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[Accepted]Hyuuga Hinoiri

Posted: Sun Oct 14, 2018 3:56 pm
by Vitamin
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Hyuuga Hinoiri

General Information Age: 12
Gender: Female
Height: 5’5
Weight: 95
Physical Features:
Tall and rather slender with chubby cheeks, she still has traces of baby fat that are filling out her still-growing frame. She has straight, raven black hair, which rests just above her shoulders. Her eyes are a milky white with a barely discernable pupil, as is the norm for all Hyuuga. She has no notable features or scars along her body.

Clothing/Accessories: On top, Hinoiri wears a sleeveless black shirt under a white coat with long, loose-fitting sleeves. Embroidered on the back of the coat is the Hyuuga clan symbol in black. She wears white pants, with a weapons holster looped into her belt, sitting on the back of her waist and a kunai pouch strapped to her right leg, with the usual black shinobi sandals. She wears her a black Konoha ninja headband wrapped around her left arm, just under her shoulder.

At first glance, one could easily make the mistake that Hinori is a quiet, timid young lady. She’s obedient, very respectful to her superiors and peers, and rarely speaks unless spoken too. Truth is, Hinori is a very opinionated, strong-minded young woman, but one who prefers to sit back and observe, keeping her judgements and analyzations to herself and her very close, small personal circle.

Hinori takes great pride in being a ninja and has a fascination with the ninja arts, although she takes a much more holistic approach than many of her peers. She spends much more time in the library than on the training ground, believing that shinobi history, theory and philosophy are just as important as learning jutsus and physical training, clearly evidenced by her wide array of knowledge, and her lack of ability to really do anything with it in a real-time scenario. In stark contrast to her feelings for her village, Hinoiri cares little for the Hyuuga clan and their ways. She resents them for the way they treated her father, mother and siblings, and for having ignored her the majority of her youth. Still, she begrudgingly follows their traditions and ceremonies, but does so out of a sense of duty and at the behest of her father than anything else.

Given her young age and inquisitive nature, Hinori’s passions and interests are still evolving, and as a result seem to change on a whim. Hinori was blessed with natural artistic abilities, such as a lovely singing voice and a knack for acting, ones which she hopes to cultivate in the years to come. She also dreams of traveling the world, going on many grand adventures, and learning from all different walks of life. Her ultimate dream is that she has enough to material in her later years that she can write a best-selling book that would be read and studied for generations to come

In combat, Hinoiri is sub-par at best, and is truly abysmal at worst. Although her knowledge is great, she's much slower and weaker than many of her peers, with a tendency to over-think things and "freeze" in thought in real-life scenarios. For this reason, she's best described as a tactician, defeating her opponents with careful planning and strategy, although that's a bit of a stretch as well.

Battle Information Village: Konohagakure no Sato (Hidden Leaf Village)
Rank: Genin
  • Ninjutsu: 10
  • Taijutsu: 10
  • Genjutsu: 2
  • Stamina: 5
  • Control: 10
  • Strength: 1
  • Speed: 1
  • Instinct: 1
- Shuriken (x20, in weapons pouch, attached to belt and positioned on back of her waist)
- Wire (30m in weapons pouch, attached to her belt and positioned on the back of her waist)
- Kunai (x4 strapped to her thigh)
- Explosive Tags (x5, in weapons pouch, attached to her belt and positioned on the back of her)

Companions: (0/1)
Primary Affinity: Fuuton (Wind Style)
Abilities and Concentrations First Ability
Byakugan Doujutsu
One of the most famed doujutsu in the world, Byakugan is the bloodline limit of the Hyuuga Clan. When active, the clan member gains 360 degree vision and Penetrative vision, allowing the Hyuuga clan to see the Tenketsu of their enemies. Their telescopic vision can be activated via jutsu. As such, the Byakugan is capable of ability channeling, allowing the Hyuuga to activate their Doujutsu techniques without hand seals. It should be noted that while using their telescopic vision the Hyuuga experiences tunnel vision, making it difficult to see their surroundings.

Prolonged usage of the Byakugan is strenuous and requires a high level of endurance. The maximum operating time a user can utilize their Byakugan at a time is equal to their stamina stat divided by 4 rounded down, to a minimum of one post. Upon reaching the max duration, the stress of using their Byakugan to it’s limit causes a cooldown period of 1/2 of the duration time, to a minumum of one post. During this cooldown period, the Byakugan cannot be activated and attempting to do so will cause physical pain. Duration is based off total posts where the Byakugan is activated, meaning users can turn it on and off to have a shorter cooldown.

Deft Hands:
The fundamental skill of [Deft Hands] indicates the user’s proficiency with using their hands in very specific and complex movements, like sleight of hand and targeting very small and specific points on an opponent’s body. This facilitates their use of related Taijutsu in various ways.


~Byakugan: Telescopic Vision
D Rank Ninjutsu
Prerequisite: 10 Control
By channeling a small amount of chakra to the Hyuuga's Byakugan, the clan member uses their doujutsu to zoom in like a telescope, allowing them to see much farther away. In doing so, the Hyuuga member is able to see up to 250 meters away as though they were mere feet away. It should be noted that while using their telescopic vision the Hyuuga experiences tunnel vision, making it difficult to see their surroundings. This jutsu can be maintained as long as the Hyuuga channels chakra to their eyes.
Jyuuken, also known as ‘Gentle Fist’ is the NinTaijutsu style the Hyuuga Clan has become notorious for. It’s moves appear like a graceful dance to the naked eye, though some of these moves can be quite deadly. Most strikes are aimed to close the tenketsu of the target’s body, limiting their jutsu use and damaging their chakra network.
Requires Deft hands
D Rank
~Jyuuken :: Palm Dance of Divination
D-rank Nintaijutsu Manoeuvre
Prerequisite: 6 Control
The fundamental basis of Jyuuken, the user will focus chakra into their hands. For three posts the user is able to inject the chakra within the opponent’s body upon successful contact, dealing damage to the internal structures of the body rather than the external. This has a painful effect on the muscles and blood vessels within the body, causing bruising at the touch.

~Jyuuken :: Palm Guard of Divination
D-rank Nintaijutsu Manoeuvre
Prerequisite: 6 Control
After channelling chakra into their palm, the user will guard a strike to them. If this strike is empowered by Ninjutsu of D-rank or lower, it will guard against the effects by the user bursting their own chakra into it. Otherwise the chakra will enter the opponent’s striking appendage and damage their chakra system, causing them to lose 1 control until the end of the thread or they seek medical attention.

~Jyuuken :: White Haze Dance
D-rank Nintaijutsu Manoeuvre
After channelling chakra into their palm, the user will strike harder than usually performed in Jyuuken. While normally the softest touch is enough to inject the chakra to damage the internal structures of the body, this technique is designed to accompany the user's attack with a blast of chakra, throwing those with a strength less than the user's [(strength+control)/2] back 5 meters through the air.

~Jyuuken :: White Haze Dagger
D-rank Nintaijutsu Manoeuvre
After channelling chakra into their hand, the user will skilfully dodge an incoming strike performed with an arm. The user will then strike the place where the bicep and triceps meet on that arm, injecting their chakra between the muscles for a painful effect. The arm will then have its strength reduced by 1 for the remainder of the thread or until medical attention is provided.

~Jyuuken :: Twin Striking Palm
D-rank Nintaijutsu Manoeuvre
Often used as a finishing strike, the user will charge chakra through their palms before they deliver the blow. They will then strike with one palm inverted over the other into the opponent’s abdomen. The chakra that is injected directly into the opponent’s solar plexus causes significant pain and stands a very large chance of winding the opponent providing their stamina does not exceed the user’s [(strength+Control)/2]-5.

~Jyuuken :: Void Palm Strike
C-rank Nintaijutsu Manoeuvre
Prerequisite: 10 Control
After channelling chakra into their palm, the user will thrust their palm toward a target. This technique extends the range of their palm thrust by firing off a shell of chakra in the direction of the palm thrust, moving at 10 speed and connecting with 10 strength moving up to 10 meters.

Jyuuken :: Void Palm Cannon
C-rank Nintaijutsu Maneuver
Prerequisite: 10 Control, Jyuuken :: Void Palm Strike
Derived from the Jyuuken :: Void Palm Strike, this technique sacrifices speed in order to pack a much heavier blow. After channeling chakra into their palm, the user will thrust their palm toward a target, firing off a shell of chakra in the direction of their palm thrust. This shell moves at a speed of 5 up to 10 meters, connecting with a strength of 15.

~Jyuuken :: Eight Divination Signs Heavenly Rotation
C-rank Nintaijutsu Manoeuvre
Prerequisite: 10 Control
After channelling chakra through all the Tenketsu in their body, the user will begin to spin rapidly on the spot. This will cause an orb of chakra to expand from their body at 5 speed, pushing away incoming projectiles, ninjutsu and people with 15 strength. This technique can last a total of 2 posts, and the orb expands a maximum of 5 meters.

Jyuuken :: Eight Divination Signs Heavenly Burst
C-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver[/b]
Prerequisite: 10 control, Jyuuken :: Eight Divination Signs Heavenly Rotation
Another technique derivative of one of the fundamental Jyuuken techniques, focusing more on creating a quick initial burst than a stout defense. After channeling chakra through all the Tenketsu on their body, the user will do a quick 360 spin on the spot. This will cause an orb to quickly burst out from their body, moving outwards at a speed of 15 up to 5 meters, with a strength of 5. This technique is intended to be used as both a delay and a “combo breaker”, as the quick speed and low power essentially halts the momentum of an incoming attack or disrupts an enemies movements, allowing Hinori a short period of time to escape or begin an attack of her own.

~Jyuuken :: Twin Lion Fists
C-rank Nintaijutsu Manoeuvre
After channelling chakra through their palms, the user covers their palms in casings resembling two roaring lions. For the next four posts, whenever the user strikes an opponent the lions will strike also, closing tenketsu points to cause -1 control until medical attention is found (To a Maximum of -3). The lions also extend an extra half a meter from the user's hands, increasing their reach.

~Jyuuken :: White Haze Release
C-rank Nintaijutsu Manoeuvre
After channelling chakra through specific tenketsu on their body, the user can burst chakra into bindings that hold them to supplement an attempt to struggle free. Using Jyuuken’s specific method of attacking with pinpoint tenketsu and targeting chakra systems, they are able to reduce ninjutsu created bindings strength by 3.
Place Genjutsu in here

Historical AccountsShow

Hyuuga Hinoiri was born on the very last day of summer, which was the inspiration for her namesake. Although much of Hinori’s story has yet to be written, one must know the story of her birth in order to understand the path she will follow.

Her father, a man by the name of Hyuuga Haruto, was a 19-year old jounin who was considered a rising star in the Hidden Leaf. The son of the then-clan leader, wise beyond his years, and as skillful as he was charming, it seemed he was destined to be the next Hyuuga clan leader. Despite all his talent and wisdon, Haruto possessed a young man’s heart, and all the emotions that comes with it.

While making a stop on the way back from yet another successful mission, he met a woman named Akari. Akari was a simple inn-keeper, nearly a decade Haruto’s senior and with 2 children of her own. Haruto spent merely a few days with her, but upon his return to the village, knew he could not live the rest of his life without that woman. Forsaking all Hyuuga customs, he returned for Akari, marrying her in secret merely 2 weeks after they’d met, and within a month of their wedding, she was with child.

It took a while for word to reach the leaders of the Hyuuga clan, and other families around the village, but once it did the news spread like wildfire. The Hyuuga were disappointed with Haruto’s actions, to say the least, but after much deliberation, arranged for the woman and her children to move to the Hidden Leaf, and live among the Hyuuga so that she could give birth to Haruto’s child.

That child, of course, was none other than Hyuuga Hinori. As a toddler, it was pretty evident that Hinori came from mixed blood, as she was a spitting image of her mother. Tan skinned with curly hair, it seemed the only thing she’d inherited from her father were her all white eyes.

Growing up, she was loved very much by both her parents, as well as her 2 older siblings. Her father, seemingly disgraced by his clan but of still undeniable talent, became an Anbu captain, while leaving her mother at home to raise the kids. As an ANBU member, Haruto would leave for weeks or months at a time, often times with little to no notice. Although they all understood his responsibilities as a family, it was Hinori who suffered the most from it. Her mother, sister and brother were all mundane citizens, while she one of the Hyuuga’s heirs to the bloodline; a young girl destined to be a ninja being raised alongside people who could barely grasp the concept of chakra. The Hyuuga clan, although they showed no ill-will towards her, also showed no interest, and made no attempts to reach out to her. Before long, the word Hyuuga meant nothing more than any other name for Hinori.

Right around her 10th birthday, her father returned home from one of his many missions, announcing that he was taking over an administrative position within the village, and that his long absences would be no more. By that point in time, Hinori had absolutely no skills as a ninja, having grown accustom to the mundane life, and being nothing but an afterthought to the active members of the Hyuuga. Refusing to have his daughter be shunned by his clan just as he was, Haruto immediately enrolled Hinoiri into the ninja academy, while also training her himself on almost all of his hours off at home.

Hinori was accepted into the ninja academy merely on name alone. Physically, she had no talent, hindered by her upbringing alongside mundane citizens. Determined to succeed, however, she put all of her effort into studying and honing whatever skills she did have. Her efforts weren't for naught, as she scraped by, passing her tests by the narrowest of margins, all the while working with her father to try and reach her potential.

After months of hard work and training with minimal results, and with her 11th birthday approaching quickly, Hinoiri had what can only be described as an awakening. Her movements suddenly became more precise and fluid, her chakra control nearly doubled, and most importantly, she had unlocked the Byakugan.

She showed off her newfound skills in a class sparring session one day, dazzling her teachers and classmates with her newfound skills and doujutsu. Her ascent in skill continued quickly, and just a few days after her 12th birthday, successfully graduated the ninja academy, with flying colors no less.

Just as the news about her father’s marriage took some time to reach the Hyuuga, so did the news of the sudden resurgence of the child of one of their clan’s former top prospects. About a month after her graduation, Hinoiri was called before the clan leader and some of the elders to celebrate her rite of passage.

At first, Hinoiri was resistant. Why should she have to care about the customs of a clan who’d long forgotten her, and were only willing to truly accept her once she demonstrated great potential? As far as she was concerned, she didn’t have too. Still, under her father’s insistence, Hinoiri followed through with the age old custom, and attended her Rite of Passage. For the first time in her life, she was embraced as a full-fledged member of the Hyuuga.

Towards the end of the night, as the celebration had mostly died down, Hinori decided it was time to announce which Elder she would study under and try to emulate to the best of her abilities. Much to everybody’s surprise, especially her father’s, Hinori chose her grandfather; the newest Elder, and the driving force behind her father’s fall from grace and her long-awaited acceptance into the clan.

As it stands today, Hinoiri is still from the newest crop of genin, and looks forward to serving her village honorably, and making her family (and perhaps clan as well) proud.

Hyuuga Hinori

Posted: Wed Oct 17, 2018 1:31 am
by Kao
• Her name needs to link back to the Hyuuga clan page. [url=]Hyuuga[/url] Hinori

• Where on her person are her weapon pouches located?

• Next to "First Ability" it says "Hide."

• You need the Jyuuken taijutsu concentration in order to use the style

• Nintaijutsu requires you to have both the nin and tai stat to use it. So for C rank nintaijutsu you need both 10 ninjutsu and 10 taijutsu.

Hyuuga Hinori

Posted: Wed Oct 17, 2018 9:44 pm
by Vitamin
Fixed everything stated.

Edited her name (thanks for providing the link), put in her pouch locations, and edited everything else to be compliant.

Not sure if relevant or not, but I made revisions to history and personality to match her stat spread.

In addition, I have a question about the Taijutsu concentration. Does the Jyuuken effectively take up 2 concentrations (Jyuuken, Deft Hands), and is it like this for all other Taijutsu styles? Or is this exclusive to nin-tai styles? I searched the rules and even browsed a few character apps for clarification but I'm still confused.

Hyuuga Hinori

Posted: Wed Oct 17, 2018 10:44 pm
by Niro
Jyuuken would be the style rather than a concentration. You'd c/p the Jyuuken information within the spoiler you place your Jyuuken nintaijutsu. Upper Body was removed recently so for now it'd only require Deft Hands.

Hyuuga Hinori

Posted: Thu Oct 18, 2018 9:42 pm
by Vitamin

Hyuuga Hinori

Posted: Fri Oct 19, 2018 8:37 am
by Diatenshi
Just want to point out a small inconsistency. You say your character is very book smart and trained in theory while lacking in physical ability yet they have a Tai stat of 10 and an instinct of 1.

Also for your ability and concentration tables, your ignoring the second column entirely so if you wanted you could probably get rid of it.

Yours Currently
First Ability:
insert details here
Using Second Column
First Ability:
insert details here
Eliminating second column
First Ability:
might as well make this version just a quote

Hyuuga Hinori

Posted: Fri Oct 19, 2018 1:57 pm
by Vitamin
Fixed the table thing. I didn't even notice it, thanks for the suggestion.

As far as her stat spread goes, I admit that it wasn't originally my intention. I had the physical stats more beefed out before I was made aware that Nintai requires equal Nin and Tai stats (although in hindsight, duh).

That being said, I guess my justification is that it's easy to perform under perfect conditions when there's no pressure. Anybody can read a book about a subject, perform precise kata's in front of their mirror, or strike precise points on a dummy with enough practice and time. To do it in a real life situation, when you have somebody fighting back, is a completely different situation. Using real life athletics as an example, look at how many great coaches were terrible athletes. They know the game, understand the fundamentals and the complexities of their profession, just lacked the ability (too slow, too weak, nerves) to execute.

I also know that I'll be doing a lot of stat training threads early on to make her a more viable character. I really just want a character to get me off the ground so I can start RPing again. If this makes the character unacceptable, than I'll make changes, but if it isn't an issue, then I'm cool with it.

Hyuuga Hinori

Posted: Sun Oct 21, 2018 2:55 am
by Kao
• Vita is right @ instinct stat


Hyuuga Hinoiri

Posted: Tue Oct 23, 2018 11:02 am
by Niro