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Naegi Waruhito

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Naegi Waruhito


~Live in the moment~

General information
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Physical Features: Waru is simply put, a beautiful man. He has long lush locks of golden hair reminiscent of a fierce lion's mane. His eyes a mercurial soft light blue color that changes with the light. A prominent jawline and high cheekbones give this soft spoken scholar a strong presence. His voice is a light tenor, gentle and relaxed yet not squeaky. Despite his body's frame being remarkable, he lacks the musculature to match. As such his toned yet small muscles cause him to appear stronger than he is when wearing clothes.

He has calloused hands from working with gardening tools, though his right index finger has a particular callous associated from writing. His left pinky toe is crooked from a break as a child. Despite his quiet and recluse demeanor, Waru actually has a number of tattoos adorning his upper body contrasting his pale creamy skin with their inky blackness.
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 215lbs
Clothing/Accessories:Waruhito tends to dress on the more modest side. His clothes concealing his tattoos with long sleeves, only revealing them when rolled up for gardening. Thankfully the material is light so despite the heat of the desert he doesn't find himself overly effected. He generally wear an assortment of dark colors to contrast his milky skin.

He has a necklace he inherited from his father who died during a sand storm while protecting a caravan. A simple glass trinket of little value except emotionally. It was made from the ashes of the deceased. His headband is generally worn around his neck like a scarf. Waru tends to wear loose fitting pants held in place by a belt to help off set the heat. Standard shinobi sandals are his foot wear of choice.
Personality: Waru is a relatively quiet and soft spoken young man. Very compassionate and caring, he hates fighting and detest violence. Unable to stand anyone being hurt, he devoted himself to the art of healing others. He dreams of a future of peace and harmony. His idealism makes him somewhat naive, yet his heart is generally in the right place. When overwhelmed by negative emotions, Waru tends to mentally shut down. He enjoys spending his time in the family's greenhouses raising plants. Due to his golden hair and noble visage, Waruhito gives off the air of a peaceful scholar. When he is in a combat situation, Waru tends to focus on non-lethal take downs, defense and healing.

Battle Information
Village: Sunagakure no Sato
Rank: Genin
Primary Affinity: Suiton
Control: 10
Endurance: 6
Chakra Pool: 7
Strength: 6
Speed: 6
Willpower: 5
Special:: 10
Equipment: Waru's only equipment is a pouch of 45 Jishu seeds worn on his belt.
Companions: 0/1
Abilities and Concentrations
First Ability
Uchinaru Aku:
The Uchinaru Aku is a type of sentient plant that feeds on the negative emotions of humans. As such the host will appear to have a pure and innocent personality. However, the lack of negative emotions can put the host' life in danger. In situations like these, the plant will take over the host' body in a minor transformation. In Waru's case, the plant was imbedded as a seed while he was an infant and has grown purely from his emotions; thus making its own personality and life from the darkness in Waru's heart becoming his inner evil.

The Uchinaru Aku is a toxic plant that gets stronger as it grows, while inadvertently poisoning its host. The parasitic plant has grown with Waru and merged into his neural and circulatory systems becoming part of his body. While flourish style ninjutsu
maybe used to promote growth of the plant, manipulation of its parts are a physiological process. Although the host life span is shortened as it grows stronger it offers the body a resistance to various toxins. As the plant grows stronger so to does the host resistance to toxins. This resistance is expressed by treating the toxin as a rank weaker with similar effects. The plant itself contains a nerve toxin. The duration and effect of the toxin's effect is as follows-

1-14 Strength: 2 post
15-25 Strength: 3 posts:
26-31 Strength: 5 posts
32-34 Strength: 8 posts
35+ Strength: 10 posts
Plant GrowthShow
1Immune to E-Rank Toxins
4Resistant to D-Rank Toxins, Uchinaru Techniques result in a localized tingling sensation +1 Strength and Speed
10Immune to D-Rank Toxins, +2 strength, speed, +1willpower
14Resistant to C-Rank Toxins, Uchinaru Techniques result in a mild localized numbing sensation +3 strength, +2 speed, +2
20Immune to C-Rank Toxins +3 strength, speed, +2 willpower, endurance
24Resistant to B-Rank Toxins, Uchinaru Techniques result in a localized numbing sensation, +3 strength, speed, +2 willpower, endurance, control
30Immune to B-Rank Toxins +3 strength, speed, willpower, endurance, control
34Resistant to A-Rank Toxins, Uchinaru Techniques result in a localized partial Paralysis, +4 strength, speed, +3 willpower, endurance, control
40Immune to A-Rank Toxins, +4 strength, speed, willpower, endurance, control
44Resistant to S-Rank Toxin, Uchinaru Techniques result in a localized paralysis, +5 strength, speed, +4 willpower, endurance, control
50Immune to S-Rank Toxins, +5 control endurance strength speed, willpower
Alter Ego: InouShow
Physical Features: Inou's appearance is different enough you wouldn't think he and Waru are actually the same person but mistaking them for siblings is high. Sharing the same high cheekbones and prominent jawline, Inou's face is more or less identical. However, Waru's golden tresses are replaced by a curtain of dark ebony. As for the eyes, they lose what color they have the pupils turning white. His skin also grows paler, from a healthy cream to a sickly palor. Despite the unhealthy appearance of his skin, Inou's muscles are actually large and robust filling out the frame, Waru's musculature leaves empty.

Personality: Inou on the surface appears to be everything thing Waru is not. Opinionated, flirty, loud, crass, even sadistic towards others. However, as Waru is know for being a well learned scholar, Inou is no fool. If anything he seems to be even smarter, his methods cold and calculative. It's unknown if the concern shown for Waru is simply out of self interest or genuine care for the host. In combat Inou is a sadistic mid range fighter. Often he plays with his target inflicting them with poison til they're helpless to resist, then plays with their bodies till they die.
Second Ability------------
Third Ability-------------
Flourish Style:
Flourish Style is the Naegi's brand of plant based Ninjutsu. Utilizing special seeds, the Naegi are capable of growing a wide variety of plant life that they can utilize for offensive, defensive, or utilitarian purposes. Capable of growing growing crops for food or forcing a seed to grow into a plant of abnormal size, the House style allows the Naegi to manipulate the seeds and plants they create both in and out of combat. All plant techniques are susceptible to Katon techniques as they will wither and be destroyed by such techniques.
Requires 1 Ninjutsu Concentration
Suiton Affinity
A character with this concentration is able to utilize Suiton, and can make and use any custom or archived jutsu that require the Suiton affinity. Suiton has a passive enveloping effect.
Passive (Enveloping)Show
Suiton's effect is enveloping, meaning that suiton passively surrounds anything that it makes contact with. Suiton techniques that do not last over periods of times (i.e, exploding techniques) drench their opponents, but long term techniques will envelop anything they come in contact with and maintain a hold on it with the 3/4th strength of the technique, rounded down. This means that if a suiton wave is shot forward with 17 strength, it will envelope and move anything with it that does not have more than 12 strength to resist it. This allows Suiton to fill a very powerful role in eliminating tools from opponent's access and capturing targets.
This concentration allows for the user to user chakra to affect the biological processes of a living creature. This includes modifying, speeding up, or slowing down the biological processes. Iijutsu is known for it's advanced nature and requires precise chakra control to work effectively. It can be differentiate from normal techniques by the faint light green colour of the chakra used in Iijutsu techniques.
The fundamental skill of [Medicine] describes the user’s mental and physical ability to perform traditional and mainstream medicinal practices. This facilitates their use of related Taijutsu.
The fundamental skill of [Perception] describes the user’s practiced methods of more keenly focussing their senses for a short time. This facilitates their use of related Taijutsu.
Corded Weapons:
The fundamental skill of [Corded Weapons] indicates the user’s proficiency with long rope-like weapons such as chains and wire. This facilitates their use of related Taijutsu.

Flourish StyleShow
~[Flourish Style: Harvest Eye]
D-Ranked Ninjutsu
After forming the necessary hand seals, the Naegi will focus chakra into their eyes. Once this is done, their irides seem to glow from the excess chakra, making it look like small ethereal flames are smoldering from their eyes. At this level of strength, the Naegi are able to determine the health of most flora they can see. This will allow them to see if the organism is damaged, what it needs in regards to nutrients, or even what kind of care it may require. This technique is primarily used by the Naegi to determine what crops are ready for harvesting, although other applications still exist for it. In regards to length, this doujutsu will last for a number of posts dependent on the Naegi's Chakra Pool.

~[Flourish Style: Elephant Ear]
D-Ranked Ninjutsu
After forming the necessary hand seals or channeling their chakra, the Naegi will focus chakra into a Jishu seed and activate it. This seed will proceed to sprout into an elephant ear plant with leaves that all grow in such a way that they make a sort of wall. This wall is 2 meters tall and 1 meter wide, the massive leaves dropping from the plant stalk to leave no gaps. These chakra fueled plant leaves will be rigid and capable of withstanding against attacks with a Strength of [Control] or less. Katon techniques will burn through the plants with ease. The plant itself will grow with a Speed of [Control] and lasts for a total of 5 posts before withering away.

~[Flourish Style: Lavender]
D-Ranked Ninjutsu
After forming the necessary hand seals, the Naegi will focus chakra into a Jishu seed and activate it. Upon being planted, this seed will grow into a small shrub that produces tall stalks that rise above the foliage, allowing the flowers to bloom and spread their sweet aroma through the air. The aroma of these plants can spread out to 15 meters in all directions, allowing these flowers to be picked as they are are to have their aroma utilized in genjutsu.

~[Flourish Style: Jishu Plant]
D-Ranked Ninjutsu
After forming the necessary hand seals, the Naegi will focus chakra into a Jishu seed and activate it. Upon being planted, this seed will spend a solid month growing into a large bush that is capable of producing the special seeds the Naegi use. Should an advanced growth technique be used, all the seeds produced by the plant will be dead seeds that are incapable of growing into plant life. Should it be allowed to grow normally, the plant can be harvested for it's seeds that are stockpiled by the Naegi. The growth process of this plant must be monitored as it requires specially controlled conditions to grow.

Wither-Winter Sleep
D-Rank Ninjutsu
After forming the proper seals Waru is able to drain the vitality from Flourish style jutsu of his own creation. Winter Sleep causes the plant to enter a hibernation like state in which the nutrients is consolidated in the stem and roots causing outer foilage to dry up and crumble.

~[Flourish Style: Advanced Growth]
C-Ranked Ninjutsu
After performing the necessary hand seals or channeling chakra, the Naegi will focus chakra into a plant they have started growing. This will cause any produce producing plants to grow to maturation within one post. This technique will prevent that plant from producing viable fruit or vegetables and keep the Jishu Plant from giving off Jishu seeds. Instead the result is a fully grown plant that can produce rotten fruit/vegetables or dead seeds. While most would see this technique as a hindrance given it doesn't produce fruit, the rotten fruit can be utilized as a gen trigger or just a nasty projectile.
Uchinaru FlourishShow
Uchinaru Flourish is Waruhito's special Flourish Style jutsu utilizing his Uchinaru Aku plant with in his body. Uchinaru Flourish fall under the same pyramid as regular Flourish Style jutsu.
Devil's Garden • Twin Vine Emergence
D-Rank Ninjutsu
Prerequisite: Flourish Style conc
After breathing and focusing on the Uchinaru within him, filling it with chakra to promote growth, two three meter thorny vines will grow out of his back. Though grown via chakra, the vines are part of his physical body and as such any damage to them will result in pain. The strength and speed of these vines match Waruhito's as they are not controlled via chakra. The vines being part of his body and utilizing it for nutrients last until trimmed off or Wither type jutsu is used.
Aqua Vitae-SuiijutsuShow
[Suiijutsu • Soothing Waters]
D-Ranked Ninjutsu
After performing the necessary hand seals, the user will generate an orb of water 6 inches in diameter. Upon contact with the ally the waters will flow towards the target's first degree burns. As the water interacts with the cells and tissues in the area, the wound will begin to repair and heal over until there's no remnant of it ever being there this treatment takes 2 post per burn the size of of a fist. Larger burns must be treated in sections. This doesn't create new cells merely rejuvenate and restore damaged ones.

[Suiijutsu • Rejuvenating Blast]
D-Ranked Ninjutsu
After performing the necessary hand seals, the user will raise a hand towards an ally. A jet of water will shoot out up to five meters and drench the target soaking them. Upon contact with the target, as the water interacts with the cells and tissues in the area, the water will stimulate the nerves, treating mild numbing and tingling from electric shock. The water must soak into the skin taking 2 post. If the water is diluted or evaporated off before then it wont take effect.
Pre-approval Jutsu 0/10Show

Historical AccountsShow
As an infant the Uchinaru Aku was planted inside the boy's body. Taking root it grew along side him quietly hidden in the shadows devouring the dark thoughts and negative emotions from the boy's heart. It wasn't until he was five years old that the effects of the Uchinaru showed itself.

During a routine spar Waruhito was refusing to injure his opponent resulting in him being on the back foot the entire battle. His opponent a bully that targeted him due to his gentle nature was taking advantage of the situation to beat up Waru. Finally cornered with an attack incoming, the Uchinaru finally revealed itself transforming Waru's body and attacking the offender with vines growing out of his back. The bully was left in a bad state, several deep lacerations and a weak poison circulating through his body.

When Waruhito discovered what became of his opponent he teared up and balled his eyes out only to be scolded by the teacher for showing weakness. After that event Waru focused his talents as a support oriented ninja, and when forced into a true fight Inou would appear and take over. Waru named his otherself and even came to view him as a sibling. It wasn't until graduation that his family told him the truth of Inou's origins. Despite the dark origins and what it meant for his own life span Waru still loved the Uchinaru as a sibling. Now he does his best to grow stronger for both of their sakes.


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