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Feng, Xi

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Feng, Xi

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[Sometimes one must sacrifice to serve the greater good.]

General Information Age: 17
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 170 lbs
Physical Features:
  • Face/head: Uncombed jet black hair that is about one to two inches in length covers the man's head, his face is rather plan with no true defining features. Lightly tanned skin with thin lips and nose, slightly arched eye brows and green eyes round out the man's face.
  • Body: With the same lightly tanned skin the man's body is somewhere where between a thin and slightly athletic build, a few scars can be found on the shinobi's right forearm in a crisscross pattern.
  • Notable Features: Jet black messy hair, green eyes, three crisscross scars on the lower half of the right forearm.
Clothing/Accessories: Xi is a rather plain man wearing a button up black long sleeve shirt with similar color black shinobi style pants. Instead of regular shinobi sandals the young man finds boot like foot attire more appropriate for the environment of the village as black bandaging can be found from just below each knee down to the toes of each foot. During missions is it not uncommon to see the man dawn a pair of black or brown full finger gloves and his traditional jounin vest, on his right thigh can always be seen his proudly displayed Iwa headband. One the back of his shirt and on the left shoulder can be dound a symbol that appears to be three crescent moons, the symbol of his house, this is also found on the back of his personal flak demonstrating his pride in the Feng family and desire to increase their standing within the village.

Picture: Personality:
  • General: Very straight forwards and honest kind of person, valuing honor and integrity as a shinobi, and one whom puts the village above all else including his own family. Seeing those who go against the village and its ways as simple trash that needs to be taken care of. Has a strong belief of taking care of and training the next generation of Iwa shinobi so that one day they can take his place and protect the village and those it shelters under its name and influence.
  • Hopes/Dreams: Dreams of becoming the head of his small family and pushing its influence higher within the village.
  • Fears: Allowing the village to suffer any type of major losses.
  • Combat Mentality: Xi's combative style focuses almost purely around the use of his family's signature soul orbs using them to defend and attack at mid to long range distances against one or multiple opponents. Using them to cover a good portion of the battle field and tie down multiple opponents to support his fellow shinobi.

Battle Information Village: Iwa
Rank: Jounin
Stats: 186/250
  • Chakra Pool: 47 [50-3]
  • Endurance: 24
  • Control: 50
  • Strength: 10
  • Speed: 45
  • Willpower: 5
Soul OrbsShow
  • Soul Orb Set - A set of twenty five chakra sensitive orbs created through secret black smithing techniques of the young man's house that are three inches in diameter, fiery red in color, with a visible line in the center like a mouth and a smaller line on the upper half of the orb that looks like a closed eye. Within the center of each orb can be found a one centimeter cube chakra receiver. These orbs have been infused and molded by the very power of the user's chakra causing them to be able to open their center line to reveal a mouth with 'teeth' inside. The set was forged for the man when he became a genin and because of the passive chakra being circulated through the orbs via the chakra receivers they have a durability of [Control] when not in use due to being passively drawing chakra from the user.
  • Chakra Receivers - A series of black chakra receivers that are two and a half centimeters long and one centimeter wide have been surgically implanted within the man's arms, chest, shoulders, and upper back protruding slightly from the skin. These are synced with the chakra receivers within the user's personal Soul Orbs allowing for them to control them as he wishes via his will and thoughts alone.
Companions: (0/1)
Primary Affinity: Doton
Abilities and Concentrations
First Ability
Soul Orbs:

The Soul orbs are a set of chakra sensitive metal orbs, numbering twenty five in total, that made by the [Feng] family after successively the shinobi graduate from the shinobi academy and obtains the rank of genin, a set is bestowed upon the new shinobi. Within the center of each orb can be found a one centimeter cube chakra receiver, these receivers are specially assigned to the user by having the same chakra receivers placed within their body. preventing anyone from using them aside from their owner. After obtaining the orbs the user undergoes a technique that infuse the orbs with the power of the with a portion of their soul causing for them to gain a unique appearance and ability per person.

The soul orbs function in a similar manner to that of a small swarm but cause a constant drain on the user as a result of being linked with their soul in order to remain active at all times [-3 CP Permanent Debuff]. Due to the constant chakra being applied to these receivers and orbs they are able to gain a strength equal to the user's [Control] stat. The orbs can continue function completely regardless of any damage, with the exception being if the receiver in the center of the orb is damaged/destroyed.

When being controlled by the user, the orbs are able to be manipulated with a speed and strength equal to their [Control] stat, being controlled in a manner that has some similarities to Kinesis. These orbs are considered to be part of a collection and when not actively being controlled they will passively attach themselves together with one another forming a type of rope or sash that is worn by the user. Due to being specially designed to be manipulated via custom receivers that are built into these orbs and embedded in [Xi], these orbs will float around the user's immediate area when actively in use, being able to move up to [Control x4] meters from their owner unless a jutsu is used to extend the range further.

A special effect of all types of soul orbs is that they are able to increase and decrease in size at the will or their user, the smallest form being their base stat of three inches and the largest being based on their [Control] stat. The chart below lists the max size for [Control] stat.
  • 1-9: Up to six inches.
  • 10-19: Up to one foot.
  • 20-24: Up to one meter.
  • 25-34: Up to two meters.
  • 35-39: Up to four meters.
  • 40-45: Up to six meters.
  • 46+: Up to ten meters.
Xi's Soul Orb Appearance and Special AbilitiesShow

Each set of orbs are different, being unique to the individual, due to each set being molded from the power of the user's personal chakra at creation. Being three inches in diameter and crimson red in color, Xi's orbs are unique in that after being molded they have gained a mouth-like opening that when active is capable of opening up like a normal mouth would except wider, revealing two rows of white color metal "teeth" within each orb, and each have a 'eye slot' that is normally closed unless activated by jutsu. The mouths are capable of biting with a strength equal to their user's [Control] stat.
Devouring Orbs

Each set of Soul Orbs gains a unique ability after being fused with the power of their creator's soul. In Xi's case, the Soul Orb set created by him during the soul forging process have gained the natural ability to 'bite' a target and passively absorb chakra from that target on command. Allowing for the soul orbs to devour another's Chakra Pool, the drain induced based upon the [Control] strength of the user at the following rates:
  • 1-9: 1 Stamina per two posts.
  • 10-19: 2 Stamina per two posts.
  • 20-24: 2 Stamina per post.
  • 25-34: 3 Stamina per post.
  • 35+: 5 Stamina per post.

Soul Vision

A second unique ability granted to the orbs after being fused with the power of their creator's soul. The soul orbs have the ability known as [Soul Eye], which can be activated by the user causing the eye on one of their soul orbs to open revealing a golden eye. This eye is linked with the user's vision and is able to see not only normally, increasing their field of vision but also the chakra of others within its range of vision. Require's sensory concentration

Note: For balance purposes, the rate of chakra drain is fixed regardless of how many Soul Orbs are biting a target. This effect would also take place if one were to be 'swallowed' by an enlarged orb, as well.
Second Ability Combined with first ability.
Third Ability TBD
Ninjutsu[Advanced Channeling, Sensory, Doton, Kouton]
Taijutsu[Stealth, Perception, Acrobatics, Projectile, ]
Genjutsu[Sight, Sound, Touch, Smell, Status, Sensory]

Soul Orb TechniquesShow

Soul Orb: Basic Enlargement
D-Rank Ninjutsu
Forming a short set of hand seals the user channels chakra into his active soul orbs causing their size to increase from their normal three inch diameter up to the max size allowed by the user's [Control] stat. This transformation last for [Control/4] posts.

Soul Orb: Eye of Insight
D-Rank Ninjutsu
Forming a short set of hand seals the user channels chakra into his active soul orbs causing their eye slots to open and reveal a hidden eye that is linked to the vision of the user lasting for up to four posts.

Soul Orb: Self Destruct
D-Rank Ninjutsu
After channeling chakra into one of the Soul Orbs, the orb will release and omnidirectional explosion with [Control] Strength from the orb's location. The jutsu can be held for the posts before the orb will automatically release the explosion.

Soul Orb: Point Blank
D-Rank Ninjutsu
Forming an additional hand seal the user is able to have one soul orb release a blast of raw chakra from its mouth out to ten meters at a speed and strength equal to [Control].

Soul Orb: Shielding
D-Rank Ninjutsu
To prepare for this jutsu, the user focuses on a single orb causing that orb to move in to position around the user or ally in order to block an attack. Performing hand seals, the orb emits a purple chakra that forms into a concave shield of chakra ten meter by ten meters in size at a speed and strength of the user's [Control] for the next three posts.

Soul Orb: Sword Mouth
C-Rank Ninjutsu
After performing hand seals, the user is able to cause up to [Soul /5] orbs to open their mouth and create a long claymore style sword extending up to twenty five meter's in length, one meter width sword of chakra allow for it to expand from their mouths at speed and strength of [Control]. Last for five posts.

Soul Orb: Hunger
C-Rank Ninjutsu
After forming a set of hand seals, the user concentrates on their soul orbs that have latched onto or swallowed a target. This allows the soul orb to increase the Chakra absorption rate by [3] Chakra Pool for one post.

Soul Orb: Rope Binding
C-Rank Ninjutsu
After performing hand seals, two of the user's orbs open their mouth and emit 3-inch thick ropes of chakra outward from the mouth out to twenty five meters in length, which attempt to surround and entangle the target at a speed and strength of [Control]. Once the target is surrounded, the ropes constrict inward tying the target from head to toe before pulling the target into the mouth in an attempt to swallow the target. These ropes can last for up to five posts.

Soul Orb: Exploding Needle Attack Command
C-Rank Ninjutsu
Forming a set of hand seals the user focuses on one of their soul orbs, causing that orb to open its mouth to start spraying a cloud of senbon sized chakra needles in a single direction at [Control] Speed and Strength. This cloud goes 25 meters from the point of origin, while also being 10 meters in width over the course of one post.

Soul Orb: Increased Hunger
B-Rank Ninjutsu
After forming a set of hand seals, the user concentrates on their soul orbs that have latched onto or swallowed a target. This allows the soul orb to increase the Chakra absorption rate by [6] Chakra Pool for one post.

Soul Orb: Death Shuriken
B-Rank Ninjutsu
After performing hand seals, each orb under the user's control will gain a set of four one meter curved blades of chakra that extend out to twenty five meters in length possessing a strength of [Control], the blades rapidly turning around the orb, giving them the appearance of spinning shuriken as the blades rotate around the soul orbs at a speed of [Control]. These shuriken blades last for the next six posts.

Soul Orb: Void Hunger
A-Rank Ninjutsu
After forming a set of hand seals, the user concentrates on their soul orbs that have latched onto or swallowed a target. This allows the soul orb to increase the Chakra absorption rate by [9] Chakra Pool for one post.


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Historical AccountsShow

Xi was born into the small Feng family, nicknamed the Orb family due to their use of small orbs they call Soul Orbs in battle. The is not only a small one but also a rather new family within the great history of Iwa and its other families and clans that hold great power within the village itself. But the young child was raised as any normal child, enjoying playing and living with his parent as at the age of six they began to start teaching him the most basic aspects of being a shinobi in the knowledge and the basics of chakra.

At the age of seven he was allowed to enroll within the academies due to his family's standing as a shinobi family within the village, where he began to receive more focused training on not only the shinobi arts but also other school like academic subjects such as reading, writing, and mathematics. Though after the first year it was easy for the young child to tell that not all of his new companions and friends that he was making were going to be able to become shinobi like himself who had the aid of his parents to answer questions and fill in any gaps that came up for Xi.

After graduating the shinobi academy at the age of eleven, Xi would partner up with three other genin after being assigned his reporting senior, a jounin by the name of Hito, and the small group would begin to train and spar with one another undertaking missions of their caliber. It was also at this time after graduating that he underwent the long and painful process, under the guidance of his parents and family elders, of forging and molding his Soul Orbs. As he began to understand and gain control over the Soul Orbs his parents were able to hire training partners, a few different chuunin through out the next three years before the boy ascended to the rank of chuunin on his second attempt.

Through group at this point in time had dropped to three as one of the four had been injured and it had ended his career while they had been out on a mission, but this only inspired the young man to continue striving for strength in order to protect his comrades around him. Xi could always be found playing tactic games or war games with others above his own age training his mind and instincts to deal with every situation that he could think of. He wanted to ensure that he wouldn't be a burden to those around him.

Much like his genin years, as a chuunin he was able to hire training partners to help him grow as a man and as a Iwa shinobi with the help of his parents training with him, when not away on missions for the village. A few years passed as the young shinobi grew into a young man and managed to finally achieve some acknowledgment from his sensei, beginning to approach the strength and skillset of a special jounin. Though at most he was still being considered to be an average shinobi still and not one to truly stand out among other peers of his rank. But with his mentality and hard work ethic, Xi isn't striving for fame but instead quietly honing his own skills pushing his abilities with the soul orbs and their utility to a point that has surpassed both of his parents. The man only wants to ensure that he can be useful to his family and the village in the future, recieving the promotion to the rank of jounin at the age of seventeen. Looking to discover his place as a fresh jounin amongst the more experienced veteran shinobi of the Hidden Stone.

Username: Zao
Points: 1/1
Prestige Perks: 0/0
Stat Trainings: (0/75)


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