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Hiromi, Yume

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Hiromi, Yume [ 裕美夢]

With such stillness as this, I cannot be moved

General Information Age: 14
Gender: Male
Height: 5’6
Weight: 120 lbs

Hair: Jet black, straight hair falling to his shoulders. It is usually brushed to a shine and left to blow in the breeze.

Eyes: Dark blue-violet

Physical Features: Thin and pale, Yume’s body is well muscled do to his love of dance and martial arts. He bears a single scar on the top of his left foot from an accident as a child.

Clothing/Accessories: Yume can usually be seen wearing loose, linen pants and a linen shirt with very loose/wide sleeves to match. Often white or deep blue, all have the same pattern, a single vine curling up around the leg and chest, with small pink blossoms appearing here and there. A matching obi is usually worn around Yume’s waist and he is occasionally seen with an ivory comb tucked into the left side of his hair above his ear. Yume’s mother gave it to him to prevent his hair from falling into his eyes while he studied. On his feet he wears black, moccasin-like shoes made of a soft leather. These are, for the most part, quite stealthy although Yume merely wears them because they are easy to dance in.

Forehead Protector: Worn proudly on his forehead, where it goes.

Personality: Yume is a kind soul, always smiling. He seeks to find beauty and peace in all that he does. He’s friendly, often chatting up strangers that meets along his way and he will often go out of his way to help another or just strike up a conversation. His love of dance leads Yume to be attracted to anyone or anything involved in the art and has been a bit of an obsession of his for quite some time. In battle Yume is focused, but lacks killing or even malicious intent and because of this, often he is more defensive than he should be, ignoring opportunities to attack in favor of less malignant actions. He knows that he most find a way to become more decisive in battle, but finds it difficult(not impossible) to harm others.
Battle Information Rank: Genin
Village: Kumogakure no Sato
Chakra Affinity: Suiton
  • Ninjutsu: 1
  • Taijutsu: 10
  • Genjutsu: 1
  • Stamina: 5
  • Control: 1
  • Strength: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Instinct: 10
  • 2 Gauntlets that extend over the first knuckle and up to mid-forearm made of scaled steel worn on his wrists, hidden beneath his sleeves.
  • 30 Shuriken inside of a holster attached to his obi, worn on his left side towards the back.
  • 100m Spool of Fine Wire inside a holster attached to his obi, worn on his right side towards the back.
  • First Aid Kit standard first aid kit with antiseptic, bandages, suturing needle, thread, gauze, poultice, basic painkiller, and tape. Kept in a pouch hidden within the folds of his Obi, left side on the waist.
Combat Style Yume uses his speed and graceful, flowing movements to evade attack and deliver non-lethal strikes(if possible) to incapacitate his opponent. His taijutsu is similar T’ai Chi Ch’uan and incorporates elements of Wing Chun. Yume combines the flowing movements of T'ai Chi Ch'uan and the quick, chained attacks of Wing Chun to defeat larger, stronger opponents.
Jutsu Information Abilities and Concentrations
First AbilityN/A
Second AbilityN/A
Third AbilityN/A
Upper BodyShow
The fundamental skill of the [Upper Body] indicates the user’s proficiency with using their arms, chest and head in various ways to facilitate their use of related Taijutsu.
Deft HandsShow
The fundamental skill of [Deft Hands] indicates the user’s proficiency with using their hands in very specific and complex movements, like sleight of hand and targeting very small and specific points on an opponent’s body. This facilitates their use of related Taijutsu in various ways.
Projectile WeaponsShow
The fundamental skill of [Projectile Weapons] indicates the user’s proficiency with weapons designed to attack from afar, such as bows, shuriken, senbon, launchers and the like. This facilitates their use of related Taijutsu.

Taijutsu Specialist

Having devoted their lives to mastering the art of taijutsu, this shinobi is classified as a Taijutsu Specialist. Taijutsu specialist are able to devote a total of 10 concentrations to taijutsu, unlike most people who are capped at 8. However, they are only able to devote a max of 5 concentrations to genjutsu, and a max of 5 concentrations to ninjutsu.

As a Taijutsu Specialist, Yume is able to utilize taijutsu concentrations reserved for specialists, and is able to enter the God Tier [45+] on select stats, and meaning as a specialist they can select stats to break into the God tier. These stats can only be Taijutsu, Stamina, Speed, and Instinct.
E: 0| D: 19| C: 13| B: 0| A: 0| S: 0|
Wing Chun is a fast paced style designed to fight larger and stronger opponents. This style utilizes chaining together of many small, quick movements to bring down opponent's rather than large, hard hitting ones. Principles of force, mass, and the redirection of energy are key in this explosive, highspeed style.
Upper Body + Deft Hands
Odori no Kyuuten is a style based solely on shuriken. Long hours of practice and devotion have lead to a style of Yume's own creation. Focusing on accurate, hard hitting throws and control over a wide battlefield Odori No Kyuuten serves as Yume's only long range combat. Offensive, and defensive alike, this style can not only attack at a range, but nullify incoming projectiles allowing the user to continuously advance upon the opponent, and thus get into taijutsu range.
Deft Hands + Projectile Weapons
T'ai Chi Ch'uan is a style of contradictions. It teaches both to be immovable like the mountains, and flowing like the water. Give and take, the movements of this style are designed to control the battlefield. Yielding nothing unless to draw the opponent in, constant and fluid motion are key. Highly defensive, this stance focuses on avoiding damage, rather than redirecting or blocking it. The strikes in this style are aimed at weak points like joints, nerves, and tendons, designed to slow, and cripple the opponent while avoiding any major damage to the user.
Deft hands + Upper Body

† Tread of the Dancer
Type: D Ranked Discipline
Description: Years of ballet and other dancing have given Yume incredibly dexterous and trained feet. Because of this, it easy for him to manipulate the way he walks. He uses this, along with the moccasins he wears to tread almost completely silently. His trained feet adjusting to anything he might step on be it twig, leaf, or even glass so that it does not snap, crackle, or pop. His tread is so light that it takes a very skilled tracker to even detect traces of his presence after he has left.

† Gazing into the Void – The Beginning(T'ai Chi Ch'uan/Wing Chun)
Type: D-Ranked Discipline
Description: A passive technique developed through intense meditation and strengthened through experience, this technique gives the user a slightly better awareness of his surroundings and those within them, though the focus on defense lowers the power of the user's strikes. After 5 posts of combat this skill enables a small increase in the understanding(through observation) of the movements of an opponent, and may increase the ability of the user to employ taijutsu in a given situation.

† Shuriken Mastery: Disciple of Blades (Odori no Kyuuten)
Type: C Ranked Discipline
Requires: 5 Instinct
Description: After hundreds of hours of practice with his shuriken Yume has begun to master the weapon in its entirety. Dedication, focus and practice have left him capable of utilizing shuriken during battle to the utmost extent. Yume has learned to loose the weapons with precision, even in the heat of battle and against moving targets. He is capable of tracking multiple targets at once if necessary using this skill. Yume is able to track and accurately assail multiple targets, moving or not, equal to 1/4 his Taijutsu stat (rounded up).

† Lethal Shuriken Impact (Odori no Kyuuten)
Type: C Ranked Discipline
Description: Years of practice with his shuriken has allowed Yume to turn the projectiles from painful distractions into lethal blades. Yume has learned how to throw all of his shuriken (not other projectiles) so that they impact targets with his full strength, piercing deeply and causing serious damage to those unwary enough to be hit.


†Flowing River(Wing Chun)
Type: D Ranked Stance
Description: A primary stance for Wing Chun. The philosophy of this stance is to be like the river, always moving and changing but never wavering in its path. The base defensive stance of fists held out from the body, legs spread almost shoulder’s width apart with the knees slightly bent does not change unless faced with a strength too great to redirect or parry. The feet, however, are always moving, circling the opponent and moving the body to avoid large attacks rather than trying to meet force with force. The nature of this form makes it much easier to switch between attacking and defending and makes chaining other (Wing Chun) techniques together a much easier.
Defensive ManeuversShow
D Ranked Maneuvers

†Fuk Sao(Wing Chun)
Type: D Ranked Maneuver
Requires: 7 Taijutsu, 9 Speed
Description: When facing an incoming linear strike the user will quickly strike forward. The hand will be held as an open palm, fingers close together. The wrist will be bent, effectively pointing the fingertips along the center line(the straight line between the user’s chest and the opponent’s chest) toward the opponent. The user meets the incoming attack with the inside of their own wrist applied to the outside of the opponent’s striking arm. This technique does not push the opponent’s arm away, instead, it interrupts the blow, occupying the space between the two before the opponent can. This diverts the opponent’s strike away from the target. The motion of the forward strike by the user can be chained with other attacks to swiftly counterattack. This technique is only successful if the user’s Speed is higher than the opponent’s.

† Falling Into Emptiness(T'ai Chi Ch'uan)
Type: D-Ranked Maneuver
Description: A relaxed state of being allows the user to flow with the force of his opponents attack and “absorb” the impact by continuing the motion of the opponent’s blow, thus reducing any damage that would have been taken greatly(e.g. Moving backward if a blow would knock the user back, or to the left or right if an attack would push them that way, instead of taking the full force of the attack). This technique is able to reduce the impact of a blow by 3 strength. This is only successful as long as the user's taijutsu is equal to or greater than the target's.

†Pak Sao(Wing Chun)
Type: D Ranked Maneuver
Description: A technique used when an opponent makes a strike with a fist or non-bladed weapon at the user. The user will strike forward with hand in a flattened palm position(almost as if to shake hands) with the wrist straight(naturally straight, so appearing to be slightly curved towards the back of the hand) making contact with the incoming blow with the user’s palm on the outside of the attacker’s wrist/forearm area, giving the user much greater control over the attacker’s arm until it is withdrawn. This technique can be used in combination with other techniques to redirect and nullify the energy from opposing strikes.

Short Version: The user meets an incoming forearm with the back of his straight wrist, sliding the attack off target. Which allows the user a bit of control over the attacking limb until it is withdrawn. A technique used mostly in combination with other techniques to nullify powerful blows against the user. Technique Fails if the attackers strength exceeds the user's by 4 or more.

† Rolling Clouds(T'ai Chi Ch'uan)
Type: D-Ranked Maneuver
Description: A defensive technique employed by Hiromi Yume. When faced with a strike from an opponent Yume will deliver an open palm to the inside of his opponent’s limb, while “rolling” his hand outward(away from himself), creating a circular motion designed to not only dissipate the power of the opponent’s strike, but guide it safely away from Yume, thus hopefully creating an opening. This technique is only successful if the user's (Speed+Taijutsu)/2 is more than the opponent's (Speed+Taijutsu)/2. Technique Fails if the attackers strength exceeds the user's by 2 or more.

† Restless Shadow(T'ai Chi Ch'uan)
Type: D-Ranked Maneuver
Description: A technique that can be employed if the use is very close to the opponent. If the opponent steps back, the user steps forward. If faced with an attack, the user will attempt a technique within the same space.(i.e. when facing the opponent if they strike with a right hand the user will defend/attack with the left hand) this creates less “space” for the opponent and makes it difficult to maneuver or put great force behind physical movements.

†Tan Sao(Wing Chun)
Type: D Ranked Maneuver
Description: When an opponent strikes at Yume, he will attempt to deflect the attack with the back of his wrist against the incoming apendage. As he makes contact with the offending limb, he will also turn his palm upwards and push the limb away diverting the energy rather than taking the brunt of the attack. This technique Fails the attackers strength exceeds the user's by 4 or more.

Short Version: The user lifts and rotates the wrist to redirect powerful straight attacks away from the user. Technique Fails if the attackers strength exceeds the user's by 4 or more.

† Tangling the Roots(Wing Chun)
Type: D-Ranked Maneuver
Description: A defensive technique used by Hiromi Yume. Yume will attempt to slip past an incoming taijutsu attack by stepping swiftly towards the opponent while turning the body to provide the smallest target possible. Even if the technique fails it may cause the opponent to move back, and then the technique can be repeated consecutively which may result in the opponent losing a great deal of “space” or even causing them to lose balance. This technique is only successful if the user's (Speed+Taijutsu)/2 is more than the opponent's (Speed+Taijutsu)/2.

C Ranked Maneuvers

† Multi-Shot: Shuriken Storm (Odori no Kyuuten)
Type: C Ranked Maneuver
Description: After hundreds of hours of practice with his shuriken Yume has mastered the art of loosing many of the projectiles with deadly precision. Using this technique Yume is able to release a well aimed barrage of shuriken. He is able to aim and throw a number of shuriken at once equal double his Taijutsu stat (half with each hand) up to 15.

† Flowing Breeze(T'ai Chi Ch'uan)
Type: C-Ranked Maneuver
Description: A defensive technique employed by Hiromi Yume. When faced with an incoming punch or stab Yume will move forward, closing the distance between himself and the opponent. While doing so he will attempt to fluidly move under and around the attack with a quick duck of the upper body at the waist, while squatting in a low stance. This technique only works if the user's (Speed+Taijutsu)/2 is greater than the opponent's (Speed+Taijutsu)/2.

† Shuriken Countershot (Odori no Kyuuten)
Type: C Ranked Maneuver
Description: When faced with incoming projectiles Yume will target a number of projectiles equal to the average of his Instinct and Taijutsu stat (rounded down) and throw shuriken at them, knocking them from the air (assuming the strength of the shuriken is greater than or equal to that of the target).
Offensive ManeuversShow
D Ranked Maneuvers

†Splitting Sweep(Wing Chun)
Type: D Ranked Maneuver
Description: A technique used when very near an opponent that is facing the Yume. Yume will step forward with his right foot, almost stomping at the inside of his opponent’s left leg with the blade of his foot. If the kick is successful Yume will then pivot his body to the left, swinging his full force into the inside of the opponent’s right leg.

†Lop Sao(Wing Chun)
Type: D Ranked Maneuver
Description: A technique used when an opponent makes a strike with a fist or weapon at the user. The user will strike forward with hand in a flattened palm position making contact with the incoming blow with this curve of the wrist on the backside of the hand. The user will then roll the hand down attacking appendage or weapon, keeping the wrist locked until the palm makes contact with the offending limb or weapon. They will then grasp the attacker or his weapon and attempt a counter attack. Technique Fails if the attackers strength exceeds the user's by 4 or more.

†Rising Wrist(Wing Chun)
Type: D Ranked Maneuver
Description: The user feint as if to strike the opponent in the throat with a knife hand(flat palm), but at the last second turn the flattened hand downward and bring the wrist up quickly, attempting to make contact with the opponent’s chin with the hard back-part of the wrist. Should the blow connect it will snap the opponents head up slightly, often obscuring their view of their lower half, and thus making them more open to combination strikes in that instant.

†L-Hook(Wing Chun)
Type: D Ranked Maneuver
Description: A very fast strike used when in close proximity to the opponent. The user forms a 90 degree angle with his/her arm swinging it at the opponent with the same motion as they would an elbow strike, but impacting the target’s shoulder or head with the fist instead. This unique angle is very powerful as it has the entire strength of the forearm to support it.

†Swift Elbow(Wing Chun)
Type: D Ranked Maneuver
Description: A very fast strike used when in close proximity to the opponent. The user swings the arm in a short, sharp, horizontal arc with the fist pulled back toward the bicep. The elbow is used to deliver a blow with the hard bone to the jaw or temple. Unlike most elbow techniques which hit across the target, this technique requires the user to pull the elbow back quickly after striking in preparation for another blow; this make the technique faster and easier to use in combination with other techniques, but drops some of the power from the hit.

†First Strike(Wing Chun)
Type: D Ranked Maneuver
Description: The basic punch of the Wing Chun style. Rather than rotating the fist(thumb down) and firing from the shoulder like most punches, Yume fires a straight punch(thumb to the inside, fist held vertical rather than horizontal), following the theory that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. The power from this punch flows throughout the entire arm, and incorporates both the bicep and the motion of the elbow to achieve speed rather than power.

† Notching the Branch(T'ai Chi Ch'uan)
Type: D-Ranked Maneuver
Description: An open handed knife-like strike aimed for the weak spot in the opponents joints. These being the shoulder joint, the collarbone, and the insides of the thighs(the groin). Yume will strike with great force, shifting power up from the legs from a crouching position to grant more speed and power, rather than relying upon just the arm. The striking arm will be almost fully extended upon contact and as it extends a sharp twisting motion ensures damage to the joint which can be quite painful, and may make it difficult to move for one post if successful. This technique gets its name from the way it is designed to be used. Multiple uses on the same target to render it useless, much like notching a tree that is too large to cut in one go.

† Heavy Snowfall (T'ai Chi Ch'uan)
Type: D-Ranked Manuever
Description: A painful attack focused on the opponent's shoulder. The user will raise the arm high into the air, and bring it crashing down, heel first, onto the joint, aiming to damage or even dislodge it with a savage attack. If the user's strength stat exceeds the target's by 5 or more this technique will dislocate the joint.

†Palm Strike(Wing Chun)
Type: D Ranked Maneuver
Description: A strike delivered with the user’s palm, usually the heel. This strike can be delivered with an open palm for a larger area of impact and stumbling power, but may also be used angled sideways to the target and striking only with the heel of the palm(a knifehand palm) for a sharper more precise blow.

†Spear Hand(Wing Chun)
Type: D Ranked Maneuver
Description: By bringing the fingers of the hand together to a point the user will strike(usually at a weak or vulnerable spot on the body like the ribs, neck, joints or collarbone). This compact and sharp blow causes a great deal of pain if it connects and depending upon the target the very focused point of pressure may cause other damage.

† Hook Kick (Wing Chun)
Type: D Ranked Maneuver
Starting as a basic side kick; stepping forward and angling himself, Yume puts his weight on his back leg, pulling the other leg up towards his body while pivoting to the side, angling towards his opponent. He will then kick outward while sweeping the foot sideways at the opponent, making contact with the heel of his foot. This kick, while not the most powerful, is very good at knocking the opponent off balance.

C Ranked Maneuvers

†Deafening Palm(Wing Chun)
Type: C Ranked Combination Maneuver
Requires: Palm Strike, L-hook
Description: The perform a strike to the side of the head, in exactly the same manner as with the L-hook, arm at a 90 degree angle, quick, sharp, and power coming from the lower arm. The difference will be that the strike is made with a palm, flattened for maximum damage. The blow will target the ear, and if successful, will leave that ear deafened, and balance impaired (-3 taijutsu).

† Rising Shadow Palms(T'ai Chi Ch'uan)
Type: C-Ranked Maneuver
Description: A palm strike aimed at the chin. Yume will strike from a semi-crouched/low position with the right palm, bringing it up to attack the targeted area. At the same time he pivots his hips and lifts with his knees, drawing the striking power and speed not from the arms, but from the hips and legs. As Yume strikes he will attack with the left palm as well, “hiding” it behind the right(the angle of the body prevents an opponent who is above and in front of Yume from being able to see the second attack, a "sleight of hand" type trick). As the second strike is delivered Yume will shift the left shoulder forward to extend the range of the strike. The advantage to this technique is the surprising power gained from the low stance and the position of the body that allows the opponent to see only the first strike coming. Often the second strike, as it cannot be seen, can connect even if the first is blocked.

† Rippling Brook(Wing Chun)
Type: C-Ranked Maneuver
Description: A technique used to close distance between the user and the opponent. The user dashes forward as quickly as possible to close a mid to large gap, and then, if he was successful, slides low, striking at the feet of the opponent. Before contact the user opens his/her own legs slightly, and clamps them back shut, trapping the opponents legs between their own, following with momentum from moving forward, the user twists his/her own body to the left, attempting to slam the now top heavy opponent to the ground. This rush forward is quite sudden, and hopes to catch the opponent off guard.

† Spinning Hook Kick (Wing Chun)
Type: C Ranked Maneuver
Requires: Hook Kick
A blow designed to counter an incoming strike as it spins the user’s body back and away from the attack while simultaneously striking from the opposing side with a kick. Starting from a side stance Yume will place his weight on his leading leg and pivot, spinning to bring his back leg around with great force, bending the leg slightly and pointing the foot out to connect with the target area (usually the head) with the heel of the foot. His powerful kick is a “knockout blow” by design and can leave the opponent unconscious or dizzy in some cases.

†Flying Hook Kick (Wing Chun)
Type: C Ranked Maneuver
Requires: Hook Kick
A variation of the hook kick, in which Yume will push off the ground with his back leg while performing the hook kick, adding the power of the jump to the kick pushing forward and making the blow not only stronger upon impact than its predecessor, but causing it to act as a push kick, able to push back and off balance most opponents with less than 10 strength.

† Chain Strike (Wing Chun)
Type: C Ranked Maneuver
Requires:† First Strike
Description: Wing Chun utilizes straight punches that are fired along the center line (from the user’s chest to the opponent’s chest). This means the punches are fired without a “wind up” straight and drawing power from the shoulder, forearm and the body’s center instead of from throwing weight behind the blow. As a result of this motion, these punches arrive much faster than a traditional one. Much like a jab is faster than a hook or cross punch, Wing Chun punches are faster still than a jab.

Utilizing this speed Yume will chain multiple punches. The first punch will be with his First Strike* technique, and the second will be launched with the other hand almost simultaneously and behind the first punch. This combination of blows creates a circular rolling motion with the hands as the receding hand moves back up to attack in a half circle instead of drawing back.

Much like the shadow shuriken technique this puts the second (and possibly third or fourth) blow(s) in the shadow of the preceding making it very hard to detect. Due to the speed of the delivery the punches are lacking in power (+6 speed, -6 strength).
Dream Me to LifeShow
Night, a time when all the world rests from the clamor of day. Peaceful and comforting, darkness wraps about it all; a blanket of stillness. Some nights, though; some nights are special. Some nights the world seems wrapped in more than darkness, more than the pleasant stillness that accompanies the mass slumber of its inhabitants. It was on a night like this, one full of hope and wonder, that Hiromi Yume was born. A sharp cry to pierce the stillness was the herald of new life as he came forth into the world. So many new experiences so quickly: light, a fire crackling in the hearth, his mother’s voice, so much sweeter now than before, and the most important of all… love. A love like no other; the love of parents for their children. Hiromi Sanosuke smiled down at his son and knew that there could never be one such as this, one that could bring so much joy. Staring into the eyes of innocence, Yume’s mother, Hiromi Hanako felt the same. He was their joy, their jewel… their dream.

The boy’s parents knew though, that one day, their dream might drift away. The trouble with dreams is that they must end. It is their nature, their truth. There can be no dream without end, no great fantasy that does not come to closing. However, for a time, they held their dream close, and what a beautiful dream it was. No mere spectre of pale light, nor a phantasm of shadows; Yume shone like the sun, and his parents world came to rise and set upon him. So spoiled, games and toys aplenty soon filled his small room within the family domicile. As the boy grew, so did his heart, and he developed a great love of all things beautiful. Art, music, dance, poetry, all of these things, to Yume, were beautiful. They were little shards of happiness that together, formed the jewel of his happiness.

Years came and went, and the child grew. The infant became a toddler, and the toddler grew into a young boy. This boy, Yume, the one like no other continued to shine for his parents, to shed light into their world through his antics, through his laughter, and ultimately, through his love. There was no child more content, and no more utterly in love with life and its small wonders. Yume’s love of beauty and the arts grew, and he began to dance. He danced with such grace, such simple abandon that it stole the breath of any who watched him. This natural ability prompted Yume’s father, a former shinobi of the cloud, to begin training him the martial arts. These too, it seemed, came naturally to the boy, and he excelled in all that his father taught him.

The world kept on turning, weaving its tale of aeons, and with it, so turned the boy, from a mere lad into a handsome boy of 9. It was at this time that he made a decision that would forever shape his life and the lives of those around him. Yume was to become a shinobi, as his father had before him. It seemed strange at first, a gentle soul such as Yume wanted to enter the world of bloodshed and death. Yume saw it differently though, his parents saw him as their joy and their light. Yume hoped that just maybe he could shed some of that light upon the darkness of the shinobi world, and by so doing; leave a piece of himself in the world, wherever his path should take him.

Yume’s idealism was tested when he entered the academy. The training was far harsher than that he endured under his father, and though talented, he lacked the ambition that many of the other students had. The boy scored well in tests and field exercises, but his instructors noted that he would most likely never become jounin in rank. He lacked leadership qualities and disliked ninjutsu and genjutsu; though, it should be said that he was well liked and received by all of his classmates. Yume wore a perpetual smile that never seemed to dim, no matter how daunting his circumstances became. It was this smile that gave his parents such joy the day he graduated the academy. So happy were they, that their precious child, their stolen dream had not been tainted by the harsh realities of the world. Now that he has graduated at 14, it has yet to be seen where life will take Hiromi Yume; however, it is certain that the road will be a long and eventful one.


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