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[Accepted]Ito Sji

Post by Varian » Mon Dec 31, 2018 11:14 am

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Ito Sji

General Information Age: 16
Gender: Male
Height: 5'2
Weight: 104 lbs
Physical Features:
  • Face/head: Sji's hair is snow white, he wears it at a medium length resting just short of his shoulders. Most of his fringe comes down to his nose, however his headband parts most of it to the left side of his face and a small amount to the right.
    His face is unblemished, despite his age it had still retained a lot of the "baby fat" from his childhood. This coupled with his size give Sji a still very childlike appearance. Sji's eyes are a cognac brown with a slight reddish tinge to them, they are quite wide and have a friendly innocence to them. They have been known to "light up" at the sight of sweet foods or a hint of adventure.
  • Body: Sji has a slender frame, almost effeminate in it's own way certain his arms only holding soft muscle. His legs hold some degree of toning on the existing muscles mostly through the travelling he has done thus far in his life. Sji has a very fair complexion giving him almost a pale skin tone.
  • Notable Features:Around his torso reaching is a nest of scarification, some small individual cuts and other large ugly looking things all of them making webways across his torso.
Sji likes to wear a black cloth coat with a large collar, the interior is lined with purple to match the pale grey top he wears under the coat. The coat itself he leaves open, on the shoulders the coat features a thick white trim. The symbol on the top has no meaning to Sji he just liked the look of it. Sji also wears a pair of straw sandals, he sports a pair of black cloth trousers that match his jacket they stop just above his ankles and are quite loose on his figure. He also wears a black cloth band around his forehead in place of his forehead protector, on his right hand he wears a fingerless glove.

  • General: Sji was once a very timid and shy individual when he was much younger, only when he became a genin and became more active in his village's community he started to become more outgoing until it became habit. The best way to describe his current attitude towards people would be to call him a vain, arrogant, annoying and excitable brat. That would just be putting it politely, Sji usually puts on a faux innocence further giving off the notion of this sweet child image he potrays.
  • Hopes/Dreams:
    Sji's main goal in life is to enjoy himself, visit strange places, experience exotic cuisine, meet interesting people, perhaps occasionally kill said interesting people. His ultimate goal in all of life can only be summed up as freedom and experience.
  • Fears:
    Sji has many fears, dying before achieveing all he wants in life for a start. He is especially scared of letting down those he comes to call friends, worst of all losing someone he trusts.
  • Combat Mentality:Sji adopts a more ranged fighting style, while he does enjoy engaging in up close violent and brutal melee combat he wouldn't risk a fight with someone who is actually adept at close range combat. Sji would prefer to keep at a distance and attack with Ninjutsu to help with this he will usually lay traps to prevent the closing of distance. Despite his seemingly carefree nature Sji attempts to analyse the weaknesses of his opponents and exploit them there is no such thing as an underhanded trick in his book.

Battle Information Village: Kumogakure Missing Nin
Rank: A-Rank
  • *Ninjutsu: 35
  • Taijutsu: 20
  • Genjutsu: 20
  • Stamina: 30
  • *Control: 25
  • Strength: 10
  • *Speed: 25
  • *Instinct: 35
Equipment: Inside of his jacket Sji keeps 15 kunai, 10 explosive tags, 5 Smoke Bombs and 15 shuriken.
They are slotted neatly inside quick draw pouches on interior of his jacket, allowing him to draw and throw in fluid motion.
Companions: (0/1)
Affinity: Raiton
Abilities and Concentrations
First Ability----------
Second Ability---------
Third Ability-------------
Raiton Affinity:
Raiton Affinity
A character with this concentration is able to utilize Raiton, and can make and use any custom or archived jutsu that require the Raiton affinity. Raiton has a shocking effect.
Passive (Shocking)Show
Raiton has the effect of shocking, which means causes it's effect to be diffuse upon impact. In organic material, this causes nervous stimulation which results in numbness, tingling, loss of sensation, and sometimes paralysis. In inorganic material, this means that the strength of the jutsu diffuses across an area 2x the size of the attack. In a jutsu that creates a lightning ball 2m in diameter, if it struck a wall the size of the attack would cover a 4m area.

Additionally, the strength of the nervous effect on organic material from raiton jutsu is determined by the ninjutsu stat requirement.
  • 1-10 Ninjutsu Requirement : Tingling, acute numbness
  • 11-20 Ninjutsu Requirement: Loss of Sensation
  • 21-35 Ninjutsu Requirement: Localized Paralysis
  • 36+ Ninjutsu Requirement: Diffuse Paralysis
This concentration allows for the user to user chakra to affect the biological processes of a living creature. This includes modifying, speeding up, or slowing down the biological processes. Iijutsu is known for it's advanced nature and requires precise chakra control to work effectively. It can be differentiate from normal techniques by the faint light green colour of the chakra used in Iijutsu techniques.
Sensors are shinobi who are able to activate a sixth sense which can locate and read chakra sources. Sensory is advantageous as it allows shinobi to perceive without using any of their conventional senses, which can easily be deceived. Sensors are able to collect a lot of information through the interpretation of this sixth sense.
Taijutsu[Place them here]
Genjutsu[Place them here]
Ninjutsu Specialist Having devoted their lives to mastering the arts of Ninjutsu, this shinobi is classified as a Ninjutsu Specialist. Ninjutsu specialist are able to devote a total of 10 concentrations to Ninjutsu, unlike most people who are capped at 8. However, they are only able to devote a max of 5 concentrations to Taijutsu, and a max of 5 concentrations to Genjutsu.

As a Ninjutsu Specialist, [User] is able to utilize Ninjutsu concentrations reserved for specialists, and is able to enter the God Tier [45+] on select stats, and meaning as a specialist they can select stats to break into the God tier. These stats can only be [Ninjutsu or Instinct], [Speed or Strength], and 2 of [Control, Instinct, or Stamina].

*Raiton • Static Shroud
D-Ranked Raiton Jutsu
After performing the correct hand seals the user covers their body in a layer of visible static which crackles around them for 4 posts. Anything which comes within 6 inches of their body will be repelled with a force of 5 strength and have the Raiton Shocking effect applied.

*Raiton • Bright Bolt
D-ranked Raiton Jutsu
After performing the correct hand seals the user will extend two fingers toward a target. A bolt of lightning will jump up to 10 meters from their fingers at a speed of 6, striking with a strength of 4.

*Raiton • Shock Double
D-ranked Raiton Jutsu
After performing the correct hand seals, the user will create a copy of themselves out of Raiton chakra. The clone will be able to move with the stats labelled below, while also exploding with the force of a single exploding tag upon death (which also applies the raiton passive effect). The clone will only last for 3 posts.
Taijutsu: 2
Stamina: 1
Strength: 1
Speed: 2
*Raiton • Conductor
D-ranked Raiton Jutsu
After performing the correct hand seals, the user will coat a weapon they are holding in Raiton electricity for 5 posts. This causes the shock effect to be produced on any contact with a target, while also granting blunt weapons the ability to cut through skin to produce shallow wounds. This also works for thrown weapons, however if the projectile remains out of contact with the user for more than 2 posts the technique will dissipate early.

*Raiton • Stun Gun
D-ranked Raiton Jutsu
After performing the correct hand seals, the user will channel Raiton chakra to two of their fingers. They will then be able to fire up to three total bullet sized balls of concentrated lightning from their fingertips. These bullets will travel at 5 speed, but will not have any physical force. Instead, they will apply light electrical burns similar to a sun burn and will apply Raiton's shocking effect.
*Raiton • Galvanic Zone
C-ranked Raiton Jutsu
After performing the correct hand seals, the user will seep Raiton chakra in an area around them with a 20m diameter. The user's Raiton techniques will travel 5 points faster when they travel through this zone for 3 posts. This technique ends the moment the user leaves this area. They also return to normal speed upon leaving the area. This technique does not apply the shocking effect.

*Raiton • Sky Spear
C-ranked Raiton Jutsu
After performing the correct hand seals, the user will create a two meter long rod of lightning in their hand. They are then able to launch it at 15 speed in a single direction. Upon contact the spear will explode with the force of a single explosive tag and apply the Raiton shocking effect. If it has not been launched by the end of the second post it will dissipate.

*Raiton • Voltaic Zone
C-ranked Raiton Jutsu
After performing the correct hand seals, the user will seep Raiton chakra in an area around them with a 20m diameter. This will produce an electric current on the ground in this area visible as crackling lightning on the surface. Any other than the user who step into this zone will have the shocking effect applied and their legs will sustain first degree electrical burns. This current lasts 3 posts, while it ends immediately if the user leaves the area.

*Raiton • Golden Birds
C-ranked Raiton Jutsu
After performing the correct hand seals, the user creates two orbs of lightning the size of basketballs slightly above their head. They are then able to direct these orbs at a speed of 10 at their will, however they may not move while doing this. These orbs cannot leave a 40m diameter around the user, and detonate with the power of a single explosive tag each on contact with a solid. These orbs last a maximum of 4 posts, and may be self destructed at any moment in their lifespan at the user's will.

*Raiton • Jamming Pulse
C-ranked Raiton Jutsu
After performing the correct hand seals, the user emits a wave of electricity from their palm in a single direction. This is produced as a 10m wide line which extends 2m into the air and travels up to 25m from the user at 10 speed. The wave will apply the shocking effect and reduce the speed of any living thing it strikes by 5 points for 3 posts by electrically interfering with the brain's nervous signals.
*Raiton • Thunder Wave
B-ranked Raiton Jutsu
The user will first perform the correct hand seals, and then fire a cone of lightning which begins at 5m wide closest to them and then 30m wide at the furthest point. The cone extends 40m from the user's body at a speed of 20. This cascade of lightning roars tremendously loud, and strikes all caught within it at 15 strength. Those caught in the blast will have their speed reduced by 5 points for 2 posts.

Raiton • Static Cloud
B-ranked Raiton Jutsu
Upon forming hand seals an area of electricity forms crackling with energy in a visible manner in a 40m diameter dome with a speed of 15 the cloud of static lingers for 5 posts and inflicts 25 strength of damage on any who attempt to pass through the area. The static cloud will remain for the duration of the jutsu or until cleared in some manner.

Raiton • Thunder Dragon's Cloak
B-ranked Raiton Jutsu
Upon forming hand seals the user cloaks themselves in armour of Raiton chakra making the user appear as a mass of lightning in a humanoid shape, the armour forms at a speed of 15 and holds a strength of 25 inflicting the Raiton passive to any who come into contact with it, this cloak also allows the user to pass through any of his own Raiton Jutsu unharmed the cloak lasts for 7 posts.
Raiton • Thunder Dragon's Leap
A-ranked Raiton Jutsu
The user will channel chakra allowing him to disappear with a zap of lightning and reappear anywhere within one of their Raiton • Static Cloud Jutsu. This counts towards the two teleportation per thread.

Raiton • Thunder Dragon's Breath Burst
A-ranked Raiton Jutsu
The user will perform handseals and upon doing so emit a beam of Raiton from their mouth at a speed of 25 and a strength of 25 the beam starts at 15cm at the mouth growing in size upon clearing his face it expands to a diameter of 2meters and fires in the direction his head is facing for 80 meters.
*[Ninjutsu • Hidden Needles]
D-Ranked Ninjutsu
After performing the correct hand seals the user will focus chakra into their mouths and into up to five senbon within 3 feet of their position. The senbon will be summoned from their persons or nearby into the user's mouth, where they will be spit out aided by chakra at a speed of 6 and strength of 4. The senbon can be shot up to 7 meters away.

*[Ninjutsu • Chakra Burst]
D-Ranked Ninjutsu
After channeling chakra into one of their fists, the user will then attempt to strike their target and if successful, they will release additional concussive force in the form of an outward explosion at D-Rank force from their fist. If the user does not strike a target within 3 posts the jutsu dissipates.

*[Ninjutsu • Tracking Device]
D-Ranked Ninjutsu
After performing the correct hand seals the user will coat one of their hairs in chakra. Once this has been done, they will place it on their target. The user can track the exact location of the strand of hair for up to 7 meters. For up to twenty meters out, the user can track a rough location. From then out to 100 meters, the user just gets a general idea of where the opponent is. The chakra in the hair will dissipate at the end of 6 posts.

*[Ninjutsu • Wall]
D-Ranked Ninjutsu
After performing the correct hand seals the user causes a thin 3x3 meter flat barrier to form directly in front of them at a speed of 5. This barrier can take a hit of up to 5 strength before shattering, otherwise it lasts for 3 posts.

*[Ninjutsu • Sensory Deprivation: Sight]
D-Ranked Ninjutsu
A technique used for a variety of purposes, each unique to the user's needs, the user channels chakra over their eyes. This chakra will act as though it were solid, rendering the user blind until it is dispelled. This can be held as long as the user has chakra, but once it has ended, it has a cool-down period of 2 posts before it can be used again.
*[Ninjutsu • Binding]
C-Ranked Ninjutsu
After performing the correct hand seals the user will focus chakra into a rope, wire, or a similar object in their possession. The object will then lash out at a target at a speed of 10 for up to 15 meters attempting to then coil around them and bind them. After coiling around the target, the chakra will cause the object to harden to a strength of 10. After 4 posts the chakra will run out and the bind will break.

*[Ninjutsu • Multiple Chakra Kai]
C-Ranked Ninjutsu
Despite requiring both hands and more time than *[Basic Jutsu • Chakra Kai], Multiple Chakra Kai allows the user to activate up to five objects simultaneously, up to 20 + (Control/2) meters away.

*[Ninjutsu • Barrier]
C-Ranked Ninjutsu
After performing the correct hand seals the user forms a 10m3 barrier around a target up to 10m away from their position. The barrier forms at a speed of 12, has a strength of 8, and lasts 4 posts before fading away.

*Ninjutsu • Spiritualism Technique]
C-Ranked Ninjutsu
The base technique for summoning, the Spiritualism Technique allows users to bring forth their summons to fight on their behalf. Once an agreement has been made between the user and their summon, they will be able to use this technique to call upon it at any time unless stated otherwise. The chakra used for this technique varies, as it is dependent on the size and rank of what is being summoned. Once it has been summoned, the user will experience a constant drain on their chakra for as long as the summon is in place. This drain is also dependent on the size and rank of the summon.

*[Ninjutsu • Advanced Transformation Technique]
C-Ranked Ninjutsu
An advanced form of the Transformation Technique, after performing the correct hand seals and holding the final one temporarily, the user will coat and mold chakra around their body into the shape and form of something or someone which is no more than twice their size at a speed of 4. This technique's true advantage is that the disguise is given physical substance. This means, for example, if they transform into something with claws, they will have claws that can physically be used. For the disguises 5 post duration, if it is damaged by a hit of 16 or more strength, the disguise "poofs" from existence. This includes collateral damage caused by striking an opponent that may occur to the disguise.
*[Ninjutsu • Shadow Clone Technique]
B-Ranked Ninjutsu
After performing the correct hand seals the user proceeds to create a number of clones of themselves (maximum is equal to 1/3rd the users stamina). Unlike the Clone Technique, these clones are actual copies of the user in both appearance and substance. The user's chakra is evenly distributed among every clone, giving each clone an equal fraction of the user's overall power. The clones are capable of performing jutsu on their own and can even bleed, but they will usually disperse after one or two solid blows. The clones will be created in roughly the same condition as the original and any experience the clones gain during their existence is transferred to the user once they are dispersed. Given that the clones are an exact replica of the user, they share the same stats except for stamina, which is determined by the number of clones presently in effect.
*[Iijutsu • Sterilization Technique]
D-Ranked Ninjutsu
As sanitation cannot always be guaranteed in field operations, this technique provides a quick substitute to traditional sterilization methods. After focusing chakra into his/her hands, the user will channel the chakra throughout his/her upper body (torso, arms, hands, face). This chakra will chew away at harmful bacteria and other foreign bodies on the skin, cleansing it until it is thoroughly sterile, and can be spread to objects, most commonly surgical tools. Of course, this takes both concentration and time, and in order to sterilize the entire upper body, it will take a duration of one (1) post. Users of this technique can also choose to sterilize certain parts of their upper body or the wounds of another person instead for a lesser concentration period. Once they are sanitized, they remain this way until coming in contact with more bacteria.

*[Iijutsu • Oxygen Flow]
D-Ranked Ninjutsu
Simple in its form yet highly effective in practice, the *[Iijutsu • Oxygen Flow] technique allows its users to clear obstructed airways, to perform less extensive CPR, and to give cells the oxygen they crave. After focusing chakra into the hands, the user will place both over the target's chest (through the back works as well). By allowing the chakra to be channeled throughout the lungs and up through the air ways, any unseen, solid or liquid obstructions will be cleared from these passages and ejected through the mouth, allowing the patient to breathe more easily. Additionally, the hands can be placed over the heart to help oxygenate the body's cells. In this instance, users must be much more careful, as over-oxygenating cells can cause more harm than good. This technique takes the entirety of one post to perform.

*[Iijutsu • Blood Clot Technique]
D-Ranked Ninjutsu
This highly useful field technique is applied to bleeding wounds to help encourage the coagulation of the blood. After focusing chakra into his/her hands, the user will hover them over the bleeding wound and begin to channel chakra through it. The chakra will began to thicken the blood, causing it to clot. Wounds must be dealt with one at a time, and the number of wounds that can be tended to within the three (3) posts that this technique lasts depends on their size. Small wounds take very little time to clot, while moderate wounds take one (1) post of concentration to clot, and large wounds take two (2) posts to clot. Although this technique stops the bleeding, the wound remains vulnerable and will require further care after this has been performed.

*[Iijutsu • Skin Separation]
D-Ranked Ninjutsu
Typically used to make the autopsy process smoother, the *[Iijutsu • Skin Separation] technique separates the skin of the corpse from the underlying muscle. After focusing chakra into his/her hands, the user will slowly move them over the desired area, usually holding them about an inch away from the body itself. As the chakra is channeled through the flesh, it will slowly sink to the final layer of the skin and begin to form a new layer between the skin and the muscle beneath. After this layer has fully formed, the chakra will stay there for four (4) posts, allowing the user to easily separate the flesh and muscle. This non-combat technique cannot be used on living beings as the postmortem physiology is different from that of a living creature.

*[Iijutsu • Chakra Stitching]
D-Ranked Ninjutsu
When traditional stitching supplies aren't available, *[Iijutsu • Chakra Stitching] truly shines. After performing a short set of handseals, the user will gently place his/her index finger at the base of the patient's wound. Once this is done, the user will lift his/her finger and touch it to the other side of the wound, causing a visible 'stitch' of chakra to appear. This is repeated until the wound has been pulled together. Although precision is key, this technique can still be performed relatively quickly. Small to moderate wounds take very little time to stitch, while large wounds will take one (1) post of work to mend. This technique drains a minuscule amount of chakra from the person it is attached to in order to keep the stitches going, theoretically, ad-infinitum, and can be cancelled at any time by the user with a single handseal. Any intensive or strenuous movements will cause the stitches to break.

*[Iijutsu • Bandage Technique]
D-Ranked Ninjutsu
Prerequisite: *[Iijutsu • Sterilization Technique]
A simple yet vital medical technique, the *[Iijutsu • Bandage Technique] provides its users with the ability to create makeshift bandages out of any suitable material they desire. After channeling chakra into an object (such as a leaf, piece of cloth, etc.), the user is able to apply it to the wound of a patient. Once applied, the selected object will adhere to the flesh around the wound, protecting it from bacteria and other harmful foreign bodies. Objects used for the bandage technique are automatically sterilized in the process. These bandages drain a minuscule amount of chakra from the person it is attatched to in order to keep them stuck on, theoretically, ad-infinitum, and can be cancelled at any time by the user with a single handseal. While not as effective at stopping bleeding as the [Iijutsu • Chakra Stitching] technique, they hold on much better in the case that strenuous movement is necessary.
*[Iijutsu • False Death]
C-Ranked Ninjutsu
Prerequisite: 5 Iijutsu
This simple ninjutsu is comprised of the user's knowledge of the human body and the ability to mask all vital signs. By focusing chakra throughout the body to preserve its function while in this state, the user can appear to be dead as long as they have chakra to spare. This act can seem very realistic to the untrained opponent, but is foiled by sensor techniques, certain doujutsu and jutsu, and the *[Iijutsu • Medical Diagnosis Technique] technique.

*[Iijutsu • Medical Diagnosis Technique]
C-Ranked Ninjutsu
Prerequisite: 5 Iijutsu
Perhaps one of the most important Iijutsu techniques to date, the *[Iijutsu • Medical Diagnosis Technique] allows its users to probe another's body in search for medical answers. After focusing chakra into his/her hands, the user will begin to channel it into the patient's body. Using this chakra as an internal extension of his/her hand to feel for abnormalities and other issues, the user is often able to determine the problem after some time and concentration. In order for a thorough examination to provide sufficient answers, the user will focus for up to one (1) post, seeking signs of internal and external damage, organ malfunction and disease among other ailments. Although skilled medical-nin have the possibility to work faster, skill cannot be substituted in for thoroughness.

*[Iijutsu • Skin Generation]
C-Ranked Ninjutsu
Often utilized by medical-nin to heal small, superficial wounds or for producing excess skin to use in skin grafts, the *[Iijutsu • Skin Generation] technique has its number of uses. After focusing chakra into his/her hands, the user will channel it into a small area of skin cells on the patient's body. This chakra will force the skin cells to multiply at an ample rate by confusing this area of the body into its reconstruction stage that is achieved during slumber. As this is a type of regeneration, users must keep in mind that each cell draws from nutrients in the patient's body, and as such, too much can cause serious harm. In order to regenerate medium-sized areas of superficial wounds, it takes one (1) post of concentration. Areas smaller than this take considerably less time. In the case that the skin sample is separate from the body, the cells can be multiplied more quickly than they could be otherwise. These types of samples are generally use for skin grafts. The *[Iijutsu • Skin Generation] technique can be held for four (4) posts.

*[Iijutsu • Bone Fracture Technique]
C-Ranked Nintaijutsu
Prerequisite: *[Iijutsu • Chakra Scalpel]
Once the *[Iijutsu • Chakra Scalpel] has been activated, users may choose to use this jutsu as an alternative to the aforementioned technique's usual action. When in close range, the user will attempt to jab his/her charged hand at the opponent, seeking to connect with a bone. If successful, the chakra will be released into the opponent's body as a sharp, precise burst to the area of contact, causing the bone to fracture. If this area is struck again in the same spot, the bone will inevitably break. This technique does not harm anything but the bone—not even the skin—and is dispelled after three (3) posts or until contact with the opponent is made. However, since both hands are charged, the user has two chances with this technique per use (one per hand).

*[Iijutsu • Blood Transfer Technique]
C-Ranked Ninjutsu
A simple technique that requires its users to sacrifice a little to save a life, the*[Iijutsu • Blood Transfer Technique] does exactly what its name suggests. To prepare for this procedure, the user must make a small incision into the patient's body and follow by opening a vein. Once the vein has been open, the user will begin to channel chakra into it. Over the course of one (1) post, the patient's blood will gain density and stabilize itself. Users of this technique must be aware that their own blood will dilute over the duration of this technique, as it is essentially transferring blood from their bodies to the patient's. No more than 1 liter (2 pints) of blood can be transferred using this technique without severe repercussions for the user.
Mind's EyeShow
*[Sensory Style • Beyond Senses]
C-Rank Ninjutsu
Prerequisites: Ninjutsu/Control/Instinct stats of 10
This sensor jutsu is used by shinobi to feel chakra sources within a radius of 25 meters. While this jutsu is fairly helpful in sensing chakra, it is unable to actually pinpoint specific chakras outside of 10 feet. This only gives the Shinobi an idea of how many entities with chakra are present in their general area.

*[Sensory Style • Evaluation]
C-Rank Ninjutsu
Prerequisites: *[Sensory Style • Beyond Senses]
The sensor will activate their sensory jutsu, and then do an additional set of hand seals. By doing so, the user will be able to compare the “strength” of each source of chakra they are able to sense to each other. The “strength” of the individual is determined by the average of each person’s Stamina, Control and Strength stats. The user can determine who has more chakra strength than others, allowing them to pick out possible risks. This technique is not very reliable as a determining factor, however.

*[Sensory Style • [Target Lock]
C-Rank Ninjutsu
Prerequisites: *[Sensory Style • Beyond Senses]
The sensor will activate their sensory jutsu, and focus on one source of chakra they can sense. By doing an additional hand seal, and holding said hand seal, the user will be able to continue to sense that source of chakra, even if they are moving around, so long as they are holding the hand seal. If they, or the chakra source, moves out of range, the user will lose track of them.

Ito Sji was born to a fairly regular family within Kumogakure, his parents were both Shinobi and it was only to be expected that their only son would enroll as a shinobi. He began to enjoy sparring with his fellow students in a controlled environment as he began to show a talent fighting, Sji graduated the academy being promoted to the status of Genin when the civil war in Kumo broke out, both himself and his parents sided with the Raikage and it was in this war that he lost both his parents leaving the young Shinobi who was kept away from most of the fighting without family and devastated. Over time he learnt how to hide his grief and focus on his continued life in service to Kumogakure, he passed his chuunin exam extraordinarily and tried his best to blend into the crowd. During the continued chaos of the war Sji decided to leave his village he did not wish to serve the village any longer feeling they were partly responsible for the death of his parents.

Sji slipped out of Kumo amongst a travelling band of performers hiding amongst them until he had a good head start from any who would track him down should they notice he was missing, it was on the border of Lightning country where a pursuer caught up with him the intent to capture him and bring him back to the village. In the ensuing struggle Sji managed to best the pursuer killing them in the process and fleeing lightning country. Sji began to make a name for himself through various vile deeds, nothing got in the way of his self serving nature. Sji's life wandering the land would never have a dull moment he intended to make sure of that. Also he fought lots of people.
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Ito Sji

Post by Sanjuro » Sun Jan 06, 2019 5:38 am

Thunder Dragon's Cloak - Needs a duration.

History is kind of short for an A-Rank nukenin. Try fluffing it out a bit? How'd he earn his reputation? You don't go from Chuunin to A-Rank Nukenin instantly, even if they did kill someone pursing them.
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Ito Sji

Post by Varian » Sun Jan 06, 2019 6:33 pm

edited and fluffed the history out a little.
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Ito Sji

Post by Niro » Mon Jan 07, 2019 5:22 pm

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[Accepted]Ito Sji

Post by Kao » Mon Jan 21, 2019 1:02 am

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Akari Kanehara Akari clan elder [color=#80A0FF]
Sakata KannaIwagakure Councilwoman [color=#3DA43B]
Hazuki Shuran Jinchuuriki researcher [color=#E854C0]
Enkouten Kaizen Iwagakure councilman [color=#C65871]


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