[Solo Thread] Konoha's Ghost

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[Solo Thread] Konoha's Ghost

Post by Hayate » Sun Jan 06, 2019 10:02 am

Taiga's gripped his left arm trying to stop the flow of blood from it. His opponenet to be frank had him outclassed. Exasperated he drew a long breath stepping back in an attempt to create space. There was no space to be created though because just as soon as his foot touched the ground, his opponent bounded forward, the man's explosive speed and strength built fully behind his punch, hitting Taiga like a wrecking ball. Taiga hadn't the chance to phase even as he flew back hitting the ground. Blood trickled down his jaw. His nose was broken. Despite all the trouble he had caused in the past, despite all the things that had happened, he could at least die knowing he had done it his way. He closed his eyes.

There was no silence in what he percieved to be his final moments however, as he was interupted by a smokey and wavering voice.

You useless little shit. We're going to both die because of you- because you can't even fight after all the power I've given you. Taiga tried to ignore it, but it was true. Despite all the power he had been given he was failing to win even this fight against a stupid jounin.

I thought you had potential for just a moment- damn was it a short moment. Knew you were shit from the beginning. You can't protect anything, can you? said Sukairaa as he began to fully berate Taiga. Taiga knew the genma himself felt weak and was projecting. Right now, Sukairaa too was scared. Taiga's fist rolled into a tight ball. He could feel the vibrations on the ground and his opponent was charing at him again.

At the very last moment his eyes sprung open and his body turned to steel- the opponents blade clashing against his body and sending sparks into the air. No quicker then he blocked it did his body become earth as he sank into the ground. The ground started rumbling as his enraged opponent swung at the ground.

Truth be told, Taiga was oppositional defiant to a degree, and didn't like anyone telling him who he was. He bit his lip.

Listen here you ancient piece of shit. You haven't even been 4 years in this body, so you don't know who I am he said looking up to the air. The chains binding both of them to either side of the rock had went limp.

Taiga cluthed his side- it was bleeding. Sure, the steel had stopped him from certain death but he still had sustained a deep gash in his side. His left arm was weak and his body was starting to become very beat up. Removing his hand from his side the boy grabbed the chains that bound either of them to the sides of the rock. Heaving and letting out a scream from the pain it caused he pulled the chains until they snapped. Both he and Sukairaa fell from the sides of their respective domain and to the ground to their knees gasping. Their chakras were now fighting for dominance in his body.

Sukairaa swelled in size massively revealing his true form. It was if the entire space they occupied had been occupied by Sukairaa- a massive ghostly apparation that appeared to be more of a bird than a human. His wings beat once then blocked out the sky as he perched over Taiga. This was what Sukairaa was before he ever came to the world of man.

What is to stop me now boy? You silly little fo- I trust you Sukairaa. Maybe you're right. I'm not enough, but you know, I'm not alone. Taiga said as he stepped forward. One eye was beaten shut, his arm limp, his side injured. He raised his arm with no fear to touch the beak of the massive phantom beast before him. The beast was silent.

You're a fool to trust in me. he said.

Well, I am a fool.

Taiga's body began to tingle a warm sensation as he snapped back to life. An immense amount of chakra was shooting out of his body as it bubbled up- grey and smokey as it was. Taiga's muscle fibers felt like they were tearing each other apart and regrowing- like his bones themselves were changing. His body began to feel bigger. The pain was immense but immediately relieving at the same time.

Smoke began to release from underground and to the above.

So this is full power.

He could feel the footsteps of the man above him- or at least the raging blows meant to dig the earth apart. The earth genma's wings swung back and forth. Well, Taiga's wings. Like a rocket he shot up through the earth as if the earth was sky and he a bird. Flying forth from the ground he lept up and smacked the man into the air, knocking the blade from his hand and sending him hurdling back to earth with enough force to crater it.

Save your questions. This is power you snot nosed brat.

Taiga grinned, looking down to the ground to his opponent. The fight was going to get a lot rougher from here out, but he'd be able to keep up now. Still, he had never entered the true form of the genma or dealt with this kind of power so he honestly did not know his limits or where the form could push through. Regardless, Sukairaa and him were trusting each other for now, so, he'd need to win to prove that he was worth giving the power too. The dust began to settle and down below he could hear something almost thunder like, before wind began to blow upwards. His eyes looked down.

His opponent was glowing green, a thick coat of chakra or something around him with weight enough to dent the ground. Taiga gulped. It seemed that they were going to change mountains and landscape from here on out.
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