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Aburame, Hisato

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Aburame Hisato [Konoha's Black Mist]

[Only live life for yourself, you'll live longer that way...]

General Information Age: 24
Gender: Male
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 170 lbs
Physical Features:
  • Face/head: Thick black hair between three to four inches in length that has a natural messy spiked look to it. A set of bright blue eyes are rarely seen from behind a pair of simple circle framed sunglasses with midnight black tinted shades and hunter green frames. His face in a bit skinny with a tall forehead and rather plan features with nothing truly unique about is appearance aside from a few old small scars and a short jet black haired beard covering his lower face. The most noticeable scars are a v-shaped one just above his left eye, one that begins at the hair line above his right eye and traverses diagonally across the forehead down to the inner side of the eye brow leaving a scar through the edge of the eye brow. A short one the runs diagonally across the left cheek bone under they eye and a horizontal one on the right side of the face that stretched from the jawline across the face and leaving a scar down the right side of the upper lip.
  • Body: The shinobi sports an athletic body of a runner with slender but toned arms and legs, with only a slightly muscled chest along with visible but not defined abdominal muscles. A number of small scars can be found on his across the upper torso, the most noticeable though are a series of two stab wounds on his right side on the abdomen, scarring due to a burn injury that run down the entire length of the right arm on the outside from the shoulder to the wrist. Lastly, other smaller scars are scattered across the upper back and upper left chest region of the torso.
  • Notable Features: His brilliant bright blue eyes, though very rarely are they not hidden behind his sunglasses, and a number of small scars on his face.
Clothing/Accessories: Hisato's Clothing consists of a pair of standard black shinobi style toe less boots that stop just below the middle of the shin, the man's feet wrapped in white bandaging that stretches up to just below the knee. The baggy legs of a pair of black cloth pants reach to a few inches above the boot with a couple inches of each pant leg wrapped under the bandaging, with the waist of the pants secured with a brown leather belt. Worn upon the upper body is a grey long sleeved cloth shirt with a high collar that comes up to the man's chin the with very baggy sleeves that slip down to his fingertips. Over this layer is a mid thigh length zip up jacket with a matching high collar look when zipped completely up. The shoulders and sleeves of the coast are black while the front and back of the coat are dark green hue. The coat also has a black hood, as well.

Picture: Personality:
  • General: If one were to use a single word to describe Hisato it might be Machiavellism, one who is cunning and calculative. Decently intelligent and very aware of his surrounding and situations being one who likes to be the one in control of every situation that he can be, even if he doesn't allow the other party to know that he's in control over them. Primarily concerned with himself and his own advancements to the point the he will willingly cooperate with anyone who will further his own ends. A seeker of fortune and fame with little concern for the people they trample along the way. Placing value in strength and ability alone.

    In terms of defining his alignment he could almost be considered a lawful evil type of man whom methodically takes what he wants within the limits of his code of conduct without regard for whom it hurts as he no longer has to worry about what his village thinks or its laws. He cares about traditions, loyalty, and order but not so much about the freedom of others, dignity, or life. He plays by his own set rules molded from the ethics which he developed within confinement with his own personal spin on things, without mercy or compassion and often blurring the line of shinobi and serial killer. He is fairly comfortable in a hierarchy and would like to rule, but is willing to serve someone as long as they have demonstrated their superiority to himself and have proved this to him personally either against him or in front of his own eyes. He is a man who openly condemns others, not solely according to their actions but more so according to their race, religion, homeland, and/or social rank. If you aren't strong then in the man's eyes you are just trash that is in his way.

    The shinobi considers order as the means by which each group on this vast land is properly placed in the cosmos, from the lowest to the highest, strongest first, weakest last. To him "good" being seen as an excuse to promote the mediocrity of the whole and suppress the better and more capable, while allowing each group to structure itself and fix its place as compared to others, serving the stronger, but being served by the weaker. This is a person who is driven to attain his goals through the means of force, power, and intimidation. Yet, the man stands apart from the norm, with his own, personal, code of ethics. One such being that he expects loyalty from those around him along with his subordinates and his minions, punishing disloyalty and treachery that may arise with a swift merciless death, if needed. If given by him, the man will almost always will keep his word if he gives it and will never lie, although he may mislead or withhold information to benefit himself or his purpose/mission.

    He will attack and kill an unarmed foe and will harm an innocent to accomplish the task or mission. He will use torture to extract information without hesitation, but this is not something done for pleasure but it of necessity. Life other than his own or those that he serves with are considered valueless to the man; those too weak to defend their possessions, positions, or their very own life don't deserve to have them in the first place. Hisato is not the type of person who would willingly throw his life away for another, the number of people that he would do this for could be counted on a single hand and if you aren't one of those people then you should learn to protect yourself first and foremost or watch as the former shinobi steps over your dying corpse without blinking an eye. Primarily concerned with himyself and his own advancements to the point the he will willingly cooperate with anyone who will further his own ends. A seeker of fortune and fame with little concern for the people they trample along the way. Placing value in strength and ability alone.
  • Hopes/Dreams: To breed a number powerful insects and new swarms, having a genuine love for it, and to increase his strength in order to establish his own rule over one of the minor countries. If possible he would love to make Konoha suffer some of the pain the he suffered, as well.
  • Fears: Being completely out of control of a situation, remembering his time of imprisonment with no freedoms and for him he would rather die than go back to such a life.
  • Combat Mentality:Hisato knows that from a physical stand point that he is not the strongest or the fastest and is heavily reliant on his swarms to do most of the heavy lifting. Attacking from the shadows and refraining from entering into the front line of battle. The man has no mercy for the weak, injured, or unarmed foes and will dispatch them without a moment to hesitation, even killing for the pleasure. A captured foe in the missing nin's hand can only expect terrible torture in their future as he extracts any information that they may or may not have.

Battle Information Village: Konoha
Rank: A-Rank

Stats: (0/50)
  • Ninjutsu: 10
  • Taijutsu: 25
  • Genjutsu: 9
  • Stamina: 20 (25-5)
  • Control: 5
  • Strength: 15
  • Speed: 27
  • Instinct: 38
  • Synch 1: 50
  • Synch 2: 5
  • Synch 3: 10
  • Swarm Containers (2) - A large metallic looking reverse hour glass shaped containers that are narrower on the ends and thicker in the middle being around six inches in diameter at the top and bottom while being about ten inches across in the middle and two feet in total length. One being jet black in color with a matte finish and a beetle with large pincers inscribed upon it while the other is an earthen tone with a hornet inscribed upon it. Fastened with a three inch brown leather harness that is worn upon the body, normally strapped simply to the back but can also be simply carried or thrown over the shoulder.. The containers has been chakra tempered and allows for the man to carry an additional swarm of insects within, capable of carrying up to fifty synch worth due to the seals placed within its interior.
  • Right Thigh Holster - Five kunai with smoke bombs attached.
  • Left Thigh Holster- Five kunai with explosive tags attached.
  • Left Hip Pouch - Contains five kunai with Light bombs attached, four glass vials for collecting bugs or liquid, four syringes, three medical scalpels, and five meters of first aid bandaging.
  • One Pack of cigarettes, a single Zippo lighter, small box of regular matches. Kept in one of his jacket pockets.
Companions: (1/5)

Affinity: Doton
Abilities and Concentrations
First Ability
Companion Master:
Companion Master
This character specializes in the organization of others, and has committed part of their time in coordinating themselves with pets, spirits, or henchmen in combat. This gives the user of this ability four[4] companions, each companion is separate from the other and can be any type of companion. There is no limit to ranks for companions.
Second Ability
Akkiwa-mu Swarm:
The Akkiwa-mu are a swarm of parasitic blood worms that feed on the blood of the host, given their name for this reason and for the powerful ability that they grant to their host in return, that being the ability to regenerate passively. This regeneration is based upon the stamina of the host. Due to blood worms constantly feeding on the blood of the host this incurs a stamina debuff (-5) upon them.
Third Ability-------------

Swarm Specialist:
Having devoted his life to mastering swarms, Hisato is classified as a Swarm Specialist. Hisato is able to devote a total of 10 concentrations to [Taijutsu]. However, he is only able to devote a max of 5 concentrations to [Ninjutsu and Genjutsu].

As a Swarm Specialist, however, Hisato is able to enter the God Tier [45+] on his [Sync] stat.

Ninjutsu - (1/3)
  • Grand Coordination

Taijutsu - (3/5)
  • Stealth
  • Perception
  • Medicine

Genjutsu - (2/2)
  • Sight Initiator
  • Sound Initiator

Other - (1/1)
  • Swarm

Aburame NinjutsuShow
Grand Coordination
Grand Coordination is an umbrella ninpou style developed by the Aburame family for use with their swarms. It techniques grant greater utility and the ability to manipulate swarms at a more advanced level.
~Mushi Sight
D-Rank Ninjutsu
After the appropriate hand seals, the Aburame shuts one eye, transferring it's sight to one of their mushi. The view from this mushi allows for the discerning size, shape, distance, and minor details, lacking the ability to examine intricate details, such as text in a book. The mushi can travel up to a mile away before the link between the Aburame is broken and the technique lasts as long as the Aburame keeps their eye closed for a maximum of six posts.

~Remote Detonators
D-Rank Ninjutsu
After the appropriate hand seals, the Aburame forms a 1 inch diameter ball of mushi, which they can than toss at an opponent, the ball sticking to them at a strength of 5. Anytime within the next three posts, kai can be used to cause the bugs to spread out at a force equal to 1 exploding tag. This explosion does not kill the mushi as the main danger comes from the force of the mushi's mandibles. This jutsu can help the user spread out the mushi and attach them to a target quickly as well.

~Pheromone Tracker
D-Ranked Ninjutsu
The Aburame will command a female mushi to attach itself to a designated target and hide itself using its small form and silent movement. After attaching itself, the mushi will then release an abnormal amount of pheromones. The male mushi of that breed can then trace the pheromone trail, allowing the Aburame to effectively track the marked target. The males can only track the female within a three mile radius, and after five posts, the female mushi does not have the chakra to produce excess pheromones and tracking is reduced to 1/2 mile.

C-Rank Ninjutsu
By channeling their chakra into their swarm and holding the final seal, the Aburame raises the pheromones of one of their swarms to unnatural levels, causing them to rapidly breed, creating larvae by the end of the post. If the Aburame continues to channel chakra into their swarm for another post, the larvae will rapidly hatch and grow into adult mushi, replenishing the ranks of the swarm.

~Mushi Clone
C-Rank Ninjutsu
After the appropriate hand seals, the Aburame member's mushi are gathered into one place and pattern themselves after the user or anyone else they choose. The technique is elaborate enough to be mistaken for the original, and therefore may be used as a decoy or as part of a diversionary tactic. When the clones stamina stat is used up/it is destroyed, it falls apart into the mushi it is made of. Each clone cannot use jutsu and has the following stats:27
Taijutsu: 5
Stamina: 5
Strength: 7
Speed: 10
Personal StyleShow
Way of the Shadow:
A style of fighting developed by Aburame Hisato through his time within confinement in prison and his life on the run traversing through the wilderness of numerous different countries.

Requires: [Stealth] and [Perception] Concentrations
[Lurking in the Shadows]
D-Ranked Taijutsu Discipline
This pseudo-camouflage technique doesn’t grant any form of true invisibility, simply it dictates user's ability to approach and stalk targets unseen. Much like the animals of the forest the user can seem to disappear simply by stepping into the foliage, knowing exactly how to navigate any natural or artificial cover that may present itself without exposing himself to visual identification save for the most perceptive of targets.

[Stone Face]
D-Rank Taijutsu Discipline
Prerequisite: 10 Instinct
Through his time in prison, the young man developed himself to control even his subconscious movements under the peering eye of others in order to eliminate any 'tells' that would allow for one to determine that he was lying. This can be seen through by others with an instinct equal to or higher than his own.

[Under Pressure]
D-Rank Taijutsu Discipline
Prerequisite: 10 Instinct
Through a number of intense and life threating encounters the user has developed the ability to continue to think level headedly, even while being tortured up to the extent that he can handle, always searching for the best manner to either attack or escape within the situation at hand.

[Follow My Lead]
D-Rank Taijutsu Discipline
Prerequisite: 10 Instinct
An trait that the user developed that allows for him to project himself using just his voice, words, and body language to be someone that a stranger can put their trust within. This can be seen through by others with an instinct equal to or higher than his own.

D-Rank Taijutsu Discipline
Prerequisite: 10 Instinct
After many hours of training and actual real life combat scenarios, the user is much better able to estimate distances and track moving targets in hectic situations. Such assessments become completely instinctive, allowing the user to change targets seamlessly without losing time between attacks.

[Silent Footsteps]
C-Rank Taijutsu Discipline
A fundamental skill in a hunter’s repertoire, the user has learned to move at a walking pace without his steps making any discernable sounds. Even in thick foliage he can identify and navigate around fragile twigs and dry leaves and step on vegetation in a way as to not make a sound.

[Following the Path]
C-Rank Taijutsu Discipline
Prerequisite: 15 Instinct
Having spent great effort in the art of learning how to track animals and man alike in a variety of environments. The user can easily pick up on most trails, observing and analyzing footprints, scuff marks, broken branches and the like. Unless heavily marred by environmental factors, the user can follow the physical sign of a trail even if it is several days or weeks old. In some rare instances where tracks have been preserved remarkably well this timeline can even extend to months.

[Flowing Movement]
C-Rank Taijutsu Discipline
Prerequisite: 15 Taijutsu and 15 Instinct
Utilizing the tactics of free-running, the user is able to utilize their speed to the utmost efficiency. They can run at full speed, seeming to flow over, around, and through practically any obstacles without losing any speed or momentum. This type of movement is incredibly useful, not only when pursuing a target, but also when fleeing. Most commonly this technique is used in natural or forested areas, giving them a distinct advantage over other shinobi, though they can adapt this technique to suit other terrain such as urban environments as well.

[Like a Dog]
C-Ranked Taijutsu Discipline
The user's sharp senses allow them to pick up on slight sounds within a 15 meter radius of themselves. This can range from the sound of a weapon being drawn, a projectile in flight or subtle footsteps and sounds of moderately heavy breathing. In terms of eavesdropping they can discern a conversation at such a range as if the user were standing next to the person whom is speaking.

[Observing For Patterns]
C-Rank Taijutsu Discipline
Prerequisite: 15 Instinct
During combat with a target, the user carefully observes their movements looking for aspects that are repeated in their style, attempting to determine attack or defense patterns of the target in order to develop counter measures for the opponent.

C-Rank Taijutsu Discipline
Prerequisite: 15 Instinct
The user has grown accustomed to taking into account the small details about a person, be it out of combat in which the user is able to glance over the shinobi's attire and exposed weapons to determine their possible styles of fighting. Or in combat were the user's takes note of small movements made by the body, the small utterances of eye movement, and the ambient sounds of the body. This allows for the user to accomplish other techniques based on the analysis made with this technique.

[Canine Smell]
B-Ranked Taijutsu Discipline
Prerequisite: 25 Instinct
The user has developed a nose keen enough to rival that of an Inuzuka. They are able to pick up on faint scents that average shinobi wouldn’t even notice to the point where the user can distinguish individual body scents of people as well as determine specific species of animals even by just a strand of hair. The passive range of this ability is about 30 meters though if the user has picked up on a trail they can continue to follow it to its source assuming there are still scent particles in the air or physical remnants of a trail.

[Situational Awareness ]
B-ranked Taijutsu Discipline
During his time in prison and on the run, Hisato found out rapidly that it is imperative to be able to distinguish between the sounds of nature and those that are unnatural for the sake of one's own safety. To that end the user has gained enough experience to be able to tell the difference between natural sounds and those of a battle. Additionally, he may tune out sounds to focus on specific sounds and noises making him much harder to fool.

[Way of the Bug]
B-Rank Taijutsu Discipline
Through intensive training, the user has taken another step further in becoming a true stealth user now able to remain completely silently when moving at a walking or running pace, but those with higher ranked hearing techniques may still hear the user's approaching movements.

B-Ranked Taijutsu Discipline
A discipline that allows the user to quickly memorize his surroundings and the environment to the minute detail, granting them the ability to move seamlessly without having to look where they going within that area. This is a constant effect as the user always takes in every detail of every environment they are within, and has a perfect picture in their mind at all times of what's around them.

[True Shadow]
A-Rank Taijutsu Discipline
Prerequisite: 35 Instinct
Taking the art of hunting into the realm of combat, the user is able to stalk a target with the skill rivaling any professional, moving up to their full speed while shadowing the movements of their prey and moving with the utmost silence. So long as their (Taijutsu+Instinct)/2 is higher than the target's Instinct then they will be able to approach them undetected by traditional means. Often this means the target isn’t even aware of the user's presence until the attack has already begun.

[Sounds of Nature]
A-Rank Taijutsu Discipline
Prerequisite: 30 Instinct
By closing one's eyes and focusing (half a post) the user is able to greatly enhance their sense of hearing. Even subtle sounds such as breathing and heartbeats can be detected within a 30-meter radius. It can also be used to determine the intent and state of fatigue of individuals based off of these audible cues. For every post that the user remains focused with their eyes closed the range of this hearing can be increased by ten meters to a maximum range of a hundred meters.

[Observing Eye]
A-Rank Taijutsu Discipline
Prerequisite: 30 Instinct,
By understanding the micromovements of the muscles, the small utterances of eye movement, and the ambient sounds of the body, the user can effectively predict what kind of macro movements (punches, kicks, directions) the individual fighting against is going to make after having observed movements of the target for more then two posts. This does not allow for a means of automatic dodging, but does give heed to what sort of movements will be or is most likely to be occurring next.


[Genjutsu • Insect Paranoid]
D-Ranked Illusion Genjutsu
The Aburame will do a series of hand seals, then have his beetles swarm in the direction of the target. Should the target see the swarm's motion, they'll be captured in this genjutsu. For the following 4 posts, the target will see a secondary swarm approaching them in the corner of their eyes, constantly shifting out of view when they attempt to look at it.

Swarm FormationsShow
Commander's Intent
Commander's Intent is a style swarm training developed by the missing-nin for use with his swarms through utilization of mental and verbal commands to illicit predetermined actions such as forming a specific formation and other practiced actions. Through this training method the user is granted greater control over the swarm and the ability to manipulate the swarm(s) at a more advanced level without the need to waste additional charka. Each rank of technique requires the user to have a synch stat and instinct stat equal to the technique. IE: 5 Synch and Instinct for D-rank, 10 Synch and Instinct for C-rank, ect.
Basic Movement - Defend
D-Ranked Maneuver
Requirements: A Swarm and 5 Instinct
Upon the command 'defend' all or a predetermined amount of the swarm(s) will begin to tighten their distance around the controller, not actively seeking to attack nearby enemies unless they make a move to approach or attack their host. Instead focusing primarily on intercepting and counter attacks attacks against the host.

Basic Movement - Frontal Attack
D-Ranked Maneuver
Requirements: A Swarm and 5 Instinct
Upon the command 'frontal attack' all or a portion of the swarm(s) will begin will rush forward at their top speed and strength to meet a threat or target head on. This also allows the user to set up a variety of follow on actions on his part or with the remaining portions of their swarm.

Basic Movement - Dispersion
D-Ranked Maneuver
Requirements: A Swarm and 5 Instinct
Upon the command 'dispersion' the swarm(s) will begin to spread out from their normal grouped up appearance in the swarm allowing the user better vantage of the battlefield and increase the coverage of the field with the insects by decreasing the height covered by the swarm and increasing the ground area covered. This also allows the user to set up a variety of follow on actions.

Basic Movement - Flank Attack
D-Ranked Maneuver
Requirements: A Swarm and 5 Instinct
Upon the command 'flank attack' a portion of the swarm(s) will begin will sweep out to the side of the target at their top speed and strength in order to strike the target from the side.

Basic Movement - Underground Basic Ambush
D-Ranked Maneuver
Requirements: A Swarm and 5 Instinct
Upon the command 'Dig' a portion of the swarm(s) will begin to burrow themselves into the earth in a designated sport if told where to 'dig' if just the command is given then the insects will then disperse themselves immediately around the host and dig in. Useful for hiding the full size of the swarm or sneak attacks and ambushes.

Intermediate Movement - Dead Body Ambush
C-Ranked Maneuver
Requirements: A Swarm and 10 Instinct, dead body
Upon the command 'Dead Body' a portion of the swarm(s) will begin to burrow themselves into one or more of the corpses in the immediate area, hiding themselves from sight within the bodies. Useful for hiding the full size of the swarm or sneak attacks and ambushes.

Intermediate Movement - Hidden Ambush
C-Ranked Maneuver
Requirements: A Swarm and 10 Instinct
Upon the command 'Hidden Ambush' a portion of the swarm(s) will begin to burrow themselves into the earth in a designated area forming a outer circle with no beetles in the middle of the circle. When a target enters the engagement area the portion of the swarm will immediately ambush the target from all sides attempting to completely encircle the target leaving no escape route. Size of the encampment is directly proportionate to the portion of the swarm used.

Intermediate Movement - Devour
C-Ranked Maneuver
Requirements: A Swarm and 10 Instinct
Upon the command 'Devour' all or a portion of the swarm(s) will either devour a target within their grasp or fiercely assault the target of the host's discretion in which is they make contact the insects will burrow into the target's body and begin to devour them from the inside out.

Intermediate Movement - Crush
C-Ranked Maneuver
Requirements: A Swarm and 10 Instinct
Upon the command 'Crush' all or a portion of the swarm(s) that have a target trapped within their grasp or a target that they are assaulting the insects will crush inwards with a strength and speed equal to their host's synch stat on the target unless being told to hold back. With resulting damage depending on the strength of the swarm attacking the target.

Advanced Movement - Grinding
B-Ranked Maneuver
Requirements: A Swarm and 20 Instinct
Upon the command 'Grind' all or a portion of the swarm(s) will begin to swirl around a determined target or group of targets as the go into a frenzy and use their sharp mandibles before continuously assaulting the target(s) repeatedly attempting to cut, slice, and penetrating through whatever the target is in their center.

Advanced Movement - Tunneling Ambush
B-Ranked Maneuver
Requirements: A Swarm and 20 Instinct
Upon the command 'Tunnel' all or a portion of the swarm controlled by the host will begin begins to tunnel underground at a speed of their synch making their way to their target. These tunnels are roughly three-to-six inches in diameter and when the swarm is at a location the Aburame wants them to burst forth from they will be giving the command 'Emerge' at which time they will burst forth from the ground at a strength of their synch slicing and penetrating with their mandibles at the target's lower body attempting to ultimately completely envelop the target(s).

Advanced Movement - Rain
B-Ranked Maneuver
Requirements: A Swarm and 20 Instinct
Upon the command 'Rain' all or a portion of the swarm controlled by the host will move into the air like a ominous dark cloud moving above the target or target area before 'raining' down upon the target or target area with a strength and speed equal to their synch stat with the size of the area dependent upon the amount of the swarm used for this technique.

Historical AccountsShow
The start of Hisato's life was very basic, normal and uneventful, which is mostly the normal for any ordinary person. As an only child, he was a little spoiled, by what only child isn't spoiled at least some? Yet, he was still kind in his heart and as he neared the age of entrance to the shinobi academy both parents, Isha and Saito, talked to him about the Will of Fire and how he should engraved this idea into his heart. It would become something that would be there as a inner connection with every person within the village of the Hidden Leaf, something that would him give him not only strength but even peace of mind at times of need.

Many clan's normally have some type of event for their children just before they enter into the shinobi academy and the Aburame Clan is no different in that aspect. But how many people can say that their little ceremony involves attaching a arasitic beetle lava to their kid that would one day grow into a incredible swarm that inhabits their entire body? At the age of ten that time had come for Saito's as the Beetles Spring was upon them and the new generation of beetles would be born within a few days. Even though this was something that his parents and elders had been speaking about with Hisato, it was still something that worried him greatly.

Who wouldn't worry about having something so strange and unknown taking over within their own body. Even with these fears their was no choice in the matter for the young Aburame child as it was something everyone of the clan did, to not do so would mean that you did not wish to be a part of the clan. A week after his tenth birthday the child along with about half a dozen other young children were escorted out into part of the wilderness surrounding the Leaf village to a specific part owned by the Aburame clan which was strictly guarded to prohibit trespassers from entering. These guards then led the ground down underground through a tunnel system that didn't look like it had been dug by human hands. Pushing deeper and deeper as the temperature began to slightly drop while the soil and rocks became damp from the moisture trapped beneath the surface here.

This was one of a handful of the beetle colonies nurtured by the Aburame Clan since the time back when they had first become a part of the village in its early years. It was here that hand selected members of the clan took great care in preserving the purity of the clan's three well known breeds of beetles. In the case of any mutations that might occur those are seen as a threat to the other breeds and are removed immediately. At least for the hive itself. The colony here housed all three current species and today one of them would be chosen by the boy to inherit their new generation of beetles which were still in their larva form.

Hisato moved closer and examined the new larva, this single organism would be the root of an entirely new colony of mushi with his body. He had been well educated upon the three species of battle but truthfully was unsure of which would be best suited for himself. As he remained crouched down in though a single larvae inched it's way forward onto his hand and slowly ascended the exposed skin of the boy's are white arm causing for Hisato suddenly standing up. it was almost as if this small creature had chosen him instead of the other way around. As it crawled onto his forearm their was an unexplainable burning sensation where the bug currently was as the tiny larva burrowed into the Aburame's skin.

This sudden pain caused for the boy to shriek in pain and grasped his left forearm with his right hand before stumbling backwards and falling into his backside. He could feel the organism inside his arm moving up his arm, the boy couldn't explain. the feeling with his words as his eyes remained wide with shock and unsureness. A single hand fell upping his shoulder, it was an old man appearing to be in his forties and one of the mushi keepers for the Aburame named Kisho. With a simple nod from the stranger he began to slowly calm down and soon the Bikōchū breed would settle within its host and begin to spawn other Bikōchū larva which would populate the boy's body.

Soon after the joining was completed the families that had entered then soon left and would rejoice in the on going Beetle Spring festival. But soon enough the spring festival would be over and it would be time for Hisato's life to truly begin now that he had been paired with his mushi and enrolled in the ninja academy. He looked forward to the future and what it would be like to become a shinobi. It was also this time when the youth of the Aburame Clan who were about to enter into the academy would chose a member of the clan took aid them in the training of their growing Kikaichu. Normally it would be a close family member but Hisato instead chose Kisho as he knew much about all the species and the curious boy was interested in what other knowledge the man had about the Kikaichu.

The boy sent three years at the academy during which time almost every evening was spend learning about the Kikaichu and how to properly control them. Though this left little time for training his physical attributes and left them a little below average but the child's intelligence still allow for him to graduate in the top twenty percent of the class. The test involving physical strength and speed pull him down from the top ten percent. Yet, during this time the boy didn't seem to make any friends as most people found his clan intimidating or even scary because of their body being a host for insects. Many would avoid them all together when they discovered this about him, but kids were like that. But even at this time during his life the Will of Fire was still not completely there for him.

Yet, after the graduation was finished he transferred to his genin team that he was placed on as well at the age of thirteen, only growing to see them as companions but never truly as friends while they trained and went on missions of various difficulty and types. During this time he was also learning the basics of Iijutsu preparing to possible embark on that course in order to be of help to others. At the age of fifteen Hisato managed to pass the chuunin exams on his second attempt and after which he was assigned by his clan to Kisho with the Kikaichu colonies and the security. It was soon after this that the teenager brought up the question to his new mentor in private that had been on his mind for some time about the man's strange actions toward secretly removing any type of mutated species of beetles that appeared but not immediately destroying it.

The young Aburame had been completely unaware of what the older man had been doing or noticed the fact that he had been manipulating and shaping the boy to help him in this man by gaining his trust through the last few years. Kisho gave the fresh chuunin a story about how he was secretly trying to create a stronger breed of Kikaichu in order to bring the clan's strength to an entirely new level. But was that the truth at all? In reality it wasn't but Hisato believed every word and spoke in whispers to the elder clansman who told him about the couple of insect breeding burrows that he had created for the purpose of experimenting with cross breeding mushi.

Yet, as they were moving through the outskirts of Konoha's forest a group moved in the shadows following the older man. A team from the clan had been watching Kisho for sometime and since Hisato was the man's apprentice for most of the time he was implicated in various crimes and what ever his master had been planning. As the pair entered into to a well hidden burrow they found themselves almost instantly surrounded by six baggy clothed figures, though the sunglasses and heavy layers of baggy clothing instantly showed their identity as members of their Aburame clan. They told Kisho to stand down, that he was being charged with a number of things to include killing at least two fellow clansmen along with other crimes against the clan and the village. But he was not about to go down that easy as he called forth his swarm of mutated beetles that then clashed against the swarms that flew out from within the other clansman's baggy clothing.

It ended in his death ultimately, but only after killing three of the man and injuring each of the remaining three shinobi...arrogance and overconfidence being the major contributing factors to the man's death in the end. During this fight the chuunin was quickly subdued and knocked unconscious by the group while they dealt with the more dangerous target, Kisho. But Hisato couldn't comprehend what was happening or why and would awake in a holding cell as his body felt different...he was being charged with aiding Kisho even though he pleaded about being unaware of the man’s plans to kill the clan's leader or the other things that he had done. But he was still punished and sentenced to five years during which the clan used a secret technique to remove his Kikaichu.

It was five very, very long years for the teenager, losing contact with everyone he knew and truly felt what it was like their was nothing within his control while imprisoned. Here was where the Aburame's mentality and personality began to shift and twist. He began to see how the strong suppressed the weak and how one had to be cunning and manipulative. Others were simple put there to be used like pieces on a game board for one's own advancements. It was here that the man's view about the world and himself were made...he would never be under someone's control or completely out of control of his life again like this. to view things purely in terms of value exchange “what does this person bring to the table?” and care little, if at all, for anything else.

The Aburame was released at the age of twenty one, after being escorted out of the gates a single Aburame whom he didn't know but had been sent there to retrieve him and then return him to the clan. As the man saw him, the young man put on a weak appearance even though he had actually improved himself physically aside from mentally sharpening his mind. As they began to travel the man purposely fell further and further behind, appearing exhausted. Without his swarm he needed to lure the man in close. As the time slowly pasted the ninja grew more and more frustrated at how weak prison had made the young man to the point that he turned around and leaped down before him.

In a single soft motion as the chuunin went to lend a helping hand to Hisato, the former inmate made his move. Using one arm to lock the man in position while the other am snatched a kunai from the ninja's thigh holster. In a single thrust the man was stabbed through the side of the throat before thrown to the ground, but he hardly has the time to grasp at the wound before Hisato was on top of him repeatedly stabbing the man as blood spurted in ever direction it seemed as he had bathed himself in the man's blood before he finally stopped as the chuunin lay motionless. A sinister smile eased is way into the man's face now worked to remove the man's clothing and such.

It would have been much more complicated if they had sent a jounin to retrieve him, but so far everything was turning out as he had planned for it to given the situation that had been presented to him. Removing the bloody clothing he moved to a nearby river and washed the blood and left the battered body for the animals to finish off and dispose of. He would then utilize the ninja's clothing and head band of his fallen clansmen to move near the Leaf village and into its exterior forest area where one of the testing burrows had been hidden. Moving while impersonating a fellow clansman had made things easier and he could only hope that at least one of the test beetles from those years ago had managed to survive.

Sadly, the first one he had came to where one of the strongest breed that they had cultivated had been discovered and destroyed causing Hisato to sign inwardly at all the work that had been put into them. But their was others to search as he moved on, the second test site was much like the first but finally he struck pay dirt with the third and last area. The mutated breed there wasn't as strong as the other pair but would make due to help him start his future plans. Locating one of the new generation of larvae he picked it up and slowly nurtured it with his chakra which bound the slightly larger than average larvae to himself as it ended up burrowing deep beneath his skin in the process and would soon begin utilizing the young man's body as a base in order to build a powerful colony, taking over the role as queen. This breed was know as the Hogoshachū, or the Guardian insect.

After the man had allowed for the swarm enough time to build to its strength to the point which would allow for him to safely exit the area he then used it and his disguised self to infiltrate and destroy a handful of the Aburame breeding grounds as a release for some of the pent up hatred that resided within his very soul, looking for mutated mushi and extracting a little revenge along the way. Killing ten more of his own clansman before being forced into a retreat and cutting his losses after that point. Soon after the man moved to the north where he would allow for his new companion beetles to build up the colony to full strength as he also spent time readjusting his body and mind to the swarm growing within him. As soon as he felt that he has reached a level of strength suitable for the plans within his mind he didn't hesitate to start putting his plans into actions in order to begin taking over one of the various minor countries. Now the only thing left was to find one suitable for him and his insects

Like chess pieces in his own little personal game...utilizing others as simple pawns. It was during his wandering around of the deep wilderness near the area of the country of Juu that Hisato made a discovery of a once thought extinct breed of worms known as the Akkiwa-mu who are a direct relative of the Kessenchu blood worms. Collecting the queen he then allowed for himself to become her host as the parasitic worms took root within his body changing his body, though they couldn't fix any of the previous damage it had sustained before their introduction the would not ensure that he was much more difficult to kill...what a fortunate encounter for the young man at his time of need. After this he knew that in the future he needed to scourer the mysterious country side of Juu in search of other legendary insect breeds or even knew ones created by the strange chakra fluxes within the country..

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Aburame, Hisato

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Username: Zao
Owner: Aburame Hisato
Hogoshachū Swarm

[Guardian Insect]
Description: The Hogoshachū are a species of medium sized beetles similar in appearance to the stag beetle that were bred and are utilized exclusively by Aburame Hisato. Individually, they are generally between 16mm and 24mm in length with the capability to fly. With their mandibles being overly developed for their bodies and are in turn similar to small blades or scalpels. Making the swarm easily capable of delivery lacerations, removing pieces of flesh, and up to literally devouring a target if given then chance to do so.

Personality: The swarm as a whole acts in accordance with the meaning of their name, being powerful guardians. Once synced with their host they will serve as obedient soldiers that are mentally linked to their host. Unlike the normal kikaichū these beetles only obtain a portion of their diet from chakra and the rest from the flesh and meat from animals and humans a like. Due to them seeing the host as their King/Queen, they will react to any threat toward their host out of pure instinct and desire to protect, if not told to hold back by the host themself.

Picture: Sync: 50
Strength from Devouring Chakra:
Due to the beetles only needing a portion of the chakra they take from their host to satisfy their appetite, as they acquire the rest from hunting other animals, the extra chakra is stored up within their body. This allows for the swarm to release chakra from their bodies in order to produce a shell of chakra with a strength equal to their synch stat. This can be used by individual insects to produce a personal shield around themselves or a group can join together tightly to create a shield of chakra equal in size to the amount of the swarm used to create it. The shield only lasts for a single post. After using this ability that portion of the swarm which used the ability is unable to use this defensive ability again for four posts.
History:: The mutated breed of the kikaichū that was removed from the Aburame battle hives and nurtured by Hisato's master before his death. Then it was left to its own natural development during Hisato's time in prison where it slowly grew into a colony of its own accord. After his release from prison the ninja infiltrated the guarded Aburame beetle hives outside the village in order to reobtain them for his own person uses taking a queen larvae from the hive before escaping the area.

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Aburame, Hisato

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Username: Zao
Owner: Aburame Hisato
Suzumebachi Swarm

[Giant Hornet]
Description: Regardless of sex, the hornet’s head is a light shade of orange and its antennae are brown with a yellow-orange base. Its eyes and ocelli are dark brown to black. Its orange mandible contains a black tooth that it uses for digging. The thorax is dark brown, with two grey wings varying in span from 3.5 to 7.5 cm. Its forelegs are brighter than the mid and hind legs. The base of the forelegs is darker than the rest. The abdomen alternates between bands of dark brown or black and a yellow-orange hue (consistent with its head color). The sixth segment is yellow. Its stinger is up to 10 mm long and contains a potent venom that, in cases of multiple strings simultaneously, can kill a human. Not including the stinger, the insect ranges in length from six to seven and a half centimeters.

Personality: The Suzumebachi are focused iin two things, protecting the colony and hunting for food to keep the colony fed. In the wild, killing one of the Suzumebachi would normally elicit a full scale attack by the swarm in retaliation for the death or even a threat to the colony would cause an attack by a portion of the swarm. Though, under Hisato's control now they are more adept at following the orders given by their new host for he is being viewed on the same level as their queen due to their reliance on his chakra as nourishment. In turn, they will obey orders and protect the missing-nin from actual and even potential threats without question, even to the point of sacrificing their own lives in order to do so. The intimate level of their connection with the host allowing for each of them to communicate telepathically with one another.


Sync: 5
Eight Evils Venom:
A toxic venom that is naturally produced by the hornet breed that is introduced into it's victims through the stinger upon its abdomen that is a quarter inch long. Named for the eight chemical found within the venom it produces a couple of effects. The worst of the chemicals caused the flesh around the sting to literally breakdown and dissolve creating a hole where the sting was. Another chemical is a targeting pheromone that marks the stung target as prey, a threat, or as food and allows other hornets to track the target if they manage to flee or kill the scout hornet thay tagged them.

The last effect comes from a neurotoxin contained within the toxic sting called called mandaratoxin, just for good measure. Mandaratoxin appears to prevent the victim’s neuronal action potentials (signals) from traveling along nerves, by reducing the sodium current. Blocking signals from traveling back and forth to the brain frim the affected area creating localized paralysis of the affected area. The sting itself is rather painful as well as the exact words from Hisato when he was sung on the leg was that it "felt like a red hot nail being driven into his thigh". Part of what makes the venom so dangerous is the fact that hornets, unlike bees, are able sting a target multiple times unlike bees whom have a barbed stinger that pulls itself from the insect when it stings. Multiple stings are quickly able to overwhelm and being stung several times (40+) can even kill a target at the size of a human or large animal.

Poison Interaction
  • 1 Synch - Intense pain at the injection/sting site for three posts
  • 10 Synch - The area of a half inch diameter around the injection site turns black after first post, tissue in the affect area begins to dissolve during the second post leaving a half inch wide and deep hole in the target's tissue at the start of the third post.
  • 20 Synch - The sting also causes localized paralysis in a three inch diameter area around the sting point. This paralysis sets in on the third post after feeling tingling sensation in the area on the second post. Paralysis lasts for two posts before fading away the post afterwards.
  • 30 Synch - The area of an inch in diameter around the injection site turns black after first post, tissue in the affect area begins to dissolve during the second post leaving a inch wide and deep hole in the target's tissue at the start of the third post.
  • 40 Synch - The sting is now able causes paralysis in extremities. This paralysis sets in on the the third post as a tingling sensation running through the limb during the second post. The effect last for an additional two posts (fourth and fifth) before fading the post afterwards (sixth post).
  • 50 Synch - The area of three inches in diameter around the injection site turns black after first post, tissue in the affect area begins to dissolve during the second post leaving a three inch wide and deep hole in the target's tissue at the start of the third post.

History:: The Suzumebachi are a remnant of an old clan that once roamed through Earth country and even clashed against the Aburame clan in the past before the great shinobi villages were established. Hisato searched every corner of earth country and outs surrounding neighbors to relocated the once thought extinct breed of insect. Using his own swarm to assault and destroy them after a short battle he then took away the queen, the colony's sole survivor, binding her with his chakra in order to produce loyalty in the insect to only him. Now the man is slowly rebuilding the swarm to its former glory as they are being enhanced through feeding off his chakra.

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Aburame, Hisato

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Username: Zao
Owner: Hisato
Bikōchū Swarm
Description: The bikōchū are a species of small horned beetles that are bred and utilized exclusively by the Aburame family. Individually, Bikōchū are generally between 14mm and 18mm.

Personality: Back under Hisato's control, the extremely loyal insect have become adept at following the orders given by their new host for he is being viewed on the same level as some other insect colonies view their queen due partially to their reliance on his chakra as nourishment and the other in the deep bond each share with one another due to the swarm choosing him as a child. In turn, they will obey orders and protect the missing-nin from actual and even potential threats without question, even to the point of sacrificing their own lives in order to do so. The intimate level of their connection with the host allowing for each of them to communicate telepathically with one another.

Sync: Sync #3
Minute Tracking
The Bikōchū originate from a mutated breed of kikaichū that was extra sensitive to the chakra the desire to eat. Overtime, due to over breeding, the chakra sensitivity became increasingly stronger while the chakra eating abilities of the kikaichū diminished. This left the Bikōchū breed with a strong affinity for sensing, seeking, and tracking chakra. The range in which their senses are accurate are based on their rank:
  • D-rank: 10 meters.
  • C-rank: 20 meters.
  • B-rank: 40 meters.
  • A-rank: 80 meters.
  • S-rank: 100 meters.
History:: This was the original swarm that belonged to the missing-nin before he was arrested and the clan used a special technique to strip the swarm from within his body. But after his release and attack on his fellow clansman the man briefly returned to the clan's hidden bug colonies and retrieved the handful of his old swarm that were still alive. They instantly sensed his chakra and as he neared their location the remaining portion of the swarm rejoined with their old host, the bond created between the two in their first meeting proving to be stronger than the former Leaf shinobi had imagined.

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