Tenjirou, Shigekuni

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Tenjirou, Shigekuni

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Tenjirou Shigekuni
Sunagakure no Shiden
{Violet Bolt of the Sand}

[ I must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.]

General Information Age: 21
Gender: Male
Height: 6'4
Weight: 145 lbs
Physical Features:
  • Face/head: Shigekuni's features have sharpened recently, showing the end of his puberty phase. Having a more handsome look about him, he keeps himself clean shaven with barely ever a sign of stubble, showing he's no longer some wild or impulsive child as he maintains a more mature appearance. His brown eyes are often heavy-lidded and often show a lack of the luster he had when he was a Genin and his facial features seem to be set in a rather neutral expression most of the time that could almost be mistake for being on the verge of a frown. Shigekuni allowed his black hair to remain spiky but let it grow out a little more, his hair seeming to orient itself to the left side because of his kasa hat flattening it down to that side when he puts it on.
  • Body: Compared to his younger self and early Chuunin years, Shigekuni is lacking in muscle as he sought to create a more agile and acrobatic build out of his body after being out of comission for some time. While he still has visible muscle, it's most prominent upon his back as his muscles developed differently to compensate the lack of an arm as he improved his ability to use his remaining arm in a fight. His skin used to have a considerable tan, but now it has faded a great deal and leaves his skin with a ligther tan given that he has limited his time in the sun.
  • Notable Features: While only holding a handful of unique physical traits, the most obvious is the clear lack of a left arm, having a large scar at the shoulder marking it was lost in a rather violent event of some kind. Additionally, due to his status as a former Spirit host, his chakra retains it's unique prismatic color which is clearly shown in all of his chakra based techniques. The last notable feature of him is not readily visible, his skeletal structure retaining it's changed quality from his time as a Spirit host. Shigekuni's entire skeletal structure is compressed of specialized black chakra receivers.
Ditching his previous attire, mostly because it was destoryed in it's last battle, Shigekuni now wears a more simplistic set of clothes. His legs are covered by a light brown pair of pants with cinches near the ankles and knees to keep sand out, these pants are held in place by a lavender belt that has a pouch along Shigekuni's lower back. Over his torso he wears a light grey shirt with long sleeves, the left one dangling freely at his side. Over this he wears a modified flak Suna flak jacket that lacks shoulder padding so it doesn't stand out too much under his cloak. His feet are adorned with simple light grey sandals while his remaining hand is clad in a similarly colored fingerless glove.

Covering all but his shins, feet, and head is a tan cloak to protect him from the desert heat as well as allow him to blend into his surroundings a little easier. This cloak has a storm flap in the front to keep the sand out, a violet cinch on the collar, and violet lining. He also has a black version to wear on night missions or when not within Wind Country's borders. In addition, Shigekuni also wears kasa hat upon his head to shield himself from the desert sun while wearing a very light weight lavender scarf around his neck to cover his face during sand storms or to pull over his head like a hood should his kasa get lost or destroyed.
Picture: N/A
  • General: Becoming more reclusive after the battle that cost him his arm and the Spirit he once hosted, Shigekuni is frank with anyone he encounters and keeps interaction with others minimalistic. His wounded Pride has cost him dearly and he feels his reliance on other people might have hindered his abilities. While he has become a recluse, he hasn't abandoned those around him, proving to be reliable when called upon for help but often ignores pleas for the minor things of little importance. If there is any part of the old fearless, jovial person he once was left inside him, it's buried deep and needs more than a friendly chat to bring it back.
  • Hopes/Dreams: Shigekuni is at an impasse with what he has left to hope for, either in himself or others. While the village has noted his jaded mindset in regards to what he plans to do with himself, he has proven to be quite dedicated to making himself useful to Suna again, seemingly finding it to be the one thing in life that still gives him some purpose.
  • Fears: Shigekuni states that he has no fear, but the past few years have given way to doubt and that has him struggling to ponder just how much worth he truly has in the world. Finding himself at odds with the mentality he grew up with, the lessions taught to him by his parents, the role he played in the village under Kazekage Hito's instruction, what good has he ever been and has it ever made a difference. Shigekuni has the quiet whispers and nagging voice in the back of his mind picking away at things which is the main reason he's driven himself to be so reclusive.
  • Combat Mentality: In battle Shigekuni finds himself the most alive if anything. Given purpose and challenged in the way he must overcome it, he finds the world shrinks down when a fight begins and the world becomes merely the battlefield he is standing on. When fighting an opponent he takes on the mindset of his nindo and loses all traces of fear that might be plaguing him, moving to a mindset that makes attack plan after attack plan to bombard his opponent with an onslaught of attacks until they either surrender or die.

Battle Information Village: Sunagakure
Rank: Chuunin

Stats: (0/50)
  • Ninjutsu: 30
  • Taijutsu: 20
  • Genjutsu: 14
  • Stamina: 20
  • Control: 22
  • Strength: 20
  • Speed: 25
  • Instinct: 23
30x Shuriken kept in a holster on his right leg
Sword - Shigekuni carries a chokuto sword with a dark grey colored scabbard and matching hilt. This chokuto's single sided straight blade is measured at about 28 inches in length and has the ability to allow chakra based techniques to be channeled through it. When not being wielded in combat, the sword is sheathed and said sheath is attached to a cord that is worn diagnolly across Shigekuni's body, dangling near his right hip.

Companions: (0/1)
Affinity: Raiton
Abilities and Concentrations
First Ability
Kuroi Jushinki:
Kuroi Jushinki, or Black Receivers, is a biproduct of Shigekuni's time as a former Spirit Host. His body, namely it's bone structure, has undergone a drastic change by altering his bones and making them into chakra receivers. These Receivers allow Shigekuni to perform various feats with them thanks to their conductivity of chakra and able to be manipulated. These Receivers can be manipulated through techniques, namely ones that involve him growing them out of his body, almost like it was just another technique being generated and not actually forcing his bones to penetrate his flesh.
Second Ability---------
Third Ability-------------
Raiton Affinity:
Raiton Affinity
A character with this concentration is able to utilize Raiton, and can make and use any custom or archived jutsu that require the Raiton affinity. Raiton has a shocking effect.
Passive (Shocking)Show
Raiton has the effect of shocking, which means causes it's effect to be diffuse upon impact. In organic material, this causes nervous stimulation which results in numbness, tingling, loss of sensation, and sometimes paralysis. In inorganic material, this means that the strength of the jutsu diffuses across an area 2x the size of the attack. In a jutsu that creates a lightning ball 2m in diameter, if it struck a wall the size of the attack would cover a 4m area.

Additionally, the strength of the nervous effect on organic material from raiton jutsu is determined by the ninjutsu stat requirement.
  • 1-10 Ninjutsu Requirement : Tingling, acute numbness
  • 11-20 Ninjutsu Requirement: Loss of Sensation
  • 21-35 Ninjutsu Requirement: Localized Paralysis
  • 36+ Ninjutsu Requirement: Diffuse Paralysis
Sensors are shinobi who are able to activate a sixth sense which can locate and read chakra sources. Sensory is advantageous as it allows shinobi to perceive without using any of their conventional senses, which can easily be deceived. Sensors are able to collect a lot of information through the interpretation of this sixth sense.
Lower Body:
The fundamental skill of [Lower Body] indicates the user’s proficiency in using their legs and feet in many different ways to facilitate their use of related Taijutsu.
The fundamental skill of [Acrobatics] includes the user’s ability to contort their body into unfamiliar positions in order to avoid attacks, as well as the user’s ability to fall safely and perform Ukemi and other feats of gymnastics. This facilitates their use of related Taijutsu.
Sword Weapons:
The fundamental skill of [Sword Weapons] indicates the user’s proficiency with swords and sword-like weapons such as knives, daggers, sword-breakers and the like. This facilitates their use of related Taijutsu.
The fundamental skill of [Perception] describes the user’s practiced methods of more keenly focussing their senses for a short time. This facilitates their use of related Taijutsu.

Mind's EyeShow
C RankShow
*[Sensory Style • Beyond Senses]
C-Rank Ninjutsu
Prerequisites: Ninjutsu/Control/Instinct stats of 10
This sensor jutsu is used by shinobi to feel chakra sources within a radius of 25 meters. While this jutsu is fairly helpful in sensing chakra, it is unable to actually pinpoint specific chakras outside of 10 feet. This only gives the Shinobi an idea of how many entities with chakra are present in their general area.

*[Sensory Style • Evaluation]
C-Rank Ninjutsu
Prerequisites: *[Sensory Style • Beyond Senses]
The sensor will activate their sensory jutsu, and then do an additional set of hand seals. By doing so, the user will be able to compare the “strength” of each source of chakra they are able to sense to each other. The “strength” of the individual is determined by the average of each person’s Stamina, Control and Strength stats. The user can determine who has more chakra strength than others, allowing them to pick out possible risks. This technique is not very reliable as a determining factor, however.

*[Sensory Style • [Target Lock]
C-Rank Ninjutsu
Prerequisites: *[Sensory Style • Beyond Senses]
The sensor will activate their sensory jutsu, and focus on one source of chakra they can sense. By doing an additional hand seal, and holding said hand seal, the user will be able to continue to sense that source of chakra, even if they are moving around, so long as they are holding the hand seal. If they, or the chakra source, moves out of range, the user will lose track of them.
B RankShow
*[Sensory Style • Broad Sense]
B-Rank Ninjutsu
Prerequisites: *[Sensory Style • Beyond Senses], Ninjutsu/Control/Instinct stats of 20
This jutsu is an extension of [Beyond Senses]. With this jutsu initiated, a sensor can focus on individual chakra signatures to get a precise idea of where their opponents are at up to 25 meters. A general sense of the direction and number of chakra sources can be determined at about 50 meters. It should be noted that this jutsu requires intense concentration, often making the user shut their eyes so they can focus on the jutsu solely. Even with high levels of Chakra Control and Instinct, this jutsu can be mentally taxing as it requires the user to sort through the individual chakra sources in the sensor’s range.

*[Sensory Style • Sense: Genjutsu]
B-Rank Ninjutsu
Prerequisites: *[Sensory Style • Beyond Senses]
Once their sensory jutsu is active, the user can do a brief series of hand seals, allowing them to notice any abnormalities indicative of genjutsu in any of the sources of chakra they can sense. This can help them determine who needs to be released and who does not.
D RankShow
*Raiton • Conductor
D-ranked Raiton Jutsu
After performing the correct hand seals, the user will coat a weapon they are holding in Raiton electricity for 5 posts. This causes the shock effect to be produced on any contact with a target, while also granting blunt weapons the ability to cut through skin to produce shallow wounds. This also works for thrown weapons, however if the projectile remains out of contact with the user for more than 2 posts the technique will dissipate early.

Raiton • Lightning Flash Blade
D-ranked Raiton Jutsu
After Shigekuni performs the correct one handed seals, he will extend two fingers toward a target. Releasing a lightning bolt from his fingers, it will travel up to 10 meters from his fingers at a Speed of 3, striking with a Strength of 7 while applying the Raiton Shocking effect.

Raiton • Lightning Rod
D-ranked Raiton Jutsu
Prerequisite: Requires Chakra Receivers
After forming a series of one handed seals, Shigekuni can designate any chakra receiver outside of his body and produces a bolt of lightning from his hand that will fly from his hand and arc it's path as needed to connect to that chakra receiver. This bolt will travel at a Speed of 5 and impact into anything in it's path with 5 Strength while traveling a total of 10 meters.

Raiton • Grounding Force
D-ranked Raiton Jutsu
After forming a series of one handed seals, Shigekuni will disperse a coating of Raiton into his feet. Coating his feet in Raiton, he is capable of delivering kicks that are capable of applying the Raiton Shocking effect. This effect lasts for 5 posts.

*Raiton • Static Shroud
D-Ranked Raiton Jutsu
After performing the correct hand seals the user covers their body in a layer of visible static which crackles around them for 4 posts. Anything which comes within 6 inches of their body will be repelled with a force of 5 strength and have the Raiton Shocking effect applied.
C RankShow
*Raiton • Galvanic Zone
C-ranked Raiton Jutsu
After performing the correct hand seals, the user will seep Raiton chakra in an area around them with a 20m diameter. The user's Raiton techniques will travel 5 points faster when they travel through this zone for 3 posts. This technique ends the moment the user leaves this area. They also return to normal speed upon leaving the area. This technique does not apply the shocking effect.

Raiton • Lightning Eruption
C-ranked Raiton Jutsu
Prerequisite: 15 Ninjutsu
After performing a series of one handed seals, Shigekuni will visibly charge chakra around his body before it condenses and fire off in a direction of his choosing. The lightning bolt produced by this technique looks like a jagged spear of energy that is 2 meters long and half a foot in diameter, traveling over it's target distance of 15 meters with 17 Speed and impacting into things with a Strength of 13.

Raiton • Thunder Clap
C-ranked Raiton Jutsu
Prerequisite: 15 Ninjutsu
After forming a series of one handed seals, Shigekuni will rapdily release Raiton into the air around the battlefield. This Raiton will quickly form and discharge over or next to an opponent within 15 meters at a Speed of 10. The sudden Lightning strike produces a deafening shockwave of B Rank Explosive force that releases a thunder clap.

*Raiton • Jamming Pulse
C-ranked Raiton Jutsu
After performing the correct hand seals, the user emits a wave of electricity from their palm in a single direction. This is produced as a 10m wide line which extends 2m into the air and travels up to 25m from the user at 10 speed. The wave will apply the shocking effect and reduce the speed of any living thing it strikes by 3 points for 3 posts by electrically interfering with the brain's nervous signals.
B RankShow
Raiton • Raiju
B-ranked Raiton Jutsu
Once he has completed the one handed seals, Shigekuni will manipulate Raiton chakra around his person. This chakra will quickly release a beast near Shigekuni that looks like a cat-dog made of lightning that will quickly move to attack with or defend Shigekuni. Unable to utilize jutsu on it's own, the clone can only apply the Raiton Shocking effect upon contact with anyone.
  • Taijutsu: 10
  • Stamina: 10
  • Strength: 10
  • Speed: 15
Raiton • Heavenly Discharge
B-ranked Raiton Jutsu
Prerequisite: Requires Chakra Receivers
If multiple receivers are outside of his body, Shigekuni can form a series of one handed seals and releases Raiton Chakra into the air that gets absorbed by the receivers. Should anyone except Shigekuni come near a receiver, it will immediately create an upward flying blast of lightning around the reciever that is 4 meters wide, discharges at 10 Speed and hits things with 10 Strength while applying the Raiton Passive. The charge in each receiver lasts for 4 posts and the number of receivers that Shigekuni can target is equal to [Control+Stamina]/5 within 20 meters and makes them glow when charged.

Raiton • Chidori: Vajra
B-ranked Raiton Jutsu
Prerequisite: Raiton • Thousand Birds
After performing a series of one handed seals, Shigekuni will grab his sword and channel Raiton chakra through it. The blade of his sword will cover itself in a harsh, jagged layer of Raiton that emits similar to thousands of birds chirping over the top of each other. The sword's coating of chakra covering his blade increases it's ability to cut through things like a chainsaw as the jagged edges are constantly shifting along the blade edge and the coating has 20 Strength. This coating lasts for 4 posts before dissipating and applies the Raiton passive.
A RankShow
*Raiton • Thousand Birds
A-ranked Raiton Jutsu
Prerequisite: 25 speed
The user of this technique will gather a concentrated amount of lightning in their hand after they perform the hand seals for this technique. The lightning causes a sound similar to thousands of birds chirping over the top of each other while it is in existence. The user will then dash at full speed toward a target, unable to see anything not within their path. The user will then attempt to thrust their hand into their target's body. The lightning is able to give the hand the ability to burn through a person's body. The lightning then shocks the target as per Raiton's passive abilities. Those with 35+ speed will find this technique gives them +10 strength when combating defensive techniques. The lightning disappears from the user's hand after 2 posts.

Raiton • Judgment Bolt
A-ranked Raiton Jutsu
Prerequisite: 30 Ninjutsu
After performing a series of one handed seals, Shigekuni will release Raiton Chakra all around him. After doing this the 70 diameter area around him will suddenly become the site of a massive lightning strike safe for a 2 meter area around Shigekuni. The lightning strike will crash into the ground with a Speed of 20 and impact with a strength of 40.
D RankShow
[Kuroi Jushinki • Blade]
D-Ranked Ninjutsu
After forming a series of one handed seals, Shigekuni will make a Receiver grow from his palm that he can grab. The Receiver produced by this will be the size of Shigekuni's chokuto and measure one meter in length. With a visibly flatness to a majority of the Receiver and a roundness to the 'handle', this weaponized Receiver has the edge of a sword and can easily be wielded as one or used with future jutsu.

[Kuroi Jushinki • Stake]
D-Ranked Ninjutsu
After forming a series of one handed seals, Shigekuni will make a Receiver grow from his palm that he can grab. This Receiver is roughly the size of a kunai with a pointed tip to give it a stabbing edge. This Black Receiver can be used for future jutsu, a melee weapon, or thrown like a kunai.

[Kuroi Jushinki • Shuriken]
D-Ranked Ninjutsu
After forming a series of one handed seals, Shigekuni will make a Receiver grow from his palm that he can grab. As it grows out, the Receiver will sprout a cross section to make a little X shaped throwing weapon akin to a shuriken. The Receiver is flat with sharp edges and functions like a shuriken when thrown.

[Kuroi Jushinki • Black Receiver Stab]
D-Ranked Ninjutsu
After forming a series of one handed seals, Shigekuni will produce a 6 inch Receiver tipped with a point from his hand. He can throw this receiver at his leisure, letting it fly with Speed equal to his Strength, the Receiver itself blowing up upon impact with anything it touches, this blast having D Rank explosive force. This technique has a range of 5 meters and if it doesn't detonate within 3 posts, it will become an innate Receiver.

[Kuroi Jushinki • Caltrops]
D-Ranked Ninjutsu
After a string of one handed seals, Shigekuni will close his hand like he is gripping something. From there he will produce a handful of mini Black Receivers in his ahnd that he can throw onto the ground. This handful of Receivers will cover a 1 meter area on the ground as the Receivers grow and turn into spiked caltrops in that area.
C RankShow
[Kuroi Jushinki • Black Shadow Substitution]
C-Ranked Ninjutsu
After forming a series of one handed seals or channeling through his Receiver bones, Shigekuni will shift locations with a Receiver of his choosing within a 20 meter radius. This technique allows him to close or open the gap between himself and an opponent more easily. This technique follows teleportation rules and can only be used twice per thread.

[Kuroi Jushinki • Black Hail Storm]
C-Ranked Ninjutsu
After forming a series of one handed seals, Shigekuni will quickly spin around several times and release miniature Black Receivers stakes from his body that fly in all directions around him, littering the battlefield around him up to 10 meters away with miniature receivers to be used for future techniques. These mini Receivers fly with 10 Speed and collectively deal 10 Strength damage.

[Kuroi Jushinki • Binding Stake]
C-Ranked Ninjutsu
By impaling an opponent with a chakra receiver, Shigekuni is able to perform a series of one handed seals before transferring chakra into them to hinder their movements. The person impaled with this Reciever will take a -3 to their Speed until they remove the receiver from their body or 4 posts have gone by.

[Kuroi Jushinki • Black Coffin]
C-Ranked Ninjutsu
After Shigekuni completes a series of one handed seals, he can produce a javelin sized Black Receiver and throw is at an opponent. After releasing it, the Receiver will rapidly grow to a length of 7 meters long and with a diameter of 3 meters in width. This Receiver will travel and hit equal to Shigekuni's Strength while traveling a distance of 15 meters.

[Kuroi Jushinki • Listening Post]
C-Ranked Ninjutsu
After performing a series of one handed seals and holding the last one, Shigekuni will transfer chakra into one of his currently active Receivers. As his chakra activates the Receiver, Shigekuni can extend his sense of hearing through the target Receiver and listen to it's surroundings. While actively extending his sense of hearing, the Receiver will visibly glow a prismatic color with his chakra. So long as Shigekuni maintains this technique, it will stay active.
B RankShow
[Kuroi Jushinki • Chakra Transfer]
B-Ranked Ninjutsu
If Shigekuni stabs someone with a Receiver or hands them one to carry, he is capable of transferring chakra from himself into anyone with one of his receivers after completing a series of one handed seals. He can designated the number of targets equal up to his Control/5, so long as they are within 30 meters from his person and will grant them a once per thread boost to their chakra reserves equal to 1/4 of Shigekuni's Stamina which is split among the targets equally.

[Kuroi Jushinki • Branching World of Roots]
B-Ranked Ninjutsu
After forming a series of one handed seals, Shigekuni will aim his hand out at an opponent and cause a black receiver to grow from his palm. This receiver will grow to be 1 meter in length before it grows protrustions off the end at different angles that repeat the process, effectively growing out a multitude of recievers from the first as they branch out wards and grow like roots from a plant. The receivers are spiked one the tips as they grow and will impale thigns caught in their path with 20 Strength, growing outward with a Speed of 20,their maximum width winds up being 15 meters wide and grows out a total of 15 meters away from Shigekuni. He is capable of pulling his hand away from the receivers to end the jutsu early.
A RankShow
[Kuroi Jushinki • Quaking Heavenly Blades]
A-Ranked Ninjutsu
Prerequisite: 30 Ninjutsu
After forming the necessary one handed seals, Shigekuni will fling his arm up and hold it above him. During the swing of his arm, his fingers will release a Black Receivers no bigger than 4 inches. Holding his hand above his head, the Receiver will float there before he drops his arm, releasing it to fly at a target or area of his choosing. While in flight the Receiver will rapidly expand to colossal size as it turns into massive straight sword. Measuring a total length of 15 meters long, 5 meters wide, and 2 meters thick, this blade is capable of traversing the battlefield at 25 speed and slamming into things with 25 Strength, the maximum travel distance for this sword being 40 meters.
Yamataryu, or Eight Branches Style, is a unique form a kenjutsu created by Shigekuni that takes into account his lack of having two arms. Specializing in swift, relentless attacks that that are coupled with acrobatic dexterity, Shigekuni fights with both sword and kicks when utilizing this style. Using Spins, jumps, tumbles, and spring boards in the middle of a fight, Shigekuni will maintain a constant onslaught against opponents to either wear them down or punish them for making a tactical error in the heat of battle.
Requires Acrobatics, Sword Weapons, Lower Body
D RankShow
[Yamataryu • First Branch - Gliding Line]
D-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver
Shigekuni dashes forward towards his opponent and quickly slashes them while holding his sword in either a foregrip or a backhand grip, continuing past them as he slashes to try and reposition himself behind them. This method of attacking can be used for hit and run style attacks.

[Yamataryu • Second Branch - Conquering Strike]
D-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver
Using his Speed to close the gap between an opponent and himself, Shigekuni will leap into the air and attempt to perform a downward stab while holding his weapon in a backhanded grip.

[Yamataryu • Third Branch - Lashing Banner]
D-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver
A follow up technique, Shigekuni will utilize this after [Yamataryu • Second Branch - Conquering Strike]. After stabbing downward with his weapon, if he should miss then Shigekuni will balance himself on his hand which rests on the end of his weapon's grip as he brings his body up and kicks at the opponent. Usually aiming anywhere from the upper abdomen to the neck area in an attempt to knock them away.

[Yamataryu • Third Branch - Moonlight Assault]
D-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver
After slashing at an opponent, Shigekuni will quickly jump up or around his opponent as he pulls himself into a tight ball as he spins before releasing a powerful spin kick aimed at the opponent's upper torso.

[Yamataryu • Fourth Branch - Steady Hold]
D-Rank Taijutsu Stance
Training himself for an extended amount of time, Shigekuni has developed a way to fluidly spin a weapon in his hand to shift from a forehand to a reverse grip and vice versa, allowing him to manipulate his weapon more fluidly both offensively and defensively in the heat of battle.

[Yamataryu • Fourth Branch - Fluid Like Water]
D-Rank Taijutsu Discipline
Utilizing quick wrist and elbow motions, Shigekuni has become adept and shifting his sword in slashes, parries, and deflection manuevers. This allows him to knock away projectile weaponry or defend himself in close quarters combat providing Shigekuni's [str+spd]/2 is equal to or greater than the strength of the incoming attacks.

[Yamataryu • Third Branch - Banner's Tail]
D-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver
After performing [Yamataryu • Third Branch - Lashing Banner], Shigekuni will follow up by pulling his sword from the ground while going into a heel spin and performing a slashing strike at his opponent.
C RankShow
[Yamataryu • Fifth Branch - Counter Offensive]
C-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver
As an opponent goes to strike at Shigekuni, he'll bloack the strike with his sword before shifting his weight and delivering a counter attack in the form of a kick or knee strike aimed at his opponent's mid to lower body.

[Yamataryu • Fourth Branch - Unyielding Paths]
C-Rank Taijutsu Discipline
Shigekuni has developed a method of fighting that utilizes lots of motion and acrobatic manuverability. Using Spins, jumps, tumbles, and spring boards in the middle of a fight, Shigekuni will maintain a constant onslaught against opponents while remaining mobile to either wear them down or punish them for making a tactical error in the heat of battle.

[Yamataryu • Fourth Branch -Every Stone An Island]
C-Rank Taijutsu Discipline
In the middle of a fight, Shigekuni has managed to train himself to use his feet at the right time while fighting to make even the smallest foothold a spring board, even falling debris can be used as a means of manuevering for Shigekuni as he turns anything into a foothold while manuevering through an area.

[Yamataryu • Fifth Branch - Intercept]
C-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver
Prerequisite: Perception
By watching his opponent either throw a projectile or begin performing a melee attack of some kind, he can attempt to intercept the attack/weapon. Should Shigekuni have his hand free, he can use it for the means of catching the incoming attack. By reading the trajectory of attacks, he builds a much better understanding of how to deal with them as they approach providing Shigekuni's [str+spd]/2 is equal to or greater than the strength of the incoming attacks. He even stands a chance against weaponry that he didn't see the initial throw of, but he can't identify taijutsu attacks that alter courses or adjust themselves through other means.

[Yamataryu • Fourth Branch - Caught In The Breeze]
C-Rank Taijutsu Discipline
Using his acrobatic abilities, Shigekuni has learned to train his body to by like that of a cat falling to the ground. Capable of twisting and flipping his body, he has learned how to contort his body around while inthe air in ways that let him avoid more pinpoint projectile techniques or throwing weapons.
B RankShow
[Yamataryu • First Branch - Raikiri]
B-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver
Shifting his grip, Shigekuni will hold the end of his weapon's hilt before pulling his arm across his body and resting the handguard or similar spot of other weapons against his shoulder, the base of the blade extending atop and past his shoulder as he stands in a primed stance to swing his weapon. Tensing his body, Shigekuni will focus all his strength as the technique itself charges for a full post, becoming immobile during this time. When he finally releases the built up tension in his body, he will have already mapped out a clear path to his target while tensing, he will leap nearly instananeously a number of meters equal to his Strength leaving only a blurred streak the color of his clothing. When he gets within range of his target, Shigekuni will perform an incredibly powerful swing aimed at his opponent's upper torso/neck/head area. Often used as an opening attack and one of his 2 available teleportations per thread, Shigekuni's movements can only be perceived by someone with Instinct -6 vs Shigekuni's Speed.

[Yamataryu • Sixth Branch - Yojimbo]
B-Rank Taijutsu Stance
A rather deceptive stance, Shigekuni will look like he's lowering his guard as he goes into what looks like a casual standing position when he is actually preparing his body to counter attack any incoming attacks. As his opponent moves into strike him, Shigekuni will have been watching for their attack and using his acrobatic capabilities, he'll shift to one side before swinging his arm upward to slash his opponent's body up the center. While maintaining this stance, Shigekuni gains a +6 to his speed, but has tunnel vision of his target and therefore his reaction to other sensory stimuli is hampered. He is also incapable of using Ninjutsu while maintaining this stance

Historical AccountsShow
Kazuto and Asuna Tenjirou gave birth to Shigekuni on a hot morning in Suna, his birthing took place just after sunrise when his cries echoed out like a rooster in the early morning. The minute he was capable of coherent thought, speech, and almost old enough to enter the academy, Shigekuni began his mental and physical training his parents had in store for him. While he didn't learn their intentions or even what they had in store for his future, he carried out their wishes, training himself to be a fearless little warrior.

In his academy days he was often seen as a risk taker due to his resolve to push through pain and other such combat variables. His teachers applauded his courage but always warned him against pushing himself too hard and often had to hold him back during spars as he tended to take it just a little too far sometimes. After graduation he sought a mentor that could handle his abilities, pondering what type of ninja would best serve his particular skill set the best.

Finding no proper mentor, took matters into his own hands and began a long bought of self training. This in turn led him to books that acted as the gateway to long person search for a style of Ninjutsu that he would later learn was due in part to a Spirit. Still in his search for clues, he eventually came into the service of Kazekage Hito's Scribes of the Sand. This servie started small, acting as a librarian and recruiter, eventually coming to be acting Director of the organization as the Kage busied himself with the village's affairs.

During his time as a Scribe, Shigekuni entered an almost obsessive and self-destructive phase and neglected his shinobi duties for some time in his pursuit of that unique style of Ninjutsu. Eventually with some help from people around him, he managed to get himself sorted out and undertake his Chuunin Exam. While note the standard exam, Shigekuni managed to pass it and advance in rank to Chuunin before resuming his activities as acting Director of the Scribes while taking a more casual approach to his search.

In time, Shigekuni came to find out the source the style he sought was in fact a Spirit, one that was already captured and in Suna's care. Being given permission to be it's Host, Shigekuni underwent a sealing ceremony and was hospitalized for some time as he had lapsed into a coma. Waking from his coma, Shigekuni learned that his bones had been altered as the Spirit's host, making them into specialized Chakra receivers for his Spirit Forms, his chakra too had undergone a change as it was now prismatic in color.

Taking time to rehabilitate himself, Shigekuni was back on his feet and serving Sunagakure for several months before he was dispatched with a small team to aphrehend a Missing-Ninja and his followers whom had been taught Ninjutsu secrets of Suna. Setting out, Shigekuni and his team tracked and eventually engaged the MN and his band as they all did battle near the coast. It was during this battle that Shigekuni was beginning to test the full limits of his training with Yosei, his Spirit, however unknown to Shigekuni, the MN was adept of Tenkujutsu.

The battle quickly turned in the Missing Ninja's favor as he managed to not only restrain Shigekuni, but sever his left arm at the shoulder. While the other members of Shigekuni's team were busy fighting the MN's followers, Shigekuni was forced to down and had the seal holding his Spirit broken. As Yosei was freed and forcibly returned to the Spirit Realm, Shigekuni lay dying as the Missing Ninja made his escape. His team managed to defeat and subdue the followers, but became too occupied with Shigekuni's diminishing condition to give chance to the MN that was long gone at this point.

The medic on teh team managed to keep shigekuni stable until their return, but just barely. After being hospitalized and pulled from active duty due to his injury, Shigekuni spent a long time pushing himself through recovery(and pissing off his doctors) as he tried to coop with having only one arm. He refused to have a fake one attached since his original was lost in the seas of the coast, deciding to bear with the phantom pain.

Despite getting himself physical capable again after seemingly endless months of work, Shigekuni reformed himself into seemingly a new shinobi, but he had yet to pass his psych evals to return to active duty. Deciding to face the inner turmoil on his own time, Shigekuni trained day in and day out, becoming quick to maneuver in spars and utilizing an arsenal of Raiton, people started calling him Sunagakure no Shiden, the Violet Bolt of the Sand.

In recent years, Shigekuni has managed to not only pass physical but psychological evals and was finally granted a return to active duty as a Sungakure Shinobi.


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