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[Organization] Mamorinuku

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To protect the village against any and all malicious forces that seek to do her harm by increasing village defenses.

Protect & Instruct

Type of Organization: Sub-org of Konohagakure
Resources: 0/37
DescriptionSub-Org of Konohagakure No Sato Led By: Awai Fanho Mamorinuku is an organization designed to provide the village with a defense against malicious forces. Operating with the consent of both the Hokage and the Konoha Council, the organization combines some of the best sensory techniques with techniques designed to increase the village’s defenses. Mamorinuku is therefore divided into three major sections: The Kanjitoru, the Katameru, and the Sekkoutai, with one minor division: The Juuin.
The Kanjitoru Led By: Combining top level wit with state of the art sensory techniques, members of this branch of Mamorinuku will work together to provide the village with a twenty-four hour monitoring system to protect it against outside threats by establishing and maintaining state of the art sensory outposts both within the village and the area surrounding it.
  1. Establish Sensory towers at 8 major points in village.
  2. Establish multiple sensory outposts in the forest surrounding the village.
  3. Maintain constant sensory supervision at the various outposts once established.
  4. Recruit/Train individuals in the way of sensory ninjutsu.

The Katameru Led By: Awai Fanho Working to strengthen the inner and outer defenses of the village, those who act as the Katameru of Mamorinuku are highly trained ninja with specialties in defensive and trap style jutsu. These jutsu will then be used as an immediate response to incoming threats against the village.
  1. Strengthen the defenses of the village.
  2. Strengthen the defenses of sensory outposts.
  3. Guarding the outer walls.
  4. Respond to threats approaching the village.
  5. Recruit/Train individuals in the way of defensive ninjutsu/fuuinjutsu.
The Sekkoutai Led By: Hyuuga Aina Spending the majority of their time outside of the village walls, members of the Sekkoutai act as the outer security of Konohagakure. Though the village already deploys shinobi for this purpose, the Sekkoutai assist with the patrolling of the forests with the added duty of collecting pertinent information while they do so.
  1. Patrol the forests surrounding Konohagakure.
  2. Track wanted criminals through the forest when needed.
  3. Scout areas for a variety of reasons.
  4. Establish connections with citizens of neighboring villages.
  5. Secure outposts throughout Fire Country for the defense of the people.

The Juuin Led By:In some instances, Mamorinuku as a whole may take on genin-level ninja that show great promise and aptitude in abilities related to the functions of the organization. Depending on their skillset (or desired skillset in the event that they haven't developed a specific skillset yet), the genin will be assigned to a specific division to be mentored by the members of that division. They will not be assigned to a specific individual to be trained but to the group as a whole. In the event that a genin does not have a specific skill set of interest to the organization but still wishes to join, they will be assigned as a general trainee and counselled by the organization as a whole until they have decided on a skill path. Juuin members can accompany division members on low ranking missions in order to gain experience in their field. Once they rank up to chuunin they will be initiated as full members of the organization.

RequirementsGeneral Requirements
  • All members must be Chuunin or higher (unless joining Juuin)
Requirements for the Kanjitoru
  • Members of the Kanjitoru must have access to sensory ninjutsu of some form. Though Mind's Eye users are preferred, Empathy users may be accepted as well. Additionally, certain bloodline/doujutsu capabilities may be acceptable as well.
Requirements for the Katameru
  • Members of the Katameru must show an aptitude for defensive and/or trap style jutsu of some form. This includes but is not limited to Barrier style, Fuuinjutsu, and defensive elemental techniques.
Requirements for the Sekkoutai
  • Members of the Katameru must show an aptitude for tracking and reconnaissance style jutsu of some form. This includes but is not limited to sense enhancing jutsu, certain doujutsu, empathy style sensory techniques.
Requirements for the Juuin
  • Genin
  • Willing to train with current members to develop skills related to the division that they are assigned to.
*Note: If a ninja fulfills the requirements for both divisions of organization, they may be permitted to act as part of both.
Mamorinuku TowerPrimary Base The Mamorinuku Tower is a complex with a five story tower rising out of the center of it. The tower itself is the center of the complex because it was the first part of it that was built. The bottom floor is a large, formal, meeting room where all divisions of the organization may meet at once (or separately as desired). This room is set up with tables and chairs as well as a speaking platform at one end, and the main entrance to the entire complex even leads right into this room. Along either side of this circular meeting room are five offices, one on either side and one in the back behind the speaking platform. Each of the side offices belong to the leaders of the different divisions with the office behind the speaking platform belonging to the leader of the entire organization as a whole.
Above this meeting room, in the tower, the next three floors make up the barracks for the three primary divisions. The only division that does not have a barracks is the Juuin as the members of that division are all genin who are not yet considered full members but are simply interim members. Each floor is a barrack for a different division, no division living in barracks of another as the only truly shared space is the meeting room on the bottom floor and the observatory on the top floor..
The fifth and final floor of the building has walls made of reinforced glass, an observatory where members may go to simply observe the activities of the village.

Members Of the Organization

Awai Fanho
Hyuuga Aina
Mitsurugi Gene
Inuzuka Masami

Plotboard Tracker

This keeps track of all the PBs completed under the Org, those marked as being used as payment have an asterisk along with the name of the reward given(*)
D-Rank PBs CompletedC-Rank PBs CompletedB-Rank PBs CompletedA-Rank PBs CompletedS-Rank PBs CompletedD Rank PB 1*
D Rank PB 2*
D Rank PB 3*
D Rank PB 4*
C Rank PB 1*
C Rank PB 2*
C Rank PB 3*

C Rank PB 4*
B Rank PB 1*
B Rank PB 2
A Rank PB 1* - Primary Baselink
Resources EarnedMain Base, Dynamic NPCs, Static NPCs, 20 Points of Defense Jutsu, Outpost 1, Outpost 2, Outpost 3


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