying to make it so. Right now you have all the time in the world, which gives you a great opportunity to go slow and perfect it. I would rather you take too long to produce a jutsu than be too fast and not be able to perform it every time." He attempts to keep eye contact with her, this time keeping a stern voice: "You are doing great, try it again. You got this." He took a few steps backwards, just in case she was capable of producing something. He didn't want to get hit by the jutsu!

Time was getting ahead of them and he could tell that she was losing some of her stamina. Ninjutsu can exhaust the body and it can be relatively noticeable. He made sure to take note on Niku's sharpness and make attempts to see if she was getting tired. Tenzin thought that purhaps this would be the last lesson of the day. This way she could also practice those jutsu's so she could use them flawlessly in battle.

Finding the Sensei

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Niku simply nodded as Tenzin gave her words of affirmation, words of advice, and words of encouragement. Since the Academy, Niku hadn't experienced a sensei that was as encouraging as Tenzin. Fanho had a tendency to make you realize how weak you were before encouraging you to grow stronger. It was certainly a teaching tactic that had seemed to work on Jin. Ever since Fanho had thrashed the team in the Bell Test, Jin had been more motivated to train. Unfortunately for Niku, the team was disbanded not much later, likely, because Fanho couldn't allow himself to fall in love with one of his students, me. Because of that, Niku had lost touch with both of her former teammates. She hoped both were doing well and continuing to grow stronger. Needless to say, Niku preferred Tenzin's teaching style as it didn't tear you down in order to build you up.

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Niku closed her eyes as she took Tenzin's advice to focus more on the chakra flow, allowing it build of its own accord. She took note of the chakra as it slowly flowed throughout her body. She'd been aware of chakra for years, but she'd never really taken the time to just focus on it as it moved throughout her body. It was actually quite miraculous. Despite her newfound appreciation for chakra, Niku felt like something was off. It was as if there was a shortage of chakra flowing through her system. As she tried to reserve some within her hand, she felt a little light-headed. To alleviate the issue, she tried taking Tenzin's advice and let a little more chakra through, even if it would cause her to take more time to supply the chakra for the technique.

Moments later, Niku felt like she'd accumulated enough chakra and began doing the handseals as quickly as she could. She felt the chakra leave her hands, causing her to open her eyes. A ball of dirt about fifteen inches wide formed in front of her, before it began moving forward. Niku's face showed some discontent with the technique as it moved slowly and fell to the ground about two meters from her. She turned to look at Tenzin, but the movement caused her to get dizzy. After a slight stumble, she regained her balance and narrowed her eyes on Tenzin.

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Though it had never happened to her before, Niku now had some understanding of what happened to your body when you overused your chakra; luckily, it wasn't too severe considering she'd only been practicing low level techniques. "What did you do to me?" Niku asked, still a little wobbly and unsure of what was really going on.

Finding the Sensei

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Arms crossed, Tenzin watched as she performed the jutsu. Only to see the dirt cloud do absolutely nothing. His concern come to fruition when he watched her stumble about and start to get fatigued. 'I knew this would happen' he thought as he made direct eye contact with her. He stared her down as she squinted her eyes and blurted at him as if this was his doing. Tenzin knew she wasn't familiar with ninjutsu and although she might know the basics, she probably never used them really in training or combat. He made sure to clarify with her what was going on. "Niku, like training physically when you train exerting your chakra you hit a limit. When you hit that limit you try to go a little past it to get stronger. However, exert yourself too far and you could cause unneeded injuries to yourself. What you are feeling now is you reaching your limit as far as training ninjutsu goes. It's one thing to use a jutsu in combat, its a whole other thing to learn and utilize a new ninjutsu. Your body is tired, your chakra is nearly depleted."

Tenzin wished he had a technique to actually see and monitor other's chakras. However, he had been teaching long enough to tell when someone is fatigued and Niku was pretty much at her limit. Since he didn't want her to get hurt, he inevitably gave the option to her. She would have to choose to go home or to push her limits a little bit past what she is comfortable with. Tenzin wanted to give her the choice to see what kind of shinobi she would become. Tenzin had a pretty good idea of what choice she would pick, but he wanted to instill confidence and give her a sense of pride by the time she was done with just one day of rigorous training. He made a point to give her a serious look and ask her politely what path she would like to take. "Since you are pretty much at your limit I will let you decide what you want to do. We can call it for the day and finish this sometime soon, or you can finish learning the jutsu. It is your choice Niku, at the end of the day you know yourself better than anyone else. I trust you know what is best for you, no judgement or harm in either decision."

He figured she could finish the jutsu if she decided to finish the training. She was very close and only needed to flow more chakra in a controlled manor, hence why the ball dropped so slowly right in front of her. If she decided to continue training Tenzin would simply take a step back and keep his arms folded, hoping she would be able to take it upon herself to learn what she did wrong and try to correct it.

After her decision regardless, the boy that was fighting the log dummy behind him would walk up next to Tenzin. He would look exhausted and sweating profusely. The boy would be a few years younger than Niku at this point. He stood next to Tenzin to potentially watch what Niku's next decision would be and what she could do if she decided to finish the last bit of training.

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Niku listened as Tenzin explained that she was simply feeling the effects of her training and that he'd done nothing to her. She let the Sensei's words bounce around in her head, as her concentration was a little weak at this point, before it clicked. So this is like muscle soreness the day after a particularly hard day of training? I get it now. While her balance felt a little off, she wasn't in danger of falling over anymore. She tried relaxing her body, though she wasn't really sure if that and deep breaths would do anything for her at this point.

Tenzin then gave her the option on how to proceed with their training. Niku's head tilted upward as she peered into the sky, her brain ignoring what the eyes were really seeing. Hmm, should I keep going? Or stop here? There's no reason I can't finish training the jutsu tomorrow after I've rested, right? On the other hand, it'd be pretty cool to say I learned two doton techniques in a single day. But the idea of pushing further... seems daunting. I just don't know... what would Fanho do?

With a chuckle, she realized that Fanho likely wouldn't have given her the option in the first place: he'd have just made her keep going. With that in mind, Niku looked to Tenzin Sensei. "Thank you for your time today, I think I'll call it a day for now. I really do appreciate your help though." She took a few slow steps, being sure to gather her balance so that she wouldn't stumble. "Same time tomorrow?" She asked, a friendly grin spreading across her face.

On one hand, she was unfamiliar with the feeling she was experiencing and didn't feel like pushing herself to find out what it felt like to go further, but on the other hand, Niku didn't want Tenzin to think she was giving up. Plus, she felt like she was kind of getting the hang of this Doton thing and that excited her and she wanted to see what else she could learn from this Sensei.

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One week later...

Niku moved around the Earthen structures that acted as obstacles throughout the training ground, she had her hands in front of her, ready for seals. Her clone was somewhere, trying to escape and hide from Niku's Dirt Cloud. Sensing something behind her, she stopped and her hands went through the seals as she simultaneously turned around. Niku was now comfortable enough with the technique to be able to amass the necessary chakra with just a moment's notice: this was the evidence of a week of hard training. Sure enough, her clone came around the corner, a look of shock crossing its face as it nearly ran into its owner.

As Niku's collected chakra left her body, it solidified into an earthen ball of dirt, measuring about 1 meter across, between the two Nikus. The lookalike turned in an attempt to escape, but the earthen ball shot forward from the kunoichi, moving just as quickly as the clone was capable of moving. After a couple of steps, the ball hit the clone in the back with a thud, sending it stumbling forward slightly. As the clone stumbled, the large ball burst outward, covering a three meter area in a cloud of dirt.

Success! she thought. Without wasting another moment, Niku rushed forward, using the distraction as cover, drawing the blade from her left hip. She couldn't see into the cloud, but she drew her blade where she'd last seen the clone. Before she emerged on the other side of the cloud, her blade had already been resheathed. As the cloud settled, one could see the two halves of an Earthen Niku laying on the ground.

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"It's just like you said, the more I use the jutsu, the less time it takes me to prepare it. What did you think?" she had grown to trust Tenzin and his opinions, partly because they'd helped her achieve mastery over a couple different techniques, but also partly because Tenzin was just a trust-able guy.

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Tenzin nodded to Niku, it was great that she knew her own limit. When it came to training in something new, there was no need to overextend yourself and get hurt. He respected her for understanding her body's limits. He nodded and slowly began to turn around. He made his way to pick up the other student that was laying on the ground sweating due to fighting a log for most of the day. He picked him up and threw him over his right shoulder. As he began to walk, he turned his head to the left and simply said to her "I'll see you soon Niku". He took the student and left the area. He brought the student to his parent's house only for them to yell at him for making him train for so long. He apologized and went back to his place to get his material ready for the next couple of classes at the academy.

One Week Later......

Tenzin watched Niku as she performed multiple jutsu's at once. It was incredible that she could have made it so far in a weeks time. His arms folded as he watched her move while weaving her hands flawlessly. It had gotten to the point where she knew what she was going to do as an instinct. When her clone collided with her dirt ball and dust filled the air, he could feel her sense of accomplishment as she ripped her blade from its sheath and sliced the clone in half. In that moment, the clone itself dissipated from its bodily shape.

He watched as she turned to speak to him. He kept his arms folded and continued to look at her. "Very well done Niku, your progress is very impressive." Tenzin pretty much said what he thought and rarely lied. He wondered if she was ready for another jutsu, but didn't fully know her reaction. Instead of standing and thinking, he decided to provide her with the option. "I think there is another good jutsu that you could utilize in combat. Would you like to learn how to make ninja tools with a doton jutsu?" What would happen next would be completely up to Niku.

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As she heard Tenzin's words of praise, Niku was glad that her sense of accomplishment wasn't wrong. She was proud of herself and her growing capability with ninjutsu and doton in particular. She knew that she was, in no way, a professional yet, but she was certain that she was on the right road to becoming a true shinobi. Niku couldn't help but want to learn stronger and more destructive techniques. Her limited experience with ninjutsu meant she really had little idea of what it was capable of; even now, her attempt at imagining what S rank doton techniques were capable of was drastically outdone by the true potential of ninjutsu. Of course, Niku's old habit of doubting her skills in ninjutsu kept her from believing that she'd ever be at the level where she could utilize those unimaginably strong ninjutsu.

Coming out of her reverie, Niku looked to Tenzin once more. Ninja tools? she thought to herself, trying to comprehend what Tenzin was referring to. "Ninja tools? You mean like my wakizashi?" she asked, her own perversion with the blade skewing her ability to comprehend the statement. While her satchel (which she didn't have with her) did hold some 'ninja tools', she wasn't terribly proficient in their use. "What about something that blows up?!" she asked, her excitement at the prospect evident on her face.

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Tenzin listened and watched her excitement as she shouted about blowing stuff up.  Although he didn't particularly know anything off hand that could do that, he was very capable in elemental ninjutsu and knew just the technique she was talking about.  He placed his right arm over his stomach as if to start crossing his arms.  Then placed his left elbow on his right arm and angled his hand to reach his chin in a thinking position.  He looked at her softly and started to think about what she could do that would incorporate her fighting style.  After a minute of awkward silence, Tenzin finally spoke up.  "You know your fighting style better than anyone else" he stated.  He wanted to make it clear that the next jutsu she would learn would be something creative and catered towards her.  

Tenzin was only a few feet away, but figured he would see what her fighting instincts were.  Her reaction would dictate what she would learn and what kind of jutsu would be catered to her fighting style.  Tenzin decided to speak in order to throw her off guard and make her feel at ease.  While he spoke he reached to itch the top of his head with his left hand which was already upright from his face.  He placed his right hand down as he itched his head and started speaking to her.  "Maybe we focus on your fighting style and try to create a jutsu that would cater to you."  As he spoke he slowly reached for his shortened staff.  As he was about to reach out to her he wanted to make sure she was off guard.  "By the way what time is it?" He asked her that question to hopefully make her think and not fully see what Tenzin was about to do.  

Once he asked the question, Tenzin would wait a second in hopes that she would not be focused on him.  He then would grip his quarter-staff and extend it from his back and attempt to land a hit on Niku.  He would only go half his normal speed, but since she was a trained shinobi in kenjutsu... Tenzin had no doubt she would do one of two things:  She would either block his attack, or avoid it completely.  Based on her instinctual defensive manuever, Tenzin would work on creating a jutsu to help her.

Finding the Sensei

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Niku wasn't even a little embarrassed after practically shouting about blowing things up. She had grown quite comfortable with Tenzin, as he never snapped at her or ridiculed her. He may not always give in to whatever Niku wanted to do, but he at least listened to her and, seemingly, considered what she'd said seriously. Niku appreciated that tendency of Tenzin's, having grown a respect from the young kunoichi. Obviously, Niku couldn't see the future and the two had only been working together for a week or so, but she felt like he was a person that she could always come to for help and direction throughout her shinobi life. Her relationship with Tenzin was truly different than any other relationship she had with other shinobi; not one based on obsession, love or lust, but one of trust, inspiration and admiration.

Niku heard Tenzin's words relating her knowledge of her own fighting style. She realized that her fighting style was still relatively basic, relying mostly on Iaido. She had learned a few more Doton techniques with Tenzin, but they were basically designed to confuse or distract a foe so that Niku could utilize her speed to get close and finish them with Iaido. This fact, which she'd never quite realized before now, made her smile. She was integrating her grandfather's skills into her shinobi life, something her father had chosen to forgo. She only hoped that she could become strong enough using these tactics to honor both of the men that she wanted to embody. Of course, she still had a long way to go.

Niku nodded as Tenzin mentioned catering the next technique to Niku's style. It was definitely something she was looking forward to. While learning generic techniques was alright, the idea of creating a technique that Niku could use most effectively really got her excited; but then, the often rather focused Tenzin switched topics on a dime by asking her the time. While off-putting as the topic change had been, Niku tilted her head upward in an attempt to check the sun's location. As she began moving her head down and opening her mouth to respond, she noticed something coming at her from her peripheral. Time of day and casual conversation were erased from her brain as her body began moving of its own accord. She leaned back initially, her body hoping that would be enough to evade the attack. She wasn't sure it was enough though, so she back stepped raising the distance between the two shinobi so that the stick would miss her.

"Hey!" she began, before realizing that this was Tenzin-Sensei. He was no fool and she was now curious as to why he'd attacked, replacing her initial anger. "What'd you do that for?!" she asked, a more amused tone to her voice now.

Finding the Sensei

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Tenzin was a big fan of Niku and her capabilities. He knew that with a little guidance, she could be a future potential recruit for the Anbu. Her quick movements and tactful capabilities, makes her a very big threat when up close to an opponent. She also has the personality of a true warrior. Kind yet ferocious. Tenzin watched as she skillfully dodges his attack. He noticed her initial movement which was instinctual, then her quick-witted step backwards to avoid a counter. Tenzin made sure that when his stick was lowered from the end of the attack, he kept in there. He wanted to show her where it would of hit, if she didn't move. Tenzin kept eye contact with her and moved his weapon back on his back.

He softly noted to her: "I just wanted to see what your instinctual reaction would be. Since you already have the instinct to dodge, instead of block.... that would give you time to weave a hand seal as you dodge. This could give you an advantage over an opponent who thinks they have the jump on you." Tenzin straightened his stance and faced Niku face to face. "Lets work on a jutsu that will allow you to fight in case you lose your weapon or if you couldn't reach your sword in time." Tenzin made sure that she was looking at him before he put both of his hands out. "Lets first practice the right hand seals, with this jutsu you will be able to create ninja tools out of earth. You will be able to improvise a loss of weapons or tools."

With that being said, Tenzin began to weave the hand sign in a slow manner. He showed her all the signs that needed to be done. Once he showed her a few times he simply remarked that: "Remember to start slow. Memorize the hand seals and perfect them, then start practicing to be faster with weaving them." Once the demonstration and instruction was put out there for Niku, Tenzin folded his arms and stared at her hands. He wanted to make sure she was doing it slow to fast then fast to perfect.

Finding the Sensei

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Jutsu Being TrainedShow
*Doton • Earthen Ninja Tools
D-Rank Ninjutsu
After performing the correct hand seals the user will form a set of up to 10 basic projectiles, such as kunai, shuriken, or senbon, in their hand. These tools have a strength of 5.
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Niku listened as Tenzin explained the reasoning behind his attack and pointed out that she could have utilized the time she'd spent dodging could have been used to also weave a hand seal or two. The idea of countering a physical attack with a ninjutsu one was foreign to her, but the prospect still brought a slight smile to her lips. That fact wasn't, she noted to herself, specific to the jutsu that Tenzin was about to teach her, but ninjutsu in general and she realized just how far she had to go before her two halves were really fused into a singular fighting style. Pushing that from her mind, she had to focus on the task at hand.

Niku took the time to watch as Tenzin slowly ran through the proper hand seals for what was to become Niku's newest doton technique. To Niku, it didn't seem terribly complicated, butt hat could just be a result of her growing capabilities in the field of ninjutsu. After his third time of slowly going through the hand seals, Niku was pretty sure she had them all down. Once Tenzin instructed her to still do it slowly, Niku put her hands in front of her, closing her eyes so she could better focus on doing the hand seals accurately.

Her hands began moving, slowly forming each hand seal before moving onto the next. Of course, being a lowly D rank technique, the string wasn't terribly long and she was quickly through the string. She felt pretty confident at this point and she wanted to go straight to trying the technique, but she didn't want to go against Tenzin's advice, so she went through the hand seals a second time, slightly more quickly with less time between each seal. On her third attempt, Niku went through the seals as quickly as would be appropriate when actually doing the technique. Of course, she could go faster without the need for chakra control, but that would defeat the purpose and possibly throw off her timing when doing the technique.

Pleased with how quickly she'd mastered the seals, Niku decided to give the technique a real try. As Tenzin taught her, she began slowing the chakra in her hands, allowing it to build up to a suitable amount before going through the seals. With chakra in place, Niku began running through the string of hand seals one more time. This time, however, she had to focus on the chakra, controlling it to achieve the desired affect. After the last hand seal, Niku opened her hand, allowing the doton chakra space to form into the ninja tools she was attempting to create. In her palm, four shuriken formed, seemingly out of nowhere.

"Not too bad, right?" she asked Tenzin as she took one of the shuriken, rearing her arm back to throw it at a nearby tree. As she moved her arm forward, the earth making up the shuriken crumbled in her grip, leaving Niku holding nothing but a pile of dirt. "Ok, maybe not too good. But I can do better this time." She didn't let her failure get her down, instead using it as motivation to try again.

Closing her eyes again, Niku began to run through the hand seals, crisply forming each seal and moving the chakra as necessary. Once again, the chakra within her hand slowly formed into four shuriken atop her palm. Throwing a wink towards Tenzin, Niku grabbed one of the shuriken, giving it a slight bend across its axis. "Not as flimsy as the last batch, see?"

Finding the Sensei

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Jutsu to TrainShow
Doton • Bomb Draw
D-Rank Nintaijutsu
After channeling chakra to her blade, Niku will draw the weapon at a foe. A ball, approximately 10 centimeters wide, will be fired from the blade's tip at a speed equal to the speed of the draw. The ball of dirt is has no inherent strength of impact, instead exploding with the force of a D rank explosion.
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Niku had been at the training ground for nearly an hour. It's not like Tenzin Sensei to be late. I hope he's alright. A moment later, a young special jounin arrived, handing Niku a note before disappearing back to wherever it was he came from. Opening it, the genin discovered that Tenzin had been given a mission and would, unfortunately, be unable to attend their training session. Niku, being a shinobi herself, understood that duty called and wasn't too upset. The young kunoichi decided that, since she was there, she would attempt learning the jutsu that her and Tenzin had planned on working on. That'll be a big surprise to Tenzin when he gets back!

She closed her eyes, focusing on the task at hand. Tenzin had helped Niku learn to control her own chakra, so she used his teachings to slowly channel doton chakra into her blade. It resembled the doton technique, Binding Formation, which Tenzin had already taught the young kunoichi, in that it required channeling rather than hand seals. She channeled the chakra into the sheathed sword, focusing on giving the chakra directions. After she felt like there was enough chakra, Niku drew the blade towards the training ground's dummy. A ball of brown chakra went hurtling through the air, smashing into the dummy's groin. A puff of loose dirt surrounded the dummy before falling to the ground. It had gone as Niku had expected, the ball of dirt had been flung by her draw, though her aim was off, bringing a slight chuckle to the kunoichi. I was aiming for its chest.

While the execution of the technique had gone relatively as planned, Niku was still disappointed as the ball 'exploded' more like the Dirt Cloud technique that Tenzin had taught her. She had, admittedly, used that as a base for the jutsu, but she was going for something with more 'bang'. She, ideally, wanted an explosion, like the one that had been used in her spar with Yozei and Yuku. Unfortunately, she didn't really know how to make such a bang, but she was confident that with practice she could accomplish the feat, thanks to all the things Tenzin Sensei had taught her.

Placing her hand back on the handle of her wakizashi, Niku once again began channeling chakra into the weapon. She again waited until enough chakra was inside the blade and then with her Iaido speed, she drew the weapon towards the dummy once more. While the ball of doton chakra missed the dummy entirely, it hit the ground and made a more violent than her first attempt.

Taking the opportunity, Niku tried once more. She channeled doton chakra into her blade once more, allowing it to settle in the sword's tip. Once she had enough chakra, she drew the blade towards the dummy once more. This third attempt hit the dummy square in the chest and exploded with enough force to surprise Niku, causing her to take a step back. She jumped into the air with joy, pleased with her success. I can't wait to see Tenzin Sensei again, he's gonna be so surprised that I taught myself this technique. Couldn't have done it without his teaching though...