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Awai, Fanho

Posted: Sun Jan 31, 2016 4:49 pm
by Archives
Username: DirectorPr
Points: 808/1222
Companions: (0/1)
Stat Trainings: (44/70)
Prestige Slots: (6/6) [Omega], [Beast Master - Used], [Accountant (Scaled)], [Legacy (Scaled)], Connections, Changed Chakra - (Purple)
Main ThemeBattle Theme
Awai, Fanho
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Height: 6’0
Weight: 178 lbs
Fanho seems rather lanky and not muscular in the slightest from a first glance. However upon further inspection Fanho is quite toned. Alongside he is accented with having little hair on his body with slight dark grey hairs on his arms and legs. His hair on his head is grown out in a messy way which splays out from all sides draping even over his eyes a bit.

Fanho's clothing attire consists of a black t-shirt with a white middle zip hoodie over his shirt with the hood that drapes on his back. He bears the symbol of Konoha on the back of his jacket instead of a forehead protector. Fanho's pants drape down to two inches above his ankles that are colored a dark black. From there he has bandages that wrap from his knees down into his toeless boots. His toeless boots are thick soled shoes that are a dark blue thick leather. Fanho has a large back pouch on his belt that lays just underneath his hoodie slightly propping it up. On his right leg he has a kunai holster that holds his titular tools. Next to the back pouch along the left hand side of his belt are several scroll holsters and an extendable pen/ink jar.

Forehead Protector
Fanho has foregone the forehead protector for a much more vibrant way by emblazoning the symbol of Konoha on the back of his jacket. He still keeps a forehead protector in his back pouch just in-case.

Regardless of the age Fanho is still a joker and hospitable character, his personality hasn't changed much from his earlier years. Fanho still remains youthful, hopeful, and excitable as he'd ever be. Looking forward to the next day, a new encounter, and new skills to be learned. He enjoys the company of friends and others, and deep down believes in the Will of Fire applying it to every situation. However a darker side of himself persists, Fanho has never faced a cold reality or truth in the wake of losing people. Being raised in an era of relative peace, he has yet to lose someone close to him, and deep down he hasn't realized that what frightens him the most is if he were to lose control of himself. He fears he wouldn't be able to be stopped due to the sheer rage he'd succumb to, but he hasn't realized this side of him that would awaken in him if he were to lose what he holds precious to himself.

Bannin (S-Rank Ninja)
Konohagakure no Sato
Chakra Pool: 40
Endurance: 40
Control: 50
Strength: 30
Speed: 50
Will Power: 40
Chakra Affinities
Primary Affinity
Strength of the PeopleShow
Strength of the People:
Strength of the People The Strength of the People is a special set of gloves, and boot additions that feature iron soles and knuckles. These iron soles and knuckles release a blast of 50 strength chakra strike's alongside his own punches and kicks. He cannot use these strikes in pseudo or heavenly taijutsu, and must make direct contact to be able to make use of the strike. The 50 strength released costs equals to releasing a 50 strength chakra blast, and takes as long to charge based off Fanho's [Control] stat. However they charge passively, allowing Fanho to do other things, and cast other jutsu as they charge. He can hold the strike's strength as long as he has chakra, and his chakra has not been nullified.
Right Leg Pouch

10x Kunai
20x Shuriken

Medium Sized Back Belt Pouch
5x flash bombs
5x smoke bombs
5x explosive tags
1x Fanho's Grey stranded Konoha Forehead Protector
30x shuriken
2x (3ft medical bandage rolls)
15ft of grey standard para-cord.

Scroll Holsters/Pen Holster
1x 6 inch scroll, left blank
1x 6 inch scroll, left blank.
1x 6 inch scroll, left blank.

1x 6 inch refillable ink pen.
Abilities and Concentrations
Abilities (3/3)Show
Hiton, also known as Light Release, is an elemental fusion that combines Raiton and Katon to create and manipulate hard light to accomplish various feats. Hiton starts as relatively weak jutsu that create light and distractions, but at high levels creates super heated lasers and grids of compressed light. Hiton jutsu are known for their blinding quality that exists unless otherwise stated. This quality, combined with the burning power of raw light creates a powerful offensive style that has a game-changing supplemental ability. The brightness of Hiton jutsu, and the burning power they have is based on the strength of the technique.
  • 1-14 Strength: Uncomfortable heat, spotting in vision
  • 15-24 Strength: First Degree Burns, momentary blindness with residual blurriness, spotting, lack of focus
  • 25-34 Strength Second Degree Burns, temporary Blindness 1 - 2 posts
  • 35+ Strength Third degree burns, blindness 3 posts
The Blinding passive of Hiton reaches slightly farther than the max range of a jutsu.
  • Blinding Passives default reach: 0-10 meters
  • Blinding Passives max reach: 11-20 meters (Passive deranked 1x)
  • No effect after 20 meters
Will of FireShow
Will of Fire:
Will of Fire
Fanho's body has the ability to charge itself and release a large Hiton chakra force via an explosion. While attributed to his sheer strong will inspired by Konoha's "Will of Fire", Fanho's body over time charges chakra based on his own whim with overwhelming Hiton force that needs to be discharged otherwise it will dissipate. While charging this energy and holding it, it will appear on Fanho's person as charged grey mini-nova rings that casually sparks off his body with glowing lines forming across him as it charges. The amount of strength Fanho can charge per post is dependent on his control to a max of his [Control] charged total. This ability works in that when Fanho charges say 40 strength, he can discharge one 40 strength explosion, and then he's back to 0 in reserve. However he can also release one 20 strength explosion, and then he's at 20 in reserves that can be charged up or used as another explosion. With the strength he charges he can either discharge it all at once or in parts, however the time until it dissipates remains the same if partially used. With taijutsu he can improve upon this release of strength directing it in different pseudo-heavenly techniques. These explosions carry the Hiton passive at its respective levels based on the strength of the explosion released. After hitting the max he can hold in [Control] amount, Fanho has [Control]/10 posts (rounded up) to release this strength or else it dissipates.

Strength Charging Table
Control 1-91 Strength Per Post
Control 10-193 Strength Per Post
Control 20-295 Strength Per Post
Control 30-397 Strength Per Post
Control 40-5010 Strength Per Post
The Light's RageShow
The Light's Rage:
The Light's Rage As Fanho's body takes abuse, his body will build up Hiton chakra off of the attacks and build up in strength so that he can release it in multiple explosions from his fists or in two large ones. Fanho's body will build up [1/2] of an attack's strength in Hiton chakra that hits him, and store that for later usage up to his [Control]x2 limit. Fanho cannot release more Hiton chakra than his [Control] stat allows for. Fanho's body cannot negate the damage, nor does this ability block, absorb, or lessen the damage. Instead he uses it to build a rage-like meter in the form of Hiton chakra building, allowing him to release powerful hiton explosions from his fists. These explosions carry the Hiton passive at its respective levels based on the strength of the explosion released.
Concentrations (15/19)Show
Ninjutsu Concentrations (6)Show
Practitioners of this art are able to manipulate Space/Time to create localized pockets within either, or both, that they have control over. An extremely advanced form on Ninjutsu, it demands a firm control and complex understanding of the fundamentals of chakra.
Advanced ChannelingShow
Ninjutsu: Advanced Channeling:
This user has superb chakra control, and has learned to perform jutsu by channeling, without the use of hand seals. The user can channel any ninjutsu that is designed to be channel, and there are no specified parameters in which a jutsu must fall to be channeled by this method. To get this concentration the user must be a Ninjutsu Specialist, and have picked Control as one of their specialized stats.
Storage & ForceShow
Storage & Force Fuuinjutsu:
This user is able to utilize Storage Fuuinjutsu and Force Fuuinjutsu, making it possible for them to utilize any jutsu with the Storage or Force Classification. Storage Fuuinjutsu can be used to store supplies, weapons, armor, or anything in between. Force Fuuinjutsu are used to release, counteract, and capture energy.
Charge & Augment FuuinjutsuShow
Charge & Augment Fuuinjutsu:
Charge & Augment Fuuinjutsu
This user is able to utilize Charge & Augment Fuuinjutsu, making it possible for them to utilize any jutsu with the Charge & Augment Classification. Charge Fuuinjutsu are used to create jutsu-like effects using seals. Augment Fuuinjutsu are used to enhance or limit the power of whatever they are placed on.
Sensors are shinobi who are able to activate a sixth sense which can locate and read chakra sources. Sensory is advantageous as it allows shinobi to perceive without using any of their conventional senses, which can easily be deceived. Sensors are able to collect a lot of information through the interpretation of this sixth sense.
Hiton AdvancedShow
Hiton Advanced:
As with its parent element Hiton, Fanho can now manipulate natural light around him taking his control past just hard light, and into a realm of utilizing natural light to create absences of light. Warp light around him, or to use the light to brighten/heat up an area, or to reduce it. With this he can also make vision distorted by warping light around them. Hiton advanced follows the same passive rules as its parent element unless stated otherwise. Hiton advanced goes off the same pyramid as plain hiton, and is granted fusion channeling.
Taijutsu Concentrations (6)Show
Close Quarters CombatShow
Close Quarters Combat:
The fundamental skill of [Close Quarters Combat] indicates the user's proficiency to efficiently utilize martial arts and advanced combat moves involving the body, for example but not limited to, advanced kicks, grapples, advanced punches, etc.
The fundamental skill of [Acrobatics] includes the user’s ability to contort their body into unfamiliar positions in order to avoid attacks, as well as the user’s ability to fall safely and perform Ukemi and other feats of gymnastics. This facilitates their use of related Taijutsu.
The fundamental skill of [Perception] describes the user’s practiced methods of more keenly focussing their senses for a short time. This facilitates their use of related Taijutsu.
Rigid StructureShow
Rigid Structure:
The fundamental skill of [Rigid Structure] describes the user’s ability to adeptly position and lock in their skeletal structure to efficiently absorb blows with minimal damage to their person. This facilitates their use of related Taijutsu.
Projectile WeaponsShow
Projectile Weapons:
The fundamental skill of [Projectile Weapons] indicates the user’s proficiency with weapons designed to attack from afar, such as bows, shuriken, senbon, launchers and the like. This facilitates their use of related Taijutsu.
The fundamental skill of [Medicine] describes the user’s mental and physical ability to perform traditional and mainstream medicinal practices. This facilitates their use of related Taijutsu.
Genjutsu Concentrations (3)Show
Sight InitiationShow
Sight Initiation:
This user has learned to use visual cues to initiate genjutsu. Allowing them to perform actions, or draw the eyes to something to capture their targets in a genjutsu.
Sound InitiationShow
Sound Initiation:
This user has learn to use sound cues to initiate genjutsu. Allowing them to create sounds and sustain sounds to capture their targets in a genjutsu.
Touch InitiationShow
Touch Initiation:
This user has learn to use physical sensations to initiate genjutsu. Allowing them to physical touch the target, or touch them with objects to capture their targets in genjutsu.
History Fanho's family was slightly larger than average as their peaceful lives grew along with their ninja career. Fanho being the youngest of his 4 siblings, those 4 siblings being a part of the same Jounin unit to carry out missions. His siblings began raising him to be a ninja at a young age as his parents passed away due to old age. While saddening, Fanho's family was still well off in the sense of financially. His family was your typical upper-middle class, but didn't wear or try flashy things. His family followed the traditional adage of the clan to stay out of most affairs, however Fanho desires to reach into the upper ninja classes and become a skilled ninja to protect his clan, family, and friends.

Fanho has had a typically easy life with minimal worries. His parents passed away at old age when he was 8, while this was heartbreaking to Fanho, he realized that his parents would want him to live his life and complete his goals. His parents also believed that mourning was insulting because people should celebrate life, and live their lives as it's what the dead would want. They wouldn't want people to mourn them, and ignore their own goals and objectives, but rather complete them in honor of the past. Fanho took this adage deep to heart, and created his nindo based on this ideology.

Fanho's nindo takes root in his desire to help others, whether it was school work, toys, or helping the elderly; he was always there to share a helping hand to better the village and everyone. These daily doses of helpfulness built up Fanho's strength, courage, empathy, and sympathy as he began to understand people more. As Fanho progressed he began to meet new individuals that helped shape him into the young adult he is growing into. He built up a relationship with his sensei, Teruin, Hayashi.

His sensei Teruin, Hayashi helped give Fanho insight into the ninja world, and the Will of Fire which burned strongly for Fanho. Their bonding over missions and training, helped guide Fanho towards a right of passage to protect those of the village, and become stronger so that he may be able to assist others when they are in need. Fanho also has made new friends since his time between Genin-Chuunin, those of the likes of Gene, Mitsurugi, and Ko, Aburame. Their Chuunin exam together helped sharpen Fanho's mind into figuring out the trick behind the exam that had caused such a challenge for them. However their teamwork earned them the rank-up to Chuunin ninja of Konoha. Fanho continues to train, and works hard striving to be better. He also strives to better his friendships and relationships with others always looking to help others even with his tight time schedule.

After a long couple years as being a Chuunin for most of his teenage years, he's matured quite a lot from his missions and experiences. From his first kill Fanho struggled with the thought of taking a life, and how eerily calm he was. The idea that a person could be that calm, and take another life is what phased him. It made him question whether or not he had regrets, if he really wanted to, or if something was mentally wrong within himself. Overcoming the idea of whether or not it was okay was something Fanho just resorted to resolve the conflict within himself. Suppressing the debate, and resorting to what was necessary for himself and his friends to survive. Deciding it was best to ignore it, than put any more thought into it.

After a few years as a Chuunin, and then becoming a member of ANBU recruited by the new Hokage, Natsuki, Takeo. Which being a part of the ANBU Fanho had been trained in a whole other art of espionage and combat. With now being recruited Fanho has entered a whole other forefront of being a part of village affairs. Not only that, but after being revealed that one of the new jinchuuriki hosts was Sarutobi, Taiga. Which after several attempts Fanho understands how he behaves and the reason behind it. Although Taiga's hatred for Fanho has made it hard for him to reach out to him to help pull him from his pit of loneliness.

During his time as a Chuunin, a mission with his lifelong friend Gene had taken place where the duo tracked down three other fellow Chuunin to bring them to face trial and justice. It was then where Fanho's opinion had worried him about his friend. Although his intentions were pure in protecting Konoha, it had made him question where the border lay on if he may go too far one day. After all he had almost executed him on the spot rather than leaving it up to trial which is what the mission was to be done. Albeit Fanho wasn't a rule-biter, he believed even though atrocities had happened, prison was what he deserved. Death would've been a quick release away from his problems.

Nearing the end of his Chuunin days, Fanho was promoted to Specialist Jounin quickly earning him the title of the Mamorinuku's Katameru Division's head. As he was one of the most skilled fuuinjutsu experts, as well as most fond of the village's defenses he rightfully took the place. However his own doubts took over as he led over even more prominent or higher ranked shinobi. One even being a Bannin. However he was assured by the head at the time, Aina that it wasn't rank that regarded skill for a position. This gave him an ease for the position he held, which he served greatly doing several scouting and fuuinjutsu touch-up missions.

During his time as a Specialist Jounin he became more skilled in the art of ninjutsu, furthering his studies in mastering the finer arts behind it. Learning more fuuinjutsu, the intricacies that lay behind it, and as well as stronger ninpou. However during this time tragedy befell the young shinobi as Zakuro left the village one night attempting to disappear under the darkness of night. However Fanho would be the first to respond that night as the storm howled, setting the mood between the two. An uncommunicated battle between the two fought in nature, and a fierce one fought between the two. It was the night Fanho's doujutsu was entirely destroyed leaving him blind. However his eye sight came back in the form of two transplanted normal ones from a deceased shinobi who decided to donate his organs. Even though the eyes were blue, they quickly shifted to grey once being implanted as part of Fanho's genetics even without the doujutsu.

Adjusting to the change in abilities was hard at first, but now Fanho had been getting used to not relying on it so heavily. Focusing on other senses to heighten their ability. This helped curve whatever he lacked sensory skills in. Soon after his failure to bring Zakuro back, he was oddly promoted to Jounin. Although Fanho didn't see why he was promoted, the council had assured him when he asked that it was due to his abilities to lead the Katameru division. Not only that, but his recent success in missions had also prompted them to let him lead a team of Genin. After his past two attempts which quickly dissolved as the troubled teens struggled to find worth in teamwork of a shinobi lifestyle, he had hoped that things would be different this time around.

Fanho's new promotion to Bannin has sparked an ever more strong desire to become the Hokage and to protect Konoha. With power sweltering in his body, he aches to protect his people, and ensure a lasting peace. As Fanho asserts himself as one of the strongest shinobi in the village, he expands out looking towards the horizon of Suna and Kumo to become stronger. To learn from those there, and to expand his experience. After all his raw strength will only carry him so far, the technical battle logic is something earned. Not only will he strength his mind, but the bonds with those villages.

Awai, Fanho

Posted: Sat Mar 26, 2016 8:34 am
by Archives
Ninjutsu (6D, 5C, 0B, 3A, 3S)Show
D-Rank Ninjutsu (6):
[b][color=#80A0FF]Ninjutsu • Hear No Evil[/color][/b]
[i]C-Rank Ninjutsu[/i]
Fanho will channel chakra as it coats his ear canal and a slight shimmer around his body and prevents any hearing whether it be bone conducting or through the ear. This effectively deafens Fanho, and lasts for 5 posts.

[b][color=#80A0FF]Ninjutsu • Konoha Smash[/color][/b]
[i]D-Rank Ninjutsu[/i]
After funneling extra chakra into his fist or foot Fanho will then release it upon hitting his target. The extra chakra charged in his fist will release a brutal raw concussive force of [Control] strength and speed in an area that expands from his fist for 10 meters. The height/width of the area is 50x50 meters. While Fanho's fist is charged it glows blue like ninpou.

[b][color=#80A0FF]Ninjutsu • Repulse[/color][/b]
[i]D-rank Ninjutsu[/i]
By channeling chakra around his body, Fanho's body emits a chakra blue aura before it expels in a forward direction with a size of 5x5x5 meters, Fanho sets the path with his hand at [Control] strength with a range of 10 meters. This technique is typically used to push away projectiles, bust barriers, and destroy rooms sometimes with the sheer amount of force released by the means of pure chakra expulsion.

[b][color=#80A0FF]Ninjutsu • Shazam[/color][/b]
[i]D-Rank Ninjutsu[/i]
After channeling chakra to his hand and a kunai within 10 meters, Fanho will summon that kunai to his hand to be used.

[b][color=#80A0FF]Ninjutsu • Fuma Shuriken[/color][/b]
[i]D-Rank Ninjutsu[/i]
By channeling chakra into an existing shuriken in Fanho's hand he can enlarge it, changing its shape into a fuma shuriken. With a poof of smoke the shuriken takes on the form of a fuma shuriken, cuts like a fuma shuriken, and can be thrown like one as well. Lasts for 4 posts.

[b][color=#80A0FF]Ninjutsu • Dampener Shields[/color][/b]
[i]D-Rank Ninjutsu[/i]
After channeling chakra to his hands Fanho wraps them with a layer of chakra that protect his hands up to [Control] strength. This chakra shielding lasts for 6 posts.
C-Rank Ninjutsu (5):
[b][color=#80A0FF]Ninjutsu • Aegis Barrier[/color][/b]
[i]C-rank Ninjutsu[/i]
After Fanho channels chakra a barrier within 25 meters of themselves springs up at a speed and strength of [Control]. That measures in size of 20x20x20 meters. This barrier glows with a light blue chakra, and hums slightly as it appears beaming with energy. This barrier lasts for 6 posts.

[b][color=#80A0FF]Ninjutsu • Multiple Chakra Kai[/color][/b]
[i]C-Rank Ninjutsu[/i]
Fanho can channel chakra and activate any number of seals of his within 25+[Control] meters away.

[b][color=#80A0FF]Ninjutsu • AP Shot[/color][/b]
[i]C-rank Ninjutsu[/i]
Fanho channels chakra into his hands of which he can shoot [Control] strength burst of chakra through a target as his fingers make contact. This chakra blast is highly condensed and aims to blast hand sized holes into objects or people. He can shoot up to 6 blasts, 3 per each hand. These blasts can be held for up to 5 posts.

[b][color=#80A0FF]Ninjutsu • Advanced Transformation Technique[/color][/b]
[i]C-Rank Ninjutsu[/i]
An advanced form of the Transformation Technique, after channeling enough chakra and focusing temporarily, Fanho will coat and mold chakra around his body into the shape and form of something or someone which is no more than twice his size at a speed of 4. This technique's true advantage is that the disguise is given physical substance. This means, for example, if they transform into something with claws, they will have claws that can physically be used. For the disguises 5 post duration, if it is damaged by a hit of strength more than Fanho's [Control], the disguise "poofs" from existence. This includes collateral damage caused by striking an opponent that may occur to the disguise.

[b][color=#80A0FF]Ninjutsu • Shadow Clone Shuriken[/color][/b]
[i]C-Rank Ninjutsu[/i]
Fanho will channel chakra into a projectile as he throws it then the projectile will emit a puff of smoke that reveals a cloud of that projectile in a [Control]m^3 area moving at the same speed and strength. These projectiles cut just as sharp as the weapon thrown, and disappear after they've hit a target.
A-Rank Ninjutsu (2):
[b]*[color=#80A0FF][Ninjutsu • Shadow Clone Technique][/color][/b]
[i]A-Rank Ninjutsu[/i]
After performing the correct hand seals the user proceeds to create a number of clones of themselves (maximum is equal to 1/3rd the users Chakra Pool). Unlike the Clone Technique, these clones are actual copies of the user in both appearance and substance. The user's chakra is evenly distributed among every clone, giving each clone an equal fraction of the user's overall power. The clones are capable of performing jutsu on their own, be given complex commands, caught in genjutsu, and can even bleed, but they will usually disperse after one or two solid blows. The clones will be created in roughly the same condition as the original and any experience the clones gain during their existence is transferred to the user once they are dispersed. Given that the clones are an exact replica of the user, they share the same stats except for Chakra Pool, which is determined by the number of clones presently in effect.

[b][color=#80A0FF]Ninjutsu • Rasengan[/color][/b]
[i]A-Rank Ninjutsu[/i]
After Fanho has begun to channel chakra to his hand a blue ball of spinning rotating chakra appears in his hand no larger than the size of a basketball (0.5m in diameter). The Rasengan is a concentrated ball of fast rotating chakra in the palm of Fanho's hand. Using pure chakra, the spinning ball of chakra hits up to a strength of [Control] that sends the target spiraling off into the distance. The only downside to this jutsu is that it requires the Rasengan to remain in Fanho's hand. This is the advanced version of the Runt Rasengan, and is typically reserved for higher level ninja. Fanho is also capable of throwing the technique if he so chooses.

[b][color=#80A0FF]Ninjutsu • The Garbage Compactor[/color][/b]
[i]A-rank Ninjutsu[/i]
By focusing more chakra through any of his barriers Fanho will cause the barrier to shrink at a speed of [Control]. The barrier squeezes at a strength equal to Fanho’s [Control]. Fanho aims to squish his opponent into a compact cube until it reaches 1[sup]3[/sup] in feet. This pressure continues for 5 posts or until the barrier expires.
S-Rank Ninjutsu (3):
[b][color=#80A0FF]Ninjutsu • Advanced Shadow Clone Technique[/color][/b]
[i]S-rank Ninjutsu[/i]
After channeling chakra the user proceeds to create a number of clones of themselves (maximum is equal to 1/3rd the user's stamina). Unlike the Clone Technique, these clones are actual copies of the user in both appearance and substance. The user's chakra is evenly distributed among every clone, giving each clone an equal fraction of the user's overall power. The clones are capable of performing jutsu on their own and can even bleed, but they will usually disperse after one or two solid blows. The clones will be created in roughly the same condition as the original and any experience the clones gain during their existence is transferred to the user once they are dispersed. Given that the clones are an exact replica of the user, they share the same stats except for stamina, which is determined by the number of clones presently in effect. The advantage of this form of the technique is that once dispersed, the chakra distributed to the clones returns to the user, allowing any unused chakra to be regained, slowing the draining usage of this technique. The chakra returns to the user at a different rate depending on the user's control.
  • 1-15 Control: 1/5
  • 16-25: 2/5
  • 26-35: 3/5
  • 36+: 4/5
[b][color=#80A0FF]Ninjutsu • Rasenshuriken[/color][/b]
[i]S-rank Ninjutsu[/i]
[i]Pre-Requisites:[/i] [b][color=#80A0FF]Ninjutsu • Rasenshuriken[/color][/b]
By funneling massive amounts of his chakra into a Rasengan form Fanho will increase its size into a large mass of swirling chakra with small ninpou based blades swirling inside ready to cut anything it comes in contact with causing several thousand slices on any enemy it comes into contact with. However the Rasenshuriken has the size of 40 meters, and takes the form of a four pointed shuriken with a large rotating spherical center. While also having a strength of [Control]. This also causes the Rasenshuriken to burst forward when making contact. The Rasenshuriken can also be thrown up to 80 meters. To protect Fanho from the Rasenshuriken's destructive nature he has a small shield of ninpou that sits between his hand and the Rasenshuriken.

[b][color=#80A0FF]Ninjutsu • Multi-Shadow Clone Technique[/color][/b]
[i]S-Rank Ninjutsu[/i]
[i]Prerequisites:[/i] 40 Control, 40 Chakra Pool, [color=#80A0FF][b]Ninjutsu • Advanced Shadow Clone Technique[/b][/color]
After channeling chakra throughout his body Fanho will create a league of shadow clones that are copies of himself. While performing this jutsu, Fanho can create a large number of clones as long as he does not run out of stamina. While created they are exact replicas of Fanho in his current state of casting and require 1 or 2 good blows to dissipate. These clones however cannot perform ninjutsu or genjutsu due to so many being created. Instead of dissipating chakra equally to each clone, Fanho pays a cost of [Number of Clones Created]/3 in Chakra Pool (Rounded up). I.e. If Fanho we're to create 50 clones, he'd pay 17 Chakra Pool.
Hiton (6D, 7C, 4B, 7A, 1S)Show
D-Rank Ninjutsu (6):
[color=gold][b]Hiton • Glaring Bulb[/b][/color]
[i]D-Rank Ninjutsu[/i]
By channeling chakra, Fanho creates a glowing bulb of hiton chakra no larger than an actual light bulb that floats around him within 1/2 a meter. This bulb glows large enough to illuminate an area 15x15x15 meters large. It lasts for 5 posts.

[color=gold][b]Hiton • Blazing Grace[/b][/color]
[i]D-Rank Ninjutsu[/i]
Fanho channels chakra as his hands become coated with blinding hiton chakra that causes burns, and gives his hands the ability to burn through things with [Control] strength. This coating lasts for 3 posts.

[color=gold][b]Hiton • Bright Light Technique[/b][/color]
[i]D-Rank Ninjutsu[/i]
Fanho channels chakra briefly and then focuses, causing a bright light to explode away from their body equal to [Control] strength in a range of 10 meters from Fanho.

[b][color=gold]Hiton • Becoming Flashy Technique[/color][/b]
[i]D-Rank Ninjutsu[/i]
After grabbing a weapon or small object and flowing Hiton chakra into it, the user causes the object to glow with their personal chakra color and essentially turns the weapon or object into a flash tag. The light generated by the object is essentially as strong as three candles and the infusion lasts for 2 posts. The 'infusion' does not make the object more durable in any way. During those 2 posts, the user can also release the Hiton chakra stored inside once and cause it to let out a large explosion of light in [Control] strength. If the user does not release the hiton manually by the end of the two posts, the object will automatically flash.

[b][color=gold]Light Release • Sun Shield[/color][/b]
[i]D-Rank Ninjutsu[/i]
After channeling chakra, Fanho creates a solid hiton shield around one or both hands. The shield of light is roughly ([Control]/5)x([Control]/5) meters in size. The shield forms at a speed and strength equal to the user’s [Control]. The shield lasts for 4 posts, or until destroyed.

[b][color=gold]Light Release • Konoha Smash[/color][/b]
[i]D-Rank Ninjutsu[/i]
After funneling hiton chakra into his fist or foot Fanho will then release it upon hitting his target. The extra chakra charged in his fist/foot will release a brutal raw concussive force of [Control] strength and speed in an area that expands from his fist/foot for 10 meters. The height/width of the area is 50x50 meters. While Fanho's fist/foot is charged it glows bright with the power of hiton.
C-Rank Ninjutsu (7):
[b][color=gold]~Light Release • Rings of Saturn[/color][/b]
[i]C-Rank Ninjutsu[/i]
After channeling the necessary chakra the user will then create three rings of light around their arms. They can throw these rings out towards a target up to 25 meters at a speed equal to the users [Control]. These rings will then wrap and bind whatever they make contact with a strength equal to that of the user’s [Control] constricting constantly. These bindings last for 4 posts unless broken.

[b][color=gold]Hiton • Speeding Bullet[/color][/b]
[i]C-Rank Ninjutsu[/i]
By channeling chakra to the tip of his finger, Fanho can create solid bullets of light 6' inches long, half an inch wide and tall up to 10 times. The bullets glow bright with a grey glow as they're fired with a speed of [Control], and pierces with a strength of [Control].

[b][color=gold]Light Release • Stardust Barrier[/color][/b]
[i]C-Rank Ninjutsu[/i]
The user channels chakra and then puts both hands out forward, creating a solid light barrier up to 25 meters away from the user. This barrier measures approximately [Control]x[Control]x[Control] meters in size. The barrier’s walls are formed at a speed and strength equal to the user’s [Control]. This barrier lasts for 5 posts unless destroyed.

[b][color=gold]~Light Release • Blade of the Rising Sun[/color][/b]
[i]C-Rank Ninjutsu[/i]
After channeling chakra and focusing chakra into one hand, an Awai is capable of solidifying and shaping their personal chakra into the shape of any single handed weapon. The weapon forms at a speed and strength equal to the user’s [Control]. It also stores charing heat inside the weapon which can cause scalding or searing upon contact. The blade lasts for 3 posts or until destroyed.

[b][color=gold]Hiton • Blinders[/color][/b]
[i]C-Rank Ninjutsu[/i]
A technique Fanho has taught himself to keep himself from constantly blinding himself in battle. Fanho is able to coat his eyes with a special layer of Hiton that prevents himself from being blinded from any type of jutsu. This coating lasts for 8 posts.

[color=gold][b]Hiton • Divine Tailed Beast[/b][/color]
[i]C-Rank Ninjutsu[/i]
Fanho will channel chakra and create a large 9 tailed fox shroud in similar form to that of his companion. This clone can be controlled directly while Fanho or his companion is inside, or it can function as its own being. This cloak allows him to pull additional people into it, and prevents them from being blinded by its aura or burnt. The 9 tailed fox measures [Control] meters in height, [Control]/2 meters in shoulder width, and [Control]/3 meters thick. Its arm span is [Control]m, and each of the 9 tails are [Control] meters long and can be controlled as if a limb. The clone has the same stats as Fanho, and is able to perform Hiton jutsu.

[b][color=gold]Hiton • The Hokage's Hand[/color][/b]
[i]C-Ranked Ninjutsu[/i]
After focusing chakra throughout his body, Fanho sprouts two hands made out of hiton that can stretch out anywhere from an arm's reach to 25 meters. These hands span 1 meter across, and 2 meters from palm to finger tips. These hands act as if they were clones, thinking independently of Fanho, and use Fanho’s stats and are able to cast Hiton jutsu.
B-Rank Ninjutsu (4):
[b][color=gold]Hiton • Armor of Konoha[/color][/b]
[i]B-Rank Ninjutsu[/i]
After channeling chakra Fanho will mold Hiton chakra into a solid form around his body causing him to appear bright grey with a haori forming on his body with the words Konohagakure(木ノ葉隠れの里) inscribed on the back. This chakra cloak forms at [Control] speed with a strength of [Control]. While in this jutsu Fanho can perform other jutsus, and the cloak only lasts for 7 posts before dissipating.

[b][color=gold]Light Release • Darkness[/color][/b]
[i]B-Rank Ninjutsu[/i]
[i]Prerequisites:[/i] [b][color=gold]Hiton: Natural Light[/color][/b]
The user channels chakra and then thrust their hands into the air. Within a 40m radius from their hand in all directions, the light will suddenly vanish. Within the range everyone will be completely blind. From outside the range of this technique the area will simply look like a black dome of emptiness. No new light will be able to be made within the area and the darkness will persist for 7 posts.

[b][color=gold]~Light Release • Refraction Shot[/color][/b]
[i]B-Rank Ninjutsu[/i]
After the user channels the necessary chakra, they’ll shoot off a beam of light from one or both hands at a speed and strength equal to the user’s [Control]. These beams of light however are capable of reflecting across any surface as if it were a mirror allowing these shots to bounce and hit around corners if angled right.

[color=gold][b]Hiton • United States of Konoha Smash[/b][/color]
[i]B-Rank Ninjutsu[/i]
After funneling hiton chakra into his fist or foot Fanho can host up to 6 strikes then release it upon hitting his target. The extra chakra charged chakra in his fist/foot will release a brutal raw concussive force of [Control] strength and speed in an area that expands from his fist/foot for 40 meters up to 6 times. The height/width of the area is 10x10 meters. While Fanho's fist/foot holds any charges it glows bright with the power of hiton.
A-Rank Ninjutsu (7):
[color=gold][b]Hiton • Hell Spider[/b][/color]
[i]A-Rank Ninjutsu[/i]
[i]Prerequisite:[/i] 30 Control
After channeling the necessary chakra Fanho will create tendrils of solid hiton, approximately 9 total that he can control with a speed and strength of [Control]. While these tendrils are controlled Fanho can't perform any other ninjutsu or genjutsu. These tendrils are thin with a diameter of 4 inches and have a reach of 65 meters. The tendrils last for 6 posts.

[b][color=gold]Hiton • Light as Light[/color][/b]
[i]A-rank Ninjutsu[/i]
By channeling chakra around him, Fanho can create an aura of hiton around him (Non-Blinding) that grants him the ability to fly by being weightless like light. He can fly at a speed equal to his own to a max of his control. He must follow flight rules. This cloak doesn't have a durability which it defends him at, but if it sustains a hit of [Control] strength or more it will cause the aura to dissipate, relinquishing Fanho's ability to fly. If not destroyed, this jutsu lasts for a total of 7 posts.

[color=gold][b]Hiton • Divine Star Shooter[/b][/color]
[i]A-Rank Ninjutsu[/i]
As Fanho focuses chakra into the palms of his hands, he can shoot off laser beams that fly with the speed of [Control], and strike with the strength of [Control] capable of burning a hole in most defenses. He can shoot off up to 4 laser beams, and they each have a range of 65 meters. These beams can be held in his hands for up to 5 posts before fizzling out.

[b][color=gold]Light Release • Solar Depravity[/color][/b]
[i]A-rank Ninjutsu[/i]
After channeling the necessary chakra, a barrier with [Control] strength will form near the user up to 65 meters away and the barrier will be up to ([Control]/2)x([Control]/2)x([Control]/2) meters in area and begin to flood with hiton chakra. This hiton chakra will heat up and brighten the area at a speed and strength equal to the user’s [Control]. This chakra will also progressively wear down an opponent’s Endurance by -5 per post. This area will last for up to 4 posts.

[color=gold][b]Hiton • Healing Grace[/b][/color]
[i]A-Rank Ninjutsu[/i]
[i]Prerequisites:[/i] [color=gold][b]Hiton Advanced[/b][/color]
By pumping Hiton chakra into the area, Fanho is able to create a dome that is 65 meters in radius that heals any Hiton constructs in the area by [Control]/3 strength per post. This dome is signified by a large dome of grey light brightening the area. This dome lasts for 7 posts unless cancelled early.

[b][color=gold]Hiton • Volatile Rasengan[/color][/b]
[i]A-Rank Ninjutsu[/i]
After Fanho has begun channeling chakra to his hand he will form a ball of swirling grey blinding light that billows with smoke from the cool air making contact with the hot ball of light. The ball is 0.5m in diameter. The hot swirling light when struck with someone explodes with a range of 65 meters at [Control] strength causing a burning blinding light to be produced outwards.

[color=gold][b]Hiton • Hell Spider[/b][/color]
[i]B-Rank Ninjutsu[/i]
[i]Prerequisite:[/i] 30 Control
After channeling the necessary chakra Fanho will create tendrils of solid hiton, approximately 9 total that he can control with a speed and strength of [Control]. While these tendrils are controlled Fanho can't perform any other ninjutsu or genjutsu. These tendrils are thin with a diameter of 4 inches and have a reach of 65 meters. The tendrils last for 6 posts.
S-Rank Ninjutsu (1):
[b][color=gold]Light Release • Shooting Stars[/color][/b]
[i]S-Rank Ninjutsu[/i]
As the user channels the necessary chakra they will slam their hands into the ground as they bring down pillars of light with a speed equal to the user’s [Control] from the sky up to 80 meters above in an area equal to the user’s ([Control]*2)*([Control]*2)m that when striking a target it explodes with [Control] strength in a [Control]/2m diameter. These pillars of light raining down last for 2 posts.
Fuuinjutsu (5D, 5C, 3B, 2A)Show
D-rank Fuuinjutsu (5):
[color=black][b]Fuuinjutsu • Removal[/b][/color]
[i]D-Rank Fuuinjutsu[/i]
After channeling the necessary chakra, the user will hold their hand over a seal, and begin to remove it. This removal will be successful as long as the user has more [Control] than that of which the Fuuinjutsu was sealed with.

[color=black][b]Augment Fuuinjutsu • Emergency Signal[/b][/color]
[i]D-Rank Fuuinjutsu[/i]
[i]Prerequisites:[/i] [color=black][b]Fuuinjutsu • Emergency Summon[/b][/color]
This fuuinjutsu is approximately 6"x6", and tells Fanho which user is attempting to summon him and which tag he needs to teleport to. While this fuuinjutsu is largely empty and seems to only be a border. It fills in the blank telling Fanho the user's name and what tag they're channeling into as multiple tags can exist. The object this is inscribed on will silently vibrate so Fanho is aware to check it.

*[color=black][b]Charge Fuuinjutsu • Barrier Trap[/b][/color]
[i]D-Rank Fuuinjutsu[/i]
After placing four barrier tags in a square, the user draws a line connecting each of the tags. When kai'd, all the tags are set off simultaneously throwing up a barrier at a strength and speed of the user’s [Control]. This barrier lasts for 4 posts.

*[color=black][b]Charge Fuuinjutsu • Air Seal[/b][/color]
[i]D-Rank Fuuinjutsu[/i]
A truly unique move in that it can be used alongside other Fuuinjutsu, by channeling into their finger as they draw in the air directly in front of them, the user releases raw chakra the lingers for a small amount of time, allowing it to be used as a seal formula. This technique consumes chakra equal to the cost of the technique.

[color=black][b]Charge Fuuinjutsu • Battery Acid[/b][/color]
[i]D-Rank Fuuinjutsu[/i]
After channeling this Fuuin on an object or person Fanho channels a bit of chakra into the tag. Size of the fuuin is approximately [Control]x[Control] meters large. After this tag is kai'd it will begin to melt as if acidic whatever it was on eating away at it with [Control] strength.
C-Rank Fuuinjutsu (5):
[color=black][b]Force Fuuinjutsu • Hidaki Smash[/b][/color]
[i]C-Rank Fuuinjutsu[/i]
Fanho will channel chakra creating the fuuinjutsu across his arms. This fuuinjutsu stores up to [Control] strength worth of kinetic strength (IE. A punch, ball tossed with strength, etc). He can channel additional chakra to the fuuinjutsu to fill it with the strength or absorb it from an incoming attack taking the strength out of it and allowing him to redirect it.

*[color=black][b]Augment Fuuinjutsu • Strengthen and Enhance[/b][/color]
[i]C-Rank Fuuinjutsu[/i]
After drawing the necessary seals on the object, the user will imbue the object with a strength equal to their [Control]. The size of this fuuinjutsu is contextual in terms of the object it is applied to and the strength it is enhanced to. For example, if imbued with 50 strength the object will have 90% of its surface space covered, while if only imbued with 25 strength roughly under half of its surface space would be taken up by the seal.

[color=black][b]Augment Fuuinjutsu • Light’s Blessing[/b][/color]
C-Rank Fuuinjutsu
[i]Prerequisite:[/i] [color=gold][b]Hiton[/b][/color]
After drawing the necessary seal on the object, Fanho will imbue the object with [color=gold][b]Hiton[/b][/color] allowing it to brightly glow and burn in the area with [Control] strength where the seal is placed. When chakra is channeled through to turn it on. Otherwise the seal remains inactive until turned on.

[color=black][b]Augment Fuuinjutsu • Link[/b][/color]
[i]C-Rank Fuuinjutsu[/i]
By placing a small seal behind the ear and on the inside of the lip, then channeling a bit, Fanho creates an audio link between themselves and any targets they personally place this seal combination on. While hearing is always active, channeling chakra into the seal allows affected targets to speak, their words being stored and transmitted to the other seals.

[color=black][b]Charge Fuuinjutsu • Extra Push[/b][/color]
[i]C-Rank Fuuinjutsu[/i]
After inscribing this Fuuin on an object Fanho channels a bit of chakra into the tag. The Fuuin's size is approximately 3x3 inches and packs a bit of bite. As Fanho throws a projectile and lodges it inside of something. He can trigger this tag to cause it to punch further in with an additional punch of [Control] strength. This can lodge senbon, shuriken, or kunai further in an opponent. Alternatively penetrate a barrier or wall further.
B-Rank Fuuinjutsu (3):
[color=black][b]Augment Fuuinjutsu • Mute[/b][/color]
[i]B-Rank Fuuinjutsu[/i]
Fanho will channel chakra to his fingers before placing it on a person creating a 10 inch by 10 inch seal on the target, completely removing their ability to speak until the seal is removed or deactivated.

[color=black][b]Augment Fuuinjutsu • Emergency Summon[/b][/color]
[i]B-Rank Fuuinjutsu[/i]
[i]Prerequisites:[/i] [b][color=#666699]Open Space: God Step[/color][/b]
This Fuuin is approximately 1'x1', and is considered an anchor for Fanho's [b][color=#666699]Open Space: God Step[/color][/b]. With this fuuinjutsu it is an intricate design that acts as an anchor and signal for Fanho to be notified if someone is in danger and is in need for him to teleport to the location. If another user we're to channel additional chakra into Fuuin, it will send a signal to Fanho's other tag [color=black][b]Fuuinjutsu • Emergency Signal[/b][/color], and let him know which tag is attempting to summon him and where he needs to teleport. Each [color=black][b]Fuuinjutsu • Emergency Summon[/b][/color] has a unique identification so Fanho can teleport to different ones.

*[color=black][b]Charge Fuuinjutsu • Binding Wires[/b][/color]
[i]B-Rank Fuuinjutsu[/i]
After drawing a seal formula in an area of desired size. If anything steps within the area of the seal it will trigger this seal formula to grow and shoot off of it's surface at a speed and strength of the user’s [Control]. After three posts the seal runs out of energy and fades allowing the target to move once more.
A-Rank Fuuinjutsu (2):
[color=black][b]Augment Fuuinjutsu • Five Element Seal[/b][/color]
[i]A-Rank Fuuinjutsu[/i]
After channeling to his fingers creating a seal formula on each consisting of the 1-inch sized kanji character of each element, Fanho then touches the person, placing the seals and arming it. This seals off certain points of the target's tenketsu, disturbing their chakra flow and blocking it, essentially making the target incapable of utilizing their chakra for jutsu as long as the seal is on them.

[color=black][b]Charge Fuuinjutsu • Doppelgänger Trap[/b][/color]
[i]A-Rank Fuuinjutsu[/i]
[i]Prerequisite:[/i] [color=cadetblue][b]Advanced Shadow Clone Technique[/b][/color]
After drawing a 8x11 inch seal formula on a surface, the user forms the needed hand seals for the shadow clone technique then touches the seal. Next, they will place the seal on any desired surface then perform an additional set of seals locking it in place and arming the technique. If the seal is stepped on, removed, or burned, the fuuinjutsu activates releasing a shadow clone of the person who activated the seal which proceeds to combat them, attempting to kill their original. This trap is best used in situations where the seal needs to be removed in order to achieve a separate objective. This usage of the Shadow Clone will not halve the user's stamina, and the doppelganger will poof after a two to three solid hits. The main strength though is the doppelganger knows the same moves at it's user, making it hard to land blows on.
Jikukan (5C, 8B, 6A, 4S)Show
Fanho's RealmShow

Fanho's realm is a large arena-like structure in the middle with minor wear and tear. It features a playing field in the center with white lines painted in hard packed dirt. The field has a length of 80m, and a width of 60m. Surrounding the field is an arena-like structure with marble seating and walkways. It features a grand entrance to the field that has large archways to support multiple people, and has a center like structure opposite to it with a seating arrangement featuring multiple different chairs. Outside of the arena is a grasslands field with sparse trees to the west. A dense forest surrounding the other areas to the north, south, and east. These trees stretch out to 120m to the east and west, with the north and south stretching 140m before the realm falls off as its a floating island surrounded by an endless blue sky. Fanho's realm mirrors that of earth with proper gravity, wind, and density of the same materials. If someone were to walk off the edge they'd fall in a loop in the same spot off the edge of the realm passing the island several times. The only way to exit the island is to have space/time themselves or wait until the chakra binding them there runs out.
C-Rank Ninjutsu (5):
[b][color=#666699]Open Space: Blink[/color][/b]
[i]C-rank Ninjutsu[/i]
Fanho will channel chakra to his body as he focuses on a place within [Control]x2 meters of him. As long as he focuses on that place he can open space around himself and anything he is touching to teleport there instantly.

[b][color=#666699]Close Time: Halt[/color][/b]
[i]C-rank Ninjutsu[/i]
By focusing his chakra Fanho can channel enough chakra to freeze a single projectile within a 5 meter radius that is no larger than 3[sup]3[/sup] meters. For the next 3 posts this projectile will stay frozen in time requiring a strength of which it was originally thrown at to move it. At the end of 3 posts the jutsu will follow through as normal.

[b][color=#666699]Open Time: Resume[/color][/b]
[i]C-rank Ninjutsu[/i]
Fanho will channel chakra, then focus on anything they’ve Closed Time on. Time will resume for that target, no longer Closed.

[b][color=#666699]Tighten Time: Inhuman Reactions[/color][/b]
[i]C-rank Ninjutsu[/i]
Fanho will focus Jikukan chakra onto his perception allowing him to tighten time on his eyesight. This allows him to see things as if they were at 2/3rds their original speed. This gives him an edge over combatants, and allows him to deduce a pattern or technique quicker than normal by seeing a longer wind-up time. This lasts for 4 posts.

[b][color=#666699]Open Space: Ethereal Grasp[/color][/b]
[i]C-rank Ninjutsu[/i]
Fanho will channel Jikukan chaka to his hand as he disentangles it from the real world placing it in his realm allowing it to pass through solid barriers chakra or not. This leaves his hand as a wispy ghost of itself. This jutsu only works for one of his hands, and he can immediately allow it to reenter the world as normal at any point for up to 3 posts.
B-rank Ninjutsu (7):
[b][color=#666699]Expand Time: Speed Bump[/color][/b]
[i]B-rank Ninjutsu[/i]
By channeling Jikukan chakra to his hand, the next thing, person, or jutsu Fanho makes contact with he will expand time on. He can debuff this target by -3 speed per post (Up to 3 posts) as long as he maintains contact. The debuff will last for as many posts as Fanho had maintained contact.

[b][color=#666699]Close Time: Mini Mister[/color][/b]
[i]B-rank Ninjutsu[/i]
By channeling chakra Fanho will send out a wave of Jikukan chakra in a 40 meter diameter bubble around himself closing time on any objects by their own strength and speed they were at. Requiring more or equal to the strength they were flying at to be moved. This freezes projectiles, jutsu, or particulates. At the end of 2 posts, everything will resume as it was.

[b][color=#666699]Tighten Time: Beginning Decay[/color][/b]
[i]B-rank Ninjutsu[/i]
Focusing chakra to his hands, Fanho's hands will glow with a midnight blue hue. During this time any object or person Fanho touches he can age it significantly by turning any unchakra reinforced objects to dust, and for people he can cause minor decay such as light necrosis to the upper layers of the skin and upper muscle, but no deeper than that. This technique lasts for 5 posts.

[b][color=#666699]Erase Space: Electrifying Erasure[/color][/b]
[i]B-rank Ninjutsu[/i]
By channeling chakra, Fanho can erase any lightning whether it be chakra based, natural, or electrical equipment based no larger than 5x5x5 meters that come in contact with him. These objects remain gone for 3 posts before zapping back into existence in a ball where it disappeared at before dissipating due to not being contained by anything.

[b][color=#666699]Erase Space: Aqua Erasure[/color][/b]
[i]B-rank Ninjutsu[/i]
By channeling chakra, Fanho can erase any liquid whether it be chakra based, natural, or equipment based no larger than 5x5x5 meters that come in contact with him. These objects remain gone for 3 posts before bubbling back into existence from the ground forming a pond where it disappeared at.

[b][color=#666699]Erase Space: Flaming Erasure[/color][/b]
[i]B-rank Ninjutsu[/i]
By channeling chakra, Fanho can erase any flame whether it be chakra based, natural, or equipment based no larger than 5x5x5 meters that come in contact with him. These objects remain gone for 3 posts before igniting into existence from the ground forming a fire where it disappeared at before dissipating due to not being contained by anything.

[b][color=#666699]Erase Space: Gaseous Erasure[/color][/b]
[i]B-rank Ninjutsu[/i]
By channeling chakra, Fanho can erase any gas substance whether it be chakra based, natural, or equipment based no larger than 5x5x5 meters that he designates by gripping with his hand. These objects remain gone for 3 posts before returning into existence from the ground forming a large gust where it disappeared at before dissipating due to not being contained by anything.

[b][color=#666699]Erase Space: Earth Erasure[/color][/b]
[i]B-rank Ninjutsu[/i]
By channeling chakra, Fanho can erase any earth based substance whether it be chakra based, natural, or equipment based no larger than 5x5x5 meters that he designates by gripping with his hand. These objects remain gone for 3 posts before returning into existence from the ground oozing up as mud where it disappeared.
A-Rank Ninjutsu (6):
[b][color=#666699]Open Space: Seeking Truth[/color][/b]
[i]A-rank Ninjutsu[/i]
Fanho will channel chakra into his finger tips, then reach out into the air in front and physically grab “space” pulling apart his two hands to tear apart Space right in front of them up to 3x3 meters. This tear is new, and will cause the universe to self correct and make a personal realm for the user. This technique is required for Fanho to have any techniques that involve the use of his personal realm. This technique can only be used once to create a personal realm, but can be used repeatedly in order to enter that realm. An Architect using this technique within their realm will merit no reaction, while using it within someone else’s realm will allow the user to enter their own. Specifics on the Realm can be found within the Jikukan spoiler.

[b][color=#666699]Recycle & Open Space: True Link[/color][/b]
[i]A-rank Ninjutsu[/i]
Fanho will channel enough chakra then place one hand on any object small enough to fit in their grasp. Upon doing so, he will Recycle Space, creating an exact duplicate of that object. The duplicate of said object will act as an Anchor, turning both objects into links to each other. Should any party aside from the Architect come in contact with either anchor, they’ll be instantly transported to the other Anchor either a) they elect to or b) their control is less than the control of the Architect. The Architect can opt to use the Anchor at any point as well, should they so choose.

[b][color=#666699]Tighten Time: Regeneration[/color][/b]
[i]A-rank Ninjutsu[/i]
By channeling chakra throughout his body Fanho will tighten the time on his bodily processes increasing his body's natural healing process. This will give him enhanced regeneration time reducing all stamina based regeneration by -3 posts. This tightening of time lasts for 5 posts before returning to his body's natural healing process.

[b][color=#666699]Tighten Time: Accelerated Decay[/color][/b]
[i]A-rank Ninjutsu[/i]
Focusing chakra to his hands, Fanho's hands will glow with a midnight blue hue. During this time any object or person Fanho touches he can age it significantly by turning any unchakra reinforced objects to dust, and for people he can cause minor decay such as moderate necrosis down to major muscle groups, but no deeper than that. This technique lasts for 5 posts, and to cause the decay, Fanho can turn objects into dust and cause necrosis immediately.

[b][color=#666699]Recycle Space: Copycat[/color][/b]
[i]A-rank Ninjutsu[/i]
Fanho will channel Jikukan chakra and then can copy a jutsu as they concentrate on any jutsu existing currently, and begin replicating a duplicate of it. This jutsu can only copy any jutsu up to A-rank, and follows standard jutsu recycling rules. When copying a jutsu it will follow the rules of that jutsu as it exists, creating an exact copy of it at its current state but for Fanho's sake. I.E. If copying an armor jutsu that is already damaged, Fanho's newly replicated jutsu will have the same damage and post limit.
S-Rank Ninjutsu (4):
[b][color=#666699]Open Space: Time Splitter[/color][/b]
[i]S-rank Ninjutsu[/i]
By channeling chakra to his current weapon, Fanho can slash through time and space avoiding any defenses or things that would block him and his target. Fanho coats his blade in a thick black chakra that opens a portal on one side of a target allowing it to pass through to the other side. This jutsu allows Fanho to have his blade pass through any solid objects, chakra reinforced or not and reach a target of his choosing opening a portal on the other side so it slices precisely where he wants. This chakra coating is only good for one slash/stab, and attaches itself to any pseudo-heavenly taijutsu that Fanho performs. For example, if Fanho we're to perform a taijutsu in which it created a blade of air from a sword slash, this jutsu would attach itself to that, and carry its properties.

[b][color=#666699]Tighten Time: Samurai's Decay[/color][/b]
[i]S-rank Ninjutsu[/i]
By channeling chakra to his current weapon, Fanho can coat it in a thin ethereal looking coat of chakra that is a light purple color and wisps off as if on fire. This coat accelerates time on objects it wounds so fast it can cause instant decay of any materials or objects turning them into dust. When used to create wounds on people it instantly begins to decay creating necrosis that spreads at a rate of 3in/post for 7 posts after contact. This can cause the loss of entire limbs due to this jutsu, classifying it as a critical injury. This coating lasts for 7 posts.

[b][color=#666699]Open Space: God Step[/color][/b]
[i]S-rank Ninjutsu[/i]
[i]Prerequisites:[/i] [color=black][b]Fuuinjutsu • Emergency Summon[/b][/color]
By channeling chakra in an area 10x10x10m, Fanho will create a portal that instantly teleports himself and anyone else in the portal to a location he has previously been to. As long as Fanho has visited that location or it has one of his [color=black][b]Fuuinjutsu • Emergency Summon[/b][/color] inscribed on it he can teleport to it. If Fanho hasn't been to that location before and attempts to travel there. Fanho's jutsu will fizzle out, and be a waste of chakra.
Sensory (5C, 3B, 3A, 1S)Show
C-Rank Ninjutsu (5):
[color=#80A0FF][b]*[Sensory Style • Beyond Senses][/b][/color]
[i]C-Rank Ninjutsu[/i]
This sensor jutsu is used by shinobi to feel chakra sources within a radius of 25 meters. While this jutsu is fairly helpful in sensing chakra, it is unable to actually pinpoint specific chakras outside of 10 feet. This only gives the Shinobi an idea of how many entities with chakra are present in their general area.

[color=#80A0FF][b][Sensory Style • Evaluation][/b][/color]
[i]C-Rank Ninjutsu[/i]
[i]Prerequisites:[/i] [color=#80A0FF][b]*[Sensory Style • Beyond Senses][/b][/color]
The sensor will activate their sensory jutsu, and then channel additional chakra. By doing so, the user will be able to compare the “strength” of each source of chakra they are able to sense to each other. The “strength” of the individual is determined by the average of each person’s Chakra Pool, Control and Strength stats. The user can determine who has more chakra strength than others, allowing them to pick out possible risks. This technique is not very reliable as a determining factor, however.

[color=#80A0FF][b][Sensory Style • [Target Lock][/b][/color]
[i]C-Rank Ninjutsu[/i]
[i]Prerequisites:[/i] [color=#80A0FF][b]*[Sensory Style • Beyond Senses][/b][/color]
The sensor will activate their sensory jutsu, and focus on one source of chakra they can sense. By channeling additional chakra, and by holding that channel, the user will be able to continue to sense that source of chakra, even if they are moving around, so long as they are holding the hand seal. If they, or the chakra source, moves out of range, the user will lose track of them.

[color=#80A0FF][b][Sensory Style • Gauge: Speed][/b][/color]
[i]C-Rank Ninjutsu[/i]
[i]Prerequisites:[/i] [color=#80A0FF][b][Sensory Style • [Target Lock][/b][/color]
After activating Target Lock, the user will do some additional channeling. Doing so, the user will know their target's speed with a deviation of 3 points. Meaning if their speed is 17, the user will know it's within the range of 14 to 20.

[color=#80A0FF][b][Sensory Style • Flare][/b][/color]
[i]C-Rank Ninjutsu[/i]
[i]Prerequisites:[/i] [color=#80A0FF][b]*[Sensory Style • Beyond Senses][/b][/color]
The sensor will activate their sensory jutsu, and then channel more chakra. For the next 5 posts, any time anyone within the range of their sensory activates a jutsu, the user will see their chakra “flare” momentarily. While they won’t know anything about the jutsu, it will give them a better idea of the battle field.
B-Rank Ninjutsu (3):
[color=#80A0FF][b]*[Sensory Style • Broad Sense][/b][/color]
[i]B-Rank Ninjutsu[/i]
[i]Prerequisites:[/i] [color=#80A0FF][b]*[Sensory Style • Beyond Senses][/b][/color]
This jutsu is an extension of [Beyond Senses]. With this jutsu initiated, a sensor can focus on individual chakra signatures to get a precise idea of where their opponents are at up to 25 meters. A general sense of the direction and number of chakra sources can be determined at 40 meters. It should be noted that this jutsu requires intense concentration, often making the user shut their eyes so they can focus on the jutsu solely. Even with high levels of Chakra Control, this jutsu can be mentally taxing as it requires the user to sort through the individual chakra sources in the sensor’s range.

[color=#80A0FF][b][Sensory Style • Sense: Genjutsu][/b][/color]
[i]B-Rank Ninjutsu[/i]
[i]Prerequisites:[/i] [color=#80A0FF][b]*[Sensory Style • Beyond Senses][/b][/color]
Once their sensory jutsu is active, the user can channel additional chakra, allowing them to notice any abnormalities indicative of genjutsu in any of the sources of chakra they can sense. This can help them determine who needs to be released and who does not.

[color=#80A0FF][b][Sensory Style • Evaluation:Jutsu][/b][/color]
[i]B-Rank Ninjutsu[/i]
[i]Prerequisites:[/i] [color=#80A0FF][b][Sensory Style • Flare][/b][/color]
Having used the flare, the user will look out for any flares. Upon noticing one, the user will channel additional chakra, allowing them to determine the affinity, strength, and speed if applicable, and sense where that chakra is going specifically. This means if it’s a projectile, they’ll be able to track and see the projectile in their mind's eye. If it’s a fuuinjutsu, they are able to see that a fuuinjutsu is activated, but will not be able to follow the result unless they activate this jutsu again. This jutsu is very effective due to its broad mechanic.
A-rank Ninjutsu (3):
[color=#80A0FF][b]*[Sensory Style • Augmented Sense][/b][/color]
[i]A-Rank Ninjutsu[/i]
[i]Prerequisites:[/i] [color=#80A0FF][b]*[Sensory Style • Broad Sense][/b][/color]
This jutsu is an even further extension of [color=#80A0FF][b]*[Sensory Style • Broad Sense][/b][/color]. With this jutsu, a sensor sacrifices quality for quantity. They can view to much greater distances compared to a normal sensor, but their ability to differentiate between people starts to become muddled, meaning multiple people in close proximity will appear simply as a large chakra mass, without the users being able to distinguish how many people are there. By sitting down and meditating, they are able to start to sense further and further away. For each post of meditating, they are able to see one third of a mile out, up to a max of posts equal to 1/2 their control (rounded up).

[color=#80A0FF][b]*[Sensory Style • Augmented Evaluation][/b][/color]
A-Rank Ninjutsu
Prerequisites: 30 Control, [color=#80A0FF][b][Sensory Style • Augmented Sense][/b][/color], [color=#80A0FF][b][Sensory Style • [Target Lock][/b][/color]
After activating both prerequisite jutsu, the user will channel additional chakra. Once finishing the jutsu, they focus on their target channeling. Doing so will give them knowledge of the targets Control, Chakra Pool, Speed, and Strength stats.

[color=#80A0FF][b][Sensory Style • Heart Sense][/b][/color]
[i]A-Rank Ninjutsu[/i]
By channeling chakra, the user will close their eyes and focus on chakra sources within a 40m range of their vicinity. Chakra is intimately linked with a person's mental state, and this technique makes use of that link to evaluate a person's emotions. The user is able to detect a flare in chakra reacting with emotions, evaluate and determine the general status of a person, should they be happy, sad, annoyed, but more importantly, can evaluate things like killing intent, and can be used to detect lies in people without an equal or greater rank Perception Taijutsu.
S-rank Ninjutsu (1):
[color=#80A0FF][b]*[Sensory Style • Perfected Senses][/b][/color]
[i]S-Rank Ninjutsu[/i]
Prerequisites: [color=#80A0FF][b][Sensory Style • Augmented Sense][/b][/color], 40 Control
As an extension of Augmented Senses, the ninja is able to increase the range and power of their sensor jutsu. The ninja is able to view very great distances at not as much of a build up. They are able to pinpoint precise chakra locations at ranges of up to 50 meters away, while getting a general sense of directions and number of chakra sources of up to 80 meters away. It should be noted that this jutsu requires intense concentration, often making the user shut their eyes so they can focus on this jutsu solely. Even with high levels of Chakra Control, this jutsu can be mentally taxing as it requires the user to sort through individual chakra sources in the sensor's range.
Konoha Smash (5D, 5C, 5B, 4A, 2S)Show
Konoha Smash:
Konoha Smash

The Konoha Smash Style is based off Konoha's strong fist esque fighting style, however it has a little more finessing and perception involved with how its detailed. It focuses on strong hits with a solid defense while focusing on the opponents own moves to discover weak points while ushering full strength blows mixed with Ninjutsu due to Fanho's specialization. While it mixes in Ninjutsu, it perfects using his full speed and strength with every hit allowing him to be a strong fighter in his own right away from Ninjutsu.

Close Quarters Combat
Rigid Structure
Projectile Weapons
D-Rank Taijutsu (5):
[color=#44CFB0][b]Konoha Smash • Konoha Haymaker[/b][/color]
[i]D-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver[/i]
By reeling his fist back Fanho will twist his hips and shoulders swinging with his full weight behind his fist extending his fist all the way forward. This can cause a devastating strike that can shake a targets entire body by Fanho putting his entire weight into the strike.

[color=#44CFB0][b]Konoha Smash • Fire Dance[/b][/color]
[i]D-Rank Taijutsu Stance[/i]
By squaring his feet with the left slightly in-front of his body, and his right just behind him. He raises his fists to chest level, holding them out slightly to prepare for any incoming strikes or for him to throw a well placed jab. This makes his taijutsu maneuvers of this style slightly faster as hes already anticipating and in the perfect position to throw them. It also makes him more receptive to block attacks from the front.

[color=#44CFB0][b]Konoha Smash • Forearm Block[/b][/color]
[i]D-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver[/i]
By taking a step back Fanho digs his right foot into the ground before bending his left knee to lean into an attack. By initiating this motion he digs his feet into position as he swings his forearm up to block an attack prepping for what is coming. This forms a strong block that given he has enough strength he can resist the attack to the best of his ability.

[color=#44CFB0][b]Konoha Smash • Just One Look[/b][/color]
[i]D-Rank Taijutsu Discipline[/i]
After several training sessions with weapons experts, Fanho can deduce weak grips and holds on weapons so he knows where to attack to force an opponent to drop a weapon. This makes him exceptionally well at disarming his opponents as he always goes for a weak point in their grip.

[color=#44CFB0][b]Konoha Smash • Subtle Pokes[/b][/color]
[i]D-Rank Nintaijutsu Maneuver[/i]
[i]Pre-Requisite:[/i] [color=cadetblue][b]Ninjutsu • Needle Tip[/b][/color]
While issuing blows with Fanho's jutsu, [color=cadetblue][b]Ninjutsu • Needle Tip[/b][/color], Fanho will target specifically his opponent's soft sides of their abdomen attempting to aim for important body parts. While doing this he moves at a speed it makes his opponent have a hard time deducing whether they're being stabbed or just punched as Fanho follows through with each strike. It requires a perception tech ranked higher than Fanho's speed to deduce the stabbing sensation during the strike. I.E. D-rank perception tech for 5 speed, C-rank for 10 speed, and etc
C-Rank Taijutsu (5):
[color=#44CFB0][b]Konoha Smash • Death Lies Within[/b][/color]
[i]C-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver[/i]
By throwing a projectile, Fanho has mastered the art of hiding another projectile within the shadow of the first to fool opposing enemies. If the enemy doesn't have a perception tech ranked higher than the speed of the projectile. They won't notice the projectile hiding in the shadow of the other one. I.E. D-rank perception tech for 5 speed, C-rank for 10 speed, and etc

[color=#44CFB0][b]Konoha Smash • Curved Strike[/b][/color]
[i]C-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver[/i]
Fanho has perfected the art of throwing a projectile to the point he can naturally cause it to completely perform up to a 90° curve. He can cause it to curve anytime within his Strength*2 meters.

[color=#44CFB0][b]Konoha Smash • Wisp of a Wasp[/b][/color]
[i]C-Rank Taijutsu Discipline[/i]
After several analysis with projectile weapons, Fanho has became exceptionally adept at deducing a projectile weapon's path after seeing just a glimpse of its travel. This allows him to deduce the precise location of where it came from as well as where its going just seconds of seeing its travel. This allows him to react to projectile weapons with an insane reaction time.

[color=#44CFB0][b]Konoha Smash • Slip N' Slam[/b][/color]
[i]C-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver[/i]
Fanho sprints at his target then transitions into a slide across the ground between his opponent's legs. As he slides between their legs, he grabs their ankles before performing a kip up right behind them. He then swings his opponent above and down, slamming them into the ground on their back.

[color=#44CFB0][b]Konoha Smash • Mute Button[/b][/color]
[i]C-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver[/i]
[i]Prerequisites:[/i] [b]Medicine Concentration[/b]
As Fanho enters close combat he will quickly usher a jab to his opponent's larynx aiming to crush it, and prevent them from speaking or breathing. This maneuver will prevent his opponent from speaking as they gasp for air not being able to utter any words. As long as Fanho's [b][Strength][/b] is more than the opponents [b]Strength[/b], he will be successful in stopping their breathing and speaking.
B-rank Taijutsu (5):
[color=#44CFB0][b]Konoha Smash • Heightened Prowl[/b][/color]
[i]B-Rank Taijutsu Discipline[/i]
Due to intense training, Fanho's sense of smell is impeccable and allows him to follow a scent for up to his 25 meters meters with near pinpoint accuracy. If it is outside of that range to a max of 50 meters he can only get a general direction. He can even detect scents days old and track them with this unless there has been some sort of scent removal technique or severe weather conditions. This also allows him to distinguish between different scents of people and companions.

[color=#44CFB0][b]Konoha Smash • No Crawlspace Too Far[/b][/color]
[i]B-Rank Discipline[/i]
Fanho has learned how to deal in tight spaces and situations. When in a tight situation where a build up of strength and force is needed. Fanho has learned to deal without. He can exert all of his strength no matter how tight of a space he is in, and has no need to build up momentum to deal in his absolute strength.

[color=#44CFB0][b]Konoha Smash • Fool Me Once[/b][/color]
[i]B-Rank Taijutsu Discipline[/i]
After seeing a move done once in a battle whether it be a taijutsu maneuver, ninjutsu, or genjutsu, Fanho has already committed the actions to memory quickly being able to identify which jutsu or technique is being used. This means he can predict what attacks he should prepare for once he sees the wind-up for them. Only permitting if hes seen the technique done once before.

[color=#44CFB0][b]Konoha Smash • Shoot Style: Spinner Heel Kick[/b][/color]
[i]B-Rank Maneuver[/i]
Fanho will begin the move by ducking underneath an opponent's strike to his waist up, and follow quickly by sweeping their leg out from underneath them. As his opponent is falling to the ground, Fanho will raise suddenly on one foot as he raises the other foot straight up before bringing it down in a violent arc smashing his target into the ground. The strength of this move lies within the minute of air time that causes the opponent to strike the ground with a force of 1/2 of Fanho's own strength in addition to the raw force of the kick.

[color=#44CFB0][b]Konoha Smash • Speed I am Speed[/b][/color]
[i]B-Rank Taijutsu Discipline[/i]
As long as Fanho is able to match the speed of his opponent, he is able to keep up with them and utilize his blinding fast reflexes to instinctively dodge their attacks. This in tandem with his ability to follow high speeds makes Fanho a formidable opponent as even if he may not be fast enough to entirely dodge an attack, he positions himself in a way that can reduce a critical injury to just a minor scratch/bruise or even superficial if he has such a close gap. Fanho's [b]Speed[/b] must be equal or exceed his opponents [b]Speed[/b] for this to be successful. This allows Fanho to take on dangerous opponent's face to face while minimizing his own injuries to keep from widening the gap between himself and his opponent.

[color=#44CFB0][b]Konoha Smash • Dance Theory[/b][/color]
[i]B-Rank Taijutsu Discipline[/i]
By focusing his eyes upon an opponents feet, Fanho can defend, protect, and attack all while using an opponents feet movement to tell their moves to reduce visual contact at the eye level or above. This allows him to use an opponents feet work as an tell so he can react, and typically requires the opponent to hide their movements with a higher ranked discipline to mask their movements from him.
A-Rank Taijutsu (4):
[color=#44CFB0][b]Konoha Smash • Full Memorization[/b][/color]
[i]A-Rank Discipline[/i]
Fanho has trained his mind to memorize details to the finest touch. He can memorize materials, structures, and even the minor cracks/faults within that are hidden to the naked eye. With this jutsu anywhere that Fanho has been, seen, touched, experienced, learned, or sensed is fine stored within his brain and can be recalled at any time to the exact detail, time, place, and facts. This is useful for memorizing the layout of buildings, taking note of weaknesses, or memorizing enemies fighting patterns, codes, or names. When combined with his massive sensory ability, Fanho can remotely learn the physical layouts of places, and commit it to memory.

[color=#44CFB0][b]Konoha Smash • Speed Radar[/b][/color]
[i]A-Rank Discipline[/i]
[i]Prerequisites:[/i] 50 Speed
Fanho's eyes are able to follow high speed targets due to his own insane speed. His eyes are capable of keeping up with 50 speed objects, persons, and his own blazing fast speed up to 50 due to the immense training possessed at operating at these speeds.

[color=#44CFB0][b]Konoha Smash • Capture Card[/b][/color]
[i]A-Rank Discipline[/i]
Fanho can keep up with multiple targets, up to 33 targets before he begins to lose focus on some of them. This assists as Fanho can ensure all of his targets are not endangering him, or keeping up with his allies to make sure they are not endangered. With this Fanho is able to combat multiple opponents at a time, and become a one man army on his own taking out groups of enemies.

[color=#44CFB0][b]Konoha Smash • Shoot Style: Aerial Lotus[/b][/color]
[i]A-Rank Maneuver[/i]
Fanho will dart towards an opponent in an attempt to get right in-front of them crouched on the ground. If their [b](Int+Speed)/2[/b] stat is lower than Fanho's [b][Speed][/b] they will not see anything but a blur. Once Fanho is in-front of his opponent he will perform a bicycle kick knocking his opponent higher into the air with each kick, the opponent will be launched 1/2rd [b][Strength][/b] meters in the air due to the kicks. As Fanho reaches the peak with his target he will quickly spin around to on-top of the target as he flips into an axe kick launching his opponent back into the ground. The opponent will be struck with Fanho's full strength axe kick sending them to the ground at [b][Strength][/b] speed.
S-Rank Taijutsu (2):
[color=#44CFB0][b]Konoha Smash • Pain is Mythical[/b][/color]
[i]S-Rank Discipline[/i]
[i]Prerequisites:[/i] [b]Medicine Concentration[/b], 40 Endurance
By training his body to endure immense pain and practicing medicinal rituals and physical trainings. Fanho is able to withstand great pain and tough out the most brutal attacks. Broken bones, brutal stripping of flesh from bone, and the worst wounds will not cause him to flinch, yelp, cry out, or bat an eye. This does not mean he can't identify what is causing him pain or where, but it means he has become able to ignore and reject pain that would even knock some men unconscious. This allows Fanho to push the boundaries and press on with an attack even as hes battered down.

[color=#44CFB0][b]Konoha Smash • Reduce Reuse and Counter Attack[/b][/color]
[i]S-Rank Taijutsu Stance[/i]
[i]Prerequisites:[/i] [b]Acrobatics[/b]
While in this stance Fanho positions his feet squarely one slightly farther back than the other, and juts his hands around chest level acting as if he's ready to catch something incoming. While in this stance, Fanho moves with attacks thrown at him, and is able to minimize damage to a great deal. Any attacks thrown that hit Fanho hit as if they were -12 in Strength weaker than they actually are. This is due to Fanho moving along with the strike reducing damage dealt. By rolling with the strike rather than attempting to defend, he's able to take strikes much stronger than normal, but keep close to an opponent without losing ground as his movement is minimal.