Unit 12

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Unit 12

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Formed initially as a traditional rivalry squad; the original Unit 12 included Jouchaku, Natsumi and Jouchaku, Karasu in addition to its current membership. This arrangement did not last long, with the senior members of the unit being assigned to other responsibilities. The Unit's genin, however, continued to operate and train as a team and undertook several successful missions together.

Unit 12 was officially disbanded once Aisu, Naohiro earned the rank of chuunin. However, he and Karagata Kinsue have continued to operate and train together as a means of spurring further growth over the years. Today the "Unit" is an unofficial recognition of the bond cultivated by long years of cooperation, as well as each member's unmatched ability to operate alongside the other.

Members Involved: Jinan B; Valkier

Characters Involved: Karagata, Kinsue; Aisu, Naohiro

Topics Completed: The Price of Pride; A Red Letter Day; News of the Corrupt
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