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"Would you please explain further?"

General Information Age: 1
Gender: N/A
Height: 4' 5"
Weight: 79 lbs
Physical Features:
  • Face/head: For all intents and purposes, Zuijin's face looks mostly normal. Their large forehead contains what appears to be a painted on third eye, similar to those of the Shuudoushi clan, and leads down to note a lack of eyebrows, with large golden brown eyes with black schlera, similar to those influenced by Shishire. This is contrasted the most by heavy lines on either side of his handsomely clefted chin, giving them an almost unnatural puppet-like appearance. Much like the rest of their body, their entire head is hairless, though whether they are incapable of growing hair or simply too young is hard to say.
  • Body: Zuijin's whole body has a certain glittery aspect to it, similar to those influenced by Janesisu. Similar to their head, their body is hairless, and for the most part very normal looking. The exception to this is that each of their joints have an odd separation, that similar to their chin, look mechanical in nature despite being made from purely organic flesh like most humans. While their body appears to be flesh and blood at first glance and touch, there is an odd hardness just beneath the fleshy surface all over, indicating something hidden beneath. Their body has a very undefined and young look to it, like that of a young child, despite being quite large to be so childish. This includes baby fat on the face and rest of the body.
    Clothing/Accessories: Zuijin wears a simple pair of black shorts that go down just below their knees, as well as a simple black short-sleeved shirt with no particular styling on either. Over top of this they always wear a heavy cloak similar to those which the nomads native to Wind Country wear on long journeys to protect them from the sun. These cloaks are often light in color to help keep cool, varying from bright whites with no design, to yellows with intricate patterns, depending on the day. Zuijin's face is also kept covered at all times with their Bunraku mask.
    Personality: If one word could be used to describe Zuijin, it would likely either be curious, or confused. Being mostly only a young child in mentality, he still doesn't quite understand social cues, or society at large. While generally friendly to anyone he meets, he sometimes gets 'bad feelings' from the 'aura' of others, and has an immediate distaste that he is unafraid to show. For the most part, his personality is still highly undeveloped and he requires more influence from his peers and experiences before further information is applicable.
    • Hopes/Dreams: To learn about the world.
    • Fears: Typical childlike fears, such as spiders, loneliness, or scary movies.
    • Combat Mentality:Zuijin is very inexperienced in the world of combat, and has very little ingrained fighting instinct. Because of this, when faced with this sort of confrontation, he is more prone to running away when possible, and when forced into a corner will unleash a devastating barrage to attempt to facilitate an escape.

    Battle Information Village: Sunagakure no Sato
    Rank: Special Jounin
    • Ninjutsu: 1
    • Taijutsu: 25
    • Genjutsu: 25
    • Stamina: 25
    • Control: 20
    • Strength: 20
    • Speed: 24
    • Instinct: 20
    Equipment/Base Mechanisms:
    Bunraku MaskShow
    This special mask, by default, looks like a simple ceramic mask with no features. However, on a whim, its user may shift the appearance on the mask in a variety of ways, adding color, detail, and even texture. Most often these changes follow suit to more traditional Noh or Kabuki style masks, but can also effortlessly and perfectly mimic any face the user has seen before, with included mouth and eye movements, or even play out simple scenes for people to view.
    7 MechanismsShow
    Porcupine{2 Mechanisms}:
    Zuijin's entire body is covered in thousands of tiny openings that are usually covered up. Each of these openings is exactly wide enough to fire out barbed senbon, but can also fire normal senbon, or other similarly sized weapons. The speed/strength these projectiles are launched at are determined by her control stat.
    Boosters {5 Mechanisms}:
    Using the same holes as {Porcupine}, Zuijin can eject chakra from any number of them at a time, allowing her perfect flight following normal flight rules, and using her own speed as the speed of the flight.
    Companions: (0/1)
    Primary Affinity:
    Abilities and Concentrations
    Perfect StormShow
    Zuijin's birth is best considered an accident of happenstance, or the outcome of a thousand year storm. His form was created by a spillover of chakra from the creation and soul genma, as well as the strong spirit of Shuudoushi, Zekka being freed from its mortal body. As a result, all of his chakra from ninpou to elemental releases are speckled with white and black, and coiled with stripes of purple, while still retaining whatever base color the individual styles are meant to have.

    Aside from his somewhat strange looking body, and her even stranger chakra, Zuijin has, in essence, a puppet body following all standard puppet body rules, for the most part. Zuijin's body is for the most part organically based, with real skin and organs, but underneath the skin and over the organs and other weak points is a hard chakra based shell, her 'true' form. This strange body also has many of the upsides of a puppet body, including joints that can bend in any direction or twist freely without harm.
    Cradle of CreationShow
    While he has standard mechanisms per rank as listed in his equipment section, he can trade out his mechanisms in the middle of combat via control-based jutsu, but the mechanisms must come from a pool of extra purchased mechanisms, explained later. The same influence allows him to create a seemingly endless supply of projectiles at little to no cost for use in the very same mechanisms. Lastly, Zuijin can buy extra mechanisms at a simple 1:1 ratio, meaning that 1 extra mechanism costs 10 points.

    Not only influenced by the creation genma, but also the soul genma, Zuijin's mechanisms can allow her to create semi autonomous golems. Unlike clones, these are often physical beings made from wood, stone, or even steel. While capable of acting and thinking independently, each one only has an intelligence level slightly higher than a dog, and except for some special exceptions are nearly incapable of direct combat, more suited to simple chores, or setting up traps. Upon creation, these golems are given a single command, and will carry it out to the best of their ability until it is complete, or they are asked to stop.
    Taijutsu[Perception] - [Stealth] - [Projectile Weapons] [Corded Weapons]
    Genjutsu[Sight] - [Hearing] - [Touch] - [Illusion]

    Cradle KonjutsuShow
    Golem Creation: Kaji
    D-Rank Konjutsu
    Zuijin will channel chakra throughout her form, eventually popping out a small golem, approximately 30cm tall, who's appearance is similar to that full grown adult, but shrunk down. This golem will be created with the single purpose in mind of assisting in household chores, ranging from cleaning dishes to hanging laundry, to sweeping the floor.
    • Taijutsu: 3
    • Stamina: 3
    • Strength: 3
    • Speed: 3
    Golem Creation: Rikuun
    D-Rank Konjutsu
    Zuijin will channel chakra throughout her form, eventually popping out a small golem, approximately 30cm tall, who's appearance is similar to that full grown adult, but shrunk down. This golem will be created with the single purpose in mind of transporting items. Multiple of these golems could be used at the same time to carry larger objects. It will respond to simple verbal instructions from either its creator, or whoever it is delivering to, such as "Take this to Yuusuke's house" So long as it is a location that it has either been before, or that Zuijin inserted into its mind on creation.
    • Taijutsu: 1
    • Stamina: 1
    • Strength: 5
    • Speed: 5
    Golem Creation: Anaboko
    D-Rank Konjutsu
    Zuijin will channel chakra throughout her form, eventually popping out a small golem, approximately 30cm tall, who's appearance is similar to that full grown adult, but shrunk down. This golem will be created with the single purpose in mind of digging a hole, and will respond to simple verbal commands such as "Start digging here." It can dig its holes quite fast, able to make a 5m deep, 1m radius hole over the course of a single post.
    • Taijutsu: 2
    • Stamina: 3
    • Strength: 4
    • Speed: 3
    Mechanism Transformation: Salamander
    C-Rank Konjutsu
    Zuijin will channel chakra throughout his form, transforming two unnused mechanisms into a flamethrower activated out of his 'porcupine' mechanism. For as long as this transformation remains, instead of firing senbon from the holes all over their body, flames can jet out instead. These flames follow the same rules as the senbon, releasing at a strength and speed equivalent to Zuijin's control stat, and capable of causing serious burns if given direct contact to a foes skin.

    Golem Creation: Kousen
    C-Rank Konjutsu
    Zuijin will channel chakra throughout her form, eventually popping out a small golem, approximately 30cm tall, who's appearance is similar to that full grown adult, but shrunk down. This golem will be created with the single purpose in mind of setting a simple trap involving wire. The exact purpose of this trap can vary, but it can range from setting up a simple noise trap to alert people of intruders, to a slightly more complex animal style trap, designed to grab a foe by the leg as they step into a loop, and hang them upside down.
    • Taijutsu: 7
    • Stamina: 5
    • Strength: 7
    • Speed: 8
    Konryuu GentaijutsuShow
    Konryuu Gentaijutsu:
    Made using a combination of Taijutsu and Genjutsu in tandem, Konryuu or "The Style of the Soul" is designed to trick opponents into thinking they've been hit, or perhaps just as effectively, tricking opponents into thinking they haven't been hit. While some techniques involved are solely taijutsu, and others involved are solely genjutsu, higher end "Gentaijutsu" require a mix of forethought, one-handed seals or channeling, and pyramids that support both sides of the technique.
    Konryuu ֎ Kyogen Slapstick
    D-Rank Genjutsu
    After performing a set of handseals, Zuijin will speak the word "Oops!" Any targets who hear that will be caught in this simple genjutsu, which will cause them to view Zuijin in a clumsy manner, tumbling over himself while walking or running, or falling over completely while standing still. This technique lasts for 3 posts unless otherwise cancelled.

    Konryuu ֎ Kuchimane
    D-Rank Genjutsu
    After performing a set of handseals, Zuijin will release a pulse of chakra, capturing anyone who has seen him perform these handseals in his illusion. In order to keep the illusion as realistic as possible, Zuijin must do her best to mimic at least one of the targets movements, but mimicking one keeps it realistic for all caught in the illusion. This causes those caught in the genjutsu to think Zuijin is performing their very same actions at the very same time. After a full post of mimicking actions, it will appear as though she is instead performing their actions before they even do it. This lasts for 3 posts unless otherwise cancelled.

    Konryuu ֎ Komai
    D-Rank Genjutsu
    After performing a set of handseals, Zuijin will bounce from one foot to the other in a sort of strange dance, capturing any who see it in this genjutsu. Those captured in the illusion will hear loud stomping akin to the bouncing motions that Zuijin himself is making in random places around them at various times, giving them the feeling that there are foes all around them. This lasts for 4 posts unless otherwise cancelled.

    *[Genjutsu • Smell Of The Deceased]
    D-Ranked Illusion Genjutsu
    After performing the necessary hand seals, any victim that sees the user preforming the hand seals will be induced under the genjutsu. This causes the target to begin to smell rotting flesh and decaying bodies. The jutsu can cause nausea and vomiting from the target, depending on how sensitive their sense of smell is. The smell of the dead can also cause some mental stress on the target. This genjutsu lasts for three (3) posts.

    *[Genjutsu • Pins and Needles]
    D-Ranked Illusion Genjutsu
    After performing the hand seals and pricking the opponent with some sort of small weapon (usually senbon), the opponent feels their arms and legs fall asleep. It feels as if the blood flow to these appendages has basically stopped, making their movements a tad sluggish and just all around uncomfortable. This jutsu doesn’t really hinder a person, but it makes everything they do feel off. For those who are attuned to the way their body feels during battle, it can be extremely distracting. Lasts 3 posts.

    *[Genjutsu • Demonic Illusion • Hell Viewing]
    C-Ranked Illusion Genjutsu
    This is a genjutsu technique that causes its target to see a horrifying vision. The ninja will perform some hand seals and make eye contact with the target. Once cast, the world will appear normal to the target until they see the illusion. The illusion is at the discretion of the user. However, they can only make a stationary image, or a visual loop, not a controllable visual illusion. Examples would be a decapitated head on a table, or one of their friends running in circles on fire. This illusions may only last up to 4 posts, or until the user ends the jutsu themselves. As a note, this only effects sight.

    Konryuu ֎ Zendou
    C-Ranked Genjutsu
    After performing the necessary handseals, Zuijin will hit his target(s) with at least one senbon, capturing them in his illusion. Those captured in the illusion will feel the senbon dig deeper into their skin, eventually feeling like worms are beneath their skin, wriggling around in a gross fashion, bulging their skin out in an obtuse manner. This lasts for the next 4 posts, unless ended early.

    Konryuu ֎ Gyakufuu
    B-Ranked Genjutsu
    After performing the necessary handseals, Zuijin will aim a blow at his targets, not with the intent to hit, but rather with the intent to strike close enough to their body to let them feel the impact of wind on either their skin or clothes. Any who feel this will be caught in her illusion. For the next 5 posts, any attacks that would effect the target instead seem like near-misses, accompanied by the same light gust of wind, and near-misses seem like hits.
    Konryuu ֎ Suriashi
    D-Rank Taijutsu Discipline
    A technique used by martial artists, street magicians, and actors alike, Suriashi is the art of moving in simple, fluid motions, usually by sliding across the ground rather than taking proper steps. Using this, Zuijin constantly appears to be moving like a ghost while wearing his cloak, with hardly any shifting of the cloth, giving the appearance of floating. This also applies to his arm movements, allowing himself to move his arms about inside of his cloak without betraying that
    fact. This is most effective at deception if his taijutsu is equal to or greater than his opponents instinct.

    Konryuu ֎ Shiranami Gonin Otoko
    D-Rank Taijutsu Discipline
    Further playing off the smooth movements of Suriashi, this technique allows Zuijin to move without leaving behind footprints in even the softest of terrain. This is due in part to the same fluid motions, but also thanks to the fact that his heavy cloak trails behind him, sweeping up any footprints, and leaving no indication that they were removed in the first place.

    Konryuu ֎ Tada
    D-Ranked Taijutsu Discipline
    A simple technique of running, this allows Zuijin to clamber over, under, and around obstacles much more easily than most. While providing no direct speed boost, this technique makes it incredibly easy to lose someone around obstacles, tight alleys, and through buildings, though not in any kind of straight line.

    Konryuu ֎ Nyuukou
    D-Ranked Taijutsu Maneuver
    Already an unassuming person, this technique allows Zuijin to slowly approach someone without them really realizing he's getting closer, inch by inch. This is maintained often by keeping a conversation with the target, or visually distracting them with flashy effects, or other such things. Nyuukou also works on the principal of never approaching a target directly from the front, working slightly to the side as necessary. This is most effective at deception if his taijutsu is equal to or greater than his opponents instinct.

    Konryuu ֎ Kyuushou
    D-Ranked Taijutsu Discipline
    This technique is used by Zuijin for two things. The first is hiding in a crowd, blending in with others, despite her somewhat obvious cloak and mask. The second is quieting footsteps on different materials. While sand naturally muffles footsteps to be almost unheard, Zuijin has learned to be much more careful while walking on stone, metal, wood, and other such substances to make himself almost entirely silent.
    Genteiryuu TaijutsuShow
    Genteiryuu Taijutsu:
    This style focuses heavily on disabling opponents non-lethally in a variety of ways, rather than being as deadly as possible. Each technique focuses on pushing 'activators' into a target, which can be defined as anything from a harsh touch to a sword. The techniques do not end until after a period of time from when the activator is removed, and is often used in conjunction with barbed weaponry that are not so easily removed. All techniques are possible to use either up close in melee, or used at range by either throwing weaponry, or launching them from various launchers.
    Genteiryuu ↓ Secret Strikes
    C-Rank Taijutsu Discipline
    Having mastered the art of hiding smaller weapons, primarily senbon, between their fingers as they strike, Zuijin can strike at his opponent's pressure points without them realizing the senbon are in his hand, unless their instinct stat is higher than his taijutsu stat.

    Genteiryuu ↓ Pressure Secrets
    C-Rank Taijutsu Discipline
    Having studied the body's many pressure points, Zuijin has memorized the placement on relative body sizes, the angle of strike required to activate them, as well as the uses for each. This beginner technique is the prerequisite for any further Genteiryuu jutsu.

    Genteiryuu ↓ Excrutiation
    C-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver
    Activating a pressure point in the inner thigh, this jutsu causes severe, mind-numbing pain to spread throughout the targets entire body, primarily with the intent of distracting them from being able to think properly, or as a torture method. This jutsu lasts for up to 1 post after the activator is removed from the targets flesh.

    Genteiryuu ↓ Breaklock
    C-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver
    Requires: 20 Instinct
    By attacking one of the pressure points near either elbow, Zuijin can lock the elbow joint in whatever position it was in when the pressure point was activated. A strength of 20 or more can force the arm to move like normal, but doing so will cause immense pain throughout the entire arm. This jutsu lasts for up to 1 post after the activator is removed from the targets flesh.

    Genteiryuu ↓ Tripstop
    C-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver
    Requirements: 20 Instinct
    Forcing an object into one of the pressure points in either of the opponent's ankle, this attack is designed to simultaneously lock the joint of the ankle, throwing the target off balance, and cause great pain any time weight is put on the affected ankle. A strength of 20 or more can force the leg to move like normal, but doing so will cause immense pain throughout the entire leg. This jutsu lasts for up to 1 post after the activator is removed from the targets flesh.

    Genteiryuu ↓ Heave
    C-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver
    Activating one of the pressure points in the solar plexus, this jutsu causes almost immediate discomfort, forcing nausea and dizziness on the affected target, throwing even mighty opponent's off balance, and causing weaker ones to throw up. This jutsu lasts for up to 1 post after the activator is removed from the targets flesh.

    Genteiryuu ↓ Blackout
    B-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver
    Taking advantage of both a pressure point, as well as the frailness of the body, this pressure point is located in the neck of the victim. Often used as an opening attack in stealth scenarios, this activator targets the vocal folds, making it so that any sounds that come out of the targets mouth will be no louder than an illegible whisper. Any attempts to yell while the jutsu is active can cause permanent, scarring damage to the vocal cords. This jutsu lasts for up to 2 posts after the activator is removed.

    Genteiryuu ↓ Sap
    B-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver
    Using two activators at once, Zekka will thrust them into pressure points located on the sides of the Achilles tendons. This will lock up both legs, as well as causing debilitating pain, making them unable to walk on either, or both, legs effected. Excessive attempts to move while the jutsu is still active can cause permanent, scarring damage to the tendons in the legs. This jutsu lasts for up to 2 posts after the activator is removed.

    Genteiryuu ↓ Languish
    B-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver
    Pushing an activator into a pressure point on the side of the targets neck, their bodily functions will immediately begin to slow. If the target is inattentive, and their mind and body are inactive, they will immediately fall into a light slumber. If a target is already sleeping, they will become nearly impossible to wake up. Targets who are already active, especially those in a fight, will feel minimal effects, but still feel a sudden sense of tired sluggishness, causing a -6 to their overall speed. This jutsu will last for up to 2 posts after the activator is removed

    Genteiryuu ↓ Exsanguinate
    B-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver
    This activation requires two senbon, nearly side by side, to be shoved into pressure points very near the opponent's heart. Activating these two pressure points causes the bodies bloodflow to increase threefold, with the intention of causing already open wounds to bleed out at a deadly rate. This jutsu lasts for up to 2 posts after the activator is removed.

    Genteiryuu ↓ Seal
    B-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver
    This activator exists on both forearms of a target. By puncturing either or both, this causes the targets hands to lock up into tight fists, leaving them unable to perform handseals, or open their hands to grab at weapons or tools. Excessive attempts to move the hands while in this state can cause permanent scarring damage to the tendons in the wrist, leaving the hands useless. This jutsu lasts for up to 2 posts after the activator is removed.

    Historical AccountsShow
    Shuudoushi, Zekka, is dead, releasing his soul from his body.
    Setsuya, Inka, has also died, releasing the Soul Genma he once ate.
    Hizashi, Akio, has been unsealed, freeing the Creation Genma once sealed within him.

    A perfect storm.
    Zuijin is almost of a brand new existence. Having only very recently been 'born' of these strange chakra circumstances, she was found in the sealing chamber of Sunagakure no Sato, sitting in the middle of the room, and looking very confused. Having been recovered by the village, and thoroughly inspected for dishonest intent or anything that may harm the village, the Kage held a meeting to discuss the use of such a creature, and what to do with it. After a short test of its capabilities, it was sworn in as a tool of Suna, and made to keep its origins a secret. Having been granted the title of special jounin among ninja, Zuijin has been informed it must be accompanied by a fellow ninja any time a mission comes to pass, until it fully understands what it means to be a shinobi.


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