Nagato of the Hidden Sand

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Nagato of the Hidden Sand

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[Nindo] "I have something that is precious to me, too. So, I won't lose!

General Information Age: 16
Gender: Male
Height: 5'7
Weight: 140lbs
Physical Features: Because he is Shinobi and has trained extensively, likely more so than most normal human beings his age; Nagato appears as a young man baring the physique that most men would only dream of and that many women desire. However, he is still very much a young boy and this is easily noticeable should one take an extended look at his smooth baby like face; in it, they will find not only round searching dark colored pupils but the youth filled expressions of a child still learning about life. With a head full of illustrious wildly styled black hair, it is no wonder how some might succumb to his boyish charms but make no mistake; he is Shinobi, tried and tested.

Clothing/Accessories: Nagato may most often be noted to wear black hakama's and Geta with a red Nagagami underneath a sand colored sleeveless haori bound by a tied knot, with Zentoyuuboyu's flag emblazoned next to Sunagakure's symbol in various places throughout. This style of dress is mostly due to the heated climate of Zentoyuuboyu though stylish pride in the nation, village and what it represents may also be noted in Nagato's clothing.
Personality: Nagato has a kind and positive attitude towards most things; often willing to help those in need with what ever it is provided their own moral principles and loyalties are not put on the line to do so. They enjoy a good joke and relish in humor but understand that there are times when one needs to be serious in order to accomplish something. For this reason, Nagato can be best described as the neutral type.
  • General: Generally Nagato places a firm loyalty to his village then to his family and finally, to their own strict guiding principles. Any broaching upon the three will likely cause friction but because most don't, they are usually able to enjoy an easy going lifestyle.
  • Hopes/Dreams: To one day be recognized as a great Shinobi, a master of the arts.
  • Fears: Bringing shame to the village. Bringing shame to their family.
  • Combat Mentality: * Strike first & Strike hard

Battle Information Village: Sunagakure no Sato , Zentoyuubou native.
Rank: Chunin
  • Chakra Pool: 15
  • Endurance: 10
  • Control: 22
  • Strength: 12
  • Speed: 11
  • Willpower:10
  • Power Rank:
Equipment: A single durable Katana held firmly within an obi, bound to Nagato's right hip.
Companions: (0/1)
Primary Affinity: Wind Release
Abilities and Concentrations
First Ability
Second Ability
Third Ability
Kuuton Affinity:
Kuuton Affinity
A character with this concentration is able to utilize Kuuton, and advanced form of Fuuton, and can make and use any custom or archived jutsu that require the Kuuton affinity. Kuuton has a gravitational effect. These gravitational pockets can reach through barriers, walls, and function like a real source of gravity.
Passive (Pressure)Show
Kuuton users chakra to create pockets of gravity in a specific direction. Through the use of these technique Kuuton users can launch objects away from them, pull things in to a specific place, or crush things down into the ground. Kuuton jutsu operate off a focal point, and always move towards or away from that focal point. This means that all Kuuton jutsu cover some sort of area, and only effect what is within that area. They can not be used on a micro scale.
Fuuton Affinity:
Fuuton Affinity
A character with this concentration is able to utilize Fuuton, and can make and use any custom or archived jutsu that require the Fuuton affinity. Fuuton has an cutting effect.
Passive (Cutting)Show
Fuuton has a natural cutting property to it, that exists in all jutsu unless otherwise stated. This gives fuuton a unique opportunity to strike with additional power, and to act as a offensive defense. Regardless of their purpose fuuton jutsu passively cut with no distinct pattern at 1/2 the strength of the technique rounded down unless otherwise stated. This means if someone punched a 20 strength fuuton wall, they would get cuts on their hand applied with 10 strength. This also means that fuuton jutsu specifically designated to cut things can create devastating wound by essentially striking twice.
This concentration allows for the user to user chakra to affect the biological processes of a living creature. This includes modifying, speeding up, or slowing down the biological processes. Iijutsu is known for it's advanced nature and requires precise chakra control to work effectively. It can be differentiate from normal techniques by the faint light green colour of the chakra used in Iijutsu techniques.
Storage & Force Fuuinjutsu:
Storage & Force Fuuinjutsu
This user is able to utilize Storage Fuuinjutsu and Force Fuuinjutsu, making it possible for them to utilize any jutsu with the Storage or Force Classification. Storage Fuuinjutsu can be used to store supplies, weapons, armor, or anything in between. Force Fuuinjutsu are used to release, counteract, and capture energy.
Ranged Fuuinjutsu:
Ranged Fuuinjutsu
By taking this concentration this user is able to use a medium to draw fuuinjutsu from long ranges, allowing them to place fuuinjutsu without being directly in contact with the surface they'd like to place the fuuinjutsu on.
Close Quarters Combat:
The fundamental skill of [Close Quarters Combat] indicates the user's proficiency to efficiently utilize martial arts and advanced combat moves involving the body, for example but not limited to, advanced kicks, grapples, advanced punches, etc.
The fundamental skill of [Perception] describes the user’s practiced methods of more keenly focussing their senses for a short time. This facilitates their use of related Taijutsu.
Sword Weapons:
The fundamental skill of [Sword Weapons] indicates the user’s proficiency with swords and sword-like weapons such as knives, daggers, sword-breakers and the like. This facilitates their use of related Taijutsu.
The fundamental skill of [Medicine] describes the user’s mental and physical ability to perform traditional and mainstream medicinal practices. This facilitates their use of related Taijutsu.
Deft Hands:
The fundamental skill of [Deft Hands] indicates the user’s proficiency with using their hands in very specific and complex movements, like sleight of hand and targeting very small and specific points on an opponent’s body. This facilitates their use of related Taijutsu in various ways.
Genjutsu[Place them here]

Basic NinpouShow
*[Basic Jutsu • Clone Technique]
D-Ranked Ninjutsu
After completing a set of handseals, the user forms a slight chakra 'body', thus creating a single, massless clone. The clone created from this technique is very basic and will dissipate when hit with anything. These clones do not possess vital signs or a unique chakra signature, meaning they don't disrupt the environment, and anything on their person is superficial. The clone has 1 in each stat. They are limited to basic movements.

*[Basic Jutsu • Transformation Technique]
D-Ranked Ninjutsu
After completing the needed handseals, the user of this technique will be able to alter their physical appearance to match that of another person. By consistently emitting chakra throughout their body, the user is able to keep their appearance adjusted at the cost of their Chakra Pool draining over time. As this technique is quite strenuous to uphold, experienced shinobi may see more clearly through this delusive disguise. This technique lasts for a number of posts equal to that of the user's (Chakra Pool/2).

*[Basic Jutsu • Chakra Kai]
D-Ranked Ninjutsu
A jutsu used with the purpose of activating seals and a range of devices and weapons, this technique begins with a single handseal. Once this has been performed, the user will focus a dollop of their chakra into what they are looking to activate in order to complete the task. Seals activated with this technique must be within 10 meters of the user's position.

*[Basic Jutsu • Act of Tree Climbing]
D-Ranked Ninjutsu
By focusing chakra into his/her feet, the user is able to walk up trees and other vertical surfaces in a similar fashion to walking along the ground. This chakra amount must be precise, and although all shinobi learn this technique, the user's control stat will determine how well this jutsu can be executed. Users with low control 2 or lower will often fall during the use of this technique, while users with average control 3 or higher will be able to use this technique functionally. It lasts for a number of posts equal to the user's Chakra Pool.

*[Basic Jutsu • Act of Water Surface Walking]
D-Ranked Ninjutsu
A variation of the Act of Tree Climbing technique, this jutsu requires the user to focus a precise and balanced amount of charka into the soles of his/her feet. By doing so, the user is able to walk on the surface of water as though it were a solid surface. Users with low control 2 or lower are much more likely to fall through the surface of the water, while users with average control 3 or higher will be able to use this technique functionally. It lasts for a number of posts equal to the user's Chakra Pool.

*[Basic Jutsu • Kai Release]
D-Ranked Ninjutsu
A rather simple technique that allows the user to escape from a genjutsu. The user will form a single ram seal and focus to reset their chakra system to purge themselves of foreign chakra. The stat requirements for this technique can be found in the [url=]genjutsu rules.[/url]

*[Basic Jutsu • Change of Body Stance Technique]
D-Ranked Ninjutsu
After completing the necessary handseals, the user is able to quickly substitute his/her body with a nearby object that is at least 2/3rds his/her size, but no bigger than their body. This substitution allows the object to take the force of the attack that was meant for the user, additionally allowing the user to create distance between him/her and the opponent. The object used in this jutsu may not be objects that are imbued with chakra or controlled by it, and they may also only be single, solid objects within a 10 meter radius of the user. This technique may only be used a total of one time in a single thread, give or take how many times Shunshin no Jutsu has already been used.
D rank Gravity release techniquesShow
*Kuuton • Pathway Diversion
D-Ranked Kuuton Jutsu
After doing the needed hand seals, the ninja creates a gravity well on the ground, up to 10 metres away from them. The gravity well looks as if there is a concentration of kuuton chakra (1 metrex1metrex1metre) in the area in the shape of an arrow that is pointing towards a certain direction. If anything touches this chakra within 3 posts it will be thrust in that direction at a speed equal to 1/2 [Control]. They are sent in this direction for 30 metres, unless they resist it with a strength greater than 1/2 [Control]. After 3 posts the arrow will dissipate.

*Kuuton • Arise
D-Ranked Kuuton Jutsu
After performing the necessary hand seals, the user will kneel down and touch the ground. This will cause the ground around them for 5 metres in every direction to become a focal point. All things within this area will be thrust into the air for 8 metres, unless they resist it with a strength higher than [Control].

*Kuuton • Returning from Service
D-Ranked Kuuton Jutsu
After performing the necessary hand seals, the user will imbue a projectile they are holding with chakra. Once they have thrown that projectile, they are able to cause it to return to them at equal speed as it is currently moving at within the next 2 posts. However, this projectile is only able to travel in a direct straight line from its position to the user, and it must be within 10 metres. Any projectiles which are stationary when called to return move with [Control] speed.

*Kuuton • Fire the Reserve
D-Ranked Kuuton Jutsu
After performing the necessary hand seals, the user will raise up to 3 projectiles which will hover approximately 1.5m off of the ground in mid-air, and set them facing in a single direction. They are then able to cause them to be launched in that direction with [Control] speed and strength at any time over the next 3 posts, even immediately. If they are not fired during this time, the projectiles will simply drop to the ground.

*Kuuton • Higher Movement
D-Ranked Kuuton Jutsu
After performing the necessary hand seals, the user will cover themselves in Kuuton chakra. This enables them to augment their movements, allowing them to move with +3 speed, but with -3 Control. The user will also float one foot off the ground during this time. This technique lasts for three posts.
C rank gravity release techniquesShow
*Kuuton • Holy Denial
C-Ranked Kuuton Jutsu
After performing the required hand seals, the user will generate a wall of gravity within 25 metres of themselves. This wall is 3 metres in height and width. Any time something touches this wall, it will be halted in mid-air if it has a strength lower than [Control] and held for the duration of this technique. This wall will last for 4 posts unless ended prematurely by the user.

*Kuuton • Golden Delivery
C-Ranked Kuuton Jutsu
After performing the necessary hand seals, the user surrounds a projectile they are holding with kuuton chakra. Once they throw the projectile, anything it comes within 10 metres of on its flight path will be violently pushed away from it with [Control] strength. This technique only lasts a single post.

*Kuuton • Heavenly Push
C-Ranked Kuuton Jutsu
After performing the necessary hand seals, the user selects a single object within 25 metres of themselves. They are then able to cause it to be pushed away from them using gravity with [Control] strength.

*Kuuton • Redirection Bullet
C-Ranked Kuuton Jutsu
After performing the correct hand seals, the user will fire a black orb the size of a baseball made of gravity in a single direction up to 25 metres away from themselves at [Control] speed. When it comes into contact with something, it will push that something in a single direction of the user's choosing with [Control] strength.

*Kuuton • Zoning Orb
C-Ranked Kuuton Jutsu
After performing the correct hand seals, the user will create a black orb the size of a baseball made of gravity within 25 metres of their person. That orb will push on anything within 5 metres of itself with [Control] strength, forcing it away from it for 3 posts. This affects the user.
B rank gravity release techniquesShow
*Kuuton • Divinity's Reach
B-Ranked Kuuton Jutsu
After doing the needed hand seals, the user sends gravity towards a target's neck that travel at [Control] speed. By doing so, pressure builds up on the target's neck, choking them with [Control] strength. This considerably deadly technique lasts for 3 posts.

*Kuuton • Holy Artefact
B-Ranked Kuuton Jutsu
After performing the necessary hand seals, the user is able to surround one inanimate object they are touching with gravity, so long as it is smaller than a horse. This object is then able to be moved 40 metres in a single direction with [Control] speed and strength once a post for 3 posts, unless this technique is ended early.

*Kuuton • Heavenly Subjugation
B-Ranked Kuuton Jutsu
After performing the necessary hand seals, the user will gather gravity into a point above them. All things within 40 metres of the user will then be pushed toward the ground with [Control] strength for 2 posts. This does not include the user.
D rank Iaido techniquesShow
*[Iaido • Ancestral Focus]
D-Rank Taijutsu Discipline
The hallmark of Iaido is its practitioners abilities to launch an attack even when their swords are sheathed. This Discipline represents the practitioner's capacity to consistently execute a sword draw and slash all in one movement by gripping the edge of the scabbard and pulling the scabbard slightly forward before drawing the sword. This Discipline enables the practitioner to immediately draw their sword and attack at the start of combat.

*[Iaido • Weapon Mastery]
D-Rank Taijutsu Discipline
Since Iaido is a style that prioritizes speed over brute strength, wise usage of the blade is paramount to the practitioner's success in the style. This Discipline represents the practitioner's knowledge of their weapon's strengths and weaknesses in combat, allowing them to use the weapon more efficiently both inside and outside of its use in Iaido techniques and avoid unnecessarily presenting their weapon's blind spots to the opponent.

*[Iaido • Ambidexterity]
D-Rank Taijutsu Discipline
After practicing for a long amount of time with the concept of using both of their hands with equal skill, the user has developed a level of ambidexterity that allows them to utilize both hands equally and as effectively without any penalty. This extends to other methods of combat or simple everyday life as well.

**[Iaido • One with the Sheath]
D-Rank Taijutsu Discipline
Prerequisite(s): 8 Speed.
The practitioner has learned how to more quickly and efficiently sheath his blades. The practitioner can now seamlessly transition from drawing their blade to slash to sheathing their blade, allowing the practitioner to sheath their sword in half the time, up to a maximum speed equal to their Speed score, for the more rapid execution of Iaido techniques.

*[Iaido • Last Breath]
D-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver
The most iconic (and most basic) strike of Iaido, the practitioner quickly draws and cuts with their blade in a wide arc in one fluid motion. This simultaneous draw and attack straight from the scabbard makes Iaido well-suited for an initial surprise attack and for taking advantage of openings presented by the opponent.

*[Iaido • Mantra]
D-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver
A simple yet potent defense, especially against other weapons users, the practitioner partially draws the sword from its scabbard and blocks incoming attacks with the back of their blade. This technique is ineffective against opponents with higher Strength than the practitioner's Strength.

*[Iaido • Last Rites]
D-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver
A defensive technique particularly useful when an opponent is close to the practitioner or is clinching them in a grapple, the practitioner grabs the hilt of their sword with a reverse grip and rams the butt or pommel of the hilt into the opponent's body, pushing the opponent back a number of meters equal to the difference between their Strength scores. Conversely, against opponents with higher Strength than their own, the practitioner can use this technique to push themselves back a number of meters equal to their own Strength score. The speed and simplicity of the attack can push opponents away and give the practitioner the needed space to set up additional attacks.

*[Iaido • Clouding Eyes]
D-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver
Prerequisite(s): 8 Speed.
A simple technique meant to cripple the target's vision, the practitioner draws the sword from its scabbard and aims a quick slash at the eyes. This technique can be done in any single direction to either target one or both of the opponent's eyes.
C rank Iaido techniquesShow
*[Iaido • Shinigami Draw]
C-Rank Taijutsu Discipline
Losing the use of one's hand or arm in a fight can be a death sentence, but Iaido has found a simple, elegant response to this desperate situation. Using their free hand, the practitioner momentarily braces the edge of their sword against the inside of the scabbard before drawing. While it does not confer the instant acceleration benefit of its parent technique, this Discipline does allow the practitioner to use Iaido techniques at their normal speed even with only one hand.
Place Genjutsu in here

Historical AccountsShow
Born to a small family within the Zentoyuubou Desert as a Sunagakure native, [Nagato] experienced their fair share of challenges adapting to and learning about life. Taught early on that the only way to survive and thrive would be earning an honest living, Nagato enrolled within the village ninja academy with their family blessing. Each day offered more challenge than the first but as time went, Nagato began to adapt to the Shinobi way of life. Eventually, their efforts reflected in performance and when the time came for selection of candidates to graduate he'd was handpicked among a crop of others to show what they'd learned and prove themselves an asset to the village.

The trials were harsh; more difficult than anything could've experienced during basic training within Sunagakure's academy and yet despite even this difficulty, both their dedication to embarking on such a journey and reliance upon what lessons they'd been taught gave Nagato the strength, willpower, preparation and courage necessary to pull through. After eight grueling weeks of being tried and tested, [Nagato] had finally become a Genin; recognized by all as an official Shinobi to Sunagakure. True to their station, [Nagato] would go on to take on a number of assignments and often without regard to how bizarre some of them appeared to be. If someone needed help building a shack for their yard [Nagato] was there to assist them. If someone needed help completing a grocery list [blank] was there to assist them. If someone submitted a request simply asking for advice on resolving a small matter, without missing a beat; [Nagato] without hesitation, was there to assist them for that too.

Deciding to make it a good practice early on to learn much about responsibility, build up their character and even learn about life in the process, [Nagato] immersed themselves in the Shinobi way of life as though it were their very essence and soon - the results began to show even more. For their honest efforts and contributions to society [Nagato] would be summoned by the council to receive a word. Comfortable in themselves, they attended this meeting and found that they'd been selected for a Chunin promotion!

With such great news [Nagato] ran home as fast as their legs could carry to inform the rest of their family about what had just happened. Their career as a Shinobi seemed to be taking off moderately well and at this rate, it wouldn't be long before they could afford to cover the expenses for many of the bloodline. Though, with the promise of promotion means a grand new host of challenges to be tackled; dangerous characters lurk in the shadows and a haze of darkness begins to set. Where [Nagato] was once shielded from reality as a genin the veil had now been lifted - were they ready?

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Nagato of the Hidden Sand

Post by Nafan~ » Sat Apr 24, 2021 8:47 am

Hey, just so you know you've not gone back through your history and replaced the [blank]'s with your character's name.

You unfortunately have too many jutsu for your starting rank. When you create a character at chuunin rank you are allocated 85 ryo to spent on equipment and jutsu. D-ranks cost 4 Ryo, C-ranks cost 6, and B-ranks cost 8 ryo.

Currently you have:

Fuuton: 5D 5C
Kuuton: 5D 5C 3B
Iaido: 8D 3C

This comes to a total of 174 points. You need to get rid of 89 points worth of jutsu.

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