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Natsumi 1.12

Post by Niro » Mon Jul 04, 2022 3:37 pm

Application: ... 3#p4167129
Change: Add the following jutsu to her Implantation spoiler
*Sane Sedation Technique
B-Ranked Iijutsu
Prerequisites: Putting Under Technique
Rather an alteration on an already existing jutsu than a whole new technique in itself, a medical ninja is able to use this technique to keep himself conscious and clear while sedated. S/He will be able to perform the procedures on himself, but it will be with a -2 to his/her wit, because the user is not able to completely avoid feeling groggy while under anesthetic. If the user's wit is above 9 when this technique is used, it will only drop by one point, as the user's ability to maintain clarity is improved to that extent. The user's taijutsu, however, will drop by 3 while this technique is used, as control of the limbs and more precise extremities (such as the fingers) becomes more challenging. Some pain from the procedure will still go through and be felt, but it will be only a painful annoyance, not detracting from their medical capabilities. The user is able to move while under the influence of this technique, but is unable to travel. Even walking is not achievable without losing concentration and interrupting the jutsu.

S-Ranked Iijutsu
Prerequisite: All Other Organ Transplant Archive Jutsu
Culminating all of their knowledge of the human body and medical expertise into one point, the user will be able to perform transplants on themselves, potentially giving themselves a Kekkei Genkai. The user of this technique performs everything themselves or else with limited help, including pre-operational work such as reducing the body's inhibitor levels, maintaining the sedation on themselves during the procedure, monitoring their vitals, and of course, the act of implantation itself, connecting tissue to tissue and organ to body. The time this procedure takes is dependent entirely on what is being implanted, but because the doctor is impeded by being the patient, it generally takes longer than the procedure normally would when the doctor was not also the patient.
Payment: 8+12-4=16 ryo from Tatsuo
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Natsumi 1.12

Post by Valkier » Wed Jul 06, 2022 4:24 pm

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