Shirahama, Sueatsu

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Shirahama, Sueatsu

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Shirahama, Sueatsu

"Monk of Shizuru"

["As fast as the Wind, as quiet as the Forest, as fierce as Fire, and immovable as the Mountain. This is how one should conduct battle."]

General Information Age: 36
Gender: Male
Height: 173 cm (5'8")
Weight: 79 kg (175 lbs)
Physical Features:
  • Face/head: Sueatsu has a confident smile that coats his face quite often. The years have been kind to him so far and his chiseled jaw is quite the example of that. His shimmering, gorgeous amber eyes show a great deal of intelligence, as well as some playful nature about him that hasn't left him since his youth. He seems to be quick with a smile that is meant to calm others at any time. His black hair used to be cut short due to the heat, but over time, he has let it grown out and tied it back, seeing as he has grown accustomed to it and prefers it this way. After all, he feels he does look better this way.
  • Body: Sueatsu is what you could consider of an athletic build. His broad shoulders go down into an equally broad frame, which compliments his stockier frame that he possesses. His skin is a tone darker than most thanks to spending a great deal of his time out in the sun but he makes sure to wear the proper clothing constantly to avoid further damage to his skin. Sueatsu, in short, is what one could consider to be a typical shinobi and his entire body shows this quite well.
  • Notable Features:Sueatsu has one highly noticeable feature. He has one prominent scar that runs the length of his spine, paralell to it. He got this scar on one of his later missions and even though he had told the Council how he had received it, he'd rather not it go to public records and thus, doesn't talk to it too much otherwise.
Clothing/Accessories: Sueatsu wears a very different garb from what most might wear. A loose black and light blue outfit adornes his body with a great deal of gold filigree covering it. This outfit was something he had fashioned after he had come back to the village from his trip outside of it to learn more about mastering his body's unique properties. This outfit provides him with all of the comfort that any standard Sunagakure shinobi outfit would provide against the heats of the sun thanks to how light and airy it is. It also consists of a small piece of jewelry which he wears around his neck, a small golden scarab beetle that he keeps with him for good luck.

He as well has a medium sized pouch on his left side hip where he keeps only a small assortment of items, which he has lowered throughout the years.
  • General: Sueatsu is what you could call a very happy-go-lucky person. He is usually seen with a smile on his face as he walks around. He is usually the first to volunteer for anything that the village needs, regardless of if he is overqualified. He desires to assist the village in any way shape or form. With this type of attitude, grim situations rarely leave him without a smile. To him, even in the darkest of times, one simple smile could help fix everything. He has kept this motto of his around for quite a while and he wishes to do his best for his village, even if it is just making one person happy at a time.
  • Hopes/Dreams: Sueatsu wasn't sure what he desired for the longest time. To him, simply assisting his village as a Shinobi was his dream. However, a recent shift has occurred in him due to a vacancy and now he sees an opportunity to lead his village down a path he desires. With his new goal of being Kazekage in mind, he seeks to impress the Council enough to be chosen.
  • Fears: When he was younger, Sueatsu used to have a fear of the dark and of insects. However, a massive paradigm shift during a mission has changed how he sees things and now, he has no need to fear them. To him, these are all factors of the glory of the Sun and as such, he embraces them openly. That being said, he has a minor fear of spiders, thanks to his new found love of insects.
  • Combat Mentality: Sueatsu has very little when it comes to long range and is ultimately a hand to hand combat specialist. What little ninjutsu he knows is meant to be there to simply aid him in his hand to hand. This way, his goal is very simple when it comes to combat. He wishes to end things swiftly and decisively before his opponent has a chance to make his move.

Battle Information Village: Sunagakure No Sato
Rank: Kazekage (Bannin)

Stats: (0/50)
  • Ninjutsu: 25
  • Taijutsu: 50
  • Genjutsu: 20
  • Stamina: 50
  • Control: 25
  • Strength: 50
  • Speed: 45
  • Instinct: 35
30 Kunai 15m of Ninja Wire
Set's Spike is a powerful dagger in the possession of Sueatsu. The weapon itself is about 14 inches from tip to pommel, with the blade measuring 10 inches and the handle measuring 4. The top 5 inches of the blade is straight edge, while the bottom 5 inches is serrated, and the entire blade shines with a light blue sheen in the sunlight. Separating the blade and the handle is a cross guard in the shape of a lightning bolt. The handle of the weapon is jet black, with a small circular gem in the pommel. Upon close inspection of the gem, one can see lightning streak along the inside of the gem, giving the weapon it's name.

By channeling chakra into it, the user may activate its special properties. Should the blade of this weapon make contact with the flesh of a living creature, the weapon will release a discharge of lightning into the target's body, causing the area around the slash or stab to become paralyzed as if they were hit by an A rank Raiton technique.

Companions: (0/1)
Affinity: Fuuton

Abilities and Concentrations
First Ability Since a young age, Sueatsu had an almost supernatural ability to sense those around him and their intent. With no idea on what caused it, Sueatsu simply chalked it up to intuition. Not until later, when he had been training with the monks of the Temple of the Sun's Blade did he realize what exactly he had when he spoke with the HeadMaster. He learned quickly that he had the ability to sense other's auras and he sought quickly to refine this into something far more accurate. Sueatsu is now able to sense anyone within [Taijutsu] meters and is able to analyze the corruption of their aura as well as their relative strength.
Second Ability -------------
Third Ability -------------
Ability Specialization: Taijutsu:
Taijutsu Specialist
Having devoted their lives to mastering the art of taijutsu, this shinobi is classified as a Taijutsu Specialist. Taijutsu specialist are able to devote a total of 10 concentrations to taijutsu, unlike most people who are capped at 8. However, they are only able to devote a max of 5 concentrations to genjutsu, and a max of 5 concentrations to ninjutsu.

As a Taijutsu Specialist, Sueatsu is able to utilize taijutsu concentrations reserved for specialists, and is able to enter the God Tier [45+] on select stats, and meaning as a specialist they can select stats to break into the God tier. These stats can only be Taijutsu, Stamina, Speed and Strength.
Fuuton Affinity:
Fuuton Affinity
A character with this concentration is able to utilize Fuuton, and can make and use any custom or archived jutsu that require the Fuuton affinity. Fuuton has an cutting effect.
Fuuton has a natural cutting property to it, that exists in all jutsu unless otherwise stated. This gives fuuton a unique opportunity to strike with additional power, and to act as a offensive defense. Regardless of their purpose fuuton jutsu passively cut with no distinct pattern at 1/3rd the strength of the technique rounded down unless otherwise stated. This means if someone punched a 19 strength fuuton wall, they would get cuts on their hand applied with 6 strength. This also means that fuuton jutsu specifically designated to cut things can create devastating wound by essentially striking twice.
Upper Body:
The fundamental skill of the [Upper Body] indicates the user’s proficiency with using their arms, chest and head in various ways to facilitate their use of related Taijutsu.
Lower Body:
The fundamental skill of [Lower Body] indicates the user’s proficiency in using their legs and feet in many different ways to facilitate their use of related Taijutsu.
The fundamental skill of [Acrobatics] includes the user’s ability to contort their body into unfamiliar positions in order to avoid attacks, as well as the user’s ability to fall safely and perform Ukemi and other feats of gymnastics. This facilitates their use of related Taijutsu.
Rigid Structure:
The fundamental skill of [Rigid Structure] describes the user’s ability to adeptly position and lock in their skeletal structure to efficiently absorb blows with minimal damage to their person. This facilitates their use of related Taijutsu.
The fundamental skill of [Perception] describes the user’s practiced methods of more keenly focussing their senses for a short time. This facilitates their use of related Taijutsu.
Deft Hands:
The fundamental skill of [Deft Hands] indicates the user’s proficiency with using their hands in very specific and complex movements, like sleight of hand and targeting very small and specific points on an opponent’s body. This facilitates their use of related Taijutsu in various ways.
The fundamental skill of [Medicine] describes the user’s mental and physical ability to perform traditional and mainstream medicinal practices. This facilitates their use of related Taijutsu.
Heavenly Body Control:
The fundamental skills of [Heavenly Body Control] cannot be mastered by those with less than 35 Taijutsu, Strength and Speed. These skills include those required to create almost ninjutsu-equivalent effects simply from the movement of one’s body such as animal shaped blasts of compressed air from especially positioned hands and other similar feats which are beyond reality. This facilitates their use of related Taijutsu, and requires Taijutsu Specialist.
Genjutsu [Place them here]

Jutsu D-Rank
*[Ninjutsu • Chakra Burst]
D-Ranked Ninjutsu
After channeling chakra into one of their fists, the user will then attempt to strike their target and if successful, they will release additional concussive force in the form of an outward explosion at D-Rank force from their fist. If the user does not strike a target within 3 posts the jutsu dissipates.

*[Ninjutsu • Tracking Device]
D-Ranked Ninjutsu
After performing the correct hand seals the user will coat one of their hairs in chakra. Once this has been done, they will place it on their target. The user can track the exact location of the strand of hair for up to 7 meters. For up to twenty meters out, the user can track a rough location. From then out to 100 meters, the user just gets a general idea of where the opponent is. The chakra in the hair will dissipate at the end of 6 posts.

Improved Surface Walking
D-Rank Ninjutsu
Prerequisite: 10 Control
After the necessary hand seals, Sueatsu amasses chakra into the soles of his feet. This causes him to hover a foot in the air over whatever object he is on top of, and can even be used to scale obstacles like it's predecessors. It lasts for a number of posts equal to the users stamina stat.

Shadow Clone Windmill Shuriken
D-Rank Ninjutsu
Holding a windmill shuriken in one hand, Sueatsu will perform hand seals with the other hand. Upon opening the hand that was sealing, a duplicate windmill shuriken will form in it. This windmill shuriken is just as real as the original and after impact poofs.
*[Ninjutsu • Multiple Chakra Kai]
C-Ranked Ninjutsu
Despite requiring both hands and more time than *[Basic Jutsu • Chakra Kai], Multiple Chakra Kai allows the user to activate up to five objects simultaneously, up to 20 + (Control/2) meters away.

*[Ninjutsu • Advanced Transformation Technique]
C-Ranked Ninjutsu
An advanced form of the Transformation Technique, after performing the correct hand seals and holding the final one temporarily, the user will coat and mold chakra around their body into the shape and form of something or someone which is no more than twice their size at a speed of 4. This technique's true advantage is that the disguise is given physical substance. This means, for example, if they transform into something with claws, they will have claws that can physically be used. For the disguises 5 post duration, if it is damaged by a hit of 16 or more strength, the disguise "poofs" from existence. This includes collateral damage caused by striking an opponent that may occur to the disguise.

Windmill Shuriken Barrage
C-Rank Ninjutsu
Holding a windmill shuriken in one hand, Sueatsu will perform hand seals with the other hand. Upon throwing the windmill shuriken it will duplicate twice causing three total windmill shuriken to travel in a tight spread. Each shuriken has a small amount of explosive energy within it and upon being kai'd can release enough energy to turn it up to 45 degrees once. The cloned shuriken poof after impact.
*[Ninjutsu • Shadow Clone Technique]
B-Ranked Ninjutsu
After performing the correct hand seals the user proceeds to create a number of clones of themselves (maximum is equal to 1/3rd the users stamina). Unlike the Clone Technique, these clones are actual copies of the user in both appearance and substance. The user's chakra is evenly distributed among every clone, giving each clone an equal fraction of the user's overall power. The clones are capable of performing jutsu on their own and can even bleed, but they will usually disperse after one or two solid blows. The clones will be created in roughly the same condition as the original and any experience the clones gain during their existence is transferred to the user once they are dispersed. Given that the clones are an exact replica of the user, they share the same stats except for stamina, which is determined by the number of clones presently in effect.

Just a Tap
B-Rank Ninjutsu
After the necessary hand seals, Sueatsu will imbue his index and middle finger with chakra. Once this has been done, he will attempt to touch his opponent within two posts. If successful, the opponent's body will become paralyzed for two posts. If the opponent's strength is greater than 20 they can resist this technique.
*[Ninjutsu • Advanced Shadow Clone Technique]
A-Ranked Ninjutsu
After performing the correct hand seals the user proceeds to create a number of clones of themselves (maximum is equal to 1/3rd the user's stamina). Unlike the Clone Technique, these clones are actual copies of the user in both appearance and substance. The user's chakra is evenly distributed among every clone, giving each clone an equal fraction of the user's overall power. The clones are capable of performing jutsu on their own and can even bleed, but they will usually disperse after one or two solid blows. The clones will be created in roughly the same condition as the original and any experience the clones gain during their existence is transferred to the user once they are dispersed. Given that the clones are an exact replica of the user, they share the same stats except for stamina, which is determined by the number of clones presently in effect. The advantage of this form of the technique is that once dispersed, the chakra distributed to the clones returns to the user, allowing any un-used chakra to be regained, slowing the draining usage of this technique. The chakra returns to the user at a different rate depending on the user's control.
1-15 Control: 1/5
16-25: 2/5
26-35: 3/5
36+: 4/5
D-Rank Taijutsu Discipline
Prerequisites: Upper Body
After extensive practice and training the practitioner has gained equal strength and skill between their two hands. This allows them to perform any action with either hand at exactly the same skill level and strength.

Ukemi Mastery
D-Rank Taijutsu Discipline
Prerequisites: Lower Body, Acrobatics
The user has perfected their ability to perform Ukemi. They can seamlessly move into a roll from any position and are able to evenly distribute their weight when the user is thrown, knocked down or falling.

Seamless Skill
D-Rank Taijutsu Discipline
A skill utilized by those on the path to mastery of their weapon, users of Seamless Skill are actively able to transition between offensive and defensive usage of the aforementioned weapon. By transitioning so smoothly, the user is able to save a marginal amount of energy while attacking.

D-Ranked Taijutsu Discipline
Utilized when the user is vulnerable on the ground, this technique allows him/her to get up easily while expelling nearby weapons and people. To perform Spin, the user swings their legs around above them, causing them to spin around. This subsequently knocks away the objects and people in their proximity at a strength equal to the user's while allowing the user to get to get up.

Skillful Wield
D-Rank Taijutsu Discipline
With a solid foundation of knowledge on their choice of weaponry, those with the Skillful Wield technique are able to utilize their weapon more fully. By knowing the weapon's weakest points, the user is able to avoid presenting these areas to damage during combat, thus making their weapon less likely to break by means of recklessness.
Projectile Whistles
C-rank Taijutsu Discipline
Prerequisite: Preception
The user has attuned their hearing to the sound of things moving through the air. This allows them to hear projectiles flying at them from a general location, even if they can’t see them. This technique does not work in enclosed areas where sounds bounce off walls/doors/windows/etc.
Close Quarters
B-rank Taijutsu Discipline
Prerequisites: Upper Body, Rigid Structure
When in enclosed areas, many fighters have may find themselves with limited space and find it difficult to get the full force out of their attack. No matter the angle, the user who practiced this discipline will be able to get full strength from their blows even if they can't extend them fully.

B-Rank Taijutsu Discipline
Through years of the training, the user has learned to surpress a great deal of pain. While the body will still be harmed, the user may choose to ignore all but the most dire of injuries. This allows the user to simply push through and continue the fight with no effort.

Warrior's Awareness
B-Rank Taijutsu Discipline
Prerequisite: Preception
The user has become so adept at fighting that they are able to notice things about their opponent that most might not. The longer the user fights someone, the more the user becomes accustomed to the way their opponent moves, the very minuscule details like the movement of the muscle just before a strike is to come. Those with more Taijutsu than the user will simply not be affected by this technique.
Situational Awareness
A-Rank Taijutsu Discipline
Prerequisite: Preception
Having taken years of training to perfect this, the user has atoned their hearing with levels that are beyond human. They are able to hear the faintest of whispers, the quietest of noises, and some of the most silent shinobi around. Those that have somehow become one with the shadows themselves will be able to override this technique though.

Advancing Guard
A-Rank Taijutsu Discipline
Prerequisite: Perception
Through years of study with the most powerful of warriors, the user has developed their ability in combat awareness to an inhuman level. The user is able to notice details that are imperceptible to most eyes. With this, the user is able to penetrate the defenses of their opponent to strike in close quarters while keeping themselves safe. Those with more Taijutsu than the user will make this far more difficult to deal with.
Protective Embrace of the Goddess Shizuru
S-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver
Prerequisite: 45 Taijutsu, 40 Strength
A technique that Sueatsu has developed himself, he has learned a way to turn the very air he breathes into a means of defense. Drawing in a deep breath, he will begin to exhale outwards a visible air. What he breathes out will begin to coalesce and circle around him in a transparent set of amrour. The design is very simple except for what appears to be two arms embracing him over his shoulders, but the function of the armour is truly what makes it marvelous. This armour can withstand hits up to 4/5th of the user's strength before it breaks and it allows free range of motion. This allows Sueatsu to have an emergency set of armour, just in case the opponent he is up against is too much for whatever material he decides to bring originally.
Prior to the rise of Shinobi, the feudal armies consisted almost entirely of samurai. Amongst the samurai, there was a great need to be able to defeat an armed and armored opponent with no weapon, or only a short weapon. Because striking against an armored opponent proved ineffective, samurai learned that the most efficient methods for neutralizing an enemy took the form of pins, joint locks, and throws. With this knowledge, the samurai developed a series of techniques around the principle of using an attacker's energy against them, rather than directly opposing it- the series of techniques ultimately becoming known as Jujutsu.
Requires: [Upper Body], [Deft Hands], [Rigid Structure]
D-Rank Basic Parry
D-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver
A essential technique, the user starts with their feet squared apart and their arms up in a guarding position. When the opponent strikes, whether high or low, the user will use the same side arm as the opponents incoming limb to parry the attack mid-limb. Then, by twisting off the ball of their foot in a counter-clockwise motion, the user can create considerable force and knock back the opponents limb, creating a window for the user to execute a strike or flip.

D-Rank Taijutsu Discipline
A spatial awareness and body sense that is extremely important to practitioners of jujutsu, the user has practiced breaking an opponents grip on them. This technique is possible when the user still has free limbs. Using their free limbs they will strike at the opponent's weakpoints, like the back of the neck, skull, funnybone, etc. If successful, they will then use the window of opportunity to throw the opponent off balance, creating an opening to flip their suppressor.

Weapon Parry
D-Rank Taijutsu Discipline
A simple augment for the Basic Parry, this allows the user the ability to parry weapons just as well as they can parry unarmed blows.
Leg Lock
C-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver
Utilizing principles of the Basic Parry, when the opponent attempts an overhead strike, the user will block the initial strike and duck down, the user aiming a strike of their own at the opponents's hip. By applying extra pressure and bringing their other hand down they will attempt to grab the opponent's right ankle, pulling it out from under them. If the target falls they will then place a firm leg on the inside thigh of the left leg and wrap their arm around the right, effectively locking the opponent in place. The same stance can be mirrored with the other leg opening if desired.

Arm Lock
C-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver
Utilizing principles of the Basic Parry, when the opponent throws a punch towards the user's stomach, the user will block the strike with a left-handed downward block. They will then grab the opponents wrist with their right hand, twisting clockwise on their ball of the left foot to be parallel to their opponent. The user will then plant their right foot and aim a left elbow jab to the attackers head, really aiming to move their left hand around the opponents right arm. When done, the user will twist their wrist clockwise and push their wrist down to the floor to apply the lock. The same stance can be mirrored with the other hand opening if desired.

Body Drop
C-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver
In order to preform a Body Drop, the opponent needs to be off balance in some manner. This time, when the block is made, the user brings their left foot to the left foot of their opponent. Twisting counter-clockwise on the ball of their left foot, the user takes their right arm behind their opponent simultaneously holding the opponents right bicep with their left hand. By bringing their right foot to the opponents and then taking their left foot forward, their knee bending, the user then twists their upper body counter-clockwise, the heel of their right foot sweeping the opponents right leg simultaneously as the users whips the opponent over their right side and onto the ground. The period of shock after this is the perfect opportunity for follow-up pins or attacks.

Shoulder Toss
C-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver
In order to perform a Shoulder Toss, the opponent will need to be set off balance in some manner. The user will reach towards the opponent's arm and grasp it before turning around, their back towards the opponent now. Using torque and the force of their spin, they will pull on their opponent's arm in an attempt to throw them over their shoulder where they can then follow up with whatever attacks they desire.
Adept Parry
B-Rank Taijutsu Discipline
Prerequisite: Basic Parry
Having practice with the Basic Parry for years, the user has been able to grow increased mastery over the technique and has begun to be able to apply it to highly unorthodox attacks. No matter the direction that the attacks comes in from, the user is able to bring up their arm and block the blow mid strike while maintaining a rigid stance as to not be moved by the force of the blow. Twisting on the ball of their feet, they can then create considerable force and knock back the opponents limb, opening the opponent up for a throw or a strike.

Secondary Slam
B-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver
Normally used against an opponent on the ground, the user will reach towards the opponent and grasp them on their shoulder or preferably, whatever clothing they may have on them. The user will lift the opponent up while beginning to pivot, using their other hand on the opponent's side to throw their opponent back down onto the ground with serious force.
Deadly Twist
A-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver
Prerequisite: Taijutsu 30, Strength 35
A very simple technique in execution, it is the force that applied that makes this move so deadly. Once the user has an opening, they will reach forward and grasp the wrist of the opponent. The user will give a firm twist with a great deal of might. This force comes so quickly that it almost seems as if it travels up their arm before the move is executed. Unless the opponent has more Taijutsu than the user, the opponent's arm will shatter on the spot from the immense torque that is applied to them.

Joint Breaker
A-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver
Prerequisite: Taijutsu 30, *[Medicinal Style • Anatomy]
One of the few combination techniques for this style, this is not for every user and is seen as overly cruel, but often results in death. The user will begin by putting the opponent off balance in some way before they begin. The user will reach for the opponent's arms and attempt to break them at the ball and socket join. Regardless if they break, the user will quickly transition to the opponent's legs and attempt to break them with swift palm strikes to the side before dancing behind the opponent and grasping at their head, attempting to break the swivel joint in the opponent's neck with a vicious rending of their head.
Master Parry
S-Rank Taijutsu Discipline
Prerequisite: Adept Parry, Heavenly Body Control,
Sueatsu has taken the art of parrying an opponent's strikes that he is able to do it without so much as a single thought. Sueatsu has taken the Basic Parry technique to the pinnacle of what he knows. At this stage, he is able to be in any sort of stance he desires and be able to react within time should circumstances allow. This type of practice has also allowed him to parry away certain blows that would otherwise not be allowed, such as those that require Heavenly Body Control. There is a limit though and strikes that cover a wide field, don't directly target him, or are far too quick for him to perceive will not be affected.

Unyielding Stance of the Goddess Shizuru
S-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver
Prerequisite: Master Parry
This technique, Sueatsu has spent years developing. In the midst of battle, Sueatsu will simply stop and throw up his arms. The gesture can be taken in a variety of manners, but essentially, Sueatsu leaves himself completely open. This is exactly what he wants because if the opponent strikes him while he is doing this, he will attempt to react to them. If all goes as intended, Sueatsu will reach forward and grip the opponent's face before bringing them up by their head. During this, he will turn around and slamming them down onto the ground in an attempt to break their neck with the sheer force of the throw. Even if the opponent survives this technique, they are likely to be in severe pain from the blow and prone to follow up techniques.
Muay Thai:
Long before the rise of Shinobi, ancient armies consisted almost entirely of lightly armored warriors. When conventional weapons broke, which was common, it became a normal practice for warriors to learn to use their entire body in combat. From this style, quite a few martial arts can trace their roots to it. Called the Art of Eight Limbs, Muay Thai is seen as less brutal direct descendant, but this is hardly the case. Practioners of this style use their arms, legs, elbows and knees to deliver crushing blows and cause as much damage as possible.
Requires: [Upper Body], [Lower Body], [Rigid Structure], [Acrobatics]
D-Rank Foot Jab
D-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver
The user will lunge a foot forward to strike at the opponent. This simple technique has a variety of uses to it but typically, it is used to strike at an opponent's stomach to keep them at max distance.

D-rank Taijutsu Maneuver
When caught in a close quarters situation, the user will cup the opponents head and hold them in place, allowing them to deliver elbows and knees at full power while hindering the opponent's movement. The user may also choose to throw the person as well.

D-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver
As the name suggests, this is a simple roundhouse kick that the user can perform at their leisure, but allows for many ways to follow up and even allows to the user to keep the opponent at a different distance the the foot jab would, making this great for just throwing out.
Punishing Knee
C-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver
Prerequisite: Clinch
During a clinch, the user with grasp at the back of the target's head firmly and drag them downwards. At the same time, the user will attempt to strike upwards with their knee and drive their knee right into the opponent's face.

Snap Kick
C-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver
The user will lunge forward and deliver a brutal kick to the knee of the opponent. Should the kick connect the opponent will receive a -3 to their speed. If the user has more than 5 strength than the opponent, this kick can result in a completely shattered knee.

Reverse Elbow
C-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver
A counter technique, the user will wait till the opponent strikes at them. As the opponent strikes, the user will attempt to spin around to the outside of the strike and at the same time, try to strike at the opponent's head with their elbow.

Drop Elbow
C-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver
The user will raise their arm up before swiftly dropping their elbow on top of the opponents head. Normally, this is done during a clinch but can be down by simply jumping into the air a small amount to slam their elbow downwards.
Collar Breaker
B-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver
This brutal combo starts out with a punch towards the opponent's head, attempting to get them off balance and make them block towards a side. The user will then follow up by performing a knee aimed for the stomach accompanied with an elbow strike aimed at the head on the opposite side of where the first punch occurred. The user will then follow up with a double elbow strike right towards the opponent's collar bone in attempt to shatter it and drop the opponent.

Tiger's Destruction
B-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver
The user will begin by launching themselves forward into the air, towards their opponent with their knee outstretched to catch them with it. If the knee is to land, it is likely to put the opponent in a stunned state at the sheer force of the impact. The user will then follow up right afterwards with an uppercut that sends the opponent flying into the air before chasing after them to land another uppercut into the opponent to send them soaring away and landing onto the dirt.
Tornado Uppercut
A-Rank Taijutsu
Prerequisite: Heavenly Body Control, 35 Strength
A highly vicious technique, the user has become capable of harnassing their strength for a feat that is truly marvelous. Ducking down quickly, the user with perform an uppercut. This uppercut is performed at such a level of strength that the air around it will begin to swirl before flying forward. It will travel about 40 meters before it will disperse. Whatever it comes in contact will be shredded by the razor sharp winds for 3/4th the user's strength.
Wrath of the Goddess Shizuru
S-Rank Taijutsu
Prerequisite: Heavenly Body Control, 40 Strength, 40 Taijutsu
Taking the principals of Tornado Upper, Sueatsu has developed it in a different manner. Placing his palms together horizontally, he will begin to focus before he releases them and whirls his arms around once in front of him before they rigidly stop forearm to forearm. This motion will bring forth the true strength of this technique, sending a mass of heated whirling air forward in a cone away from him. Anyone within 35 meters of this mass of air will be pulled towards it with 3/4th of the user's strength. Those that are struck by this technique are hit with 3rd degree burns on contact and sent spiraling away at a strength equal to 3/4th of the user's strength. This cone of air is 50 meters in length and 35 meters wide.
Arts of Medicine:
Arts of Medicine
This user has educated themselves in traditional medicine, and is able to treat and care for wounds in methods taught to medicine men and doctors that don't utilize chakra.
Requires: [Medicine] and [Deft Hands] Concentrations
All Art of Medicine Techniques require both Taijutsu and Instinct stats equal to the requirements for the rank of the Technique.
*[Medicinal Style • Anatomy]
A-rank Taijutsu Discipline
One who has mastered this discipline has an near unparalleled comprehension of anatomy and physiology. They are able to locate even the smallest of veins in any person, regardless of variances in shape or size. This knowledge extends to chakra systems, nervous systems, and anything else. Much of this knowledge extends into the biology of non-human species as well, though with less precision. This discipline, combined with enough accuracy, can turn even the simplest of attacks into a fatal blow.

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Shirahama, Sueatsu

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Historical AccountsShow
Early Life/Academy YearsShow
Born to Daichi and Rin during one of Sunagakure's holidays, Sherpard's Day, Sueatsu was what his parents might consider to be a miracle, due to complications before Sueatsu. To them, this was all a blessing from The Sun and Her Light and from the Shoudaime Kazeage. During his youth, Sueatsu had a very religious upbringing on top of having a very standard upbringing. He was introduced to Yummagure very early on and he seemed to cling to it rather easily. As well, he would often play with the other youths that were within Sunagakure's walls and he would often be seen speaking to Shinobi either just leaving or just coming back from their missions. He would listen to their stories of their battles that were had, of the foreign lands that they had visited, and the beauty of simply being able to travel about. All of this greatly interested Sueatsu, who at the time, was unsure of whether or not he wished to attempt to be a Shinobi. However, spending enough time hearing the stories, he did eventually decide that is what he wanted. When he became of the proper age to enter the Academy, Sueatsu would ask his parents who were all too eager to send him into the Academy, seeing as he might just be the first of their line to become a Shinobi. Thus, without hesitation, he was enrolled right away.

During Sueatsu's years in the Academy, he would find he had a knack for several different areas. His teachers would steer him towards Taijutsu, seeing as those were what he excelled the most at but he would constantly ask them to continue to explore different areas. As well during these years, Sueatsu would make many friends, none of who would last him very long thanks to their young age, but for the time being, the days were fun. All of the preparation, training and time would all come to a conclusion at the graduation, where much to his parents excitement, Sueatsu did graduate the Academy. He had pursued what his instructors had felt was best for him and afterwards, things had been easy. When his parents heard the news, that night, they celebrated. They celebrated grandly for their son who was the first in their line to become a Shinobi. This would end up becoming a tradition amongst his family. Whenever he would go up a rank, they'd celebrate. For now, Sueatsu was a Genin. A very proud, happy-go-lucky, relaxed Genin who was ready to prove himself and make himself of use to his village, just like the Academy had taught him.
Genin Years/Chuunin YearsShow
Sueatsu's Genin years were fairly relaxed. He was assigned to a Student team with two people who would later become part of his family, simply by being extensions due to how close he would end up being to him. Kouseki, Hayato-Sensei and Kouseki, Miu, his granddaughter. For the most part, if he wasn't on missions with these two, Sueatsu was training around the clock with them. He would be training constantly, morning to night, often to the same result. Which was just how far ahead Miu was from him. However, that did not stop him and he was desperately doing his best to try to catch up to both of them. Years would pass and eventually, the trio would grow so close that Sueatsu would introduce them to his family, where they were easily made into members of the family without question, seeing as how that had been there for Sueatsu and had made him show great improvement in leaps and bounds. Eventually though, the time would come where Sueatsu would be slated for the Chuunin exam and he didn't know whether he would be fighting Miu or not... but he was prepared. He was ready to go further. He wanted to impress his parents, his friend and his sensei. No matter what.

Sueatsu's Chuunin exam was against a person he had not met before. He would quickly learn that this person was skilled in Genjutsu and Long Range-Ninjutsu, with Sueatsu being only partially skilled in only one of these trees and it was hardly beyond the basics. However, after a grueling battle, one that lasted for nearly twice as long as most Chuunin exam fights did, Sueatsu lost. He had been struck by a brutally powerful jutsu and lie flat on his back. Although it was not the first defeat he had had, it was the first one that to him, truly mattered. His frustration as his opponent assisted him up was visible and there he stood as he was evaluated by the proctors. The cool stone of the training ground floor beneath his feet was all he was focusing on until he heard it. The words that to him, rang like bells of sweet relief. He had passed... He had truly and absolutely passed. When he heard that, all of the pain, all of the tired disappeared and he jumped in the air with such excitement. He would receive his Chuunin mark and he would immediately bid the proctors a farewell before rushing to his parents. Time to celebrate two events, seeing as Miu had passed as well. With this, for the entire night yet again, they had a grand time. Excitement was not contained but thanks to how rough the fight was, Sueatsu was asleep early... but he was ready to start the next day, bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready for whatever was to come his way.
One of the major changes was that Sueatsu would move from a Student team immediately to an Assault team. He would join as the lowest ranking member of said Assault team, his superiors being all above his rank. This did not bother him. He saw it as an opportunity to improve himself even further. With this, he would immediately set out upon attempting to prove himself to his betters during every mission. Several more years would pass where he remained as a Chuunin within this squad. He would learn squad tactics, movements, and patterns. He would end up being a highly integral part of the group, thanks to his excellence in Ninjutsu and Taijutsu, where he would be one of their flankers. Eventually, his training had led Sueatsu to taking a mission with one of the members of his team. It was a fairly simple mission. A low-ranking delivery mission where he would simply be tasked with delivery something from within Wind Country towards its border where it would be handed off to someone at the border of Fire Country. However, along the way, Sueatsu and his squad-mate would end up being jumped by a group of bandits that had been roaming the area only recently. It was a struggle at first, but since Sueatsu and his squad-mate were both Shinobi, the tide very quickly began to turn in their favour and soon, they were chasing away the last of the ones that decided to run. This would mark the first time that Sueatsu would have to fight to the death and kill someone himself... and it would not be the last time, unfortunately. He knew that it was for the betterment of his village, but he had some lingering doubts in the back of his mind. The rest of the mission would go as smooth as silk, however and when Sueatsu would return, he would be called before the Council. Due to his years of service and his excellent track record, he would be promoted to Special Jounin. Just as before, just as always, something to anchor him down... he would celebrate with his family. He would confide in them what had happened and speak on his worries, but he would say that he could figure them out and they were not affecting him. He would speak to his friend, Miu, who had also been promoted earlier in the day, about what happened, but she seemed to have a different view on it and for this, Sueatsu felt... somewhat alone. It wasn't anything major though, he would be fine. He knew he would be fine. It would just take some time.
Special Jounin Years/DiscoveryShow
Back on the same Assault squad, Sueatsu would end up being sent out on more and more dangerous missions for quite a few more years to come. One mission in particular though would end up putting him on a path. One that he would not know he was on. One that would involve a great deal of fate, luck and even divine intervention if one didn't know better. During a particularly quiet escort mission, the mission dossier had spoken about potential Nukenin threat. For certain, that is what came to be. Nukenin as well as several bandits which the Nukenin had apparently taught chakra to, came out from an ambush point. They would ambush the squad and quickly begin to take out quite a few people, including some of the escort target's own guards. The situation took a grim turn immediately as the Sunagakure shinobi were in a fight for their life. However, their team work was far superior to a bunch of bandits who just learned how to use chakra and it was only a matter of time before the others had taken out more of the bandits. Out of the corner of his eye, Sueatsu could see the Nukenin attempting to flee. Without a single moment of hesitation, Sueatsu would go to chase him down. For quite a while, Sueatsu would run. He would run quite a distance from his team where he would eventually have to confront the Nukenin by himself. A brutal conflict would ensue and unfortunately, try as Sueatsu might, he would have to end up taking the life of the Nukenin. For some reason, this life was different though. The moment he had done the deed and had stumbled back from the body, his own body immediately ejected the contents of his stomach. To him, this other ex-shinobi was like kin. After composing himself and realizing he would need to present proof of the Nukenin's demise, he would quietly search through the person's pockets... before he realized that he was an ex-Sunagakure shinobi... Sueatsu was stunned. He had called one of his own. Even if he wasn't anymore, to him... it was different. He didn't think he could just allow the body to stay here. No. He would take it back. Taking up the body in his arms, he would rush back to his Squad-mates and tell them of what happened. They all seemed rather... neutral on the issue. None of them had reacted like Sueatsu, who had basically freaked out. Sueatsu would explain his desire to return the body and the leader of the Squad would allow it, provided he send back word that the mission would be completed no problem. Once again, without hesitation, Sueatsu nodded his head and would begin rushing back to Sunagakure.

When he would arrive, he would present the evidence of the Nukenin's demise to the Council as well as tell them he has the body. He wished to see what would be done with it... and what he witnessed was horrifying. Unlike what he expected, because the shinobi was a Nukenin, they weren't to be brought back to The Sun and Her Light. No. The Nukenin was to be buried beneath the earth, never to receive Her Light again. Sueatsu had known of this... but witnessing it now. It was shocking. It was something that, put simply, shattered some of his thoughts. He cared so much for even Nukenin... but that wasn't right. That wasn't what he was taught. He needed time to think on this. Using a training mission as guise for time outside the village, Sueatsu would exit the village and simply begin to walk around. He, of course, would train like Hayato-Sensei had always taught him to do. However, even when he trained, he was thinking on what he had experienced so rapidly. The bandits years ago, the Nukenin now... He wasn't sure if he knew what was right or wrong anymore. As he was walking the desert, going to go... somewhere, he would end up wandering onto one of the few oasis locations in the desert that was not Sunagakure. While he was sitting near this small bastion of life giving water, taking in the more calm feeling of being here, he would begin to hear what sounded like... fighting? It was difficult to tell. Moving his way towards the sound of sand being tossed about and yells, he could hear a few voices and when he managed to finally see something through the heat, he was a little surprised. Standing amongst a group of what seemed like highwaymen was what seemed to be a slightly more frail person. It was difficult to discern more than that due to the sheer number of other people around them. Sueatsu didn't know if he should get involved but before he even could, the frail looking figure in the middle of the throngs of people went into a frenzy of movement. Within a matter of moments, those throngs of people were lying on the ground, unconcious or dead and the frail woman, now that he had a better look, was standing back in her spot... unaffected and unharmed.

Needless to say, Sueatsu was awe-struck. He had done his fair share of fights, he had seen his fair share of techniques... but nothing with such brutal efficiency. Clambering across the sand, Sueatsu would begin to approach her. Before he could even get close though, she was right up on him and within moments had begun to strike at him, assuming he was there for the same reason those others that she had defeated were. Sueatsu had to defend himself in a blur of motion but it was not very successful. During the melee though, he was able to notice a few things. First of all, her clothes were not of one of the many nomadic tribes that wandered Wind Country and two, there was a symbol on her clothing. One that he would eventually become intimately familiar with. The symbol was of the Sun with a sword crossing in front of it. The Sun itself seemed sharp as a razor's edge and it was difficult to tell much more in the massive sweep of attacks that followed after this moment. Sueatsu, after only a few moments, lie on the sand... defeated but alive. He was in pain, but he would be fine when he regained consciouness. The moment he did though, he would rush back to the village. He would quickly begin to delve and search through Sunagakure's vast libraries in desperation to find any knowledge on that symbol. He would describe it to anyone who would listen, attempting to garner assistance to finding it but none seemed to know anything about this.

For roughly a year, Sueatsu would take whatever down time he had from the various missions he would do to look for any vital information. Eventually though... he found something. However minute it was, it was something to help him figure out more. It seemed that even with what Sunagakure had though, there was very little information on these group of people. However, there were a few things he did know thanks to the tombs. That the person who had attacked him was a monk of a group dedicated to someone they dubbed Shizuru and that they were somewhere within Wind Country but their location had become unknown as of recent years, however, there was a location that they had been at previously where he could travel to. With this knowledge in hand and a sudden fire in his heart, he had to investigate... He wanted to figure out how that woman had been able to take down so many people, including himself, a shinobi, with such ease.

For yet another year though, Sueatsu would wait. He had not realized it at the time but he wasn't going to let Miu just leave him in the dust. He had not spoken to her in ages, after all. She had to be at least Jounin by now. For this, Sueatsu would dedicate himself to ranking up and as soon as he had done so, would attempt to speak with the Council to get permission to leave on this journey.
Jounin Years/Search and TrainingShow
Beseeching the Council, Sueatsu would ask to go on a special mission in an attempt to track down these monks, so that he may learn of them more and gain whatever experience he could from them. This would also allow him to potentially train under them and see that they are possibly friendly with Sunagakure. After some deliberation, he would be granted his request and Sueatsu would be on his way without delay. He knew that the key to finding this lost group of people was going to be retracing their steps. He would be out there for whoever knows how long, so before he left, he would inform his parents of the situation before he would be off. With the wind at his back and a feeling of earnest in his heart, he would set off. It would take him nearly a week to arrive at the last known location of the Monks of Shizuru. The sand riddled temple seemed to be have been worn down over the years. He would enter, quietly, to look around. It seemed to have either been raided or just destroyed on the way out. Most of the symbols, tapestries and whatever evidence there could be of them seemed to have been demolished long ago. Delving through these ruins, he was desperate to find anything... but before he could truly delve deeper into it, he could hear someone walking across the stone outside. Moving back outside, a familiar face greeted him. The one of the woman he had once had to defend himself against. This time however, he made his intentions clear immediately before she had time to strike at him. Even with this though, she would move towards him and attempt to strike at him. He was forced to defend himself, yet again, against this woman. However, since it had been two years since they last met, he had been able to improve himself. This time, he was holding his own. She was clearly skilled beyond her years. After about three minutes though, he was not able to keep up with her anymore. Instead of her striking him down though, she offered him something instead. She offered him a chance to learn from her so long as he was able to follow her. Without a doubt, Sueatsu accepted and with this, his training would begin.

For about a month, Sueatsu followed with this woman, learned a few things from her and was able to get a few answers about the Monks of Shizuru from her. At the end of the month of travel with her, they had arrived at the actual Temple of Shizuru. Sueatsu was awe-struck immediately by the impressive nature of said temple, even in the middle of the desert. Lead to the head monk, he would be brought before him. He would ask Sueatsu questions, questions about his purpose, what he desired. In the end, he would ask if Sueatsu wished to stay within this temple, to train here, to become a monk. Without hesitation, without really thinking, Sueatsu agreed to this. He would have to send word back to Sunagakure, to assure them he had found these long lost monks and that he would be training under them, but there, in the temple, he stayed. He would learn their way of life and he would do what he did to become a far better shinobi for Sunagakure. For the next three months, Sueatsu remained within this temple, improving himself with constant work as well as learning of the person that these monks worship, Shizuru. During this time, he would make sure to record all he had learned from them and attempt to teach the monks what he knew, still wanting to gather a new ally for Sunagakure within Wind Country. Normally, monks would take years to master what Sueatsu seemed to grasp in mere moments. However, these three months of grueling training and learning went by too quick and Sueatsu, knowing he would have to return to Sunagakure eventually, bid the monks of Shizuru a farewell and that he would return. He did not say to them that he may not stay... but to him, the monks were like a second family and he could not simply leave them behind. What he realized, on the walk back to Sunagakure, was that he indeed had made a new ally, but not for Sunagakure. For himself.

When Sueatsu would return, he would be brought forth to the Council. He would explain his absence. He would explain all of what he learned, about what he feels, and he would ask the Council that he be given the opportunity to test it out further. He wanted to assist the village still. Sunagakure was still his village... and he had a hope, a dream, that he had been developing since he was little. To be a Bannin, to be a top elite... he desperately wanted this. It would take much discussion and deliberation but eventually, the Council presented him with said opportunity. He would be sent to track and hunt down a well known and dangerous Missing Ninja and either capture or kill him. Whichever would come. This was not something Sueatsu desired to do... but he accepted and like that, he was off.

It would take several weeks before Sueatsu would be able to even catch an actual glimpse of the shinobi he had been sent after. The dossier on the shinobi had not lied. A master of stealth that he was, even masters can slip up every once in a while, especially if someone is attempting to watch their every move. When Sueatsu had finally caught up to Nukenin, he had found the other in a town and was following him out. They had barely left the edge of the town though when the Shinobi turned on him fast and ferociously. The battle that ensued would have been one that could have been talked about for ages to come. A battle of epic proportions that left the land scarred and destroyed. In the end though, Sueatsu had managed to overcome the Shinobi's tricks and had ended up killing him. It was the last thing he wanted to do... but he did it. He knew it was necessary. Anything for his village. With that, Sueatsu would return to Sunagakure and present to them proof of the Shinobi's demise, including the body of the shinobi to have it be dealt with however the village saw fit. More discussion would occur and about a week later, Sueatsu would be called in and told he would be promoted to Bannin of Sunagakure. With this, Sueatsu would finally achieve a dream of his... a dream he had long sought after. Finally, he could go back home and once again, celebrate. Unfortunately... Miu and Hayato-Sensei were not around... and this bothered him. He assumed they were on a mission though and instead, he celebrated with his parents, who were more than just proud at this point.
Bannin Years/CurrentShow
Sueatsu has only been a Bannin for about a year, but even so, he has proven his excellence time and time again with any order given to him by the Akihito-Sama. He had many of his life experiences to thank for all of this and he now has a new dream. One that only came up recently due to the Tenth Kazekage getting on in the years and seemingly talk of there to be a new Kazekage. If he is to serve his village, Sueatsu needs to be entirely for his village and the only way he sees that being a factor is if he takes the role as Kazekage himself. To this day, he continues to work his hardest to attempt to be one of the shinobi listed for this monumentous position.


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