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Kouseki Kanaye

General Information Age: 15
Gender: Androgynous and gender fluid
Height: 5’0
Weight: 100lbs
Physical Features:
  • Face/head: Kana’s hair falls down around them to the floor. Their hair is a deep purple color that wraps around Kana like a thick cloak. The gem on their forehead is an emerald that is cut into the shape of a triangle. Kana has a very soft and sharp face that is very feminine in nature. Their eyes are green like the gem Kana choose. Kana’s lips are violet in color just like their gems. Kana’s ears came to a slight point that gives the illusion that they’re something unworldly.
  • Body: Kana is quite small for their age being nothing but a small waif of child. They bear a similar appearance of a small girl of maybe seven years old. Kana has an uncanny strength for a person of their size. They don’t have much muscle tone either which can confuse opponents.
  • Notable Features: Kana’s ears almost makes them resemble a yokai of some sort and their extra-large eyes don’t help the matter.
Clothing/Accessories: Kana always wears an oversized kimono that is black with green trimming. There are green flowers printed on the kimono with silver thread stitched in with the green to give it a shine. They have two silver earrings at the top of each ears. Kana also has snake bites with the same silver rings. They also have silver bracers on their ankles and wrists with an amethyst embedded in each one. Kana rarely wears any footwear with their finger and toenails painted an emerald green.
  • General:
    Kana always seems to have a forced smile on their face. Extreme inquisitive in nature, they are constantly trying to understand the emotions of others. Kana is known to mimic the emotions and expressions of others around them to the point of unsettling them. Kana is always eager to help others even if they don’t necessarily want it.
  • Hopes/Dreams:
    Kana has a difficulty understanding others. They constantly performing social experiments to see how others will react. In time, Kana hopes to develop a complete understanding of the emotions of those around them.
  • Fears:
    Sharp loud noise are painful to Kana to the point that any loud noise will leave them shaken for a moment.
  • Combat Mentality:
    Kana never rushes into any fight. They will first observe their opponent to learn what they can. Kana will never direct engage an opponent either allowing them to come to them and attacking from a distance. But if forced to engage, Kana will attack pressure points to deal heavy damage quickly.------------

Battle Information Village:
  • Ninjutsu: 10
  • Taijutsu: 5
  • Genjutsu: 1
  • Stamina: 4
  • Control: 6
  • Strength: 4
  • Speed: 5
  • Instinct: 5
5 Units of Caltrops (5ft by 5ft square per unit) (5 Points) (kept in a pouch on their side in individual bags)
Kusari-Gama (2 Points) (Secured on a clip on their side)
5 Smoke Bombs (5 Points) (Kept in a bag that is on their side)
4 15m bundles of Wire (4 Points) (A bag on their back)
Pickaxe (2 Points) (Secured on their back)
Hammer (2 Points) (Secured on their back)
Companions: (0/1)
Primary Affinity:
Abilities and Concentrations
First Ability
Born to the Kouseki clan, this user is able to utilize Crystal Release, a fusion composed of Doton and Fuuton, and can make and use any custom or archived jutsu that require Shouton. Shouton has a absorbing effect.
Passive (Absorbing)Show
Shouton release alone is durable, hard, makes good defenses and produces weapons with ease, but is unique for its absorbing quality. Shouton jutsu have the ability to absorb chakra, and can be manipulated based on the chakra they absorb. This means that any jutsu that does not immediately destroy shouton techniques can actually make them stronger. If a shouton technique is struck by a D-rank jutsu, it is damaged as normal, and if it is not destroyed, the chakra used to damage it is absorbed, and can be used to activate a D-rank Shouton jutsu in response. This energy can be accumulated, where 2 D-ranks equal 1 C-rank, and 2 C-rank equal 1 B-rank and so forth. The absorbing effect does not negate damage to a shouton technique. This absorbing quality has no time limit to its use.
Shouton Jutsu have an absorbing quality, which causes them to be created in an inactive state. When a shouton jutsu absorbs chakra it will glow, which signals that it can be activated. Additional jutsu must be used to activate a shouton technique, which can cause a wide variety of effects. Once activated, if the crystal is not destroyed, it defaults to normal Doton, losing the [Absorbing] effect and gaining Doton's [Enduring] effect, but only having 1/4 it's original strength, rounded down.
Second Ability
Third Ability
NinjutsuDoton, Fuuton, and Empathy
Sensors are shinobi who are able to activate a sixth sense which can locate and read chakra sources. Sensory is advantageous as it allows shinobi to perceive without using any of their conventional senses, which can easily be deceived. Sensors are able to collect a lot of information through the interpretation of this sixth sense.


Fuuton • Redirection
D-Ranked Fuuton Jutsu
After performing the needed hand seals, the user covers a projectile they are holding in fuuton empowered wind. Then, when the weapon has been thrown as normal, the user is able to change it's direction by up to 90 degrees once with no drop in momentum on the projectiles part. This technique only lasts one post.

Doton • Binding Formation
D-Rank Ninjutsu
After channeling doton chakra into their foot the user will slam the ground within 3 meters of a target's feet with their heel, causing a formation of rock to shoot upwards at a speed of 6 binding the target's feet at a strength of 4.
~Crystal Shield
D – Ranked Ninjutsu
Performing a series of hand seals the user will focus chakra into their fore arm, creating a small circle shield of crystal 2m in diameter attached to their arm. The shield forms at 5 speed and has 5 strength.
~Activation: Consume
D – Ranked Ninjutsu
If a crystal has been activated by any rank technique, the user can use this technique to activate the crystal and cause it to release the energy and become inactive again.
~Crystal Kunai
D – Ranked Ninjutsu
The user will do a series of hand seals to produce 3 kunai in one of their hand made of crystal. The kunai can resist up to 5 strength before shattering.
Crystal Trap
D – Ranked Ninjutsu
The user will do a series of hand seals and then place their hands on two points. From their hands crystal will grow towards each other at 1 speed, wrapping around anything they touch. So long as contact is maintained the crystal will continue to grow. Upon release, the crystal will hold the two points in place with each other with 9 strength.
Activation: Explode
D – Ranked Ninjutsu
If a crystal has been activated, the user can do hand seals and focus on it, causing it to explode with the force of a single exploding tag, causing crystal to be thrown about.

Activation: Reject
C – Ranked Ninjutsu
If a crystal has been activated by a C-rank jutsu that involves fuuton (includes fusions [such as Kaenton or Hyouton] or an extension [such as Mist or Smoke]) the user can do a series of hand seals to activate the crystal. From the crystal a burst of fuuton will burst from the crystal as 10 speed, pushing anything away from it with 10 strength.

~Crystal Run
C – Ranked Ninjutsu
The user will do a series of hand seals then thrust one of their hands forward, large crystal spikes 2ft in length will burst from the ground in varying directions at 10 speed, striking with 10 strength, for up to 5m away from their bodies.

~Crystal Wall
C – Ranked Ninjutsu
The user will do a series of hand seals then throw their hands upwards. A crystal wall will break through the ground immediately in front of them, 5m in width and 3m in height, at 5 speed. The crystal wall has 15 strength.
~Crystal Spear
C – Ranked Ninjutsu
The user will do a series of one handed hand seals while holding their other hand out, causing a crystal spear 3m in length to form in their hand. The spear can then be thrown, or used in close combat, but has 10 strength.
Activation: Reject
C – Ranked Ninjutsu
If a crystal has been activated by a C-rank jutsu that involves fuuton (includes fusions [such as Kaenton or Hyouton] or an extension [such as Mist or Smoke]) the user can do a series of hand seals to activate the crystal. From the crystal a burst of fuuton will burst from the crystal as 10 speed, pushing anything away from it with 10 strength.

Historical AccountsShow
Kana’s life was interesting one to say the least. Kana was born in the higher echelons of the Kouseki clan but wasn’t much time to be a child. Their father pushed Kana into apprenticeship after apprenticeship to learn everything they could about each of these trades. Kana was quite perceptive and learned quickly during these days. Kana’s parents preferred that Kana experience the world and decide their own identity. Thus, Kana’s birth gender was kept from most in the village to allow Kana to explore it on their own. Kana has always taken to a more feminine style of dress though so many view Kana was a girl and they care not to correct them.

After Kana’s apprenticeships, Kana spent a great deal of time journeying around the village searching through the mines. This was a liberating experience where they were given freedom Kana never had before. Kana was an introvert for the most part so most of this was done alone. Kana never fared well when associating with the others of the village. They would say awkward things and take things too literally. During this time, Kana ventured deep into one of these mines where they spent days. Surviving off just water, Kana searched the mines for a gemstone that stood out to them. The mine soon became a cavern where came to face with a spirit of some kind. Kana never figured what the spirit was but felt the need to follow it. The spirit guided Kana to an underground pool of water that was filled with green emeralds. Kana sifted through the water until they found the perfect emerald. Kana thanked the spirit then headed back to the village. Once at home, Kana spent hours in their workshop cutting the emerald to the desired shape. After sometime, Kana had a perfect triangle shape which was viewed as power shape for its stability. Kana’s father took little time in placing the gem in their forehead with pride.

Kana was the top of their class during academy but never did well with the other students. They always saw Kana has awkward and would constantly pick fights with them. Most of these spawned from Kana saying something rash and the students reacting to the slight. After graduating, the jounin did their best to pair them with a team with little success. Kana normally scouts around the village alone most of the time but recently attempts have been made to place Kana in a team again.


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