[Clan] Kyōhō

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[Clan] Kyōhō

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General Information Type: Clan
Village: Dragon Countrry
Size: Samll (5 Families)
Traits: Everyone within the Kyōhō don't have any specific traits that make them stand out much. As a clan their body type is normally rather skinny and not much muscle definition. In fact, members of the Kyōhō don't have any muscle definition. Their bodies are unable to form visible muscle.
Traditions: The Kyōhō are well known for being incredible chefs within the Dragon Country. They eat great, cook great, and party a lot. They often follow their inhibition to drink and eat as often as they can. The best chefs in the land are known to be within this family and that is what most people know them for. However, one of their biggest traditions are their Knife Ceremonies. Each member of the Kyōhō have forged their own cooking knife. The handle and the blade are hand crafted by their owner and to the Kyōhō it is a very sacred and meaningful tool.
Influence: Their small family are not influential on a global scale. They are often times hired for large wealthy family events and well known and respected within the rich community.
History The Kyōhō Clan were part of the tribal swamp savages a long time ago residing in the dangerous parts of the Dragon Country. It wasn't until a few of them left the wretched swamp to pursue a new life. Over time they mastered their skills as chefs and pursued it within the working world. Since changing their lifestyles, this family has grown significantly from one tiny tribe of one family, to a clan of 5 families. Their secret of their capabilities have kept them hidden for a very long time.

Samurai Information Definitions: Stretch, Elastic,
Requirements: +3 Taijutsu above average at start up, Your own customized Cooking Knife
Kekkei Genkai:
A secret ability of the Kyōhō that allows them to manipulate their unique bodies to stretch. Due their multiple minature bones within their body and their specialty technique, they are able to stretch and control their bodies above the capabilities of a normal Human. Those with the ability of the Kyōhō can stretch their bodies to their will, retaining their full control of their bodies so long as they have an appropriate taijutsu stat. Their bodies may extend past the listed 'limits' but control and versatility will be limited without the use of specific supplementary taijutsu.
TaijutsuStretch Length
D-Rank Sutoretchi Taijutsu

*Quick Jab
D-Rank Taijutsu
This is a signature technique of the Kyōhō clan. This technique aids the user to be able to hit someone who is a little bit further away than normal. By focusing their Kekkei Genkai into their forearm, they are able to extend it forward based on the user's taijutsu stat.

*Long Kick
D-Rank Taijutsu
This is a signature technique of the Kyōhō clan. This technique aids the user to be able to hit someone who is a little bit further away than normal. By focusing their ability to their shin, the user is capable of extending their leg forward based on the user's taijtusu stat.

D-Rank Taijtusu
This technique allows the user to extand the cartilage and skin around their ears. This makes the ears extend larger than a normal human. By doing this, the user is able to hear 5 meters farther than normal hearing.

*2 Finger Poke
D-Rank Taijtusu
By focusing on altering the middle and pointer finger, the user is capable to extend them forward. This technique is often used to quickly throw someone off guard, and poke their eyes rendering them temporarily blind.

*Free Willy
D-Rank Taijtusu
By extending the cartilage and skin around the feet, the user is capable to expand them based on their taijutsu stat. This capability allows faster swimming and can even be used in correlation with *Long Kick

C-Rank Sutoretchi Taijutsu

*Soften the Blow
C-Rank Taijutsu
This technique allows the user to elasticize a part of their body that they know is going to be hit. This allows the user to soften the blow and turn a blunt attack that could cause damage, into a minor pain.

*Behind You!
C-Rank Taijutsu
With a full understanding of the user's own body. The user can elasticize their neck, allowing them to turn it to look 180 degrees.

C-Rank Taijutsu
The user focuses their elasticity to their neck. This allows them to extend their neck and move it in unlikely positions. This technique is used to avoid killing blows to the head. EX: Dodging a Kunai, Sword, or even a punch.

*Tongue Hand
C-Rank Taijutsu
This technique is very unique. The user must focus their elasticity to their tongue. When applied, the user can use their tongue like a hand and extend it forward. By wrapping their tongue around objects, they have the same gripping power as their hand.

B-Rank Sutoretchi Taijutsu

*Arm Birage
B-Rank Taijtusu
This technique compliments the *High Jump technique very well. This requires the user to have an understanding of their body and their arms. By slinging their arms back and then springing them forward. With rapid punches the user is able to throw based on (Stamina + Taijutsu) / 3 at the speed their stat is at.

*Tornado Strike
B-Rank Taijutsu
The user focuses their elasticity first to their stomach. They quickly turn themselves 360 degrees 5 times. Then while holding they focus their elasticity to their arms. By flinging their arms out as they release their coiled up body, the user is capable of sending their fists out to multiple targets at a very fast pace. This technique is great for large scale battles.

*Whip Choke
B-Rank Taijtusu
The user moves their dominate arm backwards and then springs it forward. Based on their Taijutsu Stat, they can go for as long as their limits are. When the arm reaches the target the forearm and wrist expand around the targets neck. When at the limit of distance the arm would tighten around the Targets neck, causing a choking action that can be broken if the target has a higher strength than the user.

A-Rank Sutoretchi Taijutsu

*Strangle Trap
A-Rank Taijutsu
Pre-Requisite: *Whip Choke
With an understanding of the user's body, the user is able to entangle their whole entire body around another. By focusing their elasticitiy throughout their body, the user makes contact and wraps their legs around the opponents legs, arms around the opponents arms, and has the capability of wrapping their wrists and hands around the opponents neck. As long as the user has a higher strength stat than the opponent, they can hold it for 4 posts.

*High Jump
A-Rank Taijutsu
The user first expands their ankles and their shins. By sending them selves a little bit higher, they keep their elasticicity as they move to the ground. This creates a coil/spring effect which allows them to jump x meter (x = [Strength Stat + Taijutsu Stat] / 3).

S-Rank Sutoretchi Taijutsu

*Full Expansion
S-Rank Taijtusu
This technique can be used in multiple ways. By utilizing this technique, the user expands their whole entire body. This can create a shield like defense allowing the user to reflect thrown ninja weapons, or it can be used to glide softly to the ground from a high up place. This technique is very advanced because it requires mastery over the user's body and the pure strength to not only expand their whole body, but to hold it for a technique as well. The user can hold this for: (Stamina/5) posts.

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[Clan] Kyōhō

Post by Servant » Fri Jan 18, 2019 9:18 am

Typo on the size of the clan.

The first sentence of the traits section is worded oddly, as if no one from the clan is able to stand out.

You vaguely refer to multiple miniature bones, but that's about it. I feel like that should be better expanded on somewhere, but that's just a personal thing, probably.

All your taijutsu lack designation: stance, maneuver, or discipline.

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