Tani, Hitomi

The Bending Blade

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Tani, Hitomi

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Tani, Hitomi

The blade that cannot bend, breaks.

General Information Age: 12
Gender: Female
Height: 4'10" (149cm)
Weight: 82lbs (37.2kg)
Physical Features: Hitomi is a bright young woman, and not simply meaning her intelligence. The young woman's striking auburn hair just barely touches her shoulders, while her long bangs are kept from her eyes with small cyan hair clips. Her eyes, upon closer inspection, prove to be of separate colors, with her right eye a deep blue, and the left bright green.

Though of average height for a girl of her age, her body is slim and lean, revealing her natural propensity toward agility instead of raw physical strength. A small birthmark blemishes the otherwise flawless fair skin of her left forearm, just above the wrist.

Clothing/Accessories: Hitomi is most often seen wearing a long sleeved dark blue shirt, black belt and long dark blue pants, ending just above the ankles. Her ankles and heel are wrapped in bandages, and she wears standard shinobi sandals on her feet. Along her belt, she carries six pouches - a small pouch on her front left and front right, and two slightly larger bags on her back right and two on her back left. Additionally, leather straps hang from the left and right sides of her belt, where Wax and Wane are held.

Her village headband rests where it belongs, right atop her forehead, and a small cyan hairpin keeps her bangs from obscuring her village symbol.

Personality: Hitomi is a friendly and confident individual. Almost to a fault, actually. She's also someone who dislikes being constrained in any way, and so she's found the regimented and... somewhat strict way of life within the village to be aggravating on more than one occasion. She's always looking for ways to buck traditional ways of doing things, or find new ways to accomplish a goal. In her mind, being flexible and adaptable makes one far stronger than being set in one's ways.

She hopes to one day manage to reach a position where she can lessen the rigidity of her village's culture and it's emphasis solely on raw physical strength, for it is her belief that the village as it stands is destined to simply stagnate while the others continue to grow and prosper. More than that, though, she wants to improve the village's relations with the other hidden villages. She's seen the results of Iwa's hostility toward the other nations, and to prevent that again would be the single greatest thing she could think of.

Because of her focus on flexibility, she tries to train herself in all manners of techniques important to life as a shinobi... even if she often fails at maintaining her skill in all things equally. She never stops trying, however, to improve what she considers to be her natural weaknesses while honing her strengths to be ever sharper. It is her greatest fear that a friend or love one be killed because she couldn't adapt well enough to a situation to save them, and so she tries her hardest to have an answer to any situation.

Battle Information Village: Iwagakure
Rank: Genin
  • Ninjutsu: 5
  • Taijutsu: 8
  • Genjutsu: 2
  • Stamina: 5
  • Control: 5
  • Strength: 5
  • Speed: 7
  • Instinct: 5
Wax and WaneShow
Weapon Name: Wax and Wane

Weapon Type: Custom Kama

Description: Wax and Wane are a pair of larger-than-usual kama, with handles of polished black hardwood. The handles are 30" (76.2cm) in length, and grow thicker toward the last 16" (40.6cm) and the blades themselves are made of steel and are 16" (40.6cm) in length and 2.5" (6.35cm) wide at the base and grow thinner in a crescent arc until reaching a fine point.

Along the handle, just beneath the blades, is a long rivet into which the blade can be folded, for safety during travel or to utilize the kama as a metal-tipped club. The blades are kept both outstretched, or locked inside their handle, with a locking bar. A small trigger on each handle pulls the bar back, allowing a spring within to either unfold the blade into a combat ready position, or allows the blade to be manually stowed within the hilt again.

One of the kama, Wax, has a small steel cylinder protruding an inch past the base of the hilt with rivets within. Wane, on the other hand, protrudes a slightly thinner steel stud designed to attach to Wax via the cylinder, and lock in place with a twist to make a double-bladed quarterstaff, the total length of which is 60" (152.4cm). When secured properly, the blades point in opposite directions from one another, and the handles can be separated with a second firm twist in the opposite direction that locked them together.
15 Kunai - Front left belt pouch
15m spool of wire - Front right belt pouch
15 shuriken - Back left belt pouch
5 Explosive Tags - Back right belt pouch

Companions: (0/1)
Primary Affinity: Raiton
Abilities and Concentrations
First Ability
Second Ability
Third Ability
Ninjutsu 2/2
Raiton Affinity:
Raiton Affinity
A character with this concentration is able to utilize Raiton, and can make and use any custom or archived jutsu that require the Raiton affinity. Raiton has a shocking effect.
Passive (Shocking)Show
Raiton has the effect of shocking, which means causes it's effect to be diffuse upon impact. In organic material, this causes nervous stimulation which results in numbness, tingling, loss of sensation, and sometimes paralysis. In inorganic material, this means that the strength of the jutsu diffuses across an area 2x the size of the attack. In a jutsu that creates a lightning ball 2m in diameter, if it struck a wall the size of the attack would cover a 4m area.

Additionally, the strength of the nervous effect on organic material from raiton jutsu is determined by the ninjutsu stat requirement.
  • 1-14 Strength Requirement: Tingling, acute numbness.
  • 15-24 Strength Requirement: Loss of Sensation
  • 25-34 Strength Requirement: Localized Paralysis
  • 35+ Strength Requirement: Diffuse Paralysis
Suiton Affinity
A character with this concentration is able to utilize Suiton, and can make and use any custom or archived jutsu that require the Suiton affinity. Suiton has a passive enveloping effect.
Passive (Enveloping)Show
Suiton's effect is enveloping, meaning that suiton passively surrounds anything that it makes contact with. Suiton techniques that do not last over periods of times (i.e, exploding techniques) drench their opponents, but long term techniques will envelop anything they come in contact with and maintain a hold on it with the 3/4th strength of the technique, rounded down. This means that if a suiton wave is shot forward with 17 strength, it will envelope and move anything with it that does not have more than 12 strength to resist it. This allows Suiton to fill a very powerful role in eliminating tools from opponent's access and capturing targets.
Taijutsu 2/2
Hafted Weapons:
The fundamental skill of [Hafted Weapons] indicates the user’s proficiency with various axes, blunt weapons, flails and the like. This facilitates their use of related Taijutsu.
Polearm Weapons:
The fundamental skill of [Polearm Weapons] indicates the user’s proficiency with staves, spears, halberds, pikes, scythes and other like weapons. This facilitates their use of related Taijutsu.
Genjutsu 1/1
Sight Initiation:
This user has learned to use visual cues to initiate genjutsu. Allowing them to perform actions, or draw the eyes to something to capture their targets in a genjutsu.

Raiton • Minor Bolt
D-ranked Raiton Jutsu
After performing a series of handseals, the user outstretches their hand and unleashes a small bolt of electricity at a target. The bolt travels up to 10 meters with a speed of 7 and strength of 3. Quite shocking.

*Raiton • Shock Double
D-ranked Raiton Jutsu
After performing the correct hand seals, the user will create a copy of themselves out of Raiton chakra. The clone will be able to move with the stats labelled below, while also exploding with the force of a single exploding tag upon death (which also applies the raiton passive effect). The clone will only last for 3 posts.
Taijutsu: 2
Stamina: 1
Strength: 1
Speed: 2

*Raiton • Conductor
D-ranked Raiton Jutsu
After performing the correct hand seals, the user will coat a weapon they are holding in Raiton electricity for 5 posts. This causes the shock effect to be produced on any contact with a target, while also granting blunt weapons the ability to cut through skin to produce shallow wounds. This also works for thrown weapons, however if the projectile remains out of contact with the user for more than 2 posts the technique will dissipate early.

*Raiton • Static Shroud
D-Ranked Raiton Jutsu
After performing the correct hand seals the user covers their body in a layer of visible static which crackles around them for 4 posts. Anything which comes within 6 inches of their body will be repelled with a force of 5 strength and have the Raiton Shocking effect applied.

*Raiton • Stun Gun
D-ranked Raiton Jutsu
After performing the correct hand seals, the user will channel Raiton chakra to two of their fingers. They will then be able to fire up to three total bullet sized balls of concentrated lightning from their fingertips. These bullets will travel at 5 speed, but will not have any physical force. Instead, they will apply light electrical burns similar to a sun burn and will apply Raiton's shocking effect.

*Suiton • Defensive Barrier
D-Rank Ninjutsu
After performing the correct hand seals the user will spray water created from the inside of their chest through their mouth. Once the water is expelled, it will form an umbrella shape that is concave to the user and about two meters in diameter. This defense is somewhat solid and can be formed in any direction the user can spit, up to five meters away. The defense is shot at a speed of 5 and has a strength of 5 and unless completely destroyed it lasts for three posts before falling lifelessly to the ground.

*Suiton • Water Shuriken
D-Rank Ninjutsu
After performing the correct hand seals the user will form a shuriken of water that can be thrown approximately 6 centimeters in diameter in their hand. When kai'd, this shuriken explodes with a force equal to a D-Rank explosion and covers the immediate area in water. If not consumed, this technique lasts for three posts.

*Suiton • Water Orb Technique
D-Rank Ninjutsu
After performing the correct hand seals the user will form a dense ball of water approximately 6 centimeters in diameter in their hands. Upon lurching forward, they will release the ball towards an opponent up to 10 meters away at a speed of 6 and with a strength of 4.

*Suiton • Propel Leap
D-Rank Ninjutsu
After channeling chakra into their hands the user will fire two jets of water from their hand, essentially hurling and propelling themselves in the opposite direction of their jets as if thrown by a strength of 5. Can be used once to throw themselves with 5 strength.

*Suiton • Wet Spot
D-Rank Ninjutsu
After performing the correct hand seals the user will expel a 3 meter diameter sphere of water from their mouth at speed of 5 up to 10 meters away. Upon impact it will burst spilling all over the immediate area making it extremely slippery. Those without 5 taijutsu or higher will not be able to hold their footing on this wet spot and will slip around.
Disarming Strike
D-Rank Maneuver
Prerequisites: Kama, [Hafted Weapons]
The user attempts to capture an opponent's weapon with their kama, in the space between haft and blade. Then, with a quick twisting, jerking motion, pulls the weapon from their opponent's hand.

Falling Swallow
D-Rank Maneuver
Prerequisites: [Polearm Weapons]
The user attempts a vertical attack at the opponent, aiming to get their weapon parallel with their enemy's leg and sweep them off their feet, knocking them prone.
*[Genjutsu • Paranoid]
D-Ranked Illusion Genjutsu
The user will do a series of hand seals, then point indiscriminately. Should the target see the pointing motion, they'll be captured in this genjutsu. For the following 4 posts, the target will see a shadow in the corner of their eyes, constantly shifting out of view when they attempt to look at it.

Historical AccountsShow
Hitomi was born to a loving family. Her mother was a tradeswoman who made a living managing a small general goods store, while her father served as a chuunin for the village. Despite their lives being middling at best, it was a happy life and they wanted for very little. When she was three years old, her father was severely injured by a rogue ninja during a mission and he ended up losing his left leg. Suffering such a critical injury, he retired from the military and took up smithing to help support the village.

As Hitomi grew older, she began to help around the forge, assisting her father by transporting light orders or 'helping' him with the actual smithing work. One day, she noticed that a sword he had crafted flexed when he applied pressure to the blade, and she questioned him on this. Weren't swords meant to be sturdy and unyielding? Her father had chuckled at this, and told her something that stuck with her, "A rigid, unyielding blade -" he had said, taking an unfinished weapon from a rack of discards, "appears to be a strong thing. However, if you apply pressure to it," he said, doing just that. The weapon remained sturdy, seemingly... then snapped in half. "A blade that flexes, on the other hand," he said, performing the same test on the blade she had questioned. The weapon bent slightly, flexing under pressure, but did not snap as its sibling had. "Though it will bend, it will not break. While at first glance, it seems weaker, in truth it's ability to bend and flex makes it stronger than one that does neither."

Hitomi thought on this for a long time. As years progressed, she began to see her village and it's militaristic, rigid ways not as the flexible weapon that could adapt to the pressures placed upon it, but as the seemingly sturdy, unyielding weapon she'd seen break. She determined to become like the flexible weapon instead, to bend, but never break. Once in the academy, she quickly worked toward proficiency in all her studies. While she never managed to reach top of the class in any particular subjects, her instructors soon found her proficient in most of them and ever striding toward improvements in the areas she was not naturally predisposed towards.

Upon graduation, she and her father worked together to forge a pair of weapons for her to use. She opted on crafting a pair of custom kata for herself, and built the weapon in a way that would reflect the adaptability she wanted in herself. Now that she had become a genin, she was ready to take her first steps into the wider world, ready to adapt to whatever things may come...


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